Poolside Ch. 01


She rose onto her knees, probably trying to get up, and my penis easily slid halfway into her. Connie shrieked, "OHMYGOD!" and she immediately began to tremble with a violent orgasm. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" She shrieked for perhaps thirty seconds. Her head was back, and I could see her entire body shaking. Milk was splattering off her breasts, going all over the cushion and pool deck.

As her orgasm subsided, I said to her, "Too late, Connie. And I'm not your student. I'm your young hunk, remember?" I reached around her hips with both hands and pulled myself completely into her. As my balls struck her pussy, Connie threw her had back and yelled "OHMYGOD Yessss! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH" and had another orgasm.

Connie was now on her hands and knees, trembling and covered with sweat, with me completely inside her. The smell of her milk added to the erotic aroma exuding from her body. I could feel her vagina clamping rhythmically on my penis. Her breathing sounded as if she had been running wind sprints. I let her catch her breath, then I began to really fuck her.

All the way in, most of the way out, wiggle around, then all the way in again. Twist back and forth, then pull out again, sometimes completely, with a wet pop. Then back in again. Thank you, Bubbles, for the lessons! Connie began to move her hips to meet my movements, and I no longer had to hold her hips, so I reached forward and began to rub her huge, soft, milk-covered breasts.

I remembered that her nipples were very sensitive, and I slapped some lotion on my fingers and began to caress her tits. I could see droplets of sweat coming out of Connie's skin everywhere, and she began to grunt, "Unnh my God! Unnh! Yessss. Unnh! Don't stop! Unnh!"

I gradually began to fuck her faster, and she began to twist and thrust herself against me. Her nipples became rigid, and her areolae began to pucker out, covered with little bumps. I rubbed and fucked faster. I was pushing down toward the front of her vagina, trying to slide the head of my penis over her G-spot.

Connie began to climax again. She was yelling, "OOOH! OOOOH! OOOH!" in time with my thrusts.

As I increased both the tempo and the pressure on her nipples, contractions began to ripple through her vagina, and I felt myself building to my own climax. I slid one hand from her breast and began to rub her clitoris which I found easily both by her gasp when I touched it and because it was completely rigid and hard. Connie screamed as I ejaculated into her. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH"

I could feel her pussy pulling and pumping on my cock, and I kept coming. Connie held her breath and began to tremble. Then she let out a deep moan, and I thought her pussy was going to crush my penis with its squeezing pressure.

Connie suddenly collapsed under me, her knees spread wide apart, and I barely managed to stay inside her. I lay on top of her feeling the contractions gradually winding down. I rubbed her. "You're a beautiful, sexy lady, Connie!" I whispered into her ear and kissed her neck.

My penis finally lost its starch and slipped out of her with a little wet plop. I rolled her over onto her back, moved her onto the center of the mat, and lay atop her between her legs. I began to kiss and cuddle her and call her "My lovely Connie lover." She wrapped her legs around my waist and hugged me hard. Our first-ever real kisses were incredibly passionate.

As our breathing returned to normal, I began to move my kisses slowly down her body, The taste of the lotion mixed with her sweat was sensational! When I reached her nipples, I saw that she was covered in her own milk, and I nursed for a moment on each breast. This caused her to arch her back and moan. "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMH!"

The milk tasted like nothing I had ever known, not really like milk at all with the sweat and lotion mixed in. I moved my kissing lower.

When I reached her pubic hair and began to suck on the juices clinging to her thick pelt, she cried out, "No! That's dirty! Not there, Don! STOP!"

She made a half-hearted effort to twist away, but when I found her clitoris and began to suck on it, she arched her back and pressed herself against me. I moved first my tongue and then two fingers inside her and I began to lap up the juices flowing out of her. Then I returned my attention to her clitoris and I began to rhythmically lick and suck it.

I slid two fingers inside her and began to search for her G-sport. As I found it and began to rub it, the combination of pressures on her sensitive areas sent her over the top, and she began to shake and tremble with another series of orgasms. "GOD! YESS! OOOH! DONNN! OOOH! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH"

As I looked up the length of her body, I could see two geysers of milk spraying more than a foot into the air, one from each nipple. The height of the spray was perfectly synchronized with the pulsing of her vagina. Incredible!

"Open your eyes, Connie!"I told her, and when she saw what her breasts were doing, she started to laugh - and had another impressive climax. Milk sprayed everywhere as her breasts shook. I gently lapped up as much liquid as I could from her pussy, then I held it in my mouth and moved slowly up her body.

Connie saw what I was doing and again told me, "NO! You can't! That's so dirty!"

But she was still trembling and too tired to fight, and I held her face in my hands, and kissed her. Gravity allowed the contents of my mouth to move into hers. She tried to get away, but I held my mouth against her, and she swallowed twice.

Then I raised myself off her and asked, "So, Miss Lewis, how did I do on my oral exam?"

Connie broke into nearly hysterical laughter. "I think you just taught the teacher some things!" She said. "I would never believe that something so gross could feel so good and taste so wonderful! Where did you learn all this?"

"College. I had a great tutor for sex ed!" I said and we both laughed. Then we held each other and talked, relishing the post-coital warmth that radiated from each of us.

"I was a virgin when I got married," Connie said. "Richard's was the only 'live' penis I had ever seen before yours!"

She held up her fingers and said, "His is only about this long."

I said, "Maybe four inches? Erect?"

She nodded. "Yes, and only about as big around as a hot dog."

I started to laugh. "Why are you laughing? What's so funny?"

She kept asking me why, but I couldn't get it out. Finally I caught my breath and said, "Remember when you taught us about irony? What do you call it when a man has a four-inch, skinny prick and his name is 'penis-penis'?"

She didn't get it. "Richard Johnson. Dick Johnson. 'Johnson' as in 'Penis!' Maybe he should be called Dicky-Dick, Dick Junior, or better, Junior Dick!" I said, and then she laughed so hard I fell off her. I stood up. Then I leaned down, picked Connie up, carried her to the side, and jumped into the water with her. I kissed her, and began to rub her pussy. Connie started to moan and push herself against my hand, and I pointed to her breasts. Little clouds of white milk were forming around her breasts.

I swished water between her legs, and she giggled. Then she rubbed and stroked my penis, making it rock-hard but no longer covered with her juices. We kissed again, then climbed out of the pool and began to kiss each other as we clung wetly together. My penis was pressing between her thighs, and I knew we would soon be fucking again. I could feel her arousal rising.

Suddenly she pulled away, leaned toward the speaker, and said, "Shit! He's awake and wants yummies!"

"So do I!", I said, and I began to suck on one of her nipples and was rewarded with a mouthful of milk. Connie laughed and pulled me off, and laughed again when milk ran down my chin.

She kissed me and said, "I really have to go get him!" She quickly got dressed and headed back into the house.

I got a hose and cleaned our mixed gunk off of the cushion, and left it in the sun to dry. There was cum and pussy juice and milk on the deck, so I washed that into the pool. Then I put on the robe and went quietly back into the house.

I found Connie sitting in a recliner in the family room nursing Junior. He appeared to be asleep and was making little sucking sounds as he had before. I went back to one of the bedrooms and pulled a sheet off the bed. Then I carried it back to Connie, and to her silent protests pulled her shorts and panties off. Then I tucked the sheet around her waist, making a big tent over the bottom half of her body. Junior sucked on. Connie gave me a puzzled expression. I took off the robe.

I leaned close to her ear and whispered, "He's too young to see his mother get eaten!"

Connie shook her head and mouthed "No!" But I slipped under the sheet, forced her knees apart, and began to do my own licking and sucking.

Connie was still turned on and it didn't take long. Within a few minutes she had an orgasm. I heard her stifle her scream. I peeked out and a stream of milk was running down Junior and another streamed from her other breast. "Are you trying to drown him?" Connie whispered.

I crawled back under the sheet and kept muff diving, and she climaxed twice more. I couldn't get her shorts back on, but I put her panties on and watched as her juices soaked them and they became transparent, sticking to her wide-open pussy. I took the sheet back where I had found it.

Junior was beginning to start making noises, so I quickly got my clothes out of the dryer, got dressed, and went outside. When Connie came out with Junior about fifteen minutes later, I was working my way through some more trimming.

She put him in his sandbox, then walked me far enough away that he couldn't hear, even if he could understand what she was saying. "You've got to get out of here! I'm hosting a meeting of the nursing mothers from the club here, tonight, at eight!" she said.

"I intend to spend the night making love to you, Connie!"

"Damnit! You've really got to go! Suppose somebody sees you?"

"If you insist that I leave, I'll stand naked on your front porch and greet the ladies as they arrive!"

Connie giggled. "Now THAT would give them something to talk about! I really want you to stay, but I don't want anyone else to find out that you and I are having an affair!".

"Do I hide in your house and make love to you after they leave? Or do I greet your lady friends and show them my special equipment?" I gestured toward the tent in my shorts.

Connie laughed. "Stay, if that's what you want! Just hide your car and yourself!"

"Yes, I want! And so do you!" Connie turned a deep shade of maroon, then hurried back to her child.

So I drove the Bug around the house and put it in the garage with the mowers. I finished the clipping and cleaned up the stuff I had cut, and went back into the house. Junior was in his playpen. Connie was washing the sheet we had used earlier as a tent. "It's covered with milk and stuff from me and I don't know if it'll ever come clean!" She said.

I remarked, "It doesn't have to come clean. You came cleanly three times on it!"

Connie turned a deep shade of red and giggled. "I did, didn't I?"

Connie fixed us a quick supper. "I've got to put some refreshments together for the meeting and get cleaned up and dressed."

"Where do you meet?" I asked.

Connie pointed to the living room and looked puzzled.

I checked out her intercom system, and I found that I could set it so that Junior's room broadcast into the livingroom speaker, but the livingroom was broadcasting into the master bedroom. I had to dismantle another unit and do some quick wiring, but I made it work. By that time Connie was already taking her shower. I joined her. Literally. As she kissed me, I lifted her up and told her, "Wrap your legs around my waist!"

Then with one hand under her bottom I used the other hand to guide my penis into her. I lowered her onto me, and the look of surprise on her face when she dropped down on me was beyond compare. Obviously Dicky-Dick wasn't all that amorous! Or athletic!

I brought her to orgasm almost immediately, and when the milk spraying stopped, I popped her off me. "When the other ladies see that expression on your face they'll know you just had an orgasm!"

Connie blushed, then said, "They'll just think I used a vibrator!" She kissed me passionately and got out of the shower. I heard her getting dressed, then a few minutes later, leaving the bedroom.

I finished cleaning up, and walked naked around their master bedroom. I felt like the young lion taking over the lair of the old lion. The sheets were satin, and I pulled them down so that they would be ready for us. I found a sexy red and black negligee in her dresser, and I laid it out on the bed. About that time I heard women's voices through the speaker, so I knew her guests were arriving.

I heard Connie say that Junior was almost asleep, and she turned up the volume - causing a shriek of feedback! Connie quickly turned the volume back down, and said they'd been having trouble with the intercom, and that she was going to have to call somebody to fix it. I heard sympathetic words from the other women.

One of them said, "Connie, call me if the repairman is a hunk!" And there was a peal of female laughter.

They began to talk about everything except breast feeding. Obviously that was the "excuse" they used to leave home and socialize. They complained about their unfaithful husbands who were, according to them, screwing most of the women in their offices. At first Connie tried to defend mini-Dick, but the others began naming women he had fucked. One woman whom I had met at the pool, Linda, announced, "Hell, Connie! The day before you were married I was coming out of my love nest at the Colorado Hotel and saw Richard going into a room with his big-busted blonde secretary."

Connie retorted, "I'm sure you were mistaken, Linda!"

Linda then proclaimed, "Connie, before the door was closed he had her dress up around her waist, and I can attest that she's a natural blond!" There were hoots and hollers. These were society women?

Another woman piped up, "My Paul, bless his secretary-bopping soul, told me that Richard has been working late at the office nearly every night. Well, so has the blonde, sweetie. And they're together on that trip right now, if you didn't already know." Connie admitted that she knew Richard fooled around with the blonde, but she hadn't realized that everyone else knew. Then every woman in the group began complaining about all the women their husbands were screwing. It quickly became clear that these women loved their positions in life, not their husbands, and tolerated their husbands' behavior in order to maintain their lifestyles. It was also clear that most of them had cheated on their husbands.

The discussion turned to ways they could have good sex, and I found that really interesting. The biggest complaint was their "Wham, bam, thank you ma'am!" husbands. "Aren't there any men out there who know how to really please a woman?" I heard one woman lament.

Then three women described a guy from an escort service that they had used, noting that he was "hung like a horse!" There was a lot of really crude discussion of the size of his penis, his balls, and the huge volume of his cum. This was immediately followed by a discussion of their own husbands sizes, and when Connie refused to discuss Richard, another woman said, "Hell, Connie! Linda and I screwed Richard in high school. He's got the smallest and skinniest dick we've ever seen!" This was greeted with hoots of laughter.

The women next began to discuss sex toys - by brand, size and motion. They discussed vibrators, dildos, and motorized sex machines - giving testimonials! While I listened to this fascinating information, I went prowling around the bedroom. I found Connie's pre-Junior bras, and they were size 34B - much too small for her now, but still a nice size! I remember how perky they had appeared when she taught English.

Then I found a hidden box in Richard's closet behind his many suits. I picked the silly little lock, opened it, and spread out what I found on the floor. I was so intrigued that I didn't hear the meeting break up. Suddenly Connie was there looking over my shoulder at the several dozen photographs I had found. I heard her gasp.

Most of the pictures were of Richard and the blonde. All but a few were obviously posed. We could see that Richard and the bimbo had known that their pictures were being taken since they were often smiling at the camera. Richard's diminutive prick was never shown (smart photographer!), but there were closeups of the Blond's wet crotch with Richard firmly seated in her ass while she held a huge dildo in her vagina.

In some of the pictures there were other people having sex in the same room. Connie recognized three of the women from the group she had just had in her home. "God, my whole married life is a lie!" she cried.

I began to gently remove her clothes as tears streamed down her face. When she was naked, I picked her up and laid her on the satin sheets. Then I turned out all the lights and held her. As I gently rubbed her back, she stopped crying. Then she started talking about her sex life.

"We've only been married for three years, and I don't think we've had sex two dozen times, including our honeymoon. I know exactly when I got pregnant with Junior since it was the only time within two months that we had intercourse."

"I'm a married woman with a kid and I was practically a virgin until today!" She announced. Then she laughed and began to fondle my penis and balls.

"I thought sex was okay before today, but now, I know it's fucking fabulous!" Then she laughed again at her little joke.

"The only time I ever had a climax was when I rubbed myself, and that was not all that great. Richard can go fuck his big-titted blonde if he wants, but there's no way he can give her what you've given me today!" She kissed me hard and long, then suddenly stopped.

She announced, "You know what? Before he left town, we'd worked out that my fertile days this month would begin the day after tomorrow, so I stopped taking the pill. He's coming back then, and he told me he wants me ready so that we can make another baby! I'll bet Blondie has him so drained that he won't be able to get it up, let alone get me pregnant again with his little dork and nuts!"

Then she said, "I want you to stay and be the teacher and fuck me tonight, tomorrow, and tomorrow night. Let's have as much sex as we can when Junior is asleep. As long as you're out of here by Noon the day after tomorrow, nobody should find out. And just think: not only are you getting paid for yard work, you're getting FRINGE benefits!" She pulled on her pubic hair and we both laughed.

I turned on a bedside lamp, and after Connie washed her face, she put on the sexy red and black outfit. We played sexy games until I finally pulled it off her and we did it in the good old missionary position, right there in the middle of the satin sheets. I rolled her over on top of me and we fell asleep with me still inside her.

As dawn broke, I taught her how to do sixty-nine, and Connie quickly developed a taste for fellatio and my cum. When Junior took his afternoon nap, we had sex in the pool. I called in sick that day, saying (quite honestly) I was too tired to work. They scheduled me for the afternoon shift the following day, which was perfect.

While Junior was awake, I did more yard work, and Connie gave me great rubdowns and an occasional blowjob when I finished. She paid me a huge cash bonus. "Didn't you already pay me with sexual favors?" I asked, and she hit me in the arm and then we both laughed.

Connie got a funny look on her face, and dropped to her knees. She began to lick and suck on my penis. Her hands were all over me. I exploded into her mouth in just a couple of minutes. She laughed, then said, "Maybe if I had done that years ago it would have solved your problem standing up in class!"

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