tagGroup SexPool Payments Ch. 12

Pool Payments Ch. 12

byTx Tall Tales©

Chapter 12 -- Closure


Every Summer has to end...


"Let's play."

My wife was grinning as she spoke the words, and then she climbed on the bed behind Greg, pressing her perfect tits against his back and whispering to him.

I watched him pull out of Beth and turn to my wife, as she pulled him down with her onto the bed. Her legs were parted as she guided him into her.

Beth got off of her hands and knees and stretched out between me and the other two, who were already going at it. She lifted her leg and reached behind her for my cock, guiding me home. I slid into her and adjusted my position until I was holding her in my arms, once again filling her. I gently screwed her while we both watched the couple next to us.

Traci was reaching up and gently stroking Greg's chest. "I'm sorry that Lisa got caught up in our little game," she told him. "It's not going to be a big problem, is it?"

Greg stopped his motion, bending down to kiss her. "We'll see what happens when I confront her with it. As for y'all, right now it's kind of hard to hold a grudge."

She pulled his head down and kissed him again, hard. "For the next few weeks, any time you're feeling upset or bitter, give me a call and Beth and I will see what we can do to make it up to you."


"Really. I'm not saying forever, mind you, but we'll give it a little time." She looked over at me, glaring. "That Ok with you, troublemaker?"

Beth answered, "Sounds fair to me."

"I wasn't talking to you. I was talking to the other troublemaker."

I pulled my lips off of Beth's soft shoulder, staying buried inside of her. "No argument from me. Whatever it takes to set things right."

Greg was upright again, screwing her diligently, but Traci put out her hand and stopped him. "Let change positions, there's something I've always wanted to try." She scooted out from under him and sat up.

"Alright, buster. Pull your cock out of my friend and come over here and lay down."

Not one to make waves, I climbed over Beth into the middle of the bed, and laid back, my rod at full staff.

Traci straddled me, and sat down on my cock, taking me fully in one smooth movement. She looked over to Greg who was watching attentively. "Want to help me make a Traci sandwich? I've got another hole that could use filling, and there's some lube in the nightstand."

She rested on my chest, holding me tight, while Greg eagerly made himself ready. I felt his legs bracing against mine, and could feel when he first entered her, making my wife whimper. As he pushed deeper she reached back to slow him down.

"Slow, Greg. Take it easy."

I was buried deep inside of her, but could still feel the pressure as he entered her ass, pushing deeper, almost like someone was rubbing against the bottom of my cock as he gradually filled her.

"Jesus, that looks wild," Beth said.

At first Traci just moaned, while Greg started working his way in and out of her. Once she seemed to have adjusted to his intrusion, she reached out and held Beth's hand. "Just think Beth, when they're done with me it's your turn."

"God, Traci, I don't know," Beth said, scooting closer to the action.

Traci groaned, as Greg picked up the pace. "C'mon guys, fuck me like you mean it. First one to come gets to choose who gets to fill which holes on Beth."

That wasn't a fair contest. I'd been hard for ages, and knew that I wouldn't last long. Then again, screwing my wife's tight ass was probably working wonders for Greg.

Beth had her head next to mine, whispering to me. "This is your chance, Alex. If you win, I guess you'll get to finally fuck my poor little virgin butt-hole with that monster cock of yours. You'll be gentle with me, won't you? I'm still a little scared."

I was screwing into my wife as best I could, and she was pushing back against me on each stroke. She had her eyes closed and was moaning loudly, while Greg got more and more aggressive, holding her hips while he pounded her ass. It was like a tug-of-war. I had my hands on her upper thighs, pushing her down against my cock every time I thrust into her. I felt Greg changing position, and he popped out of her. I fucked her hard for a few seconds before he was able to find her entrance again, and moments after he was entering her, I knew I had won.

If being the guy with the shorter fuse can be considered winning.

"FUCK!" I groaned, thrusting into her and unloading my aching balls deep inside.

I held her tightly while Greg continued abusing her ass. Without me working against him, he was able to fuck her hard. I was surprised when she suddenly came, gasping, clutching me tightly. Greg wasn't far behind and with a roar he came in her rear, nearly pushing the both of us into the headboard.

Gasping, he fell back on the bed beside me, and Traci rolled off of me onto her side, breathing hard. She rested her head on my shoulder, and I saw Greg's hand appear over her side, resting on her breast. He cupped it gently.

"That was...different," Traci said, when she could catch her breath.

"Fucking amazing," Greg laughed, tweaking her nipple.

His familiarity with her irked me, but she kissed my shoulder, softly stroking my chest. Beth was on my other side, holding me, looping her leg over mine, rubbing her thigh against my wilted cock. I pulled her close, allowing her attentiveness to distract me from any thoughts of jealousy.

Her fingers were teasing my over-taxed 'friend' and well on their way to restoring its fullness, when Traci interrupted our play. "I'm starved. How about a snack before Beth gets hers?"

* * *

After lunch, Greg and I made a 'Beth' sandwich, with my dear loving wife helping to lube me up and slide me into her best friend's ridiculously tight butt-hole. It took a lot of work and patience before I was finally balls deep inside of our plaything, but the break, and our medicinal aid had both Greg and I ready for action, after just a couple of minutes of oral attention.

With the break in action, and all the previous fun we'd had, we both were feeling strong and rested, and were able to really take advantage of the opportunity. Beth's butt cheeks were still quite red from her earlier punishment, and were starting to bruise. I felt a little sorry for her. Not enough to prevent me from pulling her arms behind her back, and making her spread her cheeks open for me. I watched as her tight opening clung to me on every stroke, until my considerate wife squirted me down with a little more lube, easing my entry considerably. After several minutes of plowing her, as we had my wife, we changed positions, Beth sitting on my cock and lying back on my chest, while Greg pounded her pussy from above.

It felt great to be inside of her, and I was able to rest, holding her and playing with her tits, while her tight little ass clutched my cock spasmodically. Greg was like a machine, screwing her with a mechanical steadiness, his hands playing with her where he entered her. I was squeezing and tweaking her breasts, while nibbling on her shoulder, pushing my cock up and into her just enough to keep me inside. When Beth came from Greg's incessant screwing, I was afraid she was going to snap my cock off.

Traci decided to get involved, and her teasing mouth was battling with my hands for ownership of Beth's nipples. When she brushed my hand away, I put it on the back of her head and pulled her down hard against Beth's tortured tit, while she sucked it. I had a great up close view, watching Traci's teeth worry Beth's sweet boobs.

Greg was putting it to our naughty neighbor and I heard his groan. "God, Beth, I'm going to come again."

That got Traci's attention, and she scrambled down the bed, grabbing Greg's cock and pulling it out of Beth. I looked over her shoulder to see my wife going down on Greg hard. He grabbed her head and groaned louder, thrusting into her mouth while Traci sucked him dry. The little tart.

As for me, I wasn't quite done yet, and within moments I had Beth back on her hands and knees, screwing her tight little butt from behind, with full freedom to do as I pleased. I moved her around a bit, until I found the perfect position and then fucked her ass as hard and deep as I could, while she moaned deliciously for me.

She turned her head and looked back at me. "Happy? You got what you wanted, didn't you? You got to fuck my poor aching butt."

"Ecstatic," I gasped, holding her hips tightly while I hammered her.

"Do it, Alex," she gasped, squeezing the words out in bursts. "Fuck my...dirty...little butt. Come...in my...virgin ass."

What a sweet offer. I long-stroked her; pulling almost completely out on each stroke. I could sense I was getting close. I pulled out, then slid it back in hard, her gaping ass finally offering little resistance. My cock looked so good filling her, disappearing into that tight hole, I finally felt the onset of the end. I grabbed her at the waist and fucked her as fast as I could, reaching down and pushing her chest into the bed, as I put my full weight into the last few strokes. When I exploded into her, she cried out.

I had been so intent on fucking her I had almost completely forgotten about Traci and Greg. Looking over I saw them spooning, his hands wandering over her body, while they both watched us.

I know I should have felt jealous, but I only felt exhausted. In a good way. Beth sank into the bed, and I followed her, never wanting to pull out of her, lying over her body, kissing her neck. My trouser friend betrayed me, sliding out of her rear with a pop.

I rolled off of her, pulling her against my body, eliciting another moan from her. I held her in my arms, looking across the bed at the other two, mirroring their positions. My lips sought out her soft skin, and rained kisses down on her neck and shoulders. She felt so wonderfully good in my arms.

"Too much," Beth groaned. "I hope you're happy, Traci. He's fucking ruined me. I won't be able to sit for a week."

Traci just giggled. "You'll get used to it."

"The fuck I will," Beth muttered. "Ok, it was pretty wild, but I think I like plain old fucking a whole lot better. Even with the lube, that hurt!"

"At least you'll get almost a whole week to recover. His birthday isn't until next Saturday. And on his birthday, we can't deny him anything."

I felt her shudder in my arms. I held her close and nuzzled her neck. "Don't worry baby, I'd never make you do anything you don't want to."

She wiggled back against me, clutching my arms. "We'll see how I feel later this week. It's already feeling a little better."

"Hey, my birthday's in September," Greg announced.

Traci giggled and turned in his arms hugging him. "You need to work things out at home, bub. When that's all settled, then we'll see what we can do about a birthday present. Maybe."

"November 12th," Beth said softly.

"What?" I asked.

"My birthday."

Traci turned and looked at me over her shoulder. "See what you started, Alex?"

I was smart enough to shut up and cradle pretty Beth in my arms.

* * *

Monday and Tuesday were blessedly calm, with no visitors, and a chance to get caught up at work. Traci and I spent hours talking about all the things that happened, usually ending up in bed, enjoying our own little piece of heaven. I was mostly out of the doghouse, but careful not to cause waves. Dinner out Monday and flowers on Tuesday seemed to help my cause.

Wednesday saw Beth and Kayla showing up with the kids, still no sign of Lisa. I had asked Traci, but she didn't have any updates either. Strangely, in the previous few days, my wife and I had talked a lot, but hadn't made clear rules about either Beth or Kayla. Only Lisa had been declared officially off limits. While I sat admiring Kayla's sexy body, wondering if I'd ever be allowed to play with it again, Beth suggested that the three of us retreat indoors for while. It meant leaving the kids alone for a while, but Beth assured me it would be only for a few minutes.

In the bedroom, she made it clear the break wasn't platonic. I had barely made it inside before she was drawing my bathing suit down and pushing me back onto the bed. Sweet Kayla at least took the time to get naked before joining us.

Beth had my cock in her sexy mouth, encouraging my hardening, while Kayla leaned in and kissed me. I figured Beth knew Traci's rules, whatever they were, and Kayla must still be fair game. I reached down and caressed her sweet butt cheeks, while our tongues intertwined.

I felt the cold air on my cock, indicating Beth had abandoned her job. Kayla kindly slid down my body and took up where Beth had left off.

Beth was lying beside her, watching her friend suck me. "Kayla?"


"Things have to change. Greg and Traci know about Lisa."

That got Kayla's attention, and she sat up leaving me in need. "Knows? How? How much?"

"Right now it's just her, and Lisa's promised to stay quiet, but we're going to have to calm things down here. A lot."

Kayla's hand had strayed back to my cock, and she stroked me while she listened. "It's over?"

"Pretty much. I think we can have a few more play-dates, but once the kids are back in school, we'll have to end it." Beth explained.

Kayla sighed. "I knew it couldn't last. It was too good to be true." She moved closer and licked me, rubbing my cock against her lips.

Beth stood and went to the door. "You kids have fun; I'll go and keep an eye on the ankle biters."

I was sad to see her go, but Kayla did her best to make me forget about her. Her mouth was active and sweet, and I thought back to our first meeting. She'd made so much progress, and so quickly!

"You know, beautiful, you're really good at that. Too good. Much more and we'll miss the best part of the play."

She sat up, shaking her hair to the side. "The best part?"

"Me inside of you."

She smiled. "I wouldn't want to deprive you of that."

I sat up and took her in my arms, kissing the pretty little thing. I guided her back down and took up position between her legs, rubbing my hard-on against her wetness before entering her.


"Always happy to be inside of you. I love making love to you."

"Making love to me? You fuck my brains out."

"That too," I said, sliding deep inside of her.

I took my time with her, enjoying what might be our last play time. She has such a perfect butt I had to take her from behind, gazing down at those perfect ass cheeks while I long-stroked her. It was perfect, so right, sliding in and out of her for my full length, feeling her delicious tightness. I was getting close and wanted to finish facing her, so I put her on her back and screwed her slowly, looking at that pretty face. I leaned down and kissed her, and even with the slowness of my actions I couldn't take any more and found my release inside of her. She reached up and pulled me close, hugging me tightly.

"Thank you," she murmured softly.

"Not necessary, believe me."

She clung to me. "No, really. Thanks for this. Thanks for this summer, and showing me what it could be like. I know it has to end, but I swear I'll never forget a moment of it. It's all been so incredible."

"You are the incredible one," I told her with a kiss. "You're a helluva woman."

"And your wife is a lucky woman."

I hated getting dressed and heading back out to the pool, watching the two gorgeous MILFs riding herd on the kids. After a while it was too much, and I headed up to my office to get a little work done.

Play-time was over.


* * *

Greg and Lisa worked things out. She still came over with the kids for pool-time, but we didn't play any more. We had a nice long chat a couple of times about the fun we'd had, but Greg had laid down the law and she was doing her best to be good.

Kayla came over one more that week, and she and Beth both entertained me quite nicely, oral only. Beth reminded her that our play dates had to end, but it was a nice way to tail off.

On my birthday, Beth came over early, and she and Traci made sure that they made it a memorable one. We spent much of the day in bed, playfully, and Traci quizzed her on my activities during the week, getting reassured that the Lisa situation was in hand, and that Kayla would soon be out of the picture.

The last week of summer, everything was almost back to normal. Beth and I were limited in our playtime, but it wasn't completely cut out. Traci was calling the shots, and would let Beth know if she was feeling generous. We were allowed one play-date that week, and once school started up Beth would show up about once a week, with rules. Sometimes we'd be limited by time, or just to a blow-job, and every few weeks we'd get the green light to have fun. Even with that she'd still come over late at least once a month and we would all get to play together. I loved those nights.

Kayla and I had one more day together that week, no holds barred, with Traci's permission and I'm proud to say she graduated from Professor Alex's academy with an A+. No more Kayla after that. I was sorry to see her go, but had plenty of great memories of our time together.

Greg was rewarded for working things out, twice I was told, but I wasn't present for either one. I didn't like that, but I was reassured that it was ending, and being allowed to play with Beth was a nice reward for my patience.

Andrea and her husband got back together, and seemed to straighten everything out. I was surprised by Traci when Andrea came over for the weekend in October, when her husband was on travel. No doubt about it, she was a new girl, with her old boundaries shattered. I don't think I could survive many weekends with both her and Traci. But what a way to go.

Traci and I were no longer 'plain vanilla' anything. Between our play sessions with Beth, and a little role-playing, things were hot and wild once again, and we'd both survived the summer of the pool payments in better shape than we'd started.

Now if I could just figure out what to do about our neighbor girl, Jill...


Hope you enjoyed this little series. Just a short tale about one wild summer. Thanks for sticking with it to the end.

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by GioSolo12/07/17

Same as other comments

Ch. 11-12 ruined a relatively good story. Greg was a horrible addition. Love that you never finish your stories, and the one that you do you end real poorly.

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fun story

this was a fun story though alex was an ass hole. woman tells him not to cum in her as she is not protected and he dumps 5 or 6 loads in her. alex gets all he can out of 3 married women and he gets madmore...

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by Anonymous06/05/17

Loved the 1st 10 chapters.

Seriously, the wife pushes the hot woman onto him and then gets upset when he follows his dick? Plot failure. Plus the crap with Greg? So the Husband turns into a total wuss and doesn't even blink at themore...

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