Poolside Ch. 03, Pt. 1


"I needed to get your mind off of what just happened. Now let's get you home!"

I ran down to the pump room and removed the film cartridge from the camera and locked the door. My VW Bug was parked across the gravel parking lot, and since Angie didn't have any shoes, I picked her up and carried her. One of my hands was on the bare backs of her legs and the other around her shoulders. Through the thin T-shirt it felt like I was carrying a naked woman, and I got really hard again. Once in the car she belted herself in. The towel was so short that I could see all the way up her legs to the thick pubic hair in her crotch.

I looked away, and as soon as the intense urge to mate with her passed, I asked, "Where to you live, Angie?" My voice sounded funny.

She told me and I headed toward the wealthy part of town. As we drove, I encouraged Angie to tell her folks - and the police - everything. "Bud's going to tell them that you agreed to have sex with him. If they have to drag that out of you, they'll think you're lying about Bud trying to rape you. Tell them that first! Tell them you changed your mind but that Bud wouldn't stop!"

Following her directions, we reached her home in about ten minutes. I drove up a long circular drive, and parked in front of a huge porch. I helped Angie out and I walked her to the door. She was unsteady on her feet. I pushed a button, and I heard deep, melodious chimes resonate inside. The door chimes probably cost more than my car.

Her father opened the door and his surprised look quickly turned to anger when he saw me with his nearly naked daughter. Before he could say anything, Angie blurted out, "Daddy, Don saved me! Call Mom! I need you both!" And she began to cry.

"Doris! Get down here quick!" Her father bellowed. He pulled his daughter to his chest. He ushered us inside, and told me to wait in the family room. He gave me a suspicious look, then took his daughter to the kitchen. I heard the voices of both parents and Angie for several minutes. I couldn't hear many words, just the sound of angry questions, pleading from Angie, and generally sympathetic responses. I was too sweaty to sit down, so I just paced around the room. I couldn't see Angie or her folks, but I could see through one end of the kitchen into a glassed-in sun room.

Angie's father suddenly appeared in the doorway. "Don. We owe you a lot! Angie says you stopped Bud from raping her. Is that right?" I nodded, uncertain of what Angie might have said. I realized he looked familiar to me, although I knew I had never seen him before. Why did I recognize his face?

He walked up and shook my hand. "Bud's a lot bigger than you. That took a lot of courage! I think Angie's one a lucky girl! I really don't know how to thank you properly! But we're truly grateful. Thank you! On behalf of all of us!"

He added, "I called the police. They'll be here soon. They're also going to the hospital to arrest Bud."

I didn't know quite what to say. I told him how I'd blinded Bud with the flash and then kicked him with my boot. "I think I bruised both his testicles pretty badly."

Angie's dad grinned. "Good! I hope you really messed him up! I'll call the hospital and check." Obviously he felt the hospital would tell him anything he asked concerning Bud's condition, patient confidentiality not withstanding. I had seen a flash of cold, determined anger on his face, but it had quickly vanished.

The police arrived about 10:15. Angie and I told our stories to them separately. I told them everything I had seen. She told them the truth too, not hiding the fact that she had gone willingly to the pool with Bud with the intention of having sex. Just as they were finishing taking my statement, an officer came in and announced that Bud had sworn out a complaint against me for assaulting him. I would have been handcuffed and taken to jail except that Angie's dad stopped them. It pays to have clout!

Angie and I were driven in separate cars to the police's station, and Angie's dad had his lawyer meet us there. Clout again! Angie had gotten dressed, and somebody gave me my T-shirt back. I put it on. It had a lingering scent of Angie on it and it was a little loose where her breasts had stretched it out. In spite of the circumstances, I felt myself getting hard again.

We told our stories again, and I asked the police to check out the pool. I gave them the combination to the gate. Then I remembered the film cartridge. "There are only a few pictures on this, but one of them near the end should show Bud trying to rape Angie, and another should show him as he's taking a swing at me."

I also showed them the darkening bruise where Bud had hit my shoulder. Angie's face was also marked from his slaps. Although I was not allowed to see them, the pictures came out perfectly, the poolside evidence (including Angie's ripped bikini) supported what Angie and I had said, and we were released about 2:00 a.m. after signing our statements. Even in the middle of the night, the rich and powerful can get a lot of cooperation out of law enforcement personnel!

The police told me that Bud had been arrested for attempted rape, assault and battery, and for filing a false police report. He was still in the hospital. Bud's father was also a big wheel in the community, and there was a brief shouting match between Angie's father and him, but the police kept them apart.

I rode back to Angie's house with Angie and her parents. I sat in the back with her mother. She just stared at me and nobody talked. I climbed out and got into my VW. Angie and her father went into the house, and Angie turned, smiled, and waved to me just before the door closed. Angie's mother came over, and I rolled down the window.

"Don, in the excitement I neither thanked you nor introduced myself. We owe you an incredible debt for what you went through tonight helping Angie. And my name is Doris, not Mrs. Hamilton to you from now on!"

"A Mrs. . . . Doris. I'm just glad I was up to the job. And thank you for getting the cops off my back! I was afraid I was going to spend the night in jail!"

She grinned. "No problem! What's your work shift tomorrow?"

"Two to eight. Is there something wrong? Is Angie hurt?"

She frowned. "No, nothing like that. But could you possibly come back here in the morning - say about 11:00? I have some things I'd like to talk to you about, privately."

"Sure. I'll be here." She reached in and shook my hand, and I drove away. I was incredibly attracted to Angie, but I was also afraid of what Bud would do to me once he got out of the hospital. That trick with the camera flash wouldn't work twice, and I wouldn't always have my boots on. In a fair fight with him I was going to get killed, and I knew he wouldn't fight fair.

At 10:58 the next morning I was back at the Hamilton's mansion. I had sore muscles everywhere, and there was now a large, painful bruise on my left shoulder where Bud had hit me.

I rang the melodious chimes, the door opened, and there stood Doris. I froze. I was speechless. For a moment I thought I was seeing Angie just as she had looked at the pool the night before.

Doris was wearing a short, light blue robe. It was almost transparent. She was naked underneath it. I could see her nipples, large areolae, and the dark triangle of her pubic hair. She reached around my waist and pulled me into the house.

She shut the door. "Bob's at work, Angie's helping at the Y, and I want you to fuck me! We're alone in the house!"

She began to pull my shirt up. "Mrs. . . . Doris, you don't have to do this! What . . ."

"Shush! I haven't had a hot, young stud for more than two decades!"

"But I . . . didn't even bring any protection!" I babbled.

"Screw that! Unless you've got some dread disease, there's nothing to worry about! I'm through the change! No more babies!" She pulled my shirt over my head and kissed me, hard. I could feel her nipples pressing against my chest.

"Doris, I don't . . ."

"Yes you do!" She grabbed me in the crotch, and I was already rock-hard. "I want this buried in me to the hilt! NOW!"

Doris was at least twice my age, probably about the same age as my mother. This just didn't add up! Even in my fantasies women don't just suddenly tell me to fuck them! I didn't know what was going on, but I sensed that I needed to regain some control. My arousal almost prevented my from thinking rationally.

"Doris, I'm not sure . . ."

She pulled my shorts and undershorts down to my ankles, and quickly pulled them and my sandals off. I was completely naked, standing in the foyer to the Hamilton's house. The whole thing hadn't taken thirty seconds. My penis was hard as a rock. Doris had an incredible body, particularly for her age.

Doris jumped up on me, wrapped her legs around my waist, and began to rub her slit against my cock. She pulled her robe open so that the material didn't get between her pussy and my penis. I noticed something strange: her nipples weren't hard like they had been when she had opened the door. Had she been rubbing them as I walked toward the house?

"Our bedroom is upstairs. Carry me up and fuck me in my own bed!"

I saw something really odd in her eyes. Acting purely on instinct, I shook my head. She smiled as if I had said the right thing. Then she quietly said, "So where ARE you going to fuck me?"

"I'm not going to just fuck you, Doris. I'm going to make love to you. And I think I know a good place."

Her face softened slightly, and she kissed me. I put my hands under her naked buttocks and carried her through the dining room, through the kitchen, and into the sun room I'd glimpsed the night before. There were two lounge chairs in that room facing their outdoor pool, and I pulled their cushions off, tossed them to the floor, and kicked them together. Then I bent down and laid Doris on them.

Her eyes now looked very intently into mine, and I was absolutely certain that I had absolutely no idea what was really going on! Not a clue! She wasn't as aroused as she was pretending to be. The top of my penis wasn't even wet, even though it had been in direct contact with her pussy. Her nipples were barely upright. She was acting, but what was her plan? I was incredibly aroused, but she was not, and I was completely confused because she kept saying, "Fuck me!".

But I decided I ought to at least try to seduce her, even if she was a lot older than I was. She was a naked female in remarkably good shape for her age, and I could always close my eyes and pretend she was somebody else - like Angie. As one of my fraternity brothers had said, "Even if you can't get the woman turned on, it's still fun trying. And if you succeed, jackpot! So it's a win-win!" I was soon to learn that nothing in this life is that simple.

Her penetrating, analytical eyes bothered me, so I kissed them first. Then I kissed her lips. As I sucked on her lower lip, she opened her mouth and her tongue came into my mouth. I opened my eyes, and hers were still closed. Good!

I kissed her face and moved down to her gaunt neck, lined and wrinkled. I kissed her ears, and moved back to her lips. With my eyes closed I pretended she was Angie. She even smelled a little like her daughter.

"Are you sure you . . ." She began?

"SHHH! Just relax!" I said.

"But I'm not ready and . . ."

"You soon will be!" I promised.

I moved my kisses to her chest, and slowly opened her robe. Her breasts were fairly small and sagging a little. She had large areolae and prominent nipples, just like Angie. I began to lick and suck on them. I went back and forth and they quickly became red and hard. Her areolae puffed out. "MMMMMH!" Doris gasped as I nibbled on each one.

I spread her robe completely open, baring her body. Doris had multiple stretch marks on her abdomen, and there were varicose veins on her legs. I moved my kissing lower. "OOH! AHH!" She exclaimed.

My kissing began to circle her thick, dark forest of long and curly pubic hair. Doris opened her legs. "It's been so long since anyone went down on me like this!" She murmured. She was writhing on the mat in her excitement. I could feel her legs trembling.

I could now smell the fresh musky scent of her arousal. I kissed and licked down her legs. I lifted each one and kissed behind her knees. Then I moved back up toward her pussy.

I kissed the varicose veins on her inner thighs and Doris spread her legs completely apart. I swept my tongue from the bottom of her slit to her clitoris, and she gasped. I began to pull on her labia with my lips, and Doris began to move her hips against my tongue. She moaned.

I slipped two fingers into her, and I moved them in and out of her. She was beginning to get wet. I found her G-spot, and she arched her back as I rubbed it. Doris was grunting and moaning with nearly every touch.

Her clitoris popped out from under its hood. It was large and dark red. I could see it throbbing rapidly with her heartbeat. I pressed my tongue against it. "OH GOD!" She yelled.

I licked on her labia, and her juices were beginning to leak out of her. My fingers slipped easily in and out as I tickled her G-spot. Her vagina began to clamp and squeeze my fingers.

I moved my fingers a little faster and I began to suck on her clitoris. I felt her vaginal clamping become harder. They quickly became a rippling orgasm. Doris clamped her legs together on my fingers, smashed her pussy against my face, and shrieked, "AAAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNH"

As her legs released my fingers I began to gently rub her G-spot. I reached up with my other hand and pinched her nipples. I pressed hard with my tongue against her clitoris and she exploded again. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMHHHHH"

As she came back down, she kept lifting and dropping her knees, grunting and moaning as her legs flopped against the mats. "Are you ready yet, Doris?" I asked.

She raised her head, and looked down at me between her legs, and said, "If you don't fuck me soon I'm going to have a coronary!" She continued making erotic grunts and moans.

I moved up her body and rubbed my face against hers, smearing her juices over her lips and cheeks. She kissed me passionately. "Your pussy tastes sweet, Doris!"

"I want you inside me! FUCK ME NOW!"

I used both hands to rub her nipples. I pressed the head of my penis against her vaginal opening, and she rotated her hips to allow me to slide completely into her. At first she felt loose, but her vagina quickly clamped down on me, squeezing me hard. I began to move in and out.

Doris wrapped her legs around me, but then her legs suddenly began to thrash wildly, kicking me and spreading her pussy wider and wider open. I felt pulsing contractions on my penis, and I moved in and out, faster and faster in time with her rhythm. Our coupling made a wet, slurping sound, with a slap each time my balls struck her crotch.

Doris began to climax again, screaming louder and louder with each rippling contraction, "Oh! Oh! OH! OH! OOOOH!"

I thought I would bring her to orgasm at least a couple more times before I ejaculated into her, but Doris was far too skilled. Suddenly I felt her deliberately squeeze her vagina harder on my penis. Her orgasmic pulses were now even stronger on my shaft, and I couldn't hold back. "MY GOD! OH! AAAAAAAH" I cried.

My penis swelled against the squeezing of her vagina several times, and I felt several shots of cum blast into her. Doris shrieked with each blast, "YAAAAAAAAA!"

I lay on top of her for several minutes, with my weight on my elbows. I was trembling, both from the effort of supporting my weight and the extremely active sex! The aroma of our fresh sweat and her pussy was thick in the air.

Doris and I kissed and caressed each other for several minutes, and our breathing gradually calmed down. I was pretending she was Angie again! Our hearts will still pounding hard, but not as fast. Doris opened her eyes and smiled. Suddenly I felt her vagina squeeze hard on my penis. Doris laughed at the expression on my face. "Didn't know an old broad could do that, did you?" She challenged.

I kissed her. "You've been working out. I can see that. You must have some special exercises for your pussy, too!"

She squeezed me again, and laughed. "I had four babies. If I didn't do something, I'd be so loose Bob wouldn't be able to finish in me."

This didn't seem the time to make a comment about her husband. I had just fucked his wife while pretending she was her daughter! All at once I remembered why her husband had looked so familiar. I had seen him in one of the pictures I had found in Connie's bedroom, showing Connie's husband fucking his blonde secretary. Angie's father had been fucking a woman in the same picture, and that woman hadn't been Doris. According to Connie, she was the wife of another member of the country club.

I held Doris for a few more minutes. Then I asked, "Want to explain to me what this is all about?" I fully expected to hear something about paying her husband back for his adultery. Instead what she said caught me completely off guard.

"You mean . . ."

"Yeah. This whole 'I want to fuck you!' scene at the door! What's going on, Doris? You weren't really turned on, so what were you trying to do? Seduce me? Why?"

Doris looked away, then looked at me and sighed deeply. "You're pretty smart. I wanted to find out if you were good enough in bed to seduce Angie. And you are! I just didn't go about it very well."

"Whaa . . ." That really caught me by surprise! The incident of the night before had caused me to beat off - twice - each time with Angie as my imaginary lust object. Having sex with Angie had been on my mind since I kicked Bud!

"It's not that long a story. This all began three generations ago." Doris said. She told me the story as she intermittently squeezed my penis with her vagina.

Doris explained that her great-grandmother had been quickly and painfully deflowered on her wedding night, and had come to believe that sex was another painful duty, like childbirth, that women simply endured. Several children later a young neighbor managed to seduce her, and she learned how wonderful making love could be. She loved her husband, and so she made three important decisions: she stopped the affair with her neighbor, she taught her husband how to be a real lover, and most significantly she decided that her daughters would all be deflowered by skilled lovers who would teach them how to enjoy their sexuality.

As each of her three daughters had come of age, she had managed brief affairs with young men until she found real lovers. Each had then been persuaded to seduce one of her daughters. This practice had been passed to Doris's grandmother and to her mother. "Now I'm continuing the tradition!" Doris proclaimed.

"I've been talking to Angie for several months about how beautiful making love can be, and I think that's why she fought Bud off last night after he started getting rough." She said. "From everything Angie had told me, I thought Bud was experienced enough that he would be okay and I wouldn't have to, ummh, take more direct action. I was obviously very wrong."

"Have I got this right?" I asked. "You want me to seduce Angie? And that's why you attacked me today? To see if I was good enough?"

Doris giggled. "I was sort of testing you! I was going to stop you if you just, well, went right ahead and screwed me."

"And the part about doing it in your bedroom?"

Doris's eyes got bright. "I love my husband too much for that! If you had taken me upstairs, I would have kicked you out!" I had a fleeting memory of the photograph showing her husband screwing that other woman. Obviously she didn't know. Or was she that good an actress?

"But . . . If you love your husband, why are you having sex with me? Is there a problem of some kind?" Of COURSE there was a problem! He was fucking somebody else, dummy!

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