tagExhibitionist & VoyeurPoolside Ecstasy

Poolside Ecstasy


During our dating years and also the first two years of our marriage Tom worked for an agricultural company. His job was going to all the farms in our area in Maryland and also cross state lines to Pennsylvania and West Virginia writing up orders for grain, seed, fertilizer, etc.

The owner was actually retired from actively running the business himself so he and his wife did a lot of travel. They always had Tom and I keep an eye on their property and if anything needed repaired or serviced we would call the proper service and arrange a scheduled visit. The property was huge, secluded, and very private. Alarm systems and the works protected this place.

The swimming pool pump needed repaired so we contacted the pool service. It was a family run business with the three sons now operating it. Usually it was Joey that came and sometimes his wife Jo. That's right! Jo and Joey! They were recently married after having dated for several years.

On the day they were to come I also had a few things to do inside the house. Tom dropped me off and then went back home to do some yard work. Joey was well trusted by the owner and had the passwords to the alarm systems so that when he and Jo arrived they were able to enter the property and proceed straight to their work. I paid little attention to them as a full hour went by.

I went about the house freshening things up a bit. Upon entering the large bathroom off from the master bedroom I approached the large window that overlooked the pool and beyond that a picturesque view of the valley with the rooftops of a small community visible several miles away. This bathroom was unbelievable in design, it was mirror wonderland.

I approached the window and became somewhat amused at the view I had of Jo and Joey sitting on some pool furniture. It appeared that they had finished the repair and were taking a break before leaving. They still could not have known that I was there. I continued to do a few things and then before leaving the bathroom opted to take another glance out the window.

When I looked out Joey had just stood up and with one swift motion removed his tank top up over his head. At that same moment Jo, with her back in my direction, slid out of the chair and dropped to her knees in front of him. With her hands she began rubbing up and down his muscular legs and with the flat of her hand was rubbing a circular motion on the front of his very short cutoffs. They were the kind of cutoffs that I sometimes thought looked silly on a guy but not on Joey! I was concentrating my focus to see if perhaps part of his love meat was hanging down below the cutoff. No such luck. They were too tight. His shorts were teasing my imagination.

My heart began racing as I thought of how much I wanted Jo to keep going. She keeps rubbing and pinching the front of his shorts. "Unzip them Jo", I think out loud. "It's just a small piece of material that remains and you are both in a very private location."

As if our minds were connected Jo proceeded to do just that. She took her thumb and index finger and teasingly pinched the zipper flap and slowly pulled it down. "Oh yes, yes, yes,let it out", I whispered loudly while trying to stay out of view. Jo continues pulling Joey's shorts down and I become totally paralyzed when his shorts cleared the way for his cock to spring forward. It was enormous! "Damn!" I thought, "How could so much cock hide behind such a small garment?" I couldn't move. I could barely breath. His cock was so erect and thick and long as any I had ever seen. His balls were hanging low. His face was showing excitement and anticipation and so was mine as I glanced at myself in one of the mirrors.

The knob on his cum rod was huge and glowing. The sun is no stranger to this awesome pussy pleaser. He was totally tan. Jo leaned forward and circled the head of his cock with her tongue. I released an audible "Mmmmmmmm" as I felt my desire and appetite grow to just, if nothing else, a brief taste or lick of his scent. There is so much cock there that Jo and I could share it but instead she continues teasing me and satisfying herself by sucking and stroking his love stick with her face.

Jo stands up and with her back still to me removes her clothing while Joey wraps his hand around his cock and slow strokes it. "Oooohhh, damn!", I whisper loudly. How I love watching a guy hold and control his own pleasure himself.

Jo now naked and also tanned all over motions to Joey to follow her a few steps over to where the pool cover laid folded up. She kneels down and then leans back on her elbows. Now on her back her full tanned breasts are totally revealed. Her love nest was shaved down to a small patch similar to mine but Jo went a little closer with the razor. Joey now standing between Jo's spread open legs as she runs her finger tips up and down her thighs. Joey's cock stood straight out casting a twitching shadow down onto the cement.

Joey knelt down and brought his face in close to his afternoon delight and began kissing the inside of each her thighs. I could feel myself melting. He placed his hands in under her brown buns and lifted up her ass a little so that he could better position himself. Moving slowly and tenderly he ran his tongue in closer and made contact with the entrance lips of her passion.

My legs became weak. I dropped to my knees and realized that my hand was touching myself on the outside of my shorts. With the window open a slight bit I could hear Jo's sounds of enjoyment. She was circling her hips in time with Joey's experienced tongue. Oh, how I envied everything about her at this moment. Several minutes went by until Jo lifted Joey's head with her hands. They stood up and she motioned to him to sit back down on the reclining pool chair. He did so reclining about half way back. His legs were spread wide with his feet straddling the chair on each side. His cock?!! Mmmmmmmm Oh Baby! Standing room only and Oooohhhhh how it stood. Oh damn! He was driving me insane!

Jo knelt down by the side of the chair and slid her right hand under his balls that were hanging low. She leaned forward and started moving her tongue around his chest and continued dragging it over his stomach until her cheek was against his massive meat. Turning her head she teased the base of his erection with her tongue and then worked her way up to the head. Jo began a more aggressive attack to the mammoth beast before her by taking him fully into her mouth and begins an up and down rhythm that sets Joey squirming on his ass and me squeezing my knees together.

I reached my hand to the window crank and quietly opened the window another inch. I could hear Joey moaning. His deep tone vibrated between my thighs. Still touching myself through my shorts I was using caution because I knew that with very little coaxing I could cum.

Jo moved her hand from his balls and wrapped it firmly around the bottom half of his drive shaft. She continued pumping him with her mouth and throat along with her hand wrapped around the base following every move. Occasionally she removed her mouth to allow her hand to enjoy a full stroke on the length of his manhood.

Oh how I loved this! Oh how I was getting lost in what I was watching! As I gazed down upon them I wondered what it would be like to stand above him and slowly sit my way down to feel his monster tease the entrance of my love canal. Or to have my hand wrapped around him as he fired off his loaded cannon straight up skyward and gently work him until the last and remaining love cream oozed out profusely and warm down over my hand. "OH baby Doll! Just to have a small taste of you! Mmmmmm!", I thought.

As I regained my focus on the love making couple before me I couldn't believe my eyes!!!!...... "Oh no!.... Oh no! ....Oh no!" I gasped. Jo was still pleasing her man but now Joey was looking....straight....up....at....me....in the window! I felt a hot flash go through me! I became afraid and embarrassed! I moved over out of view and went to the adjoining bedroom.

Cautiously I approached another window to peek out between the curtains. "Wow" I said to myself, "Nothing happened!" Jo was still working his meat and Joey kept flashing glances towards the window where I had been standing. He didn't say a word to Jo about their audience.

A new urge raced through me. Without a second thought I removed my clothes and returned to the bathroom and slowly approached the window off to one side. I peeked out and then decided to go for it. Moving in front of the window I exposed myself to him completely naked. He sends me a smile with Jo still not aware. I lifted my foot up onto the window sill that was only a foot off the floor. I opened myself to give him full view of my aching pussy as my hands began to explore myself. His gaze felt good upon me. "Look all you want Super Stud", I thought. I was feeling so bold and wanted him to know without any doubt how much I wanted his milk. Joey began moaning more loudly now for which I took pleasure in knowing I was partly responsible.

Jo stood up and started walking towards an umbrella table where their gear was. Joey again looked straight up into my stare. He was leaning back with his feet still straddling the chair giving me a wide open view. He could feel my eyes upon him as well. He was entirely tan and shining all over in a sweat from the afternoon sun and all of Jo's efforts. His cock still standing upright, Oh Baby, as if the sun were pulling on it. As he looked into my awe struck face he wrapped his hand around his cock and pointed it towards me while making an expression seeking my approval. When I nodded him my approval he executed a long firm stroke towards me. I continued nodding with my fingers touching my hot and wet entrance until I began cumming uncontrollably and bending over at my waste trying to remain quiet. "Oh Baby Luv!" I whispered loudly, "How I wish my juices could saute your meat! Mmmmmmmmm Baby!" He knew I was cumming and he broadened his smile towards me.

Jo returned from the table with a bottle of lubricant. Oh Jo, I don't need that! I'm ready now! She poured some over his cock and spread it with her fingertips to cover the entire surface.

Jo straddled the chair and began bending her knees lowering herself until her love opening was just barely touching his twitching, throbbing cockhead. She continued down so slowly only allowing the tip to enter her. She began a circular motion with her hips that caused the three of us to moan. Now, even more, she gradually allowed him to penetrate her fully. I could hardly believe it, Jo was able to take it all! Both of them exploding in audible sounds of pleasure as Jo picks up the gallop while riding him.

They both shined and sparkled in their coat of sweat and I could even feel the sweat on myself as Jo rode and rode her wild stallion. With each time Jo went down Joey could see over her shoulder that I was still there. Still there in my cock craving nakedness. Placing my foot on the window sill again knowing that everyone was nearing the journey's climax.

As I felt myself coming closer to a massive climax Jo and Joey began screaming uncontrollably. We were all three cumming at the same time. Mmmmmmmm Baby it was feeling so good! Jo continued as long as she could milking his cock with her body but as her legs became weak and tired she rolled off to the side exposing Joey's volcano still oozing the last of his load.

I backed out of sight again and went over into the bedroom were I could watch out between the curtains. They had just dived into the pool to cool themselves down. They were joking and laughing as they climbed out of the pool. My eyes straining to get another glimpse of the star of the day. Ahhhhhhhhh, there it was! Semi-hard but relieved!

They dressed while still wet. Joey pulling his shorts back on fitting his love muscle back into such a confined place. How cruel and unusual punishment after putting on a five star performance! My mind already scheming a way to help release it back into wide open freedom where it could one day quench the desires steaming in my mind. They gathered their belongings and left the property.

I wrapped a bathtowel around myself and went out on the patio next to the pool. I sat down in the chair where Joey sat and looked up at the window to see what kind of view he had of me. Ahhhhhhhhh yes! He had good enough view to know that without a doubt he pleased two women today.

Leaning back I let the towel come open. The warm breeze felt so good exploring my bareness. I was still quivering and hot and am not too shy to say, "I needed some cock bad!" I felt a sensation and with only a finger touched my sensitive love nest to persuade it to cum again. I was so exhausted that I dozed off in the warm sun.

I woke up startled to see Tom standing at the foot of my chair naked with his clothes in a pile at his feet. He had a tight grip around his hardness with it aimed at me.

"Ohhhhhhh Tommy Baby Baby! How did you know I was in need of that?" I asked. I reached and wrapped my hand around his cock and used it to pull him closer to me.

"Hmmmmmm looks like someone fell asleep while they were tanning and had a nice dream", he said.

"Oh no, Tom, it was much better then that", I responded. "You'll never believe what happened here today but please let me tell you about it later tonight. Tom, I am so desperate! I need your cock so bad. Make love to me Tom. I want you so much! Mmmmmm Tom wouldn't it be so hot if someone where up in that window watching us?"

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