tagLoving WivesPool Payments Ch. 02

Pool Payments Ch. 02

byTx Tall Tales©


Trophy wife Lisa's willing to Pay to Play as well.


Three days after Beth instituted the Pool Payment Plan, I had a pretty good crowd over again. This time Lisa was there with her brood, three kids, ages 6 to 10. The neighbor's kids were over, as were the kids from across the street.

Lisa had one of the best bodies that money could buy. She was tiny, weighing barely 90 lbs, or so she claimed, with a sweet, tight ass, and very large, very firm, breasts. When I had first met her she'd been almost totally flat. She was the first of the gang to get some of the infamous Dallas work done, and it looked great on her. She worked out hard to maintain her figure, and stayed looking amazing with the help of the best area hair salons and day spas. Her husband was a partner in a local software business, a real workaholic who required a trophy wife, and she didn't mind putting his hard earned money to work making her look the part.

She was wearing a very small bikini, nearly falling out of the top, and was seated next to me, in the shade, as we watched the kids at play.

She had been chatting about an upcoming trip to San Antonio that four of us couples had discussed. I found myself paying too much attention to her chest and not enough to the crowd by the pool.

"It's really great that you don't mind us coming over and swimming during the day," she said, changing the subject.

"It's why we built the pool. We've got a ton of money poured into this little back yard retreat. Let the kids make it worthwhile."

"But I know it's a pain, especially with a crowd this size."

"Not really. They pretty much take care of themselves. Especially when Jill is here from next door."

"Still, it's really nice. I really appreciate it. Really."

Things got quiet for a bit and her voice seemed to crack a bit as she broke the silence. "Beth told me she was paying you for letting the kids spend all their time over here."

Oops. I wondered what that meant. "She's just silly. She has her own pool; they don't even need to come over here."

"It's tiny. Yours is ideal, and the kids love the diving board and slide. The gazebo is great to get out of the sun, and the hot tub is perfect for the littlest ones. This way the kids can all play together."

"I guess."

A few moments later she dropped the bombshell.

"She told me how she paid you."


"In the bedroom, how."


"I," she hesitated, "I could pay you."

"Lisa, you don't have to do anything like that. You and the kids are always welcome. Especially if you wear an outfit like this one," I teased.

She refused to be diverted. "I'd like to." She whispered softly, not looking up from the deck where her eyes were glued. "I'd love to."

I wasn't too surprised by her offer. Not only were Beth and Lisa best friends, spending nearly all their mornings together, but rumors about Lisa's wildness had run rampant for a long time. On "Girl's Night Out" she tended to get the wildest, and when you put a couple of drinks in her, her inhibitions seemed to just disappear. I figured the secret wouldn't keep for long. I had hoped for more than 3 days.

I had bought a used Margarita machine a few months earlier. It had a dual hopper, and I loaded one side with slushes for the kids, and the other side with something for the adults, usually Strawberry Margaritas, Rum Runners, Peach Bellinis or some such concoction. I kept it running in the garage, next to the soda fridge, and I'm certain it was one of the other reasons that our house was so popular with the kids, and some of their parents. It seemed a little extravagant at the time, a $1000 toy that we'd use a few times a year at parties, but as a pool-side addition, it was a huge hit, and a worthy investment.

Lisa was working on her third Piña Colada, and I had to wonder how much liquid courage had been involved in that announcement.

Alcohol enabled or not, it was a devastating request, and I was far too much a gentleman to deny a beautiful lady her wish.

"Are you sure?" I asked.

"Absolutely. And I can keep a secret. I've never told anybody about your night with Beth, have I?"

Ouch. I thought that had been a complete secret, just between Beth and me. I should have known better.

I reached across and placed my hand on her forearm. I could feel goose bumps rise up almost immediately, in 100 degree weather. I looked over and saw her nipples were standing out like jujubes trying to tear a hole in the front of her bikini top.

"You know I would love that." I stood up, closed my computer, which hadn't gotten much attention lately, and walked inside. I didn't close the door behind me.

When I got to the bedroom, I waited, but not long. Within a handful of seconds Lisa walked in past me and sat on the edge of the bed. I closed the door behind her.

I walked over to where she was and leaned over her. She turned her face up to mine, and I lowered my mouth to hers. I'd kissed her many times over the past few years, but only as a friend. A few times at parties, it had gotten a bit friendlier, and I'd gotten a little tongue, but nothing like this. She started out tentatively, then reached up and grabbed my head and pulled me down with her while she aggressively explored my mouth with her tongue.

I found myself laying half across her, kissing her deeply, and my hand reached out for her tit almost of its own accord. I squeezed her large globe, then tugged at the bottom of the cloth, and lifted it over her tit, exposing it to the light of day. When I tweaked her nipple she moaned in my mouth.

I pulled away and lowered my face to her breasts, where I took my time devouring her. Her nipples were very sensitive, and I just loved having my face deep within her cleavage. Whichever breast was not getting the benefit of my mouth was getting a lot of attention from my hands.

I slowly climbed down her body, kissing and loving my way across her very flat and toned belly, down the top of her tiny bikini bottom. When I scooted around between her legs and reached out to the sides of her suit, she lifted her hips and let me draw them down her thighs.

Lisa, the perfect little trophy wife, was naked on my bed.

When I went to bury my face between her legs, she pulled up and pushed me away. I was confused a bit before I understood. A few seconds later I was on my back in the classic 69, my face buried in a light brown, neatly trimmed bush. I worked around the area, teasing, nipping and licking, and slowly zeroing in on the center of her need. I alternated between teasing the little folds at the top of her slit, and doing my best to take her with my tongue.

As much as I enjoyed pleasuring her, I partially regretted not being able to just sit back and enjoy the attention she was giving my cock.

I heard a squeal from outside and Lisa popped up and looked out the window, as did I. We could see that the kids were fine; it looked like there had been some excessive splashing, but the neighbor girl, Jill, seemed to have it under control.

I pulled Lisa up to lie next to me for a minute, after our interruption, and kissed her lips gently.

"So what did Beth tell you she was paying?" I asked her.

"What every man wants, for 15 minutes a week," she answered. "So I figured I'd offer you the same deal, 15 minutes a week - whatever you want."

That was a little different than Beth's offer. Beth was just giving me blow jobs, and I didn't remember any kind of time limit, but who was I to argue semantics?

"What I want right now," I told her, "is you on your hands and knees and me deep inside you."

She didn't require any convincing; she turned, facing out the window, ass high in the air, waiting for me to take her. I slid up behind her, and took my cock in hand, sliding the head up and down her moist slit. I could feel myself positioned at her opening, and with one quick push I entered her for at least half my length.

"Beth was sooo right, you have a great cock," she gasped as I pumped in and out of her, achieving further penetration, until my balls were slapping against her with each stroke.

I didn't think that'd be a big concern for Lisa. Unlike Beth, Lisa's husband was a big good looking guy in great shape, and I assumed a decent package of his own. Also, unlike Beth, I had reason to believe their love life was in order. More than once I know she had bribed her husband with sex to get her way, once in the master bathroom at my house during a party, just to be allowed to stay a little later and catch a ride home with a friend.

She was moaning a little, and then she leaned way down, her head and shoulders resting on the bed, and turned her face toward me while I continued to abuse that tight little hole.

"So I take it we have a deal?" she said to me with a wicked little smile plastered across her face. "I can bring the kids over, and you get this, or whatever else you want, once a week."

"I'll take that deal," I told her, slowing down my actions and giving her a few very long slow deliberate strokes. "Although limiting myself to 15 minutes may kill me; I swear I could fuck you all day long."

"Ah, but this way you won't get tired of me," she teased, giving her butt a wiggle, which dislodged me for a second.

I picked her up and flipped her over onto her back, pulling her ass down to the edge of the bed, lifting her legs up high onto my shoulders. I pushed against her, and with a little help on her part, I entered her fully with one long stroke.

She looked incredible splayed before me, her hands cupping her huge breasts, hair wild, legs draped over my arms, her flat tummy hollowed. With each stroke her body quivered under me, breasts bobbing, and I could view the length of my cock sliding in and out of her, slick with her juices, her lightly covered pussy clutching at it on each out stroke.

I ground against her, taking in her amazing naked body. "I don't deserve this. You are amazing."

She giggled. "Of course you don't. But I do. Give it to me."

Give it to her, I did. I fucked her hard, her tits flying all over the place if she didn't squeeze them tight. She was sliding up the bed, from my efforts, and I pulled her back down roughly, dragging her ass half off the bed, not letting up.

She was so petite, so small, so lightweight, I found myself picking her up and moving her at will, turning her every which way, sometimes lifting her half off the bed and fucking her viciously in mid-air. Screwing Lisa was different from every other woman I'd ever been with. It was less like fucking a person, and more like her body was a tool for my gratification, to be used however I wanted. Her enjoyment was an incidental benefit, although it seemed considerable.

A few minutes of this, and I was getting that familiar feeling. I lifted both of her smooth, slender legs together, crossing her ankles and placed them over my right shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her legs just above her knees, and pounded her hard, enjoying the added friction that pulling her legs together offered. With my left hand I reached out and squeezed her breast, my right arm still clutching her legs, and controlling the angle at which I penetrated her.

I bent her farther back, her knees approaching her full chest, and lifted one foot on to the edge of the bed. I was now able to really thrust into her, pounding down with almost my full weight. She started to get loud, and I reached out and covered her mouth with my hand, not wanting to alarm the kids or notify the neighbors of our lascivious actions.

Eyes tightly closed, she bit my hand, and squealed deep in her throat. I thrust hard and came deep inside her. Her eyes burst open wide, looking at me almost in shock, as I creamed her insides, flooding her. I loosed her legs pulling her left leg back over my head, and as she slowly spread them apart, to stretch them, I drove my cock hard into her, working to squeeze out every drop.

"God, Alex, that was incredible, but you have to pull out!" She gasped, her entire body glistening, her chest heaving.

"We'll have to work on that I guess." I laughed, slowly sliding in and out of her, hoping to get hard enough to fuck her again.

She put her feet against my chest and pushed, sliding up the bed and dislodging me from her warm hole. "You're so bad!" she admonished me, grabbing at her bikini.

I pulled on my bathing suit, and stood beside her, waiting for her to finish.

"God, I'm dripping," she hissed.

I took her in my arms and gave her a big kiss. She was hesitant a moment, then melted against me.

"Thanks," I whispered, "you really are incredible."

"You can remind me of that next week," she answered softly, brushing her hand against my cock, before sashaying out the door back to the pool.

Damn, two women in one week. I was now walking a very dangerous path, and the secret of me and Beth had become a lot less secure in a matter of days. Now I had another secret. While I was fucking her, I was in heaven. But now, in the aftermath, I had to wonder about my decision making. Did I really want to go down this path?


What should I do? What did I do? Stay tuned - and remember - please vote!

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