Poolside Ch. 01


Connie blushed. "That's his word for nursing. I'll take him inside." She started to get up.

"Connie, just nurse him here. It's no big deal!" Well, that was a lie and she knew it, but I thought I'd see if I could get her to bare her breasts in front of me.

She blushed. "I couldn't! Not in front of one of my students!"

"I haven't been one of your students for several years," I reminded her. "Besides, I've seen lots of women's breasts, but I've never seen one used as nature intended!" "Lots" was probably a slight exaggeration, but Connie didn't know that! Connie was still standing, but she hadn't moved toward the house.

As she hesitated, Junior began pulling insistently on her top and getting cranky. "Oh, all right. But please don't take this the wrong way!" she said. Yeah, sure. What's the "wrong way" I wondered? I just wanted to see her tits!

Connie unsnapped the entire front of her top, exposing most of her torso from her neck to her shorts. The valley between her breasts was completely exposed, and I could see the edges of both areolae. Only friction between her top and her nipples kept her breasts covered.

She pulled her left breast out and Junior latched on. I felt an incredible desire to suck it, too, and a roaring sound in my ears accompanied a quick erection, painful in my tight shorts. Junior immediately began playing with her top, and her right breast popped into view.

I tried to talk, and it took me a couple of tries before anything came out. After I cleared my throat, I said, "I thought most nursing women wore some kind of special bra!" Dumb, but at least I was talking!

Connie blushed again. "My breasts weren't all that large before I had him, and I find nursing easier without having to fumble with a lot of extra snaps. Besides the nursing bras were uncomfortable."

"Works for me!" I said and she scowled at me, then chuckled. She muttered something I didn't catch about testosterone.

I asked, "May I?" and when she didn't object, I leaned in for a closer look. There was Junior, sucking on one magnificent breast while he slapped his hand against the other, fully exposed one.

Biology got the better of me and my stiff penis began to throb. We were sitting at a glass-topped table, and Connie looked at my crotch as I sat down again. The pulsing bulge down my right leg was unmistakable. She continued to glance at it while Junior nursed. I could feel my balls aching and it felt as if my penis was going to split the leg of my pants.

After a few minutes of loud sucking, Junior switched nipples, and I got to see Connie's left breast fully exposed with her giant, wet nipple sticking out. "I would have creamed my jeans in high school if I'd seen that in class!" I said.

Connie giggled. "It looks as you're getting ready to do that right now!"

It suddenly felt very hot, and not just from the sun. Was she trying to seduce me? Was my flirting getting her excited? I was too inexperienced with older women to know, so I said nothing and just sat there. I was feeling a lot hotter.

Junior finished, climbed down from her lap, and Connie closed her top. I sighed loudly, and Connie waggled her finger at me, but she was grinning, too. Junior began to play in a sandbox in the shade. Milk seeped onto her top, and as the fabric got wet, her nipples became visible through the fabric. Connie pretended not to notice me staring at them.

I drank some more iced tea. "Connie, where can I go to the bathroom?".

She gave me directions. "I have to stay outside with Junior to be certain that he didn't wander off or fall into the pool," she said.

I went into her home through the patio door and headed down a hallway toward the back of the house. The air in the house was crisp and cool. The bathroom was at the end of the hall where Connie had said, and I took a leak. After I flushed, I looked around, and her home was huge! I opened doors and counted five different bedrooms. Since I didn't see any other bathrooms, I assumed they were private or semi-private, attached to the bedrooms. The tiny bathroom I had used was obviously not for the mistress of the house!

My erection had subsided a bit, so I took off my shorts, removed my jock, and stuffed it into a back pocket of my shorts. I figured this would make my next erection more comfortable. At least that's what I told myself. Sure.

Carrying my shorts I walked bare-assed through Connie's house until I reached the patio doors, and then I put my shorts back on while staring at Connie's back and thinking lustful thoughts about her beautiful body. I had flashbacks of staring at her backside as she wrote words on the blackboard while my penis got harder and harder.

I got a glass of water, and I spotted a little blue plastic case on a shelf above the sink. I took it down and saw that Connie was taking birth-control pills. I found that to be intimate and sexy as hell! I'd heard that nursing mothers didn't have periods, but apparently Connie's had returned, but she wasn't ready just yet to make her family larger.

With my penis safely and almost comfortably tucked away, I went back out to Connie. I checked my watch. "I could still trim some shrubs before the lunch you promised me."

Connie carried Junior around the outside of the house, and pointed out what had to be done. She went back into the house with Junior - probably to change him judging from the smell - and I checked out the hedge clippers in the garage.

Richard had electric ones, but I decided to use the hand clippers since I thought they generally did a better job and I wanted the extra workout for my arms. I sharpened the blades, took off my shirt, and started in. After a few minutes I had worked around to the windows outside the master bedroom. The windows were closed because of the central air conditioning, and my clippers didn't make much noise.

I glanced in and I had a side view of a topless Connie, sitting on her bed, with her head back and her eyes closed, rubbing some kind of lotion onto her nipples. Then I realized she had a towel wrapped around her hips, not her shorts, and that she had just taken a shower. My penis was suddenly rock-hard. I stopped cutting and stared. I'm sure my mouth was hanging open.

After a couple of minutes she stopped rubbing her nipples and stood up. She dropped the towel on the bed. She turned and took a step toward me, and I was looking through the window at a full frontal view of a nude goddess. I held my breath.

Connie walked toward me, and about six feet from the window she suddenly saw me staring. Her eyes got wide, one hand flew to her crotch and the other to her breasts, and she ran out of my sight. I was so uncomfortable I seriously considered beating off. I had masturbated many times to the imagined image of her nude body, but what I had just seen went way beyond anything I had ever dreamed.

But I sucked it in and continued cutting the hedges. My heart rate was much higher than before, and I could feel every beat in my erect penis as it pulsed against my shorts. As I got around to the back of the house, Connie called to me from the patio door and told me that lunch was ready. I was still very much aroused.

I put my shirt back on and went inside. She had changed her shirt but was dressed as she had been before. She was clearly nervous and jumpy. I was so sweaty from the hard work outside that I dripped onto her kitchen floor in spite of the air conditioning. It was nearly a hundred degrees outside and slightly humid.

"You can take a long lunch break," Connie said. "Why don't you take a shower before lunch? I think you'll be more comfortable!"

"Thanks, but I don't like getting back into sweaty clothes once I got clean."

"I'll give you one of Richard's robes to wear after your shower. I can wash and dry your clothes while we eat."

What are the odds that I would turn down a chance to have lunch with her while I was naked under a robe? I took off my shoes and socks. "Where's the shower?"

Connie left Junior in a playpen, and led me back to one of the bedrooms, and as I had surmised, there was a bath between it and the next bedroom. She left for a moment, then came back with a robe. "Call me when you're undressed and I'll start washing your clothes."

As she turned to leave, I quickly peeled my shorts and shirt off. "Connie!" I called out.

She turned around with an audible intake of breath. I bent down, picked up my sweaty shirt and shorts, pulled the jock out of the pocket, and handed everything to her. She looked me up and down with her mouth open and her face crimson. My erection was pointing right at her and she stared at it for several seconds as it wiggled with the beat of my pulse. I said, "Well I saw you naked, so this makes us even."

I turned and climbed into the shower. I didn't look at her, but I didn't hear her close the bathroom door for nearly a minute. I knew she was still looking at me, but I was afraid to look at her for fear of spooking her.

Connie didn't join me in the shower as I had hoped, but what the heck, nothing ventured, right? I scrubbed the grime off of myself and got cooled off under a cold shower. My penis stayed erect, but at least I finally stopped sweating.

I put on the robe. Whatever it was made of it felt like velvet against my skin. It wasn't the right size, but the belt held it closed. I walked barefoot back to the kitchen area. Connie was just putting out the lunch. She carefully avoided looking at my face.

Connie was clearly nervous. "I didn't mean for you to see me undressed!" She said. "I'm sorry! I'm not playing with your feelings! And I certainly didn't need for you to expose yourself to me to make us even!"

"I'm not sorry! You look great! Besides, I should apologize to you. I meant for you to see me in the buff back there!" Connie blushed deeply. She still kept her eyes averted. This was not the way she had behaved as my teacher! I continued.

"I used to imagine what you looked like naked when I was beating off. I never dreamed you looked as good as you really do!"

Connie turned away from me and began shaking her head from side to side. Without looking at me she said, "That's enough talk about that. Let's not turn an accident into a problem." She sighed deeply, then faced me. She looked into my eyes for the first time since I had finished my shower.

She pointed toward their bar. "Would you please make me a Jack on the rocks? You can have whatever you like."

"I really prefer beer when I work!" I answered. She smiled and got one from the refrigerator - imported, naturally - and handed it to me after opening it and pouring it into a mug.

Lunch was lobster salad sandwiches, something new to me. I ate several. Connie ate one. Then she surprised me. "Would you make me another drink, please?"

I poured a generous amount of the Tennessee liquor over fresh ice. As I handed it to her, Junior asked for more yummies, and she nursed him there at the table. I drank another beer and stared at her breasts while she slowly finished her drink. Connie made no effort to cover herself. Was the alcohol breaking down her inhibitions? Or was it something else?

She asked for third drink, and I made it and gave it to her. I wondered what the alcohol would do to Junior. I could now clearly see that it was affecting Connie.

Whether it was nap time or the alcohol, Junior fell asleep on her second breast. She carried him, still attached to her nipple, back toward the bedrooms, and a minute or so later I heard a click, then Connie saying gently, "Sleep tight, Richard Junior."

I located the sound which came from some kind of intercom in the wall I was still looking at it when she returned. "It's set for one-way listening so that I can monitor him while he naps and get him when he wakes up. There are speakers all around the house, and I can even go out to the pool and still hear him."

She began to sip at her third drink, now half consumed. "The kitchen chairs are a little uncomfortable. Why don't we sit on the couch?" She suggested.

"I guess so. Why not?"

I sat beside her and sipped my beer. I was still in the robe with my erection fairly well concealed by its various folds. I heard the dryer signal it was done, but I didn't mention it to Connie. Why get dressed and go out and work, anyway?

Connie began to flex and rub her shoulders, and she groaned when she pressed herself in a few places. "What's the problem? You act like you're in real pain." I asked.

"It's kind of intimate!" She replied and blushed. "The extra breast weight put some stress on my back and gives me high backaches, and carrying Junior around has really given me stiff muscles down low. My back hurts nearly all the time."

I jumped at the chance! "How about I give you a back rub?"

"Right! You're just an oversexed student who wants to get into the teacher's pants! I saw the way you were staring at my breasts!"

"No, Connie. I'm not your student. You called me a young hunk, remember? But I can do a good back rub. And you really do have beautiful breasts."

Connie blushed, then giggled. "A back rub would feel really feel good. Richard doesn't have time for that sort of thing anymore . . . "

Judging from the pensive look on her face I thought she was going to say something else, but she quickly perked up and asked, "Where would be a good place?"

I was thinking of the master bedroom, but that seemed a little too bold, so I suggested, "Let's go back outside by the pool. You can lie on one of the chair cushions."

She nodded agreement, then picked up a really soft baby towel. "I'll have to lie on this because my nipples are so sensitive." I felt my penis swelling and throbbing.

Then she gave me her laugh from deep in her throat, picked up her drink, and we went outside. Was she really ignoring the fact that all I had on was a thin robe? Of her husband's?

As we reached the edge of the pool, Connie turned on a speaker and we could hear little Junior's rhythmic breathing. She turned the sound down so that it was barely audible. Then I spread a cushion next to the pool in the shade, and Connie spread the little blanket on it.

"Oops! I forgot the oil!" she exclaimed, and she walked quickly back into the house, returning a minute later with a jar of body lotion. Then she removed her top and lay face-down on the pad. The sight of her naked except for her tiny shorts caused my erection to poke out of the robe. But it was wasted on Connie since she was already facing away from me.

Before I began, Connie took a huge swig of her whiskey, and I got another view of her magnificent breasts. She was clearly losing her inhibitions around me. As she lay down again, unable to see me, I thought, "What the hell!" and tossed the robe onto her discarded top. Then I straddled her hips and knelt down on top of her, naked.

My very erect penis pressed against the back of her pants and her panties, the last pieces of clothing either of us had on. I could see my penis jumping with my heartbeat.

I squirted body lotion onto her back, and she laughed. "That's cold!" She wiggled her body and I almost lost it. I had an incredible desire to pull her shorts down, roll her over, and mate with her. For a moment colors drained out of everything, and everywhere I looked was like a black-and-white photograph. I could smell the sweat from both of our bodies, and my nostrils flared.

I began to rub her bare back, and I quickly found a cluster of tight, hard knots near her neck. I rubbed them most of the way out, and moved around her back. Her back was a mess. I found dozens of places that needed rubbing.

I let my hands caress the sides of her breasts and she told me, "Stop that, Donny! What would the principal say?" And then she giggled. From the sound I could tell she was a little drunk.

I stood up and reversed myself on her, and began to rub her legs. My erect penis pointed up and my balls were pressing against her shorts. Her legs also had knots, and I worked them out. Gradually I moved closer and closer to her crotch.

Connie's breathing had changed, and she was now clearly both drunk and aroused. I reversed myself again and began to work on the small of her back. She had knots that extended down her hips, so I began to pull her shorts down. "Stop that! You have to stop!" Connie said, but when I pressed my fingers against the muscles under her shorts, she felt the pain.

She quickly changed her mind. "Go ahead, but let's be careful, OK?" Of course I was going to be careful. I just wanted them off!

Within five minutes I had her shorts and panties halfway down her thighs. I could smell the perfume of her aroused and obviously wet pussy. I was careful to avoid touching her with my penis which was waving in the wind, drops of pre-cum falling from it onto her back. She didn't notice and I rubbed them into her skin. I looked down and I could see her little rosebud and the hairy beginning of her slit.

Connie stretched up for her drink, drank a big mouthful, then lay down again without directly looking at me. At that moment I knew she was fully aware that I was naked, but she didn't want to admit to me - or herself - that she knew. I realized that I was very nearly to the point of realizing a childhood fantasy.

I continued working her pants down her legs to her knees until she said, "Ah heck! Just take the things off!" So I slipped her shorts and panties down her legs and threw them on top of my discarded robe. Both were wet in the crotch. Sweat? Pussy juice? I didn't care. We were both now completely naked!

I took a moment to stare at her. Her breasts made flattened mounds beside her chest. Her beautiful behind flared from her waist and jutted up like twin, rounded hills. There was a faint while bikini-top line across her back, and a completely white area emphasizing the gap between her buttocks. I could see pubic hair between her legs. I had to fight the incredibly powerful desire to ram my penis into her.

I continued rubbing her legs with one hand and with the other I coated my penis with lotion. Then I said, "Let me finish your back!" My voice sounded strange, almost like it was in an echo chamber. I felt slightly dizzy. The aroma of her pussy mixed with the scent of her sweat and the sweetness of the body lotion, producing something so powerful that I thought my penis would burst.

Once again I squatted over her hips, but this time I sat down on her with my slippery penis between her cheeks. Connie let out a surprised "Hey!" But she let me begin rubbing her back again. She was beginning to breathe really loudly. I realized that I was, too.

As a wise senior in my fraternity had said, "Go slow and drive them nuts. Once you get them past a certain point, they'll fuck you every time!" I followed his advice, although the urge to just fuck Connie almost overpowered me.

As I rocked forward and back, my penis moved between her cheeks, its head sliding up and over her tail bone. Connie grunted. I moved myself a little lower, and rubbed her back some more. My penis was now sliding as low as her anus as I rocked forward and back, rubbing her back. Connie gasped and moaned. As I worked out her knots, I moved lower again.

Now my hands were rubbing her lower back and upper hips, and my penis was sliding up and down her slit. As my penis hit the mat beneath Connie, it pressed against her, and she began to make "Unh!" sounds each time. I established a slow, steady rhythm, and I could feel heat and wetness against my penis. Connie began to spread her legs further apart as I rubbed and rocked.

My penis was soon sliding easily along Connie's wet pussy, with its tip bumping her pubic bone and clitoris as I rocked forward. She began to tremble, and I could feel the head of my penis beginning to enter her. Suddenly she said, "No! This isn't right! I'm a married woman and I can't have sex with one of my students!"

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