Pool Payments Ch. 05

byTx Tall Tales©

"Good, I want it to feel incredible. I want you to come for me."

"I don't come," she answered hesitantly, "not ever."

"My sweet girl, that's about to change." I eased another finger into her, three fingers pounding at her tender pussy, and moved between her legs, lifting her leg up and out of the way. She was quivering and grinding against my hand, and I watched as she started squeezing her own nipples, moaning almost continuously. Her body started reacting first, tightening, her stomach hardening, her legs kicking into the air as her orgasm started to grow within her. Suddenly her neck lengthened, her chin tilted up and her eyes rolled back. A piercing squeal escaped her lips. It was time.

She moaned for a second as I pulled my fingers out of her, then her whole upper body curled upward as I thrust myself into her, hard and fast, to the very root, my hand vibrating over her clit.

She cried out, her eyes bursting wide open, unseeing as she thrust her hips against me. I could feel her entire body spasming as she came for me. So sweetly.

As she slowly came down, I long-stroked her, getting her accustomed to the feel of me.

She slowly came to her senses, her breathing steadying. She reached out to me, her hands brushing against my torso, almost in wonder. "Oh my God, I didn't know," she whispered.

She looked up to my face, where I was leaning over her, and her eyes peered into mine. A small smile perched on her lips. "The vessel is suitable?"

"Ideal. Perfect in every way."

"Just don't break it," she murmured.

"Of course not, my darling girl, I wouldn't dream of hurting it. But I do intend for it to be used, used well and often."

She closed her eyes and leaned back. "Yes, Professor. You know best."

I fucked her in silence, slowly, steadily. Within a couple of minutes she was breathing harder, gentle moans escaping her lips. She was obscenely wet, and our movements were noisy.

"Did you come in me? It's so slippery," she asked, curious.

"No, sweetness, that's all you. You respond perfectly. You're an excellent student."

She sighed, "Jesus in heaven, this is nice."

I continued plumbing her depths, and was pleased to see how responsive she could be. Lifting her legs up, I was able to get even deeper, and she took me easily, pushing back against each stroke, making small noises, little grunts and sighs that excited me.

"Damn, Kayla, you are the sweetest fuck. You're killing me. I'm going to have to come soon," I finally warned her, picking up the pace.

"Don't come in me!" She cried, almost pulling away from me.

"Ok, baby, I won't," I reassured her, my hand reaching out and caressing her glowing face, before I grabbed her shoulder and pulled her back against me on each powerful stroke.

"Just don't, please, I'm not protected. I...I wasn't really planning on this." She mumbled before returning to her gentle moaning.

Protected or not, I was about to explode. "Kayla, sweet, I have to come soon, where do you want it?"

"Want it? Oh! I don't know." She sounded confused again.

Our positions had shifted a bit. She was laying at an angle across the couch, and I had one knee on the couch, and a foot on the floor. I reached down and rubbed her clit as I was approaching my finish and she almost blew up.

"Oh! Oh!" she squealed, while I used my thumb to diddle her.

It was too much for me though, and I grabbed the front of her thighs, fucking her as fast as possible, for just a few seconds until the tightness in my balls demanded release. I pulled out, stroking my cock hard, and immediately came, leaving a nice deposit across her stomach from the bottom of her breasts to the opening of her legs. Several nice streams criss-crossed her belly, branding her mine.

I couldn't help myself, and I slipped my softening cock back inside her. I was able to screw her easily for another minute, until it was no longer able to hold its shape.

Kayla was using her fingers to rub the cum around her belly, making little designs. Then she looked up to me, and realized what she was doing. She closed her legs, and covered up her breasts again, asking for some tissues.

I passed her the box from behind my desk, and she cleaned herself up a bit, while I passed her the clothing on the floor.

"Did I pass my first exam," She asked, coquettishly.

"I'd give you an A for the entrance exam, but there's still a lot to be learned on this curriculum, I think."

"Really, Professor Alex? You know, this may be the most interesting course I've ever taken."

"I'm going to do my best to guarantee that."

* * * * *

Will you take a moment now, and grade Kayla's first exam, with a vote of encouragement?

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