tagGroup SexPool Payments Ch. 11

Pool Payments Ch. 11

byTx Tall Tales©

Chapter 11 -- Clarity


What was confusing becomes so very clear


When I woke up, I was alone. Looking over I noticed it was nearly 10:00am. I had slept in but I figured I had earned it. I heard noise out the window. Getting up I peeked out the window and saw the ladies cavorting in the pool. Looked like fun. I started to get up to join them and realized my body ached all over. Guess I overdid it a bit. It took me a few minutes to stretch and work out the kinks.

I was still too curious about where the events from the night before would lead, and even how they ever came about. I took a quick leak, brushed my teeth, ran a brush through my hair, grabbed a swim suite and headed out back.

The ladies were reclining on rafts. Andrea was wearing my wife's bikini, and she was pouring out of it. A couple of sizes too small, it looked particularly nice on her.

"Morning ladies."

My wife raised her sunglasses and smiled at me. "Join us?"

"Of course." I walked into the water, and tugged my wife's raft closer. I pulled her around and gave her a kiss. "Where's the baby?"

"Lisa's. All afternoon."

"So, whatcha been up to?"

"Finding out all about my husband's cruel treatment of my friend last night."

"Cruel?" I asked, looking over at last night's victim.

Andrea giggled. "I never said cruel. Unusual, maybe."

"Guilty," I confessed. "I couldn't help myself. Look at her! You left that naked in my bed last night. Jesus, she almost killed me."

I heard giggling from the other raft again. I peeked over to see how her barely contained breasts handled the laughter. "Killed you? I may never walk normal again."

"Any plans for the afternoon?" I asked.

My wife slid into the water, and into my arms. "Andrea, want to get us some drinks? I imagine my poor hubby might be a little dehydrated this morning."

Andrea disappeared into the house, leaving me alone with my wife who'd already surprised me quite a bit this weekend.

"That was quite a surprise. Thanks?" I said, while I held her. Her legs were around my waist, and she leaned forward and gave me a kiss.

"Thanks for stepping up. She's a happy girl this morning."

"I'll step up for you anytime." I told her, massaging her ass.

"I'll bet you would. Why don't you invite Greg over?"

"Greg? Lisa's Greg? Why?"

"I kind of figured that we could use another playmate this morning, and since you're already fucking his wife, I think you owe him that much."

To say I was stunned would be an understatement. I stood open-mouthed, trying to figure out what to say.

She glared at me. "You couldn't be happy enough with Beth as a gift. You had to drag Lisa into it, didn't you?"

I squeaked, "Beth?"

"Beth?" she mocked. "Come on Alex, Beth was supposed to be a surprise. But you had to go and get Lisa involved, didn't you?"

If things weren't weird enough, Andrea came out with a tray of drinks, with that very same Beth following at her heels.

"Oh, shit," I mumbled, while my wife squeezed me with her legs.

"Mimosas?" Andrea called out, setting the tray at the pool side. Beth peeled off her shirt and kicked off her shorts, standing there in the tiniest bikini yet, looking amazingly good. Shit. I shouldn't be thinking that way.

Beth came into the water, slowly working her way towards us. When she was standing beside me, she leaned in kissed me on the cheek. "I guess the gig is up."

"And then some. Game's over." My wife snapped, letting go of me, and heading for the drinks.

"Pooh!" Beth whined. "And it was just getting fun."

"Fun? You knew the rules."

"Rules?" I asked, thoroughly confused.

Beth slid in front of me, wrapping her arms around my neck. "You didn't think it was all my idea, did you?"

I wanted to say, yeah, but I decided silence would work best.

My wife handed me a drink while Beth kissed my shoulder. "Beth and I thought you deserved a little fun, and we'd let you in on the whole thing after a few 'play dates'. But you couldn't let things well enough alone, could you?"

"Fun?" I was still shocked, and badly confused.

She leaned in and whispered to me, "Just call him, Ok?" I nodded. She wasn't done though. "And Lisa is off-limits as of now, you understand?"

"Understood." I peeled Beth off of me, as difficult as it was. "Umm, you know about Kayla, right?"

Traci rolled her eyes. "Yes, I know. We'll talk about that later."

On the way out I couldn't help myself. As I passed Andrea, who had managed to get back up on a raft, I reached out and gave her near breast a squeeze.

I wrapped a towel around my waist, and headed in to make that call.


"What's up, bud?"

"How fast can you get over here?"


"Trust me on this one. I need you over here for a few hours. I'll make it worth your while. Can you do it?"

"Why all the mystery?"

"Hurry, Ok? I'll explain it all soon enough."

"Fine, give me a few minutes. But you better have a damn good reason."

"It's important. Trust me. See you soon."

I headed back out to the pool, to three very desirable women.

* * *

The girls were chattering away in the pool when I got out there. I jumped in and swam over to where they were bonding. I popped up next to my wife. "On his way."

"Who's on his way?" Beth asked.

"It's a surprise," Traci told her.

"So you want to tell me what this is all about?" I gave a nod toward Beth.

Traci and Beth shared a look, and then my wife pulled me closer, hugging me with her legs and arms. "It started simple enough. She and I were talking, like we do, after our trip to Hot Springs."

I remember the trip well. We put the 'hot' back in Hot Springs that weekend.

Beth interrupted. "Bragging would be more like it."

Traci stuck her tongue out at her best friend. "We were TALKING, about how infrequently we had times like that, you know? It was getting sort of getting plain vanilla at home, with a quick screw maybe once a week, if that."

"A girl should be so lucky," Beth quipped.

"ANYWAY," Traci said, glaring at her friend, "part of the conversation got around to a couple of the parties we've had, and how good the sex was afterwards. Especially when you were hanging around certain friends of mine."

"Like at pool parties, or dress up parties," Beth added, leaning against me, letting her hands wander over my body.

"Yeah. When the girls are showing skin, certain men seem to really get themselves worked up." She gave me a squeezed with her legs.

"Guilty." I admitted.

"But that same guy still behaves." Beth argued, taking my side. "I mean he might flirt a little more, or even get a little touchy-feely, but not bad. Not like some. Dickheads."

Traci sighed. "My Story?" Beth didn't look in the least bit cowed. "So I thought it might be fun to let our friend here, who God knows you've lusted over long enough, flirt with you heavily, and get you worked up, maybe add a little spice to our life."

"Yeah. But what was in it for me? Get you worked up, and go home frustrated as shit. Wait another month or two before needle-dick decides to spend a minute grunting on top of me? Shit."

Who was this girl? This wasn't the Beth I knew and lusted after so well. And once a month? Or two?

"Ok. So it wasn't 100% fair. But I wasn't about to let her fuck you. So we discussed it at length, and finally compromised. Hell, that part alone almost took us two weeks to come to an agreement. We agreed - an occasional blow-job, with week long flirting, to get you so worked up you could hardly see straight. And when you couldn't stand it any longer, for your birthday next week, we'd make your dream come true."

"And mine," Beth piped in.

"Now that didn't quite workout, did it?" Traci asked, glaring at her best friend, then turning that fierce look on me.

"Why didn't you just tell me?" I asked. "I mean, really, it's an unbelievable gift, far more than I deserve..."

"You've got that right," Traci reminded me.

"But we could have reined things in. Believe me; I would have turned the others away in a heart beat."

"You should have anyway," my wife said harshly. "Not only did you start screwing Lisa which was NO WAY part of the deal, but you just had to push the boundaries with Beth, too, didn't you?"

I was saved from answering when Greg entered the backyard through the gate. "Alright. I'm here, what's the big emergency?"

"Let me handle this," Traci said, and climbed out of the pool, heading for Greg. She sat him down at the table and started talking.

Andrea came over to me, and clung to me, "You guys are pretty crazy. I thought stuff like this just happened in books. I mean, this is better than a soap."

Beth came over and hung onto my other side, giving me a kiss on the cheek. "Don't worry. She's not really mad. Not anymore. But I think it's time for you to straighten up and fly right."

I laughed. "She brought this girl to me last night and left her naked in my bed. How am I supposed to 'fly right'?"

"Let's start with no more secrets from her. How's that sound?"

Traci and Greg were still talking. A good sign. He was looking agitated, and when he raised his voice, I thought the shit had hit the fan, but Traci was able to calm him down, holding his hand, and keeping him talking. I was a little worried how that was going to turn out. When she stood and took him by the hand, leading him into the house, I had to wonder if that was my answer. I had a strong suspicion about how she was going to balance things.

I had mixed feelings about that. I know it's not fair; I had been doing his wife for weeks, and taking extreme liberties with her, I admit. But it was my wife he was with now, and I could feel myself getting angry at the thought of what might be happening in there. What probably was happening.

Beth must have read my mind. "She's just trying to smooth things over. And it's not like you haven't been screwing the brains out of his scrawny wife all summer long."

Andrea was slow on the uptake. "Do you mean, they're, like, doing it in there?"

Beth grinned, "I hope so. Tit for tat. Nice tit for that matter. I wonder what his 'tat' is like?"

I moved toward the shallower part of the pool, to the side where a built-in bench allowed me to sit. The girls came with me, taking up positions on each side of me. "Jesus," I grumbled, "This is kind of getting out of hand."

Beth turned my face and kissed me. Her hand went down to my crotch, rubbing me, and Andrea's hand joined hers. "Yes it is. That's why we're shutting it down," she explained when her mouth left mine. "No more Lisa. Got it?"

"Got it. What about Kayla?"

"We'll wean her off you a little slower. But that's going away as well."

"And you?" I asked, afraid of the answer.

"That's up to your wife."

I nodded, more than a little distracted by their roaming hands.

"Tell me more about Andrea, here. That was unexpected," Beth asked.

After that, I was just an observer, while Andrea told her story about her problems at home and her experience the night before. She went into lurid detail, taking almost as long to tell as the actual event.

Beth seemed a little irritated with me, before Andrea was finished. "You couldn't just have a little fun, make her feel good. You've always got to push, test the limits, stretch the boundaries. Don't you? Asshole."

Andrea blushed. "I needed my boundaries stretched. I just didn't expect that getting my asshole stretched would be part of it!"

"Sometimes I wonder how she puts up with you," Beth growled at me.


I turned and saw my wife standing in the doorway, naked. She waved Andrea over, and the cute little thing gave me a nervous squeeze, then headed toward her. Traci pointed to where Beth and I were sitting. "You two behave."

She and Andrea went back inside, leaving me with her best friend. Who I'd been screwing whenever I could. Behave?

Beth's idea of behaving was different than mine. She climbed in my lap then reached back and removed her top. She grabbed my hands and placed them on her tits.

"Behaving?" I asked.

"Getting you primed. A little play is Ok, just don't try to stick that thing in me anywhere." She leaned in and gave me a long soft kiss. I was definitely feeling 'primed'.

"I think Andrea's husband is going to be in for a treat when this is all over," she said, a couple of minutes later.

"You think?"

"After last night and today? I'm guessing he'll find a brand new woman in his bed. Maybe it'll work out, maybe it won't. But I'd say it stands a better chance now."

"Because they're both cheating?"

"Because maybe he'll feel less inclined to. And Andrea will have no reason to."

"Sounds a little optimistic to me. I figured I was opening her horizons for her next guy."

"C'mon, Alex. She married him. They're young. I'm sure she wants it to work out. Let's give them a chance. Think good thoughts."

I smiled for her. "Sorry. Nothing but naughty thoughts with you here, topless."

"That's Ok, too." Then she was kissing me again, while I held her.

We were left alone a good while, and Beth did her best to keep me worked up. I desperately wanted to rip her bottoms off of her, and fuck her pretty little brains out. I allowed my hands to wander more than I should have. But I kept it together. Barely.

"My birthday present was going to make your dream come true, too?" I teased her.

"You know how you say you feel about me? Double it."

"Really? Why?"

"Fuck if I know. You melt my pantyhose. There. I said it. I hope to God we haven't messed things up too bad. I'd hate to be left out in the cold after all this."

"Enough of that," I heard a very familiar voice warn.

I looked up and saw Traci watching us from the doorway. Beth crawled off my lap, heading to the steps.

"Both of you," my wife called out.

Beth and I followed our naked escort into the bedroom, where Greg was putting it to Andrea, doggy style. They both looked, and sounded like they were enjoying it. Looked like so far he wasn't holding any grudges.

My wife turned to me. "Lose the 'suit."

I removed it, tossing the wet cloth into the bathroom, where it landed with a 'splat'. She passed me a towel to dry off with. After just a few moments, she was pushing me toward the bed. "Let me see her go down on you."

I followed her directions, afraid not to. I lay down in front of Andrea and pulled her face into my lap. She had no problem with the new scenario and took my cock in her mouth, giving me a messy and somewhat distracted blow-job, while Greg screwed her. What a change in less than a day.

It was awkward, looking into Greg's face from only a couple of feet away. He was staring at me, the smile on his face gone. I'm sure I looked suitable abashed, even with sweet Andrea going down on me.

"Not cool, bud," he finally said, softly.

"Sorry, man. I fucked up. A lot."

He reached down and pulled Andrea's hips back hard as he fucked her, a little more aggressively. He looked down and shook his head as he pounded into her.

After a bit he looked up at me, and I saw a hint of a smile. "I gotta say, you have style when it comes to apologies." He patted Andrea on her ass, "She's sweet."

We were being observed by my wife and Beth, who looked almost as nervous as I felt. When Greg put his hand up for a high-five, I smacked his hand and sighed. Maybe this wouldn't end badly.

Getting sucked by our young guest was nice, don't get me wrong, but I was distracted as well, and still nervous about where this whole thing was going. This was still my wife's play, and I was surprise by her to say the least. And just a bit scared.

I watched Traci remove Beth's bottoms, and then she guided the pretty blonde onto the bed beside us.

"Turn over, Beth."

Beth rolled over onto her belly, looking up at me nervously. I think I was nearly as shocked as Beth when my wife walloped her on the ass.

Beth cried out, reaching back to cover her butt. "What the Hell, Traci!"

"You've been bad, and it's time to pay the piper," Traci told her, pushing her hands out of the way, and smacking her ass again.

"No fucking way," Beth cried, turning onto her side to avoid another hard blow.

"I'll give you two options. You'll do what I say in this bedroom, or you can leave now, and never step foot in my house again." Traci barked at her, raising her voice.

Beth glared at her, then slowly rolled back onto her belly, moving her hands out of the way.

Traci spanked her fiercely, and I knew I didn't want to be on the receiving end of that kind of treatment. After a dozen or so blows, Beth was pleading with her, her ass bright red. After about 20 she was crying, begging her to stop.

My blow-job had slowed considerably as well, as all three of us were witnesses to the punishment. I hate to say it, but I was getting worked up by the show, and I grabbed Andrea by the hair, and encouraged her to pay attention to the job my wife had assigned her. She looked away from the show beside her, and continued more attentively.

Traci finally relented, leaning over and rubbing her friend's bright red, swollen butt cheeks.

"Why? I told you everything?" Beth asked, wiping tears from her face.

"You told Lisa. If you had just kept your mouth closed, none of this would have happened," Traci reminded her.

"It just slipped out," Beth argued.

"And what about Kayla?" Traci asked.

"Lisa told her."

"And you encouraged it."

Beth didn't have an answer for that one immediately. "Well, don't do that again," Beth said eventually, rubbing her sore cheeks.

"Don't pass my husband around like a party favor, and I won't have to."

"Are we even now?" Beth asked, worriedly.

"Almost. Greg? Just as I promised, she's yours."

Greg pulled out of Andrea, and I heard my little cock-sucker whimper, before she went after me more aggressively. He walked over to Beth, stroking his hard-on. It was long and thin, and bright red. It looked angry, even if he didn't.

"Hey! I never said I'd fuck Greg," Beth argued.

"You heard the rules, in this bedroom, you do what I say," Traci warned her.

Beth finally shrugged, rolling onto her back and opening her legs. "Hell, I guess I never said I wouldn't, either."

Greg smiled as he climbed between her legs, and was quickly pounding away at her.

Traci wasn't done directing things. "Alright Andrea, ride him to his finish."

I slid down the bed a bit, and let the cute little thing climb on top of me, screwing me quite nicely, thank you.

Greg was looking at me, and I still felt guilty. "Hope we can get past the Lisa thing."

I was surprised when he grinned. "Hell, three-for-one seems like a reasonable payback. But it's over now, right?" He was fucking Beth quite casually, leaning over her, and I was becoming impressed by his stamina.

"Completely," I assured him.

"Alright then. But I may want to borrow your wife when it comes time to punish her."

I didn't have an answer for him. I was too distracted by the energetic girl riding me like there was no tomorrow. The scene beside me, watching Greg turn Beth over and screw her from behind, was too much. I grabbed Andrea by the hips and pounded up into her, coming hard. I lay there gasping when she finally rolled off of me.

My wife took Andrea by the hand, and led her to the bathroom. "That's it for you. Let's get you cleaned up." She looked over at me, and I was expecting another glare, but received a wink instead. "Let her get you hard again." She nodded toward Beth.

Beth was moaning, but took my cock in her mouth when I kneeled in front of her and raised her head up. I was messy, but she took care of that easily enough, and it didn't take long for her to get a rise out of me. I held her head and fucked her mouth while Greg used her from behind.

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