tagBDSMPoor Jess Loses Contest

Poor Jess Loses Contest


Annabelle and Jess had a nipple pulling contest. Both were seated completely naked in a chair opposite each other in a nice warm room. There was a table between them so that they could only see each others chest; the audience was also able to see their breasts. Their arms were tied under the table, so that they could not interfere with what was going on. However, they could touch their genitals and masturbate if they wanted.

The referee fixed a strong thread to the left nipple of Annabelle and pulled it over to Jess' right nipple, where he also fixed it closely. The idea of the contest was very simple: there would be increasing weights put on the line. The girl who first gave up because she could not stand the weight on her nipple would lose the contest. The winner was then allowed to punish the loser by whatever method she liked.

Jess' breasts were perfect: small, round, firm, with short, strong nipples. Annabelle's breasts were rather big and soft, somewhat pendulous with big dark areolas. Her nipples were quite long and flabby because she had already had so many pulling contests. The contest started by the referee putting a small weight on the thread, which then slightly pulled on the nipples of Annabelle and Jess.

They both liked the pull and the audience could see how their nipples contracted. The referee put the next weight on. Annabelle started to be sexually aroused and felt her genitals lips swelling. With the next weight Annabelle started to feel a little pain in her nipple, but she was accustomed to that. Jess' nipple was now surprisingly long, but she liked the feeling. Apparently her nipples were very elastic and she was much surprised herself and liked the look. Her vagina started to be wet with pleasure. The next weight brought real pain to Annabelle. She had tears in her beautiful eyes and looked down to her nipple. It was all red and swollen. She looked over to Jess, who was smiling with pleasure. She was spreading her hot genitals lips under the table. She felt her clit swollen very strongly from the pleasure. Jess was near an orgasm and asked the referee for more weight.

Annabelle did not want to lose the contest, she was very much afraid of the punishment. She had won every contest so far and could not imagine losing against a novice like Jess. The referee now put on more weight. Jess' nipple now became incredibly long. It was like some of the tissue fibers in her nipple were bursting. Intense pleasure shot down from her nipple to the clit and she got an incredible long orgasm, during which she pleaded for even more weight. She was intensely happy. She felt the biggest sexual pleasure she had had for a very long time. She was a bit concerned for her nipple, but she was very proud about the way it looked.

A sharp, crushing pain went through the beautiful nipple of Annabelle with the last weight. She never had had a contestant as strong as Jess. She looked at the long, nice nipple of Jess with anger. She was determined not to lose, despite an incredible pain in her nipple. She thought that if she could get sexually aroused it might help her stand the pain. She pulled on her genitals lips with as much force as she could in order to distract from the pain in her nipple. And then, unexpectedly, all of a sudden, she started to be sexually aroused. Now her clit started to swell with pleasure. She rubbed it very strongly and got a first short orgasm. And much as she had hoped, she did not feel the pain in her nipple any longer. She now even felt like getting more weight, hoping that she would then get a second orgasm.

Annabelle asked the referee for more weight and indeed immediately felt the intense pulling on her nipple send waves of excitement to her clit. At the same time Jess' nipple began to hurt a lot. Jess looked at it and started to be concerned. Mainly about what the nipple would look like in the end. And it really hurt. It was bearable, but not at all exciting or erotic any more. She was seriously considering giving up the contest, but was quite afraid of the punishment. Annabelle was now very near a second orgasm and asked the referee for even more weight. It was exactly as she had dreamed of. She got an incredible long and very intensive orgasm just from the weight pulling on her swollen nipple. She did not even have to touch her clit. Meanwhile Jess felt a very strong pain in her nipple and it looked increasingly sore and began to swell. She gave up.

The referee removed the string from Jess' nipple. The pain in her nipple had subsided immediately after removing the weight, so she rather appreciated the manipulation. The string had been very well placed -- it had not at all damaged the skin. It really had only pulled on the nipple. In contrast, Annabelle's nipple was extremely red and swollen. The string had ripped the skin open and compromised the venous blood flow. The participants were now allowed to have a look and touch the nipples of the contestants. Annabelle was very happy because lots of persons were keen to see and touch her long, flabby, now painfully red and swollen nipples. Her big dark areolas were contracted from pleasure and stimulation. Annabelle was proud to have won and encouraged spectators to scrutinize her nipple. All the touching and pinching aroused her a lot and she got a third wonderful orgasm.

Meanwhile Jess touched her right nipple and checked it. It was slightly numb and definitely longer than her left one and a bit flabby. She was frustrated to have lost the contest. She was even more frustrated because no one came to have a look at her. She was just considering to leave the meeting when Valerie came over to her. Valerie was beautiful and very charming and complimented Jess for her courage participating in the contest. She told Jess how beautiful her breasts were and how much she loved the look of her nipples. She shyly asked whether she could touch Jess' nipples. Jess agreed.

Valerie closely analyzed both nipples and Jess patiently waited until the exam was over. Valerie smiled to Jess: I'll be with you and help you during the punishment if you accept. Then she pensively said: "I'm afraid your nipple has been irreversibly stretched. It will look better after a while, but it will remain longer and a bit flabby." Jess asked Valerie whether there was any means to strengthen it a bit so that at least it would be able to stand up again. Valerie smiled and said: "if you're really interested we should have a talk together. I have developed a method for that. But I would like to show you the results first."

We should meet at some place more appropriate than this, Valerie said, waving her hand at the room they just were in. Jess gladly agreed; she was very curious and could almost not wait. She asked: "did you test it on your nipples?" Valerie nodded and smiled. Se felt that they would be friends now and looked forward to their next meeting.

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