tagRomancePool Weekend Ch. 01

Pool Weekend Ch. 01


Lisa and I decided to take a quick trip home before finals. Living in the dorms was beginning to take a toll on our sex life. Each of us had a roommate that constantly grated on our nerves. Having any alone time was rare.

My parents were on a business trip out of state, so we decided to go to my house and spend the weekend. We left early Saturday morning, arriving at the house just as the sun was getting up in the sky. Our plan was to lay out, get laid, and lay up.

It was going to be a lazy day spent by the pool. I had picked up some steaks to grill that evening. I also had some other plans that Lisa didn’t know about, but more on that in a minute.

I don’t mean to brag, but my girlfriend is drop-dead gorgeous. I truly don’t deserve her. She does wonderful things for me all of the time, and my efforts to return the favors never seem to match up to her efforts. She is beautiful, with a heart of gold, and a sex drive that could kill. It may take her a few minutes to get in the mood, but then you’d better grab onto something and hang on for the ride of your life. Pun intended.

Today Lisa is wearing khaki shorts, a tight orange college T-shirt, and matching orange flip-flop sandals. Her brownish-blonde hair is pulled up into a ponytail.

Lisa is tan, a result of some afternoons spent on the rooftop of her dorm. The girls’ dorm is the highest building on campus, so the girls are not shy about lying out topless. Some of the less inhibited ladies wear nothing at all, or so I am told. Lisa hasn’t gone that far, but she might as well be naked for the tiny thong bikini panty that she wears.

My parents live in a small, secluded neighborhood full of acre lots. Years ago, Dad built a tall wooden fence, and planted tall evergreen shrubs along the fenceline. Over the years, the shrubs have grown taller than the fence, so we can hardly see the houses next door. It’s almost like not having neighbors at all sometimes.

Last year, Mom and Dad put in a pool, with a nice deck around it. This is where we plan to spend the weekend. I was a little bitter that they waited until I was in college to install the pool, but it’s going to come in handy today.

I pulled into the garage and hit the button to close the door. Lisa undid her seatbelt and began to gather her things.

“Wait,” I told her, “don’t get out yet. Wait for me.”

I got out of my seat and closed the door to the truck. I reached down to adjust my stiffening cock as I put my plan into action. I walked around to Lisa’s door and opened it for her.

She smiled at me with a curious look on her face. I stepped toward her and pressed my lips to hers in a passionate kiss. My right hand moved up to the back of her neck to hold her to me.

“Mmmmmm”, she murmured as the kiss continued. I felt her tongue dart out to tease mine. She slightly turned in the seat and put her arms around me.

My lips left hers as I drifted down to her neck. She lifts her head and stretches her neck, giving my mouth access to her hot skin. Her hands moved to my head as I softly nibbled her neck and up to her ears. She turns more in the seat and I step closer in-between her legs. Her legs wrap around me and I push hard against her.

My cock, encased in my underwear and shorts is at full, throbbing erection and I push it against her. I can feel the heat emanating from our crotches and it’s scalding hot.

I continue to rain kisses on her lips, neck, and earlobes. We are both breathing heavily and she is moaning softly. Whenever she gets like this, I can usually convince her to do just about anything. Keep in mind that we are still inside the garage, so she feels pretty safe.

Still kissing her lips, I reach down with both of my hands to the bottom of her shirt. I lean back and begin pulling her shirt up. She looks at me with her bright blue eyes, a twinkle reflecting in them. She raises her arms and I remove her shirt. She shakes her hair back into place. I register this in the back of my mind, but my concentration is on her breasts.

The motion of shaking her head has caused her breasts to jiggle within the cups of her bra. The smooth material of her white bra contrasts sharply with her lightly tanned breasts. Sheer beauty encased in a bright white, front-clasp brassiere.

I reach forward and pop the clasp. The bra literally explodes outward and her breasts emerge to my view. I could talk about Lisa’s breasts for hours. They’re perfect. I’m not a big boob man. I’ll never understand why women have such gargantuan enlargements until they aren’t really even breasts anymore, just some grotesque aberration on their bodies. Not my Lisa, her breasts fit right into the palms of my hands with just enough weight and firmness to expand around my fingers. I love to cup them and hold them, sliding my fingertips across the nipples lightly until they are standing proud.

I push the cups away from her chest until the straps begin sliding down her arms. I love to stop right there. I love looking at her when she has her bra just barely on. It’s so much sexier than just taking it all off. It’s also sexy in that for just a moment, she is helpless with her arms trapped and her breasts on display.

I help her pull the bra off and toss it over into the driver’s seat. I move close to her and place my hands on her breasts and my lips upon hers. I slide my tongue over her lips and into her mouth. She responds in the same manner. I could do nothing else but kiss Lisa for hours, but for now I have other plans.

I slide my lips down to her neck again, nuzzling her and making her groan again. I slowly work down to her breasts, nibbling, licking, kissing, ignoring the nipples, until they are hard nubbins. She finally just grabs my head and directs my mouth to suck her nipple into my mouth. I breathe hot air onto her nipples, working my tongue around them before finally sucking on them. I work her nipples for a few minutes, until they are as hard as they can get. As I do this, my hands move down to her shorts and undo the snap and tug the zipper down.

I step back in order to pull her pants down, but she takes over. She knows I think one of the sexiest things is to see her on her back and pulling her pants down. She leans back as much as she can, puts both hands on her hips and digs her thumbs into her waistband. She begins pushing her shorts and panties down. When she arches her butt into the air to push them down further, I have to grab my cock and squeeze it hard through my shorts. I love this part because I know she is taking her clothes off for me. She wants me to see her naked and it’s one of the sexiest moves a woman can make.

She pushes the shorts and panties down to her knees and I step forward to help her pull them off. Now Lisa is totally naked, sitting in the passenger seat of my truck in my parent’s garage. It is such a beautiful sight. Her body is glowing sitting there against the dark gray fabric of the seat.

I move forward again and she opens her legs wide for me. I step in between her legs. She moves against me and our crotches rub hard against each other. I can feel the heat from her against my cock. We kiss violently. I wrap my arms around her and squeeze her hard against me. My right hand slides down to her left knee. I move it up her thigh until I feel her hot wetness against my hand. It’s gone too far at this point and there is no more time for teasing. I slide my fingers to her wetness, parting her lips, and moving to her clit.

I begin strumming my finger against her clit, all the while I’m kissing her mouth and neck. My left hand has moved to her right breast, and I’m alternating cupping it in my hand and lightly pinching and pulling on the nipple. I feel her whole body beginning to tense up.

“Don’t stop,” she growls, “don’t stop, don’t stop, don’t stop.”

She reaches up and grabs my shoulders and squeezes hard as her body goes stiff all over. Wham! She comes violently, shaking so hard that she almost loses her grip on my shoulders.

“Unhhhhhhhhh!” she grunts, slamming her head back as the orgasm rips through her.

“Ungh. Ungh.” She groans as she convulses violently.

She has pushed her body so hard against mine, that my hand is trapped, finger pressed tightly against her clit. She finally relaxes and goes limp. As I move my finger away from her clit, she convulses again.

Her death grip on my shoulders relaxes to a light scratching of my back. I lean down and kiss the middle of her chest. I lay my head down on her chest. She is wet with perspiration and I can feel her heart pounding away. Her heavy breathing finally moves to normal and I slowly move away from her, stepping away from the open truck door.

Lisa is completely naked in the passenger seat of my truck. Her legs are sprawled open and her chest is moving slightly as she comes down from her orgasm. She lazily opens her eyes and raises her head to look at me.

“I need you inside of me” she says.

I quickly drop my shorts and underwear to the floor of the garage and step forward. She reaches down and grabs my steel hard cock, guiding me to her. She rubs the head of my dick up and down through her pussy lips. I thrust my hips forward and slowly slide into her.

She is so hot and wet that it feels like my cock is melting inside of her. I go in as deep as I can, standing on my tiptoes to penetrate her all the way. I have to stop there and just savor the feeling of being inside of Lisa.

“Mmmmm, that’s it,” She whispers in my ear, “I love to feel you inside of me.”

To be continued…

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