tagLoving WivesPool Payments Ch. 01

Pool Payments Ch. 01

byTx Tall Tales©

Chapter 01: Beth


Beth suggests a summer pool payment plan.


The kids were swimming out in the pool and I was watching them from the deck while I tried to get some work done. Thanks to modern technology and wireless networks, my office was outside as often as not. I found myself enjoying the backyard, as long as the weather held out.

We had a relatively full house. Our neighbor Beth was there with her two boys. My daughter of course was running around like a banshee, and the kids from next door were over as well. My wife works Tuesday through Friday, long 10 hour days, so once summer break kicked in, I started working from home a lot more, so I could watch over our little one. If I had to be out, we could always depend on our friends and neighbors to assist whenever possible. We were a pretty close knit group, and helped each other out whenever we could.

Beth was looking as hot as ever and I couldn't help but get a little lost in reminiscing about the one and only time we had hooked up, nearly 2 years earlier. We never talked about it since, but with a few drinks inside of us, the flirting could be pretty outrageous, especially away from prying eyes. It had been one incredible night of almost non-stop sex, and I fantasized about it often. Today she was wearing a small bikini, and working on her tan. Fuel for the fire.

The kids didn't really need too much watching; they were all decent swimmers, and the eldest girl from next door who was our usual babysitter was capable of supervising the crowd of 7 to 11 year olds.

I realized I was staring at Beth, and I was getting excited. I had pitched a tent in my bathing suit, and was afraid of getting caught, so I closed the lid of my laptop, excused myself and went inside to get a drink and cool off. I grabbed a soft drink from the fridge and headed back to my room where I could watch through the window. The bedroom windows were west facing and we had installed dark solar screens to keep out the worst of the hot Texas sun.

A voice from the door broke my reverie.

"Everything Ok?"

I turned to find Beth standing in the doorway, a look of concern on her face. God, she was hot.

"Everything's fine," I answered, and watched her gaze lower to my bathing suit which was standing straight out in front of me. "I got a little distracted out there by a particular beauty in a bikini and decided to come in rather than treat the kids to an eyeful."

"I'm sorry."

"No it's not your fault, you weren't doing anything wrong."

"Well I hope it's my fault, and not anyone else out there," she teased, "although I gotta admit, little Jill is looking all grown up."

"Oh! Of course it was you. I just meant you didn't do anything to cause it."

"I know. I'm just kidding you. But I do feel kind of bad." She walked into the bedroom, pulling the door closed behind her. "I don't want to wear out our welcome here."

"You know better. You're always welcome."

"But I shouldn't be driving you from your own yard."

"I'll be Ok in a bit." I answered. "Maybe I'll just take a shower."

She had started about 10 feet away and had slowly been approaching. She was now only an arm's length away. "How about if I help you with that little problem? Then I won't feel so guilty."

I was about to make some kind of comment about how she didn't need to, but as she sidled up to within a couple of inches of me, I thought 'To Hell with it'. I reached down and pulled the tie string and let my swim shorts fall to my ankles.

Beth reached forward and gently took my shaft in her hand. "Sit back," she murmured softly leading me to the edge of my bed.

I did as she asked and was rewarded with the sight of her grabbing a pillow from the head of the bed and throwing it at my feet. She kneeled on it and leaned forward until her mouth was just at the head of my cock. I moaned lustily as she pressed her lips briefly to the swollen head, then slowly licked her way from my balls back to the top, before taking me in her mouth. She gave me a couple of nice warm sucks, then pulled off.

"Damn, just as I remember," she said, giving me a firm stroke, and looking me in the eye as she leaned in to swallow me again.

Beth was a great cock-sucker. I knew that well from our one previous experience, and she gave it everything she had this time. When she had me as hard as I could possibly get and I wanted to fuck her again, I reached down to pull her up.

"No, Alex. This is as far as I'll go." She told me firmly. "I can't get in the habit of letting you fuck me." Then she gave me that dazzling style. "But I'm not the kind of tease who would leave you like this. I will finish you given a chance." She stood up and pushed me back onto the bed, before climbing up beside me, perpendicularly, and resuming her incredible oral ministrations.

"You are driving me crazy. That is soooo nice." I told her softly.

She looked up at me, her eyes smiling, while her mouth was full of my throbbing member. Holding my eyes with hers, she slowly pushed her face down as far as she could, taking three quarters of my length, and holding it there. I could feel the pressure of pushing against the back of her throat. She pulled off just as slowly releasing me with a pop.

"I'm glad you like it." She stroked me with her hand, her head resting on my leg as she spoke. Her eyes were glued to my prick as she slowly worked her hand up and down. "I was kind of feeling guilty, dropping in on you like we have. Maybe, if you like, I could sort of 'pay my way'."

"Consider it paid, and with interest." I agreed.

"I was thinking a weekly payment plan would be fair." She answered with that same irresistible smile, and her eyes looked up to mine, with a mischievous glint.

"More than fair." I offered.

"But only this, no sex. Ok?"

"You drive a hard bargain, but Ok."

She shifted position and was soon sucking me again, much more aggressively and I could tell she was trying to get me to come. Beth definitely knew what she was doing, and once she made up her mind to finish me, she quickly succeeded.

I thought about warning her, but I figured she was a big girl and knew what she was getting into.

When I succumbed to her fellatio, she pulled most of my cock out past her luscious lips, holding just the head in while her hand pumped me dry into her warm accommodating mouth. She quickly swallowed the first load, and then sucked my cock clean. I never saw a drop of what felt like a huge amount of cum.

"Whew! Have you been saving up for me? That was almost too much." She laughed, going back and giving me another quick suck, before she hopped off the bed and retrieved my swim shorts and tossed them back to me.

"No, just inspired."

"Good. I hope that will tide you over for now, I better get back out there before they kill each other."

"Thanks, Beth, that was great."

"No, thank you. See you out there in a bit?"

"Yep, I'm right behind you."

I sat there a while, shell shocked. I had never expected things with Beth to ever start up again, not even under the limitations she was demanding. I looked out the window and watched her calmly talk to one of the kids.

There was a hell of a hot woman inside that usually quiet, reserved exterior.

I took a peek at the clock at the side of the bed. In just 8 minutes, my life had changed drastically. For the better, I was thinking.

* * * *

Yes, there's more to come. If you could find the time to cast a vote below, it would be greatly appreciated.

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