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Arriving home early, a little after 6pm, I headed towards the kitchen to get something to drink. Typically I wouldn't get home until after 10. My consulting business keeps me busy most evenings. However tonight I just needed a break. The business has been going well, almost too well. Hard to keep up, but I can't turn away business.

There was no sign of my son Danny as I walked through the house. In the kitchen I grabbed a beer from the fridge and headed for the table. There was some noise from the backyard. Looking out the window there was Danny and a couple of his friends in the pool. They were horsing around, just like any normal 18 year olds. They had just graduated from high school a couple of weeks ago, and were enjoying the summer before they went away to college in the fall. As I was turning towards the table one of the boys climbed out of the pool. Something made me take another look and I realized he was naked. The boys were skinny dipping in our pool! I was a bit surprised. Our yard is large, has some large trees around the perimeter, but by no means is it private. Any of the neighbors could see them if they looked hard enough. But the boys didn't seem to care, so I sat down at the kitchen table, opened my beer, and began to go through the mail.

Several minutes passed, and then the back door opened. In walked Dylan, one of Danny's friends. He was totally nude. He had a decent build, not overly muscular, certainly not fat. I couldn't detect any hair on his chest, this may have to do with the fact his hair is very light brown, almost blonde. Long slim legs. His cock dangled between his legs, 3 inches totally limp. He headed towards the frig, opened it, bent over a little as he looked for something. I could see the crack of his ass, his nice smooth ass. My groin twinged.

Dylan grabbed some sodas. As he stood up he noticed me.

"Ah....Hi Mr B." he stammered, surprised to see me.

"Hi Dylan, I hope you boys are having fun."

"Ah...yeah we are." He turned and hurried went back outside.

I sat there, kind of shocked over what happened to me. I couldn't believe it, while staring at my son's naked friend my dick was getting hard. After thinking about it for a few moments I figured it was years without sex that caused this. I wasn't gay, or at least I didn't think so. My wife left us several years ago, only a year or so after starting my business. The business has kept me extremely busy so I never had time for a girlfriend. Thus I haven't had sex for several years. Hadn't even seen any naked bodies of either sex during this time.

A minute later Danny walked in, a towel wrapped around his waist.

"Um...Dad...." He started.

"Hi Danny. Hey don't worry about it. As long as the neighbors don't complain...."

It was a Sunday several weeks later. I had run to the office to get some things done. Shortly after noon I returned home. I was fixing myself a sandwich when I noticed Dylan in the back yard. It looked like he was cleaning the pool. I walked out there.

"Hi Dylan, whats up?'

"Oh hi Mr B. Just cleaning your pool for Danny."

"Oh really, I hope he's paying you."

"Yeah 20 bucks. He had to go to work and didn't have time to clean the pool."

"Ok, if you need something to drink just come on in." I said returning to the house.

I finished fixing my lunch when I remembered what happened that night a couple of weeks ago. Looking out the window I saw that Dylan was wearing only a pair of shorts. I stared for a few moments, watching his body work, his muscles move. My cock began to twinge. I turned away, sat down at the table, ate my sandwich. But I couldn't get my mind off of Dylan's sleek body. When I was done I got up, watched Dylan through the window. I wondered what his cock looked like when it was hard. I wondered what it felt like. I changed into my swim trucks. My dick was still semi hard. I grabbed a soda for Dylan and headed out back.

I went into the shed. It was like a little house, a door, a window on the front and the side. We kept the pool things in there, plus it had a couple of chairs and a table. An old rug covered the floor. It was like a bath house. It needed to be cleaned up so I started to clean.

"Dylan I have a soda for you if you like." I yelled out.

"Thanks Mr B." I went about cleaning the shed.

Dylan came in a couple of minutes later, sat down in one of the chairs, grabbed the soda.

"Sure is a hot day out there." He said.

"Yeah it is." I kept cleaning while he sat there. My dick twitched. I don't know why. After a couple more minutes I sat down in the other chair, which was 90 degrees to Dylan's chair. We sat there in silence for a moment.

"The other night you guys were skinny dipping. Do you do that often?" I asked while looking him over. Dylan turned a bright shade of red.

"Um...Once in a while." He replied looking down. Another moment of silence.

"Do you ever have girls over when I'm not here?"


"Do they skinny dip too?"

"No." Dylan said immediately looking up. Our eyes met briefly, and then he turned away. Silence again. My dick was pretty hard, I don't know if he noticed.

"Have you ever been with a girl?" I asked. Dylan shifted nervously in his chair.

"Well duh." He responded. He was lying. I wanted to see his cock.

"Come on really, who?" He didn't respond. I slid off my chair, knelt beside him. My hand came to rest on his thigh. He jumped a little.

"What was she like?" I asked as I rubbed his thigh lightly with my hand. My hand reach the bottom of his trunks, then moved back to his knee. The bulge in his trunks grew a little. I slid my hand back up his thigh, this time I didn't stop at the trunks. I slide my hand under the trunks, all the way up till I reached his body. I slid it back down. This time as I slid my hand up I put it on his cock. Dylan tensed up.

"Relax." I said as I rubbed his cock through his trunks. He was already hard.

"Did she do this to you?" I continued to rub his now hard cock. Dylan didn't answer, just stared at me.

With both hands I pulled his trunks down enough so his cock popped free. I stared at it for a couple of seconds. Hard it was a good 6 or 7 inches long. The big purple head, the veins popping. It twitched. Nervously I reached for it. My right hand reached it, wrapped around it. Dylan gasped. Even though it was hard I was surprised how soft it felt, how warm it was. I stroked it slowly, my own cock now rock hard, trapped in my trunks.

I wanted to taste his cock, so I moved between his legs. Grabbing the top of his trunks I started to pulled them off. Dylan lifted his butt of the chair and his trunks came off. Dylan was now totally nude. I moved in close between his legs, grabbing his cock again. Dylan watched me as I brought my face to his cock. Dylan was sweating, the beads forming on his forehead. My face only an inch from his cock, stroking it as I studied his cock up close. A drop of pre cum leaked from his cock. Quickly I rubbed my thumb over the pre cum, spreading it over the head. My thumb slid easily over his head now. Inhaling deeply I could smell his musty sent. Pulling his cock towards me I quickly licked it like a lollipop. I pulled my tongue back into my mouth, his salty taste on it. Nervously I swallowed my spit.

I licked his cock again. This time I licked all around the head. I flicked my tongue on it, then licked it all around again. Looking up Dylan was looking at me, somewhat bewildered. Quickly I returned my attention to his cock. Licking it again, then I opened my mouth and plunged over his cock. Dylan gasped. I only took in a couple of inches before backing off. Then I lowered my mouth again, with my lips wrapped tight on his cock. His hips rose up a bit, trying to push in farther, but I had my had wrapped tightly around his cock, preventing it from going too deep. I bobbed on his cock, up and down. I could feel it throbbing. Gradually I slid down a little more on his cock, now taking in maybe 3 inches of it. I didn't really now how I was doing but Dylan's moans said he was enjoying it. I continued to suck his cock while stroking the lower part with my hand.

I stopped. Dylan stopped moving his hips. Only the tip of his cock was in my mouth. I wanted to see how deep I could take him. Slowly I lowered my mouth. His cock was now deeper than it had ever been. I almost gagged and pulled back. Slowly I took all it back in, then a little more. Again I almost gagged and pulled back. Again I repeated this, going a little deeper. On the next try his public hairs touched my nose. I had 5 of his 6 inches in my mouth. His cock was at the back of my mouth, I was doing everything I could not to gag. I pulled back then immediately sucked it back in to where it was before, his pubes touching my nose. After a couple more times of this I began to feel pretty comfortable with his cock so deep in my mouth.

I started to bob up and down on his cock again, but this time instead of taking in 2 or 3 inches I was going at least 4 inches and probably more. Dylan started to pump his hips again as we got into a rhythm. As we continued this I grabbed his balls, rolled them on my fingers. I was surprised how heavy they felt. Gently I squeezed them. Dylan moaned. His thrusts became sharper, he has getting close. I sucked even harder, tightened my lips a bit more. His hard flesh slipping in and out of my mouth. His body began to tense up, I sucked his cocked in even deeper. He was about to explode and I wanted it. One more thrust and I felt his cum shoot into my mouth. Then another shot deep in my mouth. I tried to swallow before the next shot but it didn't matter, he shot another then another. He started to relax but I still bobbed up and down on his cock, capturing all of his cum.

After swallowing the rest of his cum I sat back, my arm resting on his thigh. Dylan's eyes were closed as he savored the moment. His cock was still hard, cum leaking from it. I couldn't believe it, I had just given my son's friend a blow job. And swallowed his cum. And enjoyed it. The taste of it, the softness, the warmth. His sent. His moans. It was all great.

As I sat there very lightly rubbing his thigh with my fingers I realized my cock was rock hard. I too needed some relief. Suddenly I wanted to fuck Dylan. I saw a tube of baby oil on the table. I got up, pulled off my shorts, grabbed the oil, poured some on my cock. I worked all around my rock hard cock with my hand. Dylan looked at me, he looked worried.

"Don't worry Dylan I won't hurt you." I squirted some oil on my fingers as I returned between his legs, then worked the oil around his anus. Dylan still had a concerned look on his face, but he didn't move, he didn't protest. I pushed a well oil finger in his ass, slowly worked it in and out a few times. Then I pushed a second finger in. Dylan tensed up a bit. With my other hand I gently played with his balls. After the two fingers had been worked in and out a few times I pushed a third finger in.

"Are you ok?" I asked. Dylan faintly nodded his head. I pushed my fingers in as far as I could. Then I pulled them out. I squirted some more oil on my cock, got on my knees, positioning myself between his legs.

"Pull your legs up for me." After a short hesitation he pulled his legs up.

"Pull your cheeks wide for me." Again he hesitated, but then reached down with his hands and pulled his cheeks back. This opened his ass as much as he could.

"Good." Grabbing my cock I placed it against his hole. I pushed but it wouldn't go in. I pushed again, my cock barely making any headway.

"Try to relax." He took a deep breath and it seemed to relaxed Dylan a bit. I pushed again and my tip started to penetrate. It was only in a little, not even an inch. I pushed again and Dylan groaned. Pushing again my cock slipped in a little more.

"Please Mr B" Dylan moaned. He looked uncomfortable. I stopped, held my position.

"Ok I'll go slow. Just let me know when." I reached out and stroked his cock which was still hard. After a minute or two of this he nodded. I pushed my cock in, I felt his spinkter open up and it slid in a couple of inches. Dylan moaned.

"Mr B." I waited a bit then slowly pushed in some more. I would stop, pull out and inch or so, then push back in. With one last push I was all the way in. My body, my balls were up against his ass. I held it there.

"Are you ok?" I asked.

"Yeah just give me a minute." As we waited I stroked his cock some more.

"Ok but go slow." Slowly I pulled back, then pushed back in. Then again. I couldn't believe how tight this was. Slowly at first but I began pick up the pace. I placed my hands on his hips, helping to pull me in with every thrust. Dylan was moaning, but now it seemed to be pleasurable sounds. I kept fucking him, enjoying the tight ass wrapped around my cock. He reached for his cock, began to stroke himself. As I thrust in my balls would slap on his ass.

"Oh yeah Dylan." I moaned, pushing in as deep as I could. Dylan too was moaning, his eyes closed, his hand rapidly stroking his cock. With one hand I reached out and rubbed his chest. Back and forth, over both his nipples. Dylan opened his eyes, looked at me. He reached down with his free hand and found my ass. He tried to pull me in every time I thrust. Suddenly he gasped. His ass clenched on my cock as he shot his load. It shot up his chest, it hit my hand. Another shot and a third, each one a little shorter than the previous. Just then I exploded deep in his ass. I came and came. I push thrusting in, shooting cum up his ass every time. Finally I stopped cumming, I stopped thrusting, then pulled out. Dylan put his feet on the ground as I leaned back against the chair next to him. We just sat there for several minutes, recovering.

"You better get cleaned up and finish up around here. Danny will be home soon" I said as I threw a towel to Dylan. He wiped himself clean, then pulled on his trunks. After pulling on my trunks I went in the house. It wasn't long before Danny came home and the 2 boys were swimming in the pool. Just as normal.

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