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Poolside Massage


Today is the third day of our vacation. My husband (Jim) and I are staying at this great bungalow on the beach, and we have fucked and sucked each other as much as possible over the past two days. If you want to know why my pussy and mouth are so sore, you should go read about my last two days. But here is our day 3. Hope you enjoy it!!

The sun crashes through our bedroom window, waking me from a perfectly good sex dream. Just like yesterday, Jim is snoring lightly, and his morning erection stands tall and firm, teasing me to please it. Even with all the cumming I've done the past couple days, the sight of his hard-on excites me, and the day's first tingle tickles my pussy. I really want to take care of him, but, yesterday's fucking really exhausted me. I think I'll just blow him, and maybe I'll have him do me later.

He looks so great lying there. He's almost 6 feet tall, and has a solid athletic build. He's not real muscular, but every muscle is well toned. He works out a lot, and the hours he spends biking has made his butt firm and well formed. Even though Jim is pretty hot, when I stand next to him, all the eyes are on me!! I'm about 5-4, 130 pounds, with medium length very dark brown hair. My boobs are about the size of grapefruit, and nearly as firm!! I also exercise a lot, and am in great shape. Although I think my best feature is my perfect butt, Jim's favorite thing is my really flat stomach (not counting my mouth and pussy!!)

I reach over and gently pull the sheet off him, and his stiff dick gently waves back and forth as I expose it to the morning air. I shimmy down the bed to get closer to it, and roll toward him. My face is just inches from his member, and from this distance I can see every crease and vein in his cock. He is so hard that it gently sways back and forth in time with his heart beat. I open my mouth wide, and put his dick deep into my mouth and let it hit the back of my throat before closing my lips. I don't move, but just let him rest in my mouth. His penis completely fills my mouth, and I feel it gently pulsing as it grows even harder. I gently explore the rim with my tongue, and wait for him to wake. Within a few seconds he moans softly and I feel his hand move to the back of my neck. He makes a louder groaning sound as he pulls me further down on him. "Oh my God," is all he can say, as I start moving my mouth up and down on him.

I grab my vibrator, which is still on the bed from last night, and while still sucking him, turn it on to it's highest setting. It jumps to life, and the room is filled with the purring sound of its promised mechanical pleasure. I take the vibe into a palm of one hand, and firmly grab the base of his penis. As my one hand holds the vibe tightly to the back side of his member, my mouth works on his just his rim and head. My lips, tongue, cheeks, vibe, and hand are overwhelming him, and he moans his constant approval. His hand releases my head, and I move my lips even more aggressively up and down and around his rim. I take my mouth off him for a few seconds, and watch the pre-cum grow at his tip, and then watch it vibrate until it breaks free and rolls gracefully down his shaft. As each drop falls away, another clear drop appears.

The vibe is vigorously shaking the base of Jim's penis, and his head moves about in small circles as it dances with delight. I can tell from his quickening breaths that he is quickly coming to his orgasm, and I put my mouth back on him to help him cum. My tongue lashes at his vibrating shaft, and I feel his head vacuumed against my cheeks as I suck. In only about a minute of vibing and sucking, I feel his hips rising, and he groans out a feeble "I'm close." I suck a couple more stokes, and feel his head grow big in my mouth. I lift my lips from him, just as he sighs a pained "I'm cumming!" A first long stream of thick, white cum just misses my lips, and flies gracefully to his chest. I love to watch his cum fly: the way it changes shape; the way it catches the sunlight; and the way it falls in a neat rope of pleasure. His hips heave in frenzied abandon, making the next spurts fly in all directions. He shoots spurt after spurt, each dumping a wavy line of cum on his stomach, the bed, or my hand. As the last drops limp down his shaft, I pull the vibe off him, and lean back into him to give his head a short kiss. His body goes limp, and his penis softens in appreciation of my work. With a little string of his cum clinging to my lower lip, I move up and give him a deep, loving kiss. "I owe you something big today," he promises softly, enjoying the afterglow of his surprise blowjob.

We finally crawl out of bed and shower. He takes a quick one as I make some coffee, and then I jump in. As I pass him toweling off, I look down to his penis, and it looks small and shy. It's so worn out that it can't even stand up and look me in the eye. I get a little shiver as I proudly think that I just sucked every bit of sexual tension out the tip of his dick.

I take a long shower, taking time to think about how Jim might try to please me later today. I let the water flow over my body, and coyly let the water jets splash against my clit as I think about what I'd like done to me. I don't let myself get too aroused, but I lazily let my soapy hands caress my breast and nipples, and let my fantasies rise. I pull myself back to reality and turn off the water. I dry off, put on just a bit of makeup, and blow dry my hair. I put on a simple pair of loose terrycloth shorts and a tight-fitting tube top, and get ready to go exploring. I come out of the bathroom, and see my husband outside next to the private pool. He's standing next to another man, and there is a small table set up beside the pool. Jim sees me, gives a huge toothy grin, and excitedly motions for me to come outside. As I approach them, I see this is a massage table, and the young guy must be a masseuse. "Here's your surprise for being so good to me. After all the activity yesterday, I thought you could use a massage," Jim says excitedly. "He doesn't speak any English, but the front desk says all the women love his touch. We can't really communicate with him, but everyone here just calls him 'Bill."

"Have fun!" Jim says as he turns and arranges the big comfy chair (the one where I got pounded on day 1), and sits down. He grabs a book from the stand, gives me a quick look and smile, and drops his head to read. I look to Bill, and he has a mischievous smile on his face. He makes a motion like he wants me to take my top off. I just shake my head in the universal motion for "no." His smile ends, and he gets a look like a cute little boy being disappointed. He just looks intently at me with his huge brown eyes, and pats the table.

Now, that I can do. I sit on the table, and rotate as I lay down so I am lying flat and face down. He moves to the front of the table, and moves my hands and arms so they hang over the front of the table.

As he stands at the front of the table, I get my first really good close-up look at him. He's about 6-2 or so, and incredibly trim. He's wearing only a pair of swim trunks, which hang beautifully off his rear. His legs are dark tanned, and every muscle is clearly defined. He must shave his whole body, as there is no hair on his arms, chest, or legs. His chest is golden brown, and his abs ripple and shimmer in the sun. I let my mind wander a bit as he prepares to rub me.

In an instant he grabs the sides of my tube top and pulls it toward him, yanking my top completely off in a single, quick motion. The shock of laying here topless, with no bra, is overwhelming. I turn my head to look at Jim, and he mouths an exaggerated "have fun," smiles and returns to his book.

I try to relax, and Bill's hands start working on my scalp. It feels really good, but I'm still really tense. His hands stop, and I hear Bill rummaging in the bag he brought. I turn my head to see what he's doing. His bag is on the ground at the head of the table, and he's bent down from the waist pulling something from the bag. In this pose his loose short are pulled tautly against his firm butt, and his legs look long and firm. I feel a little guilty as I stare at his butt, but it's impossible not to notice what a great body he has.

Bill stands up, holding a bottle in each hand. He hands one bottle to me, while making a 'drink this' motion with his thumb and hand. I can't believe I do this, but I take the unlabeled bottle, open it, tip it back, and swallow every drop. From the warm burning in my throat and stomach, I guess I just drank something pretty potent. Almost immediately I feel a little light headed, and lie back down. As I let the fog of Bill's drink flow over me, Bill opens the other bottle and squirts a big glop into his hands. He puts his hands on my back, and starts rubbing my shoulders with large, slippery circles. In this position, his groin is only a few inches from my face, and I can see the outline of his penis as I stare at his bulge. Being this close to his semi-erect dick makes me nervous, and I feel guilty as another one of those tingles flows through me. Even though it's still pretty soft, the shaft extends well down his left leg before the crease widens to hold his head. As he rubs me, his hips gently move side to side, and I watch the crease in his shorts gently brush against his member.

Bill continues to rub my back for a good while, and then moves to massage my legs and thighs. He's really good at rubbing, and the drink has made me very relaxed. I'm actually starting to enjoy his touch, as his hands move up my thighs and stop at the bottom of my shorts. With another sharp motion, he yanks the terrycloth shorts off my butt, and then lifts my knees to pull them completely off, leaving me covered with just my skin-tight boy shorts. I'm now almost naked on his bench. I turn to look at Jim. He's smiling, but doesn't even look up from his book.

Bill moves to the bottom of the table, leans forward to rub my back with one hand, while using his other hand to gently push my legs apart. I feel his hands and fingers working up my inner thighs, and he lets them float over my pussy area as he presses his hands lightly into my thin panties. My mind is racing and confused, but it all feels so good. I turn back to face Bill, and he gives me a big, hot smile. A smile that says he's ready to satisfy me, and to let his passion take over. My look of shock doesn't faze him, as he continues lightly rubbing my groin, making harder and firmer circles, and letting his fingers press harder against me with each pass. He moves a single finger inside my leg band, and puts it at my opening. He pushes it just barely into me, while he continues to rub my back with his other hand. The soothing rays of the noon sun warm my skin, as Bill rubs all the tension from my back and neck. At the same time, his finger is gently swirling in me, teasing my opening and brushing against my clit.

Bill stops rubbing and moves to the side of the table, and motions for me to roll over. I hesitate a bit, so he slides his slick hand under my groin, lifts, and uses his other hand to roll my shoulders. Effortlessly, he rolls me onto my back. He gives off a small sigh as he looks longingly at my breasts and nipples. He picks up his bottle of lotion, places it in front of his shorts, and squirts several streams of the lightly colored lubricant all over my stomach and chest. I look at my wet chest, and them look up to him. His eyes are just closing, so I expect that he is visualizing what I would look like covered in his liquid. A large jolt in his shorts catches my eye, and I lower my gaze to see he is fully erect, and as I stare, the light blue material of his shorts turns dark at the tip of his penis. The dark spot grows with each passing second, as the precum flows from him. As I watch his desire for me grow, my ache to be taken returns, and I feel drops of desire rolling down my lips.

Bill gives off a frustrated sigh, and puts his hands on my chest and stomach, and rubs his hands lightly through lubricant. He spends a lot of time focused on my breasts and nipples, but occasionally lets a hand slide down my chest and stomach, and slide an inch or two into my shorts. Bill has his back to Jim, so Jim can't see his erection, but the sexual tension is palpable, I don't know how Jim could not sense the rising lust.

Bill looks intently at me, and glances back toward Jim. He picks up the lotion again, but this time picks up my hand. He squirts a good-sized glob into my hand. I look at Bill strangely, not understanding what he's doing. While holding my hand, he uses his other hand to pull the top of his shorts down, and his dick springs out. My mind races, but there is no time to think. He takes my lubricated hand, and puts it around his dick. His hand surrounds and controls mine, and he forces my hand to slide up and down his dick. Even though he is providing the power for each stroke, it is my hand that presses into his shaft, rim, and head, giving him pleasure. I try to pull my hand away, but he is too strong for me, and I don't want to make a scene that would get Jim upset. I look into his eyes, and I see he's begging me to continue. His grip softens, but I keep my grip and pace. Soon, his hands have moved back to rubbing my breasts, and my hand continues stroking him.

As I slowly stroke him, I marvel at how perfect his penis is. It's probably about 7 inches long, a perfectly straight shaft that is topped with a big firm head. His shaft is so hard that even with my tightest grip, my fingers cannot press into the flesh. I can even feel the roughness of his bulging veins, and I think about how it might feel pulsing inside of me. As my fingers glide up his shaft, they have to expand widely to pass over his rim, and then collapse again at his tip. I especially tighten my hand as I start each down stroke, and he gives off an almost inaudible little groan as my hand passes over his rim.

One of his hands slides down my stomach and slips just inside the elastic of my shorts. But this time he doesn't pull it out, but lets it hover just at the point where my mound starts to rise. I fear both that he will continue moving his hand into me, and that he won't. I stop stroking him, but leave my hand around him. I can feel him looking intensely at me, looking for me to decide if I want him. I look to Jim, but he is just looking at his book. He's got a small knowing smile on his face, so he's leaving the decision to me.

But my body was working way ahead of my brain. While I try to think about what to do, I can feel my hips gently rising to meet his fingers, and my hand tightens its grip and begins moving up and down his shaft again. I bring my feet on to the table, bend my knees, and lift my hips slightly off the table, begging him to remove my shorts. Bill looks into my eyes, confirming my lust, and then drops his eyes to my shorts. Bill pulls his hands from my shorts and pulls away, freeing his dick from my grasp. He moves determinedly to the end of the table, and pulls my shorts to my knees, and the warm sun's rays hit my pussy. I drop my hips, lift my feet, and he pulls my shorts completely off. He grabs the underside of my thighs, and pull my whole body to the edge of the table. He places each of my feet into a foot rest at each side of the table, letting my legs rest comfortably, while keeping my knees bent. He puts one hand strongly on top of each knee, and presses firmly down, spreading my knees wide. He looks into my eyes, smiles while licking his lips, looks at my pussy, and then drops his head between my legs. I gasp as his tongue spears me, driving deep into my slit. His tongue goes deeper and deeper, until I feel his mouth engulfing my mound. He takes out his tongue, and uses his mouth and lips to gently lick and suck the entire area around my pussy. He explores and probes my whole area, stimulating every nerve in my groin. After a few minutes, his tongue begins to focus on lashing up and down my slit, finally stopping to slide firmly over my clit. Bill's lips firmly press around my hood, forcing my clit further out of its hiding spot. As his mouth positions my clit for joy, his tongue rhythmically slides up and down the sides of my clit, occasionally changing the motion to stimulate its tip. I'm loving every second of my first hands-free cunnilingus session.

I was probable only a minute from an orgasm when Bill lifts his head. His face glistens in the sun from my moisture, and he looks desperate to use his dick. He stands up, and pulls my butt even closer to the edge of the table, and now my pussy sits open and anxious at its edge. It yearns to be filled, and I spread my knees as far wide as I can to let Bill in as far as possible. He further presses my knees apart, and moves his hips toward me. His dick is long, hard, and straight, and it inches toward my aching pussy. He slowly enters me and pushes his dick into me until it bottoms. Even though my pussy is wet with desire, and his penis is still slick from lubricant, my pussy strains to take his girth. Bill starts a steady, almost slow, stroking, that allows my tension to build slowly. Bill drops one hand to my clit, and rubs me as his strokes become faster and more determined. He ate me so well that already I'm not far from release. I begin moaning deeply, and I feel my knees spreading uncontrollably as my pussy begins to lightly vibrate. The vibration soon turns to a shaking, as I feel my shoulders pressing into the table as my hips rise to meet his thrusts. A sudden convulsion starts deep in my pussy and slams through my entire groin. A let out a scream of release, and let the waves of spasms swell and take my body and mind. After at least a minute of spasms and release, my pussy finally relaxes and the warm feeling of satisfaction overcomes me.

As I come out of my orgasmic coma, I can feel Bill finish a final stroke and pull himself out of me, but I don't feel his cum. I turn my head to watch him move to my side, his penis in his hand. He points his penis toward my stomach, and starts to stroke it hard, but slowly. Thick white drops form at his tip, and drop to the table, just missing my side. Watching him masturbate, and the thought of his cumming on me sends a shock through me, and I feel another wave of spasms growing, With each stroke and each drop my excitement grows, and my fingers move to speed my arousal. He is getting close, and I feel my vibrations start again. His head tips far back, his mouth opens, and his hips move forward as my first big spasm hits. Just as my fist contraction ends, a long, almost solid stream of cum flies across my body and lands on my chest. The stream leaves a rope of cum that extends from about my belly button all the way across my breast, and ending near my far nipple. As each of my spasms hit, more streams of cum land on me. Bill's whole body fights to eject his fluid, as his liquid ends its journey of pleasure on my body. My last convulsion ends, but Bill continues unloading his balls onto me. He's left at least a dozen lines of jizz on me, and his penis still looks like a fire hose spurting out its white foam, dousing Bill's tension. My stomach and breasts are coated with his cum, and I feel it rolling down my sides onto the bed. Bill finally stops, and I reach to replace his hand on his dick. I give it a couple gentle strokes, forcing the last few thick drops from him. Instinctively, I put my hands on my breasts, and feel the warm liquid seep between my fingers. Bill looks satisfied as he watches my hands make big slippery circles in his cum.

I stare at my cum-soaked body, and look up to see Jim smiling handing me a towel. "Hope you enjoyed your surprise."

I'm already thinking about how I can return this favor!!

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