Pooling Around

byCal Y. Pygia©

"I'm not a tease, Drake, but there are lots of things a guy and a girl can do without fucking each other. Take off those trunks, and I'll show you what I mean."

Slipping a thumb into either side of the elastic waistband, I lowered my trunks over my thighs, past my knees, and down my calves, stepping out of them. I stood naked, like Ellen, with my stiff, hard cock pointing toward the ceiling.

Ellen gave my prick an admiring gaze. "Finally," she said, smiling, "I get to see you nude. You have quite an impressive package, bro."

Embarrassed, I blushed. Although I'd seen Ellen naked for years, this was the first time she'd ever see me completely nude. "Thanks," I muttered.

She patted the side of our parents' bed. "Sit," she instructed.

I did as she'd told me, and she knelt on the carpet at the side of the bed, between my legs. She took my cock in her soft, dainty hand, her slender fingers closing about the firm shaft as she made a fist. A thrill, like a bolt of electricity, flashed up my spine, and I gasped. The forbidden nature of what Ellen and I were doing together excited me as much as the touch of her hand upon my erection. My sister had my prick in her hand! The thought was intensely erotic, enough by itself, almost, to make me cum.

She smiled up at me, and another electric thrill surged through me. Seeing my sister's beautiful, but familiar--and familial--face inches away from my cock was astonishingly erotic--not merely naughty, but taboo. As she watched me watching her, she licked the underside of my glans with the tip of her moist, pink tongue. Then, bending forward, she bowed her head, and, parting her soft, luscious lips, took my rigid prick into the warm-soft-wetness of her mouth.

Her head bobbed up and down, her lips riding the sleek flesh of my swollen, stiff-standing cock. Her cheeks were concave as she created suction within her mouth, the better to embrace my penis as she face-fucked me. The circle of her lips slid down, down, down my erect penis, then slid back up, to the tip. At the apogee of her ascent, she paused, letting my prick slide free of her lips, to kiss the crown of my cock. Again, she licked my purple gumdrop-glans with obvious relish, as if my cock were a candy cane topped with a sugarplum.

All I could think of as Ellen continued to minister to me was that she's my sister! What we were doing wasn't right. It was sinful. It was wicked. It was forbidden. It was taboo. We shouldn't be here, like this, doing this. It was wrong.

Instead of making me feel ashamed, however, these thoughts merely enflamed the lust I felt for my sister. My cock, already stiff, became even more rigid; already swollen, it expanded still further.

I looked down, past my chiseled chest, past my six-pack abs, past the tangled thicket of my pubic hair, to Ellen's lovely face--the face of my sister--with her pink, soft lips a ring around my erection, her face full of my cock, her blue eyes smiling at me as she held my gaze with her own, a partner in our transgression, in our sin, in our passion, as aware as I that we were out of all bounds, social, moral, religious, and otherwise. I loved her more, in that moment, than I'd ever loved her before in my life, for she was, in a wholly new and complete way, mine as she'd never been mine before. She wasn't merely my kid sister anymore; she'd become my paramour.

As I watched, she slowly lowered her head, the ring of her lips sliding down, over the taut skin of my rigid shaft, until they kissed my balls. She'd deep-throated me, taking my manhood into her mouth--and gullet--to the very hilt. Her nose pressed firmly against my groin, and her chin bumped my perineum. Although this was the first time she'd ever serviced me, it was obvious that Ellen--dear, sweet, angelic Ellen--had sucked many a cock (or had sucked a few cocks many a time) before now.

She held her position for several seconds, her throat enveloping my cock as if it were a second vagina, her nose pressed firmly to my groin, her chin nestled against my thighs. All I could see were the top of her head, with her lustrous hair parted in the middle, her forehead, and the bridge of her nose. The lower half of her face was lost to view, shoved into my pubes and groin and thighs. She looked very beautiful in such a pose, I thought. I'd love to have a picture of her like this. Lacking a camera, I sought to etch every detail of this moment in my memory.

Ellen lifted her head, allowing my prick to slide a couple of inches back up her esophagus, before pausing to give her head a series of quick shakes, as if she were a bitch worrying a bone. The side-to-side movements of my cock, quick and short, inside her mouth and throat, were new sensations to me. Always, whether masturbating or fucking, my cock experienced an up-and-down or a back-and-forth motion. This side-to-side movement was new, and, therefore, especially exciting, to me. I had my sister to thank for teaching me a new trick. I had the feeling that Ellen would prove to be a source of endless novelty when it came to pleasuring her brother. Well, I told myself, I was up to it.

As if to prove the veracity of my thoughts, Ellen introduced me to yet another new technique. With my cock still filling her mouth and part of her throat, she gathered my balls in one hand, holding the oval testicles together within the palm of her smooth, dainty hand. Using the forefinger of her other hand, extended and erect, as a miniature, makeshift prick, she finger-fucked my scrotum, jabbing fast and hard--and deep--between my balls.

She'd managed to transform the very essence of my manhood into a surrogate cunt. Even as she continued to suck my prick, she'd asserted herself, playing, at once, the roles both of the submissive cock sucker and the aggressive fucker. As her finger poked and thrust between my balls, I experienced the sensations--or some of them, at least--of being fucked. My gracious sister was allowing me to feel what sex was like from both perspectives--that of the male's and that of the female's. While having my cock sucked--especially by my gorgeous sister--was incomparable, I had to admit that, if being fucked felt anything like being jabbed in the scrotum, between the balls, by my sister's finger, it wouldn't be bad to be a girl, either.

After finger-fucking my scrotum for several minutes, while my cock was deep in her mouth, Ellen lifted her head again, this time letting my penis slide completely free of her mouth. A strand of saliva stretched between her lips and my glans, a span of spittle that connected us, face to cock. She smiled at me as she removed her forefinger from its place between my balls. She licked her finger, her smile widening.

"Why'd you stop?" I asked. "What you were doing felt wonderful."

"I want you to fuck me."

"I don't want to get you pregnant."

"If I weren't on the pill, you might, but I am. Besides, it's not my pussy I want you to fuck; it's my ass."

My eyes went wide. "Your ass?" My little sister was fun of surprises.

"You have a problem with that?"

"No problem at all."

We rose, kissed for a moment, and climbed back into bed. Ellen positioned herself upon her elbows and knees, with her long, slender legs wide spread. Her tight, smooth buttocks, girlishly small, were slightly parted, but not enough for me to glimpse my target. No matter, I thought. I'd see plenty of her snug little asshole soon enough, as I watched my big, hard cock slide back and forth inside my sister's bottom.

"Mom keeps a tube of K-Y Jelly in her nightstand," Ellen informed me.

I sprawled across the mattress. Edging forward another few inches on my belly, my hard cock rubbing against the comforter covering my parents' bed. I grabbed the knob on the nightstand on Mom's side of the bed, and tugged the drawer open. Sure enough, there was a tube of the lubricant inside. "How did you know that?"

Ellen didn't rely. Maybe she thought the answer should be self-evident. Obviously, my sister had been in my parents' bedroom before.

Would she know what Dad had in his nightstand, too? Probably, she would. Maybe I should ask her. No, I decided. I didn't want to know.

A sudden thought struck me with horror. What if Ellen had been in my room? What if my little sister had snooped through my belongings, the way she'd obviously poked around among Mom's--and probably Dad's--things? The thought of her leafing through the semen-stained pages of one of my issues of Family Nudists or Incestuous Relationships was too mortifying to consider. Worse yet, what if she'd discovered my collection of the photographs I'd taken of her?

If Mom and Dad--or Ellen--had ever suspected the true motive for my sudden interest, at fourteen, in photography, they'd never mentioned or even hinted at their thoughts. They'd purchased the equipment I requested, for birthday and Christmas presents, and I'd devoted myself to the art and science of photography ever since, winning several prestigious awards and cash prizes for my efforts. I was adept at developing my own film, too, and, over the years, I'd put my talents to use in secretly filming my nudist sister.

I had quite an extensive collection of Ellen. Some included pictures of her friends, taken surreptitiously during my sister's all-girl pool parties or sleepovers. Ellen was popular, and she had a lot of friends. Most were girls, although she could be friends --and more than just friends--with any boy in school with whom she wanted to have such a relationship.

At eighteen, she was in her last year of high school, but she still had an occasional pajama or pool party, and, needless to say, I continued to update my collection. It was as a result of my photographic obsession with capturing Ellen and her friends in the nude that I'd learned that my sister is bisexual. Some of the pictures I'd taken of Ellen might have been called Ellen, Face-Down in Pussy or Ellen, Tongue in Cheeks or Ellen, Wearing a Strap-on.

A series showed Ellen performing cunnilingus on a brunette cutie named Elizabeth. My sister's face, shining with her lover's cunt juices as she laps away at her female lover's stiff clit is a work of art, as is the portrait of Ellen, naked as always, her boobs, full, firm, high, and round, sucked by a blonde bombshell while Ellen receives oral sex from a dripping-wet redhead with a bald pussy.

Of course, I never mentioned my collection to Ellen or anyone else. Like my magazines, the portfolios of my sister, whether simply nude or in lesbian couplings of various types, are mine exclusively, and they're not to be shared with anyone else.

The thought that Ellen might have found my cache of photographic delights was disturbing, but it was also sexy. Maybe she knew of my fascination with her. Maybe she'd just discovered my obsession and her awareness of my secret had given her the courage to make the sexual advances toward me that she'd made this morning as we were, in her words, "pooling around." If so, I thanked the impulse to photograph her naked and involved in her lesbian trysts, for the impulse had paid off handsomely.

As I'd thought of the magazines and photographs, I'd unscrewed the cap from the K-Y Jelly tube and squeezed a generous amount of the white cream onto my palm, lubricating my sister's tight anal opening with the lotion-like unguent. I did the same with my cock before recapping the tube and setting it aside. Then, I took my place between Ellen's spread legs, admiring her cute bottom.

Taking my erection into my fist, I pointed the glans between her parted buttocks, and eased my hips forward, driving the tip of my K-Y Jelly-smeared cock into the circle of her well-lubricated anus. My prick slid right through, all the way in, to my very balls, without the least resistance. Thank God for K-Y Jelly! I thought.

Although my prick had slid into my sister's bowels without any impediment, her asshole was tight and snug around my organ. As I withdrew, the tight circle of muscle rode the shaft of my cock, and, as I thrust home again, the ring popped inside her anus. As my cock reemerged, the hoop of her anal sphincter followed, her close-fitting asshole making a tight seal between her ass and my cock.

I started slowly, working my hips in long, measured strokes that filled and refilled my sister's impaled buttocks, flattening her buoyant, bouncing buttocks before my thrusting hips and watching them rebound as I retreated in preparation for the next forward plunge into her ass. After half a dozen strokes, I let my cock slide all the way of my sister's fanny.

Looking down, I could see how my cock had stretched her anus; her asshole, completely round, was the size of a golf ball! I could see down, into her cored interior, several inches, until the pink tissues were lost to the darkness farther along her bowel. The thought that it had been I, Ellen's brother, who'd stretched her tight little asshole to such dimensions made me feel powerful, virile, and manly. Without conscious thought or intent, I began to fuck Ellen faster, harder, deeper, driving my penis into her asshole with a force and energy that drove grunts and groans from her.

I looked past her skewered ass, to her face, and I saw that her pretty features were screwed into a frown. Her normally smooth brow was furrowed, and her eyes were closed. Her mouth was a grimace. She looked as if she might be in pain. I started to ask her if she were all right, if she wanted to quit, but I was afraid she might say she wanted to stop--and I didn't, even if she was feeling discomfort or, for that matter, pain. If she wanted me to quit, she'd have to tell me; I wasn't going to put any ideas in her head that might not be there. If she asked me to stop, if she begged me to quit, I would, although with reluctance.

My cock slammed into Ellen's ass, plunging through her sphincter and deep into her rectum, sliding friction-free through the K-Y Jelly, sis' asshole making occasional slurping and farting sounds as my pubes and hips slapped sharply against the cushions of her sleek buttocks.

Half-mad with lust, my only object now was to lunge and plunge, sending my member as deep and fast and hard as possible into my sister's cock-crammed ass. Her sobs and squeals and moans and gasps were all but inaudible to me now, seized as I was with mindless passion.

My body was a machine, my prick a piston, my balls the gears that drove the engine toward the completion of its task. Wham! Bam! My manhood drove past the silken, inner curves of Ellen's smooth ass cheeks. My member filled her so that she gasped and squirmed, her breasts bouncing and jiggling beneath her. Slam! My balls collided again with her perineum as my prick slid far into my sister's innermost depths. I drew my hips back, watching my cock slide rearward, through my sister's impaled anus, and my member came fully into view, allowing me to glance, as before, into Ellen's wide-reamed asshole, past the pink walls of her rectum, into the darkness at the depths of her bowels. Beauty, I thought, was not skin deep, not when one was looking into the anal passage of someone as gorgeous as my sister.

I reinserted my prick. It slid into her butt hole as easily as if my sister's asshole was a wet-and-ready cunt, and I continued to pound her, thrusting my penis back and forth inside her anus. She winced and moaned. She squirmed and swayed. Her tits bounced beneath her, and his ass cheeks flattened and rebounded again and again as, mercilessly, I fucked her as hard and fast as I could move my hips. To me, I seemed to move in a blur, although, I'm sure, I didn't really move quite that fast. Then, half way back, I paused, with half the length of my swollen, rigid cock buried inside my sister's ass, and began, rapidly, to deliver quick, short, jabbing thrusts of my cock into her bottom, eliciting more cries and moans from my dear, impaled sister.

Slap! My pubes smacked Ellen's ass. Whap! My groin drove hard into the cushions of her buttocks. Bap! My lower belly slammed into my sister's rear end. Each time, my prick plunged deep into her bowels, and she gasped or moaned, squirming. It dawned on me, finally, that Ellen, despite her experience with sex, might be an anal virgin. She might never have had a cock up her ass before.

The thought that I, her brother, was taking her anal cherry enflamed my lust even more, and I felt a wringing sensation deep inside my balls. Abruptly, semen surged up, through my prick, and I withdrew my manhood from my sister's ass entirely, letting the warm, white streamers of my viscid semen unfurl above her silken, ivory mounds. Blast after blast of the thick fecundating fluid splattered against her ass cheeks, her huge-stretched, round asshole, her perineum, and her thighs.

Mom and Dad returned home a half an hour later. By then, Ellen was in her room, naked, as always, having taken a quick shower, and I was in my bedroom, flipping through my collection of magazines and glamour photographs, trying to determine whether Ellen had examined them in my absence. I decided to add some new pictures, taken with Ellen's knowledge and consent, of us making love. How I'd like to have had a few dozen photographs of her with my cock in her mouth and up her ass.

"Drake! Ellen!"

It was my father's voice, and his tone told us that we were in trouble. "Come downstairs at once!"

I met Ellen as we were heading down the hallway. She was naked, of course, as always. As I followed her down the stairs, I watched her sweet, tight ass, thinking how, less than an hour ago, I was fucking her between those silken cheeks.

Dad was waiting for us at the bottom of the stairs. Mom stood beside him. Neither of them was wearing a friendly face.

"What is it, Daddy?" Ellen asked.

Mom held something up for us to see. In horror, I realized it was her tube of K-Y Jelly--the same one I'd used to lubricate my cock and Ellen's asshole. I'd forgotten to return it to the drawer in her nightstand. I'd also forgotten to replace the cap.

"The next time you decide to use my K-Y Jelly without my permission," Mom said, looking back and forth from Ellen to me, "at least have the decency to put the cap back on the tube and return it to my drawer."

Oh, my God! I thought. Mom and Dad knew that Ellen and I had had sex!

"And change the bedding," Dad added.

"I'm sorry," Ellen said.

"Are you on the pill?" Mom asked Ellen.

"Yes, Mom."

Mom shook her head. It seemed that she wanted to say something else--maybe a lot more--but she merely sighed instead.

Dad tried to sound angry again as he told my sister, "For God's sake, put some clothes on!" but both Ellen and I could tell he wasn't mad any longer.

"Okay," Ellen agreed.

But, of course, she didn't.

Thank God.

The next time Ellen and I made love, though, we were careful to return the K-Y Jelly, cap in place, to Mom's nightstand, and we washed the bedding, as Dad had asked us to do.

Our parents never said anything more about Ellen and me "pooling around."

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