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Pool Side with Terri


This is another story about my friend Terri. I wanted to do something a little different by telling you the true side of the story and then tell you what I fantasized about later. If you haven’t read my other story – Terri has been a friend for about a year. Our husbands work together and spend a lot of time together outside of the office. I’ve never been with another woman before but have always wanted to. Terri drives me wild – I want her so badly but can’t seem to figure out exactly how to go about seducing her.


Since the weather has started to warm up – it’s time to get out and tan. Terri and her husband came over to our house last weekend. The husbands went to a VW car show while Terri and I wanted to get a jump on our tans.

We changed into our bikinis, mixed up some drinks and went out to the pool. We lay out for a while - venting about work, money and the usual complains about our men. The whole time I couldn’t keep my mind off of Terri’s body. It had been a whole year since I’d seen her in something that skimpy. Her big breasts were bulging out of her string top. What made it even harder to concentrate and not just flat out stare was the fact that she kept adjusting herself. Moving her straps from side to side, pushing and pulling at her breasts. Her nipples where fully erect too. Her nipples are pretty thick and a lot bigger than mine are. Like the tip of your pinky.

After about the fifth time adjusting herself she noticed me staring at her. “This top isn’t very comfortable. I bought it last year and didn’t wear it once. Now I’m sorry that I got it.” She continued to adjust then with both her hands cupped her big breasts in her hands, squeezed them and pushed them together. “You’ve got to admit thought; they make my boobs look fantastic.”

Without wanting to sound to over enthusiastic I replied to her while sipping at my drink, “Sure, you’ve got great looking boobs.”

“Thanks for noticing, Susan!” She started to giggle.

Instantly, I was flushed. I started babbling – trying to backtrack and explain to her what I meant.

“Gee Susan, I was just kidding.” She took a sip of her drink then giggled again.

Terri moved her straps off her shoulder than said very seriously, “I hate tan lines. At least in the tanning beds I can go without clothes.”

I couldn’t believe my luck. She’s talking about not wanting to have her bikini on. My mind raced. I searched for the perfect words, not wanting them to sound too anxious for her to take her clothes off, yet not wanting to sound like I wasn’t interested. Finally, without even looking at her, I asked her if she would rather tan here in the nude.

“You too?” She replied looking over at me. My heart was beating fast and my throat was starting to swell up. I could only get the word “K” out. She hopped up untied her top pulled it way from her body then bent down and slid her bottoms off. She stood there for a second looking down on me. “That’s so much better!” She again cupped both her breasts in her hands, squeezed at them then let them bounce naturally in the afternoon air. “Come on Susan, off with yours!”

For a moment I just marveled in her beauty. Her long blond hair danced over her shoulders, her big breasts with big areolas and thick nipples stuck out from her wonderful body. Her pubic hair was very small. Just a tiny thin strip of hair pointing down to her pussy.

Slowly I stood up. I tried not to make a big deal of it – but the truth was – I was blown away. My sex drive was working over time. My body tingled, my mouth got dry and my pussy start to get moist. I wanted nothing more than to reach out and touch her breasts. Just stroke then for a while. I was wishing, the whole time I was removing my top, that I was more aggressive. I felt like I was right back in high school - the first time that I stripped for a guy. I knew, even though I wasn’t watching her, she was staring at me. She was as excited that I was taking my clothes off and I was for her. I could just feel it. And boy oh boy was that feeling wonderful!

Once the sunlight hit my chest my nipples poked out and began to tingle. I wanted to pinch them and rub my hand all over them. Down came my bottoms – and for the first time I was standing naked in front of Terri. My thighs felt like they were on fire. I could feel the heat come off of my pussy. I just knew that I had to be soaked down there.

I didn’t want to make a big thing of it so I just sat down – grabbed my glass and took a big drink.

“This feels so good,” Terri said.

(This is the end of the true part of the story. What you are going to hear is what I fantasized about that night while I was in the bathtub fingering myself to one of the best masturbation orgasms of my life.)

I looked over at Terri; laying back she was running her fingernails over her stomach up to her breasts, circling her nipples then back down to her stomach and over her pubic hair. I watched in fascination. Her eyes were closed and her lips were slightly open. I could tell that her breathing was quickening. She brought her hands back up to her breasts and took each one in her hand. Lifting them up and in – she squeezed them and ran her hands towards her nipples. With her thumb and index finger she began to pull at her nipples. She twirled them around in her fingers, every once in a while giving them a good pull. I could her hear breathing now. Her head rolled from side to side as she began to moan. Her hands became more and more aggressive with her breasts. One hand then moved up her neck over her chin and she slipped on finger into her mouth. I could see that she was licking the tip of her finger – like it was a cock. Then she rapped her fingers around it and sucked it into her mouth. In and out – she sucked on her own finger. Her other hand left her breast and slowly worked its way down to thin strip. Her legs parted and instantly her hand fell between them. She sucked in air and I knew that she had slipped a finger inside of herself. I watched in a trance as she lay only a foot away from me.

I sat up so I could see her better. My pussy was burning with desire. Here I was watching my best friend masturbating. And my God was it sexy! Terri had pulled her knees up and opened her legs as wide as she could. Her hand was rubbing up and down and around and around all over her pussy. I needed a better view of her playing with her pussy so I crawled over to her. In between her legs now – I was within inches of her red hot pussy. I inhaled her scent, watching her dip her fingers into her drip wet love box. I kept inching closer and closer until my nose was touching her hand.

Both of her hands now where working her pussy; one on her clit and the other pushing in and out of her. She was moaning loud at this point and I looked up to see her breast heaving up and down with every moan. She opened her beautiful blue eyes looked down and me and with her lips quivering and oh so softly said, “Lick me, please!”

Her hands pulled her pussy apart giving me full access to her juices. I slowly stuck my tongue out and moved in to taste her pussy for the very first time. When my tongue made contact with her she jumped and screamed out. The taste was like no other. She was soaking wet and burning hot. With my tongue and licked the entire length of her slit. Scooping up as much juice as possible so I could swallow her. It was so yummy! I went back for more. Licking her whole pussy, stopping on her swollen clit to give it a few flicks of my tongue. I then when to her hole and stuck my tongue as far into her as I could. I started fucking her with my tongue. In and out. In and out. Oh my God! This was heaven. Terri grabbed the back of my head and slammed it into her and started grinding her hips into me. She was getting desperate to cum and I knew it. I replaced my tongue with two fingers and rammed them into her. She cried out – “Fuck me! Oh fuck me, Susan!” I moved my mouth over her clit and began licking it hard as fast. As her orgasm built up, she wrapped her legs around my head and held me tight to her. Once she started cumming her body started shaking, her legs went stiff and her hands grabbed my hair and squeezed. She must have cum for 5 minutes. And I enjoyed every minute of it!

She then pushed my head away, grabbed me and pulled me up to her mouth. We started frenching like I’ve never kissed any one in my life. Her tongue swirled around in my mouth hard and fast. She then rolled me over and immediately slid down to my breasts. I gasp as her mouth went around my nipple and she sucked and tongued my nipple. I was squirming underneath her. She took turns sucking on each of them while playing with the other. I thought I was going to cum just by having her suck my tits.

She then moved down my stomach – kissing and licking me the whole way. When she got to my shaved pussy she looked up at me. “God you taste good!” With that she worked her way over to my thighs, then just up to my pussy lips, then over to my other thigh. I couldn’t take much more of this teasing. “Please lick my pussy! Please make me cum! I want you to taste my pussy! Please, Terri, eat my juices!” And then it happened – lightning shot up my entire body and her tongue slipped into my waiting juicy hole. She reached up to my clit and began to play with it as she tongue fucked me. I was getting close to my first orgasm. I played with my breasts, grabbing them and pulling hard at my nipples. I was screaming with ecstasy! What sent me over the edge was when she slid her fingers down and dip inside of me. She found my G-Spot instantly and I felt the rush of my orgasm going through my entire body. Her mouth rapped around my clit – making it more intense. The more I came the harder she fucked me with her fingers. The more I screamed the faster she licked my clit.

And then I was snapped into reality when my husband knocked on the door wondering if everything was OK in there.

(KISS) Susan

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