tagLoving WivesPool Payments Ch. 03

Pool Payments Ch. 03

byTx Tall Tales©

Chapter 3: Lisa off the Clock

A divine afternoon alone with Lisa.


Two weeks after Beth and Lisa decided to reward me in "favors" for the use of the pool, I realized I lived a truly blessed life. The previous week, both women had taken a moment out of their busy day to 'pay' me for the use of the pool. It was just as sweet the second time, maybe more so, with the expectation building all week long. I was looking forward to the upcoming week's payday.

Monday was overcast and drizzly and the wife was home, but Tuesday was clear and hot and I had a relatively full cast again. The ice cream truck came by shortly after noon, and I gave the kids $2.00 each and let them buy what they wanted, if they agreed to eat them outside, and wait 20 minutes before they went back in the pool.

Shortly afterwards, while the kids were sucking on their ice-cream pops, Beth was working on an 8-inch sucker of her own. I made a half-hearted attempt to get into her pants, but she was steadfast, and although I was allowed to play with her breasts a bit, her pretty little mouth was the beginning and end of my pleasure that day.

I don't know what she got out of sucking me off, but she seemed content enough, and who was I to complain?

When Traci got home, Beth was still there, and the girls chatted over a couple of frozen drinks while I monitored the kids. When Traci went in to get into her bathing suit, Beth gave me an especially naughty look, licking her lips for me. She came over and sat by me, then reached over and squeezed my soft cock.

"Beth!" I hissed.

She giggled, and stroked me to hardness. "Go do Traci. And don't touch that blind" - she nodded to the blind to our bedroom. When she was seated in the chair at the end of the table, she was just at the edge of the window - and I realized she could see along the edge of the blind into our bedroom.

"You are bad," I whispered to her, but turned and went inside. It'd be a shame to waste the hard-on I was sporting now.

I caught Traci in the act of putting on her bikini bottoms. God she had a sweet ass. I sidled up behind her and started rubbing my cock against her rear while holding her hips.

"What, Beth got you worked up and you thought you'd use me to relieve yourself?" She asked, somewhat snidely.

It hit so close to home I didn't know what to say. So I kissed her, long and deep, in a way I hadn't for quite a while. When I broke off the kiss, I stepped out of my shorts, my cock stiff. "This is all about you," I told her, placing her hand on it.

She stroked me a bit, then dropped to her knees to suck me. Traci liked to suck my cock. Our sex play almost always started with that, although she was hesitant to let me return the favor. I held her head, while I slid my meat in and out of her lips. Looking up, I saw a blue eye and a wisp of blond hair peeking at us through the window.

Rock-hard, I pulled Traci up off her knees and sat her on the edge of the bed. I quickly pulled off her bikini bottoms, leaned her back and entered her smoothly. I fucked her like that, slowly and steadily, building up steam, picking up the pace, until I was pounding her, enjoying the view of her natural tits jiggling with my strokes.

"God, you're horny, aren't you? You like knowing Beth's right outside, don't you?" She teased me, gasping.

"Looks like I'm not the only one," I laughed, fucking her with long hard strokes.

"If she knew what she was missing, she'd be in here fighting me for you." She looked toward the back yard, and I wondered if she could see the watcher peaking in at us.

"Can you blame her?" I teased, diddling her with just the tip, for several partial strokes before sliding deep inside her.

"No, now stop teasing and fuck me," she growled.

So I did. Deep and hard. I knew her, and knew when I had her where I wanted her, as she squealed her impending release. I finished strong, squeezing her tits just when she was ready to come, getting her to cry out, just moments before I emptied my balls inside her.

"Jesus," she gasped afterwards, coming out of the bathroom and putting her bikini back on. "I'll have to leave you and Beth together more often. She definitely brings out the best in you."

I laughed along, pondering the feasibility of pushing that idea just a little further.


Lisa came by a couple of times, but it wasn't until Friday, when Jill from next door was over, that we were able to break away from the kids for a bit. By the time we made it inside, she'd had a couple, and was feeling pretty randy.

"Are you going to fuck me, Alex? Fuck my poor little pussy raw again?" She was undressing for me as she spoke and she sat back on the edge of the bed, legs open, displaying her pussy to me in all its shaven glory. "I can't believe I'm letting you have me just to let the kids use the pool. I could join the Y for $40. You're going to get to do whatever you want with me four times a month. It's like I'm selling myself to your for ten bucks a shot. You're making a little whore out of me." She was rubbing her pussy in anticipation.

I stood in front of her and started to undress, but she seemed compelled to assist, and soon had me out of my clothes and on my back on the bed. She spent a few seconds with her mouth glued to my erection, but with Lisa as inspiration, I didn't need a lot of help getting hard. She straddled me then posed with her tight little twat resting on the head of my cock. "God, I've been thinking about this all week. Your big fat dick fills me sooo nice." With that said, she slowly lowered herself down my cock, until she was sitting firmly on my hips, my entire length inside of her.

Fucking Lisa from below is a treat both visual and physical. She is so pretty, with her fat firm breasts easily accessible, that I just stare at her, hardly daring to believe that she's got my cock buried in her tight little twat while she rocks back and forth on me.

She's also a bundle of energy. She has one of those crazy fast metabolisms where she can eat quite a bit without gaining weight. But she's paranoid about being flabby or out of shape, so she also works out regularly. When Lisa rides you, you KNOW you've been ridden. The only problem is she can get a bit noisy, so I have to keep reminding her to take it down a notch, and when she's coming, I often have to cover her mouth, sometimes with mine, sometimes by burying her head in my shoulder.

She gave me the full 15 minutes treatment, but pulled off when I warned her I was coming, and jerked me off onto her breasts to finish the deed. Then she casually walked back outside after rinsing off, as if nothing had ever happened.


The following week several of the kids were going to a birthday party on Tuesday, so I volunteered to drive them over in the Suburban, and Beth offered to pick them all up and bring them home. Lisa asked me to stop by her house on the way back after dropping off the kids, and when I got there, her littlest was at the neighbor's and and my diminutive pool buddy informed me that we had some time to kill, and she had the way, if I was willing.

If I had thought that alcohol was a primary contributing factor in our earlier trysts, I was shown it didn't have to be. Lisa was sober as a church mouse, and she was complaining that she'd gained 3 pounds in the last few weeks, partially due to too many Margaritas, and not enough exercise. That afternoon we made up for the exercise, off the clock.

She brought me upstairs, and into her bedroom. I pulled out my wallet and counted out a Five and five ones. She had started to undress, but stopped to watch me.

"Ten dollars," I announced, "and I expect to get every pennies worth."

She looked a little surprised. "Is that all I am to you, your $10 whore?"

"More than I've paid for any other slut, and happy to do it."

"I think it's time you got your ten dollars worth," she said, sexily, undressing me and pulling me into her bed.

I fucked her tits, for the first time. I'd done similar things before, but never with anyone so well endowed. She put some lube on my cock and between her breasts, and pressed them together around my cock. Her nipples were pressed together and my entire rod disappeared from view, the head briefly appearing near her chin at the end of each stroke. It was a wild feeling, and an especially provocative visual, her mouth opening to invite my cock to make that little bit of extra distance to her red lips. After a couple of minutes of this, she invited me to finish in her mouth, and I took her up on the offer, letting her suck me to completion.

Just after I exploded in her mouth, I had to ponder the luck I had. I was getting more oral sex now then I had for ages. Someone up there had to love me.

Lisa wasn't done with me. She squatted over my face, and continued to go down on me, trying to resurrect my trouser soldier. I ate her aggressively, using my fingers on her where I could reach, licking deep inside her, sucking on her lips, teasing her clit, rubbing on her tight little butt hole. When she had me in the state she wanted me, she pulled me over to the edge of the bed, and sat me there. She then climbed aboard, facing me, her legs wrapped around me. It was a very intimate position, her sitting in my lap, faces just a few inches apart, her eyes staring straight ahead at my lips, her breasts pressed against my chest.

"Do you like me, Alex?" she asked out of the blue.

"Now that's a silly question," I told her, "of course I do. Look at us."

"I know you like fucking me," she answered, very seriously. "But do you like ME?"

"Come on Lisa, we've known each other for three years. You know I'm crazy about you. Who do I spend the most time with at all of our parties?"

"I didn't know if you were just trying to get in my pants or what," she answered.

She was somehow maneuvering herself up and down on a couple of inches of my cock. She had her hands cupped around the back of my neck and our breath mingled, our lips an inch apart.

"Lisa, I like you. You're fun. You're pretty, you're sexy as hell, and you're not afraid to get a little wild. I like that. I also love doing this with you. You are an incredible woman in bed." I used my hand to lift her up a bit and get some more in-and-out penetration.

We screwed slowly and then our lips came together, and we kissed. It was more than a kiss, it was a continuation of our joining below. For an eternity, we shared ourselves, holding each other warmly, kissing, my cock barely moving inside her, her tight pussy clenching me sporadically. She eventually pushed me backward, our lips never separating, and she rode me while our tongues played. I was having fun but wanted more. I rolled her over onto her back, and made long slow love to her, while we continued our playful kissing.

I felt her body tensing up beneath me and her mouth was going slack. I grabbed her shoulders and fucked her more intensely, a little faster, quite a bit harder.

"Fuck me Alex," she whispered through gritted teeth. "Fuck me hard, fuck me now."

I did, giving it to her for all I was worth. Her voice started rising, almost like a siren, a low moan becoming a higher pitched moan, almost becoming a scream.

"Oh, FUCK!" She cried coming hard underneath me. Her excitement was taking me to the edge, and I fucked her even faster, my hips a blur, riding out her orgasm, until just as she was coming off her high, I was ready for my own release.

"I'm there, Lisa," I groaned, warning her. She had been asking me to pull out the last couple of times, but I wanted to finish in the saddle.

"Yes, fuck me, fill me." She gasped through clenched teeth.

I came then, hard, spraying rope after rope of my cum deep inside her. It pushed her over the edge again, and she cried out, her fingers digging into my back. She arched up underneath me, her big tits pressing up against me.

When we could breath again, she rolled off of me, and went to the bathroom to tinkle, while I relaxed, exhausted. She wandered downstairs, and returned a couple of minutes later with a couple of glasses of water, and a chunk of French bread that we shared. A couple of crumbs fell on my chest, and she leaned over and licked them off. Then I saw her get a devilish glint in her eye, and she was gone. She returned a minute later with a tub of sugar free Cool Whip in her hand.

"This is on my diet." She laughed, taking a little glob and placing it on each of my nipples before licking it off. She put a dab on my nose and licked that off, and dipped her breasts directly in the tub, and offered me my own treat. I licked them clean, taking my time, and then she crawled down the bed with her bucket of fun, and lathered my shrunken cock with the creamy treat. She lapped a way like a cat with cream, licking all around my balls and shaft, and taking my entire cock in her mouth and sucking eagerly, completely cleaning me.

The attention was producing results. I slowly hardened, rewarding her. With each little bit of added stiffness, she worked that much harder to tease and enjoy my tool. Even when I was fully hard, she took no chances and kept working at me. She was now sticking my cock all the way into the tub of Cool-Whip, and then licking it completely clean. After licking it clean, she'd take it in her mouth and suck it thoroughly, removing every shred of evidence. After a few dips, she'd take a drink of water, and offer me a taste on her nipples again. I was in heaven.

I was being teased beyond control, and finally I had to take the whipped cream from her, and roll her onto her back. Before she'd let me in her, she reached into the chest at the side of the bed, and got some more lubricant for me. Slicked up I spread her legs and entered her. This one was different. It was a long leisurely fuck. We chatted while I screwed her for at least 20 minutes, just enjoying her.

We discussed fantasies we'd had of each other, and she told me of a couple of times at parties when she'd considered pushing the boundaries of our relationship. She teased me about brushing against her tits and ass whenever it got late or I got drunk, and how much she enjoyed it, how horny it got her. It was a surprise to me and a major ego boost.

We talked about the kids, about our high-school days and our first times. It was really wonderful, and I loved the easy fucking while we got to know each other.

When we'd been at it a while, the conversation had died, and I was starting to really get back into it. She pulled me down to her and wrapped her arms around me, at least as far as they could reach.

"God, Alex, I can't remember the last time someone made love to me like this, don't stop. Don't ever stop." She whispered, hugging me tight.

As if there was any chance of that.

I raised up on my knees, spread her legs wide, and drilled her. I had her breathing hard again, and I was enjoying the power I had over her. You could smell her need, and I knew I was answering it as completely as anyone ever had.

I wanted to take her from behind again, so I did. She was so small, so light, so flexible, I found myself just enamored with being able to use her for my pleasure, putting her into any position I wanted, at will, no discussion. Her mouth and pussy were freely given, and gratefully accepted. She was the most willing lover I'd ever had. I flipped her over, and she raised her ass for me, in invitation. Her pussy was very red from all the attention she'd received, and appeared as a bull's eye. I entered her from behind, grabbing her hips and fucked fiercely, looking for my own finish. Her little brown eye looked so good I used my thumb to open her up there, and worked it inside her butt, while I screwed long and hard. She moaned loudly when I buried my thumb inside of that sweet ass.

Incredibly I was ready to come for my third time in just over an hour, and I did, buried to the hilt inside of her, pulling my thumb out of her ass just as I came, putting her over the top and leaving her a quivering mass as I finished.

Ten minutes later I was out the door, her kiss still on my lips, headed home so I could be there when the kids got out of the party.

She walked me to the back door, naked, and gave me a big hug. "That was nice."

"It certainly was," I laughed. I pulled my wallet out again and drew out another $1. I gave it to her.

"What's that?"

"A tip. I never tip, but you were incredible." I told her.

She giggled, rolling the bill up and putting it behind her ear. "So, you got your money's worth, out of my poor worn out body?"


She pulled me down for another kiss, "Anytime you want me, anywhere, show me a ten-spot, and your little whore will earn it from you."

"I'll be sure to always have one handy."

"But now it's the back-door for you." She teased with a push.

"Promises, promises," I teased her, glancing down to her own sweet ass.

"Oh, God! You know what I mean." Incredibly, she blushed.

"I hope so," I laughed, then stepped back to her giving her a big hug and kiss. Just before I released her, I let my hands wander down to her tight ass, giving her ass cheeks a quick squeeze, and then slipping my right hand down her crack, and giving a small push on her butt hole.

"Geez, you're an insatiable beast," she said, giving me a small shove and punch on the way out the door.

I left feeling giddy; she'd never said no to the obvious hints I was giving her. Maybe that sweet tail wasn't off limits. If not, I'd be playing in her backyard soon. Traci's ass was normally out-of-bounds. I hadn't had a lot of experience playing in that field, but was looking forward to it. Of course that got me to thinking about Traci again, and wondering about what I was doing, and the sense of it all. I really should put an end to it. Someday.

* * * * *

Thanks for reading my little story. I hope you're enjoying it, and if you did, won't you please vote and let me know?

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