tagNonConsent/ReluctancePoor Annabelle

Poor Annabelle


If you like this story let me know. There may be continuing chapters.


Annabelle Hawkins was a young student from northern Alabama at a college in Ohio. Back home in Alabama, she had stood out as a beauty, five foot three inches tall, with shoulder length brown hair and green eyes. Her breasts were ample and upturned, with no hint of sag, and her ass was tight and muscular. But at the college in Ohio, she was just another girl.

Life at the campus in Ohio was pretty dull at first. Classes, then study, then laundry, then more classes. A few young men had attempted to distract her with their advances, but Annabelle was very shy. She had no experience with men.

Then one Friday afternoon, her roommate, Janice, asked her to attend a party with her. Janice had no date to attend the party with, so she asked Annabelle to accompany her. Not wanting to offend her roommate, Annabelle agreed to go.

When they arrived at the party the music was loud and fast. The house was crowded, spilling out on to the lawn. There were several kegs of beer scattered about the house. Annabelle was immediately given a red Solo cup of beer by some stranger. She took a sip of the beer. It was not unpleasant to her.

Annabelle soon drew the attention of an older student named Douglas Faulkner. Doug was a senior, and had attended many parties like this one. He told his friend George, "That is tonight's target." George nodded.

When Annabelle had consumed almost 3/4s of her beer, a fresh beer was pressed into her hand. Having consumed the first beer, the second went down more easily, followed by a third. Soon Annabelle was completely relaxed and happy as a dead pig in the sunshine. She giggled at the slightest hint of humor. Her childhood inhibitions were gone.

A slow song began to play, and a man by the name of Doug asked her to dance. She agreed and soon found herself entangled with Doug on the dance floor. Annabelle enjoyed the dance. She felt no pain.

When the song was over, Doug attempted to kiss Annabelle. She responded by kissing him back. Doug led her to a nearby keg of beer where he accepted a cup of beer from George and gave it to Annabelle. She drank it thirstily. Another slow song began, but Doug led Annabelle to a nearby couch to sit down and drink the beer.

The party was too loud for conversation, so the couple sat and kissed. Annabelle finished her beer. Doug began to caress her breasts which were covered by only a thin tank top and no bra. She made no objection to his fondling; her body was warming up to the attention it was receiving. Annabelle was not used to the beer or the attention to her breasts. George brought them both another beer, which went down quickly.

The alcohol combined to make Annabelle slip into a state of abandon. Her head rested against Doug's shoulder as she drifted into a state of euphoria, sometimes laughing hysterically. Doug nodded to his partner George, who proceeded to help him escort her to a car waiting outside.

"Where are we going?" she asked.

"This place is getting dull." George said. "I know a place that is really rocking."

Doug drove the car a few blocks to a nearby fraternity house. Annabelle was unfamiliar with her surroundings. A loud band was playing inside the large frat house. George helped Doug guide Annabelle upstairs to his room. No one noticed the event because the frat house was filled with partying people in various stages of inebriation.

When they got Annabelle up to Doug's room, they pounced on her. They lowered her to the floor in the middle of the room. Doug produced two sets of handcuffs. He cuffed Annabelle's right wrist to one leg of the bed, the other wrist to the other leg of the bed. George produced two lengths of sash cord, which he used to tie Annabelle's feet to two closet door handles, which left her legs spread and raised upright. She struggled to free herself.

"What are you doing? Let me up you bastard." she begged.

Doug took a pair of scissors from a drawer and began to cut Annabelle's jeans from her body. Once removed, Doug tossed the jeans aside.

"Oh my god, please let me up." she begged. "Don't do this to me."

He then began to cut away the thin tank top she wore. Her perky breasts were revealed. Doug leaned forward and took her breast in his mouth, licking and sucking, first one then the other, for a few moments. Then Doug began to remove the last remaining garment she had, a pair of blue thong panties. Annabelle twisted against her restraints to foil his efforts. It did her no good. He cut them off with the scissors, revealing her brown hairy pussy.

Now Annabelle was naked and exposed to the two of them. The men began to remove their own clothing. Both of them sported engorged hard dicks. Doug produced a coin from a jar on the dresser. He flipped it and called tails. It was heads. Doug lost so George was allowed to go first.

"Please, no! Don't do this. I'm a virgin." she cried

George knelt between Annabelle's legs to begin his assault. He grasped the shaft of his dick and placed it at the entrance to her cunt. For a few minutes, he only rubbed the head up and down to tease her. Her pussy began to moisten.

"Oh my god. He's going to fuck me. He's going to take my virginity" she thought. She braced herself.

With one swift movement, George drove his dick into her to the hilt. When he did, he realized the girl was in fact a virgin. Withdrawing his dick from her cunt, he saw the film of blood on his cock.

When Annabelle's virginity was ripped away, she screamed in agony. The reality of her newly stuffed cunt overwhelmed her. She tried to scream out her pain, but George shoved her damaged thong panties in her mouth, placing duct tape over it to hold it in place. George's ass rose and fell repeatedly between the girls thighs, screwing his fat bloated cock into her depths, over and over, in and out, until poor Annabelle's ravished little pussy began to respond by becoming wetter. The initial pain was washed away by a new sensation. She felt a tingling in her velvet walls. She sensed some impending occasion, a welling up of desire she had only known from masturbation. George pounded her fresh pussy like that until he blasted his hot sticky load deep inside her unprotected cunt.

Doug was next.

Doug wedged himself between her legs and fucked her nearly virginal cunt for ten minutes, sweating and grunting on top of Annabelle. Flesh slapped against sweaty flesh. She tried to free herself from her restraints, but to no avail. Although unwanted, the friction caused by her assault began to take effect. Her body responded to the ancient rhythm of pure copulation. Her clit began to sing and throb, bombs burst in her brain, her whole body tingled and she climaxed against her will. Her mind and body came crashing together in one gut wrenching orgasm. Her cunt clamped down on the invading cock in a series of spasms. Finally Doug released his seed inside the young woman's cunt. Their lust having been satisfied, both men dressed and left. Annabelle remained handcuffed and bound.

She had just been ravished by two men whom she did not know. They had introduced her to both the pain and the joy of raw sex. A single tear fell from her eye. Her virginity had been ripped to shreds. She felt ashamed to have enjoyed her assault so much.

A new fear began to worry Annabelle. She might become pregnant. The unwanted seed might find her egg and begin to grow. But that was a worry for tomorrow.

Would they come back and let her go or would they come back and go at her again? She scarcely had time to contemplate her fate when she saw new man, not one of the first two, enter the room. She shuddered, knowing he would take her also.

The man dropped his trousers, revealing a huge cock. He climbed aboard and plunged his manhood into her. The two previous men had paved the way, leaving behind ample lubrication. His cock was long and fat, sawing into her with a feverish pace. Once again, she responded.

"Fuck me you bastard, fuck me harder, you son a bitch." she thought.

She tried to push herself onto the invading cock that was teaching her cunt a new song. Her body and mind was propelled into a wave of ecstasy. She shuddered and curled her toes as she climaxed. In fifteen minutes he was finished, but before he came, Annabelle came twice more, like a river cascading over the falls.

She saw a fourth man emerge behind her current assailant, readying himself for the deed he was about to commit. He was naked from the waist down, stoking his hard erection.

"Ok, come on. I know what you want. Come get it" she thought.

Soon a line had begun to form outside the bedroom in the hallway. One by one they all took their turn on Annabelle. Her climactic screams of delight could be heard throughout the house because the party noise had begun to fade.

Some of the men were fat and some were skinny, with cock sizes of every description. Her naked body was wet with the men's sweat, and her abused pussy was a swamp of human juices, her own and the men's. At some point, someone produced a towel to wipe away the slime. It had begun to create a puddle beneath her ass.

Doug came back the room during a brief intermission, to remove the gag and restraints. There was no need for them now. Annabelle anxiously awaited her next coupling. Her mind and her cunt were on fire now. Freed of her restraints, Annabelle became an active participant in her own debauchery. When offered, she readily took the young men's cocks into her mouth. Soon, she got her first taste of semen, which she swallowed greedily.

Annabelle lost count of the men who took her and the number of climaxes she had. She had reached a point where her body seemed to be a constant glowing ember of arousal, which needed only to be kindled by the attentions of a fresh hardened cock. Soon after midnight, all the men had played out. No more entered the room. She succumbed to the effects of the fucking she had been given and the exhaustion of her body. Her body needed rest. She slept.

That night poor Annabelle had been screwed by eleven men. Most of them had used her twice. Her innocence and virginity had been stolen forever. She had experienced heretofore unknown pleasure in quantities too great to measure. She had experienced 15 earth shattering orgasms. Her body was exhausted from the pleasure she had experienced.

"Come on, sweetie. Time to take you home." Doug said.

George placed a bathrobe over her to cover her nakedness. They helped her shivering, blissful body to the backseat of a car. She was driven to her dorm room and placed in her own bed. On the way to the dorm, Annabelle fell asleep.

When they arrived at the dorm room, Annabelle awakened long enough to get inside the dorm. Janice opened the door for them to place the soon slumbering girl in her bed.

As she lay sleeping, Janice put a morning after pill in her mouth. Janice massaged Annabelle's throat until she swallowed.

Annabelle never found out that her roommate Janice had conspired to have her virginity taken. She never found out that Doug was Janice's cousin.

When Annabelle awakened the next morning, she remembered the night before. Her pussy was sore, as well as her breasts, but she was now truly a woman, she reflected. She hoped the soreness went away fast. She was ready, at last, to explore her sexuality.

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by HardXsRHere11/04/18

not sex but pure rape

and not just once, she was raped 11 times
by eleven different partners. 11 men put
there potent baby making sperm in her
newly opened up virgin pussy. WHO got
her pregnant? ONLY THE SHADOW KNOWS.

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