tagRomancePool Weekend Ch. 02

Pool Weekend Ch. 02


Lisa wraps her legs around my body, hooking her ankles together at the back of my thighs.

"Come on," she whispers, "do it to me. Do it. You need this."

There will be no argument from me. I begin to move my hips in a circular motion. There's something special about being inside of a woman after she comes. Everything is soft, hot and wet, but not as slippery as before. She is wide open, and ready to take whatever I can deliver. I had intended to tease her and make this last longer, but now that she has come, I decide not to wait any longer. I reach under her to grab her buttcheeks in my hands and begin pounding away at her. If it's the first time I've come that day, I don't last too long. Besides, I've been rock hard ever since I pulled into the garage. I piston away inside of her for a minute or two until I feel that sweet pressure building up.

She seems to know exactly what I need at that moment because she never fails to talk a little dirty. "Fuck me, baby. Fuck me. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Slam it into me." She grunts as I pound into her.

I begin going faster and faster until "wham!" I shoot jets of cream inside of her. I slam into her with one big thrust and come hard. I can feel her inner muscles squeezing me as my cock explodes. Three strokes later and I'm empty.

I pull my cock from her and stumble backward a step or two. She laughs at my clumsiness. "Steady there big boy," she says. I smile wearily, gratefully, back at her.

She slides out of the truck and I once again am thankful for having access to such a lovely woman. She reaches for her clothes and I lean over to pull up my pants. She grabs her shirt and shorts and turns back to me.

"Hang on a sec," she says, stopping me from pulling my shorts all the way up. She leans down and takes my softening cock into her mouth. She loves to catch me when I'm not hard and put my entire cock into her mouth. It takes a nanosecond to expand and grow until she has to back off. She swirls her tongue around my dick, sucking me softly, and pulling away with a wet pop as it slips from her mouth.

She looks up at me and says, "Okay, now you can put that bad boy away."

I love a woman that is not ashamed of her body. Lisa not only doesn't mind showing off to me, but she also is willing to taste of herself. She will kiss me after I've gone down on her. I've had her masturbate in front of me and when I put her fingers to her mouth, she will lick herself clean. It's very erotic.

Once I asked her, "Doesn't it bother you to do that?"

She replied, "Not at all. It's just the taste of you and me and I love you."

She is definitely a woman worth keeping. We get dressed in the garage. I lean her into the side of the truck and kiss her softly on the lips.

"This is going to be a great weekend," I tell her.

"Well, it's started good enough," she laughs.

A short while later I'm in the pool hanging onto a pool float. I hear the backdoor open and I look over to see my Lisa walking out.

Her hair is pulled back into a ponytail. She's wearing white sunglasses. Her breasts are strapped into an orange string bikini top. She has slid the bra cups on the string to where only her nipples are covered. Her breasts are just bulging out of the sides of the bikini top. She has a tanned tight little tummy that smoothly leads down to her orange thong bikini bottom. Her tanned shapely legs end with clear painted toenails.

Lisa stops at the pool edge and says, "What do you think of my new suit?"

She turns around to show off her body and I'm mesmerized. Looking at Lisa from the rear it appears that she is practically naked. All I can see is the strings of her bikini top tied in a knot and the top strap of her bikini thong. The cheeks of her butt are flawless.

"Wow!" I say as I reach down to adjust myself again. The cool water of the pool has no effect on my loins whenever Lisa is around.

"Thanks," she says with a smile, "I bought it with you in mind."

She looks around the yard, noticing the privacy of the fence and bushes.

"Now that I've modeled it for you, I don't think I need it anymore," she says with a smirk.

Lisa reaches around and unties the back strap of her bikini top. It immediately flies free and the cups of the bikini rise up high enough to expose her nipples. She reaches up to her neck and unties the top strap. She's now topless. I thought that would be as far as she goes but she surprises me by pulling the strings on her hops and tugging the bikini bottom away as well.

My girlfriend has just stripped completely naked outside at my parent's pool.

She spread out a towel right next to the pool and stretched out on her belly. She rolled over on her side holding a bottle in her hand and said, "Here, put some lotion on my back."

I let loose of the float and glided over to her side of the pool. Before reaching for the lotion, I pulled down my swimsuit and kicked it off of my ankles. It was very liberating to be naked outside, even if I was still in the water. I reached over and poured some lotion into my hands, and put my hands on her back. Lisa jumped from the coolness of the lotion and my hands, but soon settled down as I began rubbing her back.

I spread the lotion all over her body, from her neck to her toes. The more I rubbed, the more she would moan about how good it felt. I noticed that each time I got closer to her inner thighs, she would open her legs a little bit more to give me access to her pussy. I chose not to linger there however.

"Roll over," I told her after a good fifteen minutes of rubbing her body.

Lisa slowly rolled her body over and lay down on her back. This time I started at her toes. I slowly worked my way up her legs to her thighs. My fingers smoothed the lotion into her upper thighs and across her tight belly. I poured more lotion onto her chest and began to work it around her breasts. I ignored her nipples, but they were standing up tall, begging for attention. I took my time, slowly working the lotion all over each breast and up to her neck.

I finally leaned over her right breast and touched the tip of my tongue to her nipple. I softly inhaled her nipple into my mouth and lightly sucked. As I worked on her nipple, my right hand went to her left breast and I teased and lightly rubbed her other nipple.

After doing this for a few minutes, I slid my hand down her belly and through her little patch of hair. I like it when she trims her hair, but not when she shaves it. When women shave it completely, it looks like something is missing. Plus, I want my woman to look like a woman, not a child.

Lisa raises her knees a little and opens her legs wide as my fingers find their way to her wetness. She is so wet. My fingers slide around until I'm softly rubbing her clit. She gives a low groan. My dick is hard and I keep bumping it into the side of the pool.

"Lisa, I want to taste you," I tell her as I pull her toward the side of the pool. I put her feet on the edge of the pool and pull her hips toward my head. I put both of my hands around her thighs to support me and I let my body float freely in the pool. I move my face forward until I'm nestled between her thighs. My tongue flicks out and parts the lips of her pussy. I begin an up and down movement, slowly moving up and then giving her clit a few rapid licks before sliding back down again.

"Don't tease me like that," she growls, "do it right. I'm ready."

I obey and begin quickly flicking my tongue back and forth across her clitoris. I pull my right hand from around her thigh and bring my hand forward underneath my chin. I continue licking as I push my thumb inside of her pussy. I soon get a rhythm going with licking and thrusting.

I know when Lisa is ready to come when I can feel her body go tense all over. Her chest begins to rise off of the cement and all of her muscles go tight.

"Ohhhh, yes," she growls, "that's it. You're doing it just right. Don't stop. Keep going." Her left hand is now pinching and pulling on her lift nipple. Her right hand moves quickly to the back of my head, holding me in place to insure I carry this through to completion.

Her feet rise up in the air. She takes in a deep breath and she comes hard.

"Unghhh, ungh, ungh!" she grunts through clenched teeth as the orgasm takes over her body.

I don't dare move as she comes. I can feel her inner muscles clenching around my thumb that is buried inside of her.

"Wow!" she exclaims as her breathing returns. She releases her grip on my head and I slowly move back into the water. I look at my beautiful girlfriend as she comes down from her orgasm. She slowly lets her legs come down and her feet slip into the pool. I can still see small convulsions as they ripple through the muscles of her legs and belly.

After a few minutes she slowly rises up into a sitting position. I admire the way her breasts are softly rising up and down as her breathing returns to normal.

She pulls her sunglasses down just a little and looks over the lenses at me.

"That was great," she says with a smile, "but I bet you'd like something in return."

"I'd have to be stupid to deny it," I tell her.

"Well, it's your turn now," she says, "come up here and lay down and I'll put lotion on you,"

To be continued...

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