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Poolside Fun


Doug was masturbating hard and fast. He loved watching her so much; he always had. He just had to rub his cock when he saw her in her skimpy bikini swimming lengths of her pool. She may have been twenty years his senior but she was perfect to him. Long flowing brown hair, gorgeous face and a killer body; he would never have known she had given birth if it wasn't for the fact that she was his girlfriend's mother.

Doug had been obsessed with Janice ever since him and his family had moved next door to her. All of the kids at school had been jealous that he lived next door to the delightful Jocie but Doug had always had eyes for her mother. In fact he had only started spending time with Jocie so that he could get closer to Janice.

That sounds mean and nasty but it did not really start out that way. Doug began doing homework with Jocie; then it progressed to going out to the cinema, out for burgers et cetera. Only ever as friends. What had Doug was oblivious to was that Jocie had fallen for him. Then after they had been out on her eighteenth birthday she flung herself at him outside her front door and kissed him deeply.

Jocie was a beautiful girl and so Doug had obviously enjoyed it; they fell into a relationship. It wasn't long before they gave each other their virginity. It was awkward and messy but they both enjoyed it. Being young they began to have sex a couple of times a day. Jocie was completely smitten; Doug thought about Janice every time he was inside Jocie.

About three months after Doug and Jocie started having sex Janice kicked Jocie's dad out for being 'a completely useless twat.' Doug was not sure what it meant but he was glad. He knew that no-one was fucking the woman of his dreams.

The break up had two big effects. Jocie was distraught and took solace in the pleasure of making love with Doug; he was not complaining as he was getting loads. The other affect was the deepening of Doug's obsession with Janice; he had to have her and now he thought he had a chance.

That brings us back to today. Doug was getting close to shooting his load whilst watching Janice swim when he saw Jocie leave her house. Doug remembered that she was going to the cinema with friends and then on to a burger bar. He suddenly had a thought that stopped his masturbation; 'This is my chance to get Janice.'

He pulled up his pants, sprayed himself with aftershave and headed over to Janice's swimming pool. She did not see him coming and so was a little shocked when she got to the end of the length to see him standing there holding her towel.

'Oh...err...hi Doug. Jocie has gone out for the evening. Didn't you know?'

'Yeah. I didn't come to see her.' Janice noticed the look of lust in his eyes and she smiled at him.

She climbed up the steps out of the pool. Doug's eyes were all over her body and the droplet of water making their way down the delicious landscape. Janice stepped into the towel held by Doug and he wrapped it round her. They stood for a few awkward seconds with Doug's arms wrapped around Janice; holding her body next to his. She could feel his erection pressed against her.

Doug was surprised that she did not pull away. He started to rub his hands over her body to dry her off; she let him. Doug decided to go for it and he started to dry off her big boobs and ass; she let him. Doug thought he would explode right there and then.

He finally moved his hand between her legs and began 'drying her off' down there; she let him. Janice moaned with pleasure as this young stud pleasured her. She knew she should run a mile from her daughter's boyfriend but she had needs and she knew he liked her; she moved in and kissed him.

This was every bit as good as Doug had imagined. He dropped the towel and sunk his hand inside her bikini briefs and began fingering her with the enthusiasm of youth. He felt her pelvis grind back against his hand as they stood there kissing. Doug was in heaven; it was about to get better.

Janice dropped to her knees and pulled down Doug's shorts and took his cock in her mouth. Jocie had given Doug head quite a lot but she had nowhere near the talent that her mother had. It took Janice only two minutes of deep throating and licking to make Doug cum in her mouth.

It felt to Doug like his cock had exploded. He had never felt such intensity; it was amazing. Janice showed Doug her mouthful of cum before swallowing every drop; Jocie never swallowed.

She stood up and led Doug over to the sun lounger next to the pool. She pushed him onto it on his back before slipping off her bikini; Doug felt himself getting hard again as he saw her completely naked magnificence. He did not know where to look most; her gorgeous full tits or her surprisingly clean shaven pussy; his eyes moved like he was watching a vertical tennis match.

Janice climbed on top and kissed him. Doug could taste his own sex on her but her did not care; the woman of his dreams was about to fuck his brains out. He could not have been happier; he could not have been harder. She lowered herself onto his more-than-ready rod.

The warmth of Janice's vagina surrounding his throbbing manhood blew Doug's mind and he started to pump her hard and fast; the enthusiasm of youth. Janice held her head back and her arms out to the side as she enjoyed the feeling of having an eager young cock inside her again for the first time in about fifteen years. It made her feel young; not like that semi-hard offering her good-for-nothing ex-husband used to insist on giving her the pleasure of. She bounced herself up and down to drive it deeper. Doug could not take his eyes of those bouncing fun bags; he grabbed them and kneaded them as he pounded her forty-year-old pussy.

After twenty minutes of the most enjoyable type of exercise Janice began to cum. She felt a huge emotional release as the waves of pleasure flowed over her body. Her moans pushed Doug over the edge and he pumped his cum into his girlfriend's mother's hot pussy. This was the first time he had ever had sex bareback; Jocie always insisted on condoms.

Janice collapsed on top of Doug and they kissed in each others arms for a long time; neither one caring whether anyone saw them naked in Janice's garden.

As the evening set in and the temperature began to drop Janice stood up and said, 'You had better go before Jocie gets home.' She leaned over and kissed Doug.

He was hard again; especially after seeing a glob of his cum making its way down Janice's inner thigh; but he knew she was right. 'Okay.' He looked disappointed; even though he was ecstatic inside.

She kissed him again. 'Don't be a stranger.' With a wink she picked up her bikini and towel and made her way into the house.

An hour or so later Doug head a knock at the door. He knew it was Jocie and he knew he would be fucking her in a few minutes but all he could think was, 'When can I have Janice again.'

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Wish I knew more and did more at 18

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