tagNonConsent/ReluctancePoor Little Cassie Ch. 08

Poor Little Cassie Ch. 08


(This is part 8 of a series and will make a lot more sense if you read them in order)

Chapter Eight -- Bachelor Party

Here I was riding in a luxurious limo with Tony and Amanda. I felt incredibly pampered and I have to admit I looked fabulous. Not that I looked like myself with my new red hair and green eyes but I felt really pretty. However, I was trying not to think about Tony's comments. Trying to not think about something and actually not thinking about it turned out to be two totally different things. I didn't want to freak out but I couldn't help it.

I really wasn't sure what was going on. Be recognized? What did that mean? Party? Like the Christmas party? I was myself at the Christmas party. My poor little mind was trying really hard to make sense of all of this but it was failing miserably. I looked at Tony.

"I know, baby girl, it is a lot to take in but don't you worry, you will be fine. All you have to do is go with the flow. Mandy will tell you what to do, just let go and have some fun." Tony said and I felt myself relax a little.

We rode for a few more minutes and pulled up in front of Tony's house. We climbed out of the car and walked to the door on each side of Tony. He must have looked like a big shot with two pretty young girls on his arm. I think the guy holding open the front door for us agreed with that perception from the look on his face.

Tony led us into a huge room. It was the same one from the Christmas party but it was decorated way differently. There were a few decorations but not nearly as many. There was a big open floor in the middle with about four round tables spread around the outside. I looked around and saw the bar with a different bartender behind it. This bartender was a guy, he looked to be around 30 years old and relatively nice-looking. I decided that Tony must not hire anyone that wasn't pretty. We stopped in the middle of the room.

"Ok, ladies, here is the plan. In a few minutes the guys will show up and we will have some poker games break out. You ladies will wait on the tables while poker is going on. Mandy, Jose will run the bar so you are just a waitress tonight. Be nice to Jose." Tony smiled at Amanda and she smiled back with an evil grin.

"Also, just set the glasses on that table over there. The staff will take care of the dirty stuff, you guys just keep the glasses full." Tony said and pointed to a table setup next to the bar.

I saw a couple of guys standing next to the door to the kitchen. They were young and dressed in white and black like us. Tony left us and went over to talk to Jose. I looked at Amanda.

"Take a breath, sweetie. You will be fine. All we have to do is bring them drinks whenever they want. One thing though, this is a private party so they will be very touchy-feely if you know what I mean. You have to take everything in stride. Tony will set the tone and keep everything where he wants it, you just have to smile and look pretty." Amanda said and looked at me with a question on her face.

I realized she was sort of asking me a question. I understood what she was saying. I nodded gently.

"Sweetheart, it will be ok. Just take a breath and have some fun." She said and smiled pretty.

I smiled back and took a deep breath. She turned and walked to the bar. I followed. She said hello to Jose and introduced me. He held out his hand, I took it and he kissed it softly.

"Glad to meet you Rose." He said and I remembered suddenly I was not Cassie tonight.

"Glad to meet you Jose." I said as he held his lips to the back of my hand.

He smiled a devilish grin at me and I felt a little shiver run through me.

"You ready to have a little fun, Tony's parties are famous." He said.

I nodded and wondered what was going to happen. For some reason I thought the Christmas party was going to seem a little tame after tonight. I heard a noise and turned to see a group of guys pouring into the room. My heart froze. At the front of the group was my brother Kyle. He stopped and screamed something to the group.

They roared and all gave him high fives as they poured into the room. I saw my brother Cory in the middle of the group and then I realized that I knew most of these guys. They were all friends of one of my brothers and then I saw Kenny.

Kenny was Tom's son and he was getting married next week. Fuck! This was Kenny's bachelor party! I watched all the guys pour in. I recognized almost everyone, most of them had been at my house this last week visiting my brothers.

I felt my pussy spasm as I remembered all my schoolgirl crushes on all of these guys. I thought I was freaked out enough and then my Daddy walked through the door with his arm around Tom. They both looked like they were feeling no pain. I officially went into shock.

"Cassie, Cassie, honey." I heard a whispering in my ear.

I looked at Amanda and she looked concerned.

"Baby, you are going to have to learn to answer to Rose tonight." She said and I realized she must have been trying to get my attention.

"I know you know most of these guys but remember you are Rose. They are really drunk and they will not realize who you really are. Try to relax sweetie." She said in a soft voice and put her arm around me.

I took another deep breath and looked at Amanda.

"But that is my Daddy." I said in a soft voice.

Amanda looked at my Daddy and then back at me. She had a soft smile on her face.

"No, baby girl, that is Cassie's daddy. Rose does not have a father." Amanda said and looked me right in the eyes.

I looked back at the group and they were milling around and sitting at the four tables. Amanda was right, they did look pretty drunk. One of them was having trouble just trying to sit in a chair. I think his name was Jimmy and he was a friend of my younger brother. I looked at all of the guys. I counted them. There were 22 of them and only four that I did not recognize. There was a mix of my older brother Kyle's friends and my younger brother Cory's friends. That made sense when I remembered that Kenny had a younger brother that was Cory's age. My daddy and Kenny 's daddy were the only two older guys. I was drawn out of my trance by Tony's voice. Tony was standing in the middle of the floor.

"Welcome everyone to the celebration of Kenny's sentencing." Tony said and the crowd roared with laughter.

I noticed a lot of them were punching and pushing Kenny. Guys.

"Here are the rules. There really aren't any." Another roar of laughter.

"Seriously, my house is yours. The bar is open and will serve you anything your heart desires. Jose will take care of that." Tony said and motioned to Jose behind the bar who held up his hand.

"And let me introduce our hostesses tonight." Tony said and moved his hand towards us.

The crowd exploded in cheers. Tony let them roar for a moment. Amanda took my hand and we stepped up next to Tony.

"Gentlemen, this lovely creature is Mandy. Please treat her well." Tony said and held Amanda's hand as she spun slowly in front of him.

Her ass was fucking nice. I noticed it as she turned. She smiled at me when she realized what I was looking at. I blushed a little. She looked so smooth and refined as she spun under Tony's hand. Shit, was I going to have to spin? I hoped I didn't fall. I felt my left hand raised.

"And this perfect creature is Rose. Make doubly sure you treat her like the princess that she is." Tony said and pulled my hand gently.

I took the hint and spun slowly. I heard whistles and catcalls as I turned. Amanda's face almost looked proud as she watched me. Tony moved his head close to my ear.

"Try to forget, just be Rose and have some fun." Tony whispered in my ear.

Forget? How was I going to forget who I was? How was I going to be able to look at my daddy and brothers and be normal much less all these other guys who basically watched me grow up. I felt my panic level rising and then Amanda took my hand. She led me to the bar and handed me a tray and a towel.

"How is your memory?" She asked.

"Good, I guess." I answered.

"Good, then you can try it without a pad at first. It makes it a lot easier if you can just remember the drinks instead of having to write it all down. Now take your tray and you do those two tables." She said and pointed to the far two. I noticed my daddy and brothers were at the other two tables.

"Thank you." I said to her before she scampered off.

I stood there for a second and watched her walk up to the table. Tom immediately put his hand around her waist and hugged her. He pulled her hips to him and put his head against her hip. The guys were laughing and she was smiling and seemed to be having a good time.

"Rose, Rose." I heard a whispering next to me. I turned my head to see Jose. He was waving his hand.

"Go, go, get busy before they rush the bar." He said, waving me to my two tables.

I snapped out of it and walked over to a table. There were 5 guys sitting at the table and I knew 4 of them. Here was the moment of truth. I looked right at Johnny. He was a friend of Kyle and I have known him since I was 6. He always teased me and made fun of me in a nice way. I looked into his eyes and he looked right at me. I did not see any sign of recognition. How was that possible? I felt a hand on my right hip.

"Welcome Rose, you are a pretty little thing." The guy to my left said as he ran his arm around me and his hand moved across my hip.

I did not know the guy with his arm around me. I nodded and then looked back at Johnny. Amazing. The guys started giving me drink orders and I worked hard to try and remember them all. This was difficult enough without the hand that was moving across my ass now. He was rubbing all over it and squeezing each cheek. I kept my concentration and looked at every guy. I looked back down at him and he pulled me close to him. His hand was squeezing my right butt cheek really hard.

"Baby, bring me a rum and coke and make sure you hurry. I love this little ass and I can't wait to get my hands on it again." He said and gave me a little spank.

The guys roared approval. I smiled and left the table. I heard whistling behind me and picked out certain words. Hot, sweet, ass, tits, and package were a few that I could make out. I felt myself getting a little nervous. These guys were really drunk and obviously horny. What was going to happen here? Was I going to have to fuck them all? I looked over at Amanda and she was still at her table. She was standing in a different spot and there was a hand running up and down her left leg from the back of her knee to her waist. She looked so calm.

"Whaddya need, sweetie?" I heard Jose's voice and I snapped back.

"First party?" He said.

I nodded and he smiled.

"It's ok. You will be fine. Tony will not let anything bad happen to you and Mandy will look after you as well. She is pretty smitten with you." He said.

I wondered what Tony's definition of bad was and then I processed what he said about Amanda. I looked at him.

"Drinks, pumpkin. Do you remember what they wanted?" Jose said.

"Yes." I said and looked back at the table.

My memory was weird. I could look at each guy and remember exactly what he had just said. I recited the drink orders easily. I looked back at Jose. He was kinda staring at me. I giggled and looked back to see Amanda walk up.

"Our little princess has a photographic memory." Jose said.

"Wonderful. She is just full of surprises." Amanda said and put her arm around me.

Jose made all my drinks and I grabbed my tray. I hadn't really done this before so it was a little bit of a challenge to walk to the table with a tray full of 5 drinks and not just crash and burn on the floor. I made it and started handing out the drinks. I ended up next to the same guy and handed him his drink. He took it with his left hand because his right hand was busy rubbing on my right leg. He rubbed the back of my knee and then ran his hand up under my skirt and grabbed my ass. I flinched and tried to smile. The rest of the guys were looking at me.

"Guys, this is a fine little butt. This night is going to be very special." The guy said as he was rubbing my ass over my panties.

"Ok, Craig. Let her work for a little bit anyways." Tony's voice.

The guys all laughed and he pulled his hand out and smacked me on the butt. I jumped a little and then scurried to the next table. I heard blips of their conversation as I walked away and I had a feeling this was going to be a long night. The second table was a lot like the first except I had two guys feeling up my ass as I took orders. When I brought the drinks back these two guys just pulled up my skirt in the back and rubbed my ass. They slid their hands under my panties and I felt them on my skin. It felt really weird to just stand there and let these guys feel me up, my skirt up over my ass so anyone could see. They finished and I pulled my skirt down and moved back to the bar. Amanda was leaning against the bar talking to Jose.

"How is it going, sweetie?" Amanda said.

"Ok, except I feel like a piece of meat with them." I said.

Amanda laughed.

"Have you had a finger in your pussy yet?" Amanda said.

I looked at her and nodded my head no. This was moving really fast and I wasn't sure what was going to happen. I was getting a little nervous.

"Because that guy over there in the blue shirt is a beast. He had his finger inside me the whole time I was taking orders but it was funny. He was actually gentle and it felt kinda good." Amanda said.

I looked over and my heart skipped a little. I guess my face showed my emotions pretty well.

"What's wrong honey?" Amanda said.

"That is my brother." I said.

"Oh, sorry about that." She said.

"No, it is alright. You didn't know and we really don't have any control over it. It is just a little disconcerting to see them acting like this." I said.

Amanda hugged me and whispered in my ear.

"It is going to be ok. Just try to separate yourself for tonight. Be Rose." She said.

I thought about that and decided that was a good plan. I looked so different. I sort of felt different too. I would have to put Cassie away for a while or I would go crazy. I straightened my clothes and grabbed my tray. Amanda looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and walked to my tables.

I got there and started taking more orders and picking up some empty glasses. My skirt was pulled over my ass almost immediately so pretty much everyone got a nice feel of my butt. A couple of them slid their hands under my panties but I didn't flinch. Rose was tough and she could handle anything. I finished taking orders, pulled my skirt down and went back to the bar. I delivered the drinks, got a few more caresses and then went to my other table.

They were obviously watching and my skirt was again over my ass and my panties out for all to see. I tried to stay calm but all of them slid their hands under my panties and rubbed over my bare skin. I could feel my pussy starting to heat up. I heard a familiar voice behind me.

"Guys, you seem to be enjoying Rose." Tony's voice and he was met with a few excited answers.

He laughed and I felt his hand on my ass. He squeezed it hard and I flinched. I felt his breath on my neck.

"Baby girl, bend over on the table." He whispered.

I laid down my tray and bent over until my head was resting on my arms on the table. Tony was rubbing my ass. His hand went between my legs and I tried not to moan. His finger touched my inner thighs and then ran up my ass slowly. I was struggling not to cry out. My pussy was now on fire.

"Gentleman, this young lady is special and you should be honored to have her working your party. You will find out later just how special she is but right now let's see if we can rev her up a little." Tony said.

I felt him sliding my panties off my ass and down my legs. He lifted my foot and slipped them off. I saw him throw them to Johnny who caught them and immediately smelled them and tossed them to another guy. I looked at Johnny again and he stared right back at me. How could he not recognize me? I was still looking at him when I opened my mouth and moaned. Tony's finger was rubbing my clit. I made a fist with my hands and tried to stay calm. He was now rubbing all over my pussy and I could feel myself getting really wet. He ran a finger up and touched my asshole. I flinched and the guys laughed.

"Take over guys but let her go after she cums and nothing else yet." Tony said and I saw him walk away.

I looked at him and he winked. I watched him walk over to Amanda and he bent her over on the table right next to my Daddy.

"This is a nice pussy." I heard and looked to see Johnny behind me.

I blushed a little and then I saw Ben move over next to him. Ben grew up next door to us and was only 2 years older than me. We actually went out on a date once before we realized we were more like a brother and sister then girlfriend and boyfriend. He rubbed my ass and I felt him touch my asshole. I could feel my body starting to heat up under all this attention. I lowered my head and let all my brother's friends touch my young body.

"She is so sweet, I cannot wait to fuck this one. Do you think Tony will let us fuck her?" I heard behind me as I moved my ass a little.

"Oh yeah, the last party I was at we fucked the girls all night long. They were nice but not as nice as these two. This will be a lot of fun. I want this ass myself, look at it, it is perfect." I heard Ben say as he rubbed my ass.

I felt my orgasm start to gather as they manipulated my little body. One was rubbing my clit as another was running his finger in and out of my pussy. Ben was now pushing his finger into my butt just a little and I was groaning and moving my ass.

"She is heating up, she is gonna cum soon." I heard Ben say.

The guys laughed and the guy at my clit pinched me. I gasped and they laughed again. My orgasm was close and then Ben shoved his finger in my ass. I came hard and I buried my face in my arms to keep from screaming. My legs shook and my ass moved around, the guys kept rubbing me through the entire thing. My orgasm died and they took their hands off of me. I stood up slowly and pulled my skirt down. My face was flushed and I looked at all of my schoolgirl crushes as they stared at Rose. I knew they all could not wait to sink their cocks into me and I figured that would not be too far away. I walked away slowly.

As I walked to the bar I noticed Amanda was bent over the same way. I saw her ass as the guys at her table rubbed her. My Daddy was rubbing her ass and I think Kyle had his hand in her pussy. I shivered a little and went into the bathroom. I looked into the mirror and my hair was messed up a little. I fixed it and then ran a wet cloth over my face. It felt good and I felt myself calming down. I looked in the mirror again and realized I was a different person tonight.

I looked at Rose and she was incredibly pretty. I understood why the guys were so fired up other than just being drunk. I also realized that Rose was going to get fucked tonight and I was afraid quite often. I took a deep breath and came to terms with everything. I decided to have some fun and just be Rose. I walked out of the bathroom and up to the bar.

Amanda was there. She looked at me and I could see she was concerned. I smiled at her and took her hand.

"I will be fine. Rose is a tough girl. Let's have some fun tonight. Switch tables with me." I said.

"Are you sure?" She said.

"Yep, it is going to happen, it may as well be now." I said and picked up my tray.

I walked over to the table where my Daddy and Kyle were sitting. Kenny was also there and they were really loud.

"You boys need anything?" I said and stood right between Kyle and Kenny.

The laughter stopped and everyone stared at me. I looked at my brother and he looked me right in the eyes. I saw lust and excitement but no recognition.

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