tagGay MalePoor Simon Ch. 06

Poor Simon Ch. 06


* Hello and welcome to the sixth chapter of Poor Simon!

All characters are 18+



I woke up when the green numbers on Master's alarm clock read 6:52. I stretched and yawned and rested, quietly basking in the memory of Master's lips touching my forehead. The warm feeling was quickly chased away by sick fear. I was going to see the Doctor today.

I cried a little. I cried all the time now it seemed. Each time I did it was more of a release then anything. To be perfectly crude, every time I cried it was like taking a big emotional dump. Draining away all of the unwanted feelings before they could drive me insane. I tried to wrap it up as the numbers ticked closer and closer to seven o' clock.

When the alarm clock shrilled, I wiped my eyes with the heel of my hand and I already felt a little better. I was glad he had woken up, I had needed to use the bathroom quite badly. I huddled near the wire door of the kennel as Master put on fresh black boxers and his uniform. He neared the kennel.

"Master, may I please go to the bathroom?" My voice was a little hoarse from crying and strained from need.

"Come on Simon." He murmured sleepily.

I crawled at his feet while we went to the bathroom together. I urinated while he brushed his teeth. My groin ached in a way that was not entirely unpleasant. I brushed my teeth with the blue toothbrush he had given me while he combed his hair. It already felt like routine, and it was almost pleasant. It felt strange to stand up around him, I was so used to crawling.


Breakfast seemed rather empty this morning. I saw several masters and mistresses that were eating without submissives. When we were sitting at the table and I was eating some dry bran cereal off of my plate I glanced over and I saw Raine's master. That in itself wasn't unusual, but he had a different Fish with him. The new Fish was a chubby black-haired boy with eyes that were swollen and red from crying. I watched as the new boy reached for his cereal and Master Paul lashed him three times with the whip.

I wanted to ask my Master what was going on, and where Raine was, but we had already began our charade. He wasn't looking at me, or petting me, or even really talking to me. While I was trying to play the part of a perfect Fish; obedient and detached.

So when Master tapped my shoulder I jumped, startled. "Go over to Master Paul's new Fish and give him a blowjob."

"Yes Master." I whispered as he unclipped my chain.

I crawled over to Master Paul's table. The chubby boy was looking at me with a shy kind of anxiety. He wiped his tears away with the heel of his hand and self-consciously lowered his head to eat the tiny pile of unsalted scrambled eggs. I noticed with a pang of pity that his meal was even smaller than mine had been; they were trying to make him lose weight faster.

"Master Anthony said I should come over and give him a blowjob." I blushed a little as I said it. The other boy was naked and I saw red flushed patches bloom in his cheeks and the side of his neck and even his ears. I felt a weird sort of doubling. I was taking the part of Raine, and he was taking the part of me. Only one day had passed since I had been the terrified blushing one.

"Go ahead." Paul murmured, pushing his heavy horn-rims up his nose. "C'mon chub, spread your legs for this nice little Fish."

It took all of my training not to give him an incredulous glance. The boy in front of me had a soft belly and buttocks, and his face had a slight roundness to it, but really he was only twenty or so pounds overweight. Master Paul was far heavier.

The boy looked so pitifully humiliated, and I wanted to make him feel better. I didn't want to give him that wild out-of-control experience that Raine had given me.

"It's okay..." I whispered. "I'm not gonna hurt you."

He had spread his legs and his cock was limp and sad in a thatch of dark tangled pubic hair. I didn't dive for it. Instead I moved in closer and gently kissed his lips. He hesitantly kissed me back, and unsurely wrapped his arms around my shoulders. I felt so much sympathy with him, this poor boy who had been torn from his home. He was even worse off then me, because he didn't have a good Master like I did.

I rested my hands lightly on his hips while I knelt between his legs and deepened the kiss. I prodded his tongue with my tongue, and he shyly began to stick his tongue in my mouth. It felt good to be in control for once. My cock felt a delicious sore warmth and began to press against the lacy fabric of my black panties.

I raised one of my hands and began to tweak his sensitive pink nipples. He let out an adorable hoarse moan in my mouth, and I leaned into him, frankly pressing my body against his. His cock was hard and insistent and pressing into my abdomen. He looked humiliated.

"Shh, its okay, I like it." It felt so strange to encourage someone. My voice was still a little hoarse because I barely spoke anymore.

I kissed the side of his neck, and found out that he was incredibly sensitive there. When I scraped my teeth lightly on the side of his neck he almost squealed with pleasure.

He was close, weakly humping the air with his need, I could feel his cock grinding wetly on my flat stomach. I didn't want him to get in trouble by coming without permission, so I quickened the pace. I trailed kisses down is chest, briefly mouthing each of his sensitive little nipples, feeling the coarse sparse strands of black hair that would soon be removed.

He rested his hands on my smooth back as I lowered my kissing mouth down his soft belly and finally got to his genitals. His cock was a surprise, it had seemed so small when it was limp. It was a thick seven-inch prong jutting from his furry groin. I wrapped my hand around it and gave it a few experimental strokes. With each stroke, he let out a strangled groan.

I wasn't quite ready yet. I licked his pubic area, hitting all if the sensitive spots and tasting the clean scent of his thick black curls. I reached my free hand in between his legs and cradled his balls. They were warm and heavy and furry in my hands. I glanced up at his face and he had his head thrown back, leaning against a chair leg and groaning, with wide blue eyes and hectic patches of red in his cheeks. He looked down at me and I made sure that I was looking into those lustful, startled blue eyes as I ran my tongue over the soft rounded surface of one of his testes.

He almost lost it right there. I lapped up the clear salty trickles of precome from his pubic hair and then up the sides of his thick veiny cock. I licked the very tip hard, so he would feel the rough surface of my tongue over the hot hard sensitive dome of his cockhead. He closed his eyes and his voice broke like a sixth-grader's as he begged.


I rejoiced in his frantic gasp as I smoothly went down on his cock; deep-throating on the first try so my lips brushed his thick bush. It only took three strokes for him to come. I nearly choked on the first thick spurt, and then I held the rest in my mouth for the inevitable demand.

Master Paul chuckled. "I'm glad you got a lesson from one of the experts, now eat your come from his mouth!"

I raised myself smoothly and the look on his face was nearly shell-shocked. I kissed his slightly parted lips and he tentatively tasted the inside of my mouth. I didn't spit his come back at him like Raine had done to me. I only wanted to know one thing, and it was worth the risk of punishment.

"My name is Simon," I whispered. "what's yours?"

"Matthew Rhodes." He panted; then shyly, absurdly, he whispered. "Thank you."

I crawled back to my table, smiling faintly. I had been unfulfilled, but that really didn't matter. I felt good that I had managed to give Matthew a good experience, he had looked so miserable when I had crawled over.

Master didn't give me a compliment or any acknowledgement at all besides clipping my leash. He couldn't, because of our secret that we had to keep from the Doctor and everyone else. But I thought I saw him smile.


We were alone in the locker room when I finally felt safe enough to ask Master where Raine was, and why so many of the masters and mistresses had been eating alone. I was slipping a tight black jock strap up when he answered.

"There was an Auction last night. Every month we have an event where the Fish that are ready are taken to another building and sold. Raine was sold last night."

The news was like a fist to the stomach. Yes, life was tolerable right now, but in a few months I would go away with some strange man, and Master Anthony, the one pillar of my current life would be knocked away. I slowly tied my running shoes and tried to banish those thoughts. There was nothing I could do about it, and they gave me a headache.


I never would've thought it possible, but Master Anthony worked me harder then ever. I still ran four miles on the treadmill, but on all of the machines he had me doing extra reps and I swam more laps. Near the end of the workout I was at the point of utter collapse, but I would have given anything to make the workout longer.

By the time we went to the steam room I was sick with worry. I was going to see the Doctor in less then an hour, and I was so scared.

Master had me do a few cool-down stretches and I was surprised by how flexible I was getting. On our way to the steam room I nearly collapsed.

Inside the steam room it was dark and hot and damp. I inhaled the woody air into my lungs and I stripped out of the sweaty jock-strap and kicked my shoes off. I wrapped a small towel around my waist and sat on the same bench as Master, but about six inches away. I glanced at him out of the corner of my eye, in awe of Master's powerful body.

I needed comfort. I pretended to fall asleep and I slowly sagged so I was leaning on Master Anthony's shoulder. I thought that for sure he would catch me, punish me, but it seemed like I had fooled him, or maybe he was pretending to be fooled. Either way, I took comfort from Master, knowing that I would need it if we were to see the Doctor.


After we had briefly showered and dried off, Master gave me some underwear. It was a pair of very soft tight blue shorts that ended just below my buttocks and clung lovingly to every curve and hollow. Despite the apparent tightness and smuttiness of these undershorts, I was still very surprised. Considering all of the revealing or nonexistent garments I had worn here, these blue shorts were almost prudish.

That's not to say I didn't feel sexy while wearing them. As I crawled alongside my Master, I felt my sense of dread growing. When we got to the Doctor's door, I cringed a little.

Master took a deep breath, and his voice was a quiet expulsion of breath, barely as loud as a whisper. "Be careful Simon." Then he opened the door.

They were both there, Hanson and Allgood, and for a single moment I felt my lungs lock up and my legs go stiff and my insides feel like hot Jell-O; it was like reliving an old nightmare. Then the steel bands around my lungs loosened and I gasped.

The Doctor was just as I remembered him, except for a different colored shirt and the new color of his face. Both eyes were badly bruised and swollen, in a collage of colors from sickly yellow to deep violet and every shade in between. His lower lip was very swollen and cracked, which is where the blood on Master's hand must've come from. He glared at Master with a nervous sort of hatred and fear.

Hanson was sitting in the corner, seemingly relaxed except for his tense shoulders. When he saw me looking at him he wiggled his tongue at me and bared his teeth in a terrifying grin. I cringed towards the door, feeling panic mount up inside of me like a wave.

The Doctor cautiously moved forward. "You have to let me at least examine the Fish Rogan!" He was trying to sound angry and authoritative but he just sounded peevish and childish.

Master bent down to unclip my leash while he spoke to the Doctor. "Why is the Ape here Allgood? Are you afraid?"

The Doctor colored furiously and Hanson cracked his knuckles. I timidly crawled up onto the examining table.

"You are getting far too free and easy with my Fish, I am going to make sure that you only touch my Fish in a very professional way from now on."

I saw what Master was doing, and it was clever. He was acting like a bully who doesn't want someone to mess with his things. That way he could act in a threatening way towards the Doctor without seeming attached to me.

And the Doctor was professional, constantly glowering at Master, but his hands only touched me when they absolutely needed to, in fact, he took pains not to touch me, but whenever he did I felt the panic-rat run up my spine and I felt like screaming.

He had to test my reflexes, vision, and hearing. It seemed pretty innocent then, but later I would learn that he had to test those because sometimes Fish were beaten so hard that cranial nerves detached. He took a throat culture and I had to piss in a cup.

Then I stood on the scale and I got a shock. "Five foot four, and one hundred and thirty-one pounds." I had lost four pounds in about 48 hours, and I hadn't even been overweight or anything!

Then a vicious gleam danced in his eyes, framed by the golden wires of his glasses. I sat on the table nervously, and I saw him pick up the short flexible ruler.

I panicked. He was going to touch me! Touch me where I was helpless and vulnerable.

"N-N-No!!" I whispered. Then when his hand reached for my crotch I slapped at it and screeched "No! Not for you N-Never f-f-f-for y-y-you!!!" I screamed when a sudden pain tore my back in two.

Suddenly Master was in front of me, and his eyes were like dark metal, gleaming dully with fury. I cowered on the table.

"You know what the punishment is Rogan!" The Doctor jeered. "Whip your little whore for daring to hit me!"

Hanson got up, pulling his belt out of the loops. "Do you want me to tie the little fucker down?"

Master glared at them both while I cowered on the table, starting to cry. The anger in his eyes... it killed me. "Unlike any Fish of yours will ever be, my Fish is obedient. I will never need to do something as barbaric as tie up my Fish if I don't want to." He turned to glare at me, and I wilted.

"Get on your hands and knees, keep your face on the table and take every lash like a good Fish."

"Y-Y-Yes Master." I mewled.

The fake leather was cool against my cheek. Master's fingers hooked under the waistband of the tight blue shorts and hooked them around my knees. Tears leaked from my closed lids. I hated having Hanson and Allgood look at me while I was so vulnerable.

The first lash was stronger then any lash he had given me so far. I managed to muffle the noise, but barely. My ass felt like someone had traced a line on it with a hot coal. I managed to muffle my screams until the seventh lash, then I let out a whimpering wail. Master was using all of his strength, drawing his arm back high and waiting between strokes to cock his arm and allow me to feel the raw pain.

At around sixteen lashes I began weeping in between each stroke. At twenty one my cries became an unbroken cycle that just grew louder with every hit. Soon after I lost count. I could remember counting to twenty four, but after that everything was blurred with pain.

When the lashes finally stopped it took me about a minute to stop weeping. The pain was so bad. My penis was limp and shriveled. It had been perking up until about fourteen when the pain became too much even for my erection.

"Sit up." Master's voice was as cold and dangerous as dark water under thin ice.

It took me three tries to sit up, each weaker then the last. My rump felt swollen and bruised, and when I touched it the flesh was hot and my fingers came away red and sticky.

I whimpered weakly but made no move to protect myself as the Doctor came closer, extending his hand to touch my cock. I felt as if my sheer hatred for that man was making it shrivel even more.

Then, Master moved sideways in a motion that was smooth and almost graceful, his arm blocked off the Doctor.

"I'll do it."

Just like that, my cock suddenly had a life of its own, and it hardened so fast that my groin throbbed painfully. It was almost like a jack-in-the-box. I dared not look at my Master, but I saw as his large hand with the tapered artist's fingers wrapped around my swollen cock.

I tried to muffle my excited groans, but I couldn't help throwing my head back with a delicious sort of ecstasy. His hand was sending threads of blue electricity up through the nerves in my groin to make a glowing sparkling web of heat that throbbed so sweetly. Only his touch... only my Master's touch could effect me like this.

He moved in a slow wringing motion, his hand sliding easily over my sudden and copious amounts of precome. The terrible pain from my backside only inflamed me now. As I opened my mouth to cry out with pleasure I saw the Doctor's face. It was a rictus of sick pleasure. Of knowing. Deadly fear swept through me, dampening the fires of my arousal, and my cock actually wilted a little before Master's hand brought it back.

Master took the ruler. "Five and a half inches with a three-inch circumference, did you really think it would change?" Master's tone was that same jeering tone it had been earlier, but now it wasn't working. Hanson looked furious, but the Doctor was smarter and he had a satisfied little smirk on his face.

Master Anthony tugged up my shorts (I squealed with pain) and clipped the leash to my collar and tugged lightly. It took a lot of courage to jump and when I did, it hurt so bad that my legs collapsed. I stayed there in a shivering little heap for about thirty seconds before I could get up. I followed my Master slowly. When I looked behind me the clingy blue fabric of the shorts was stained a bruised purple color from the blood.


When the door to room 17 closed behind us, tension seemed to flow out of Master Anthony. He dropped to his knees by me and unclipped the leash.

"I had to do it." Master said quietly. "Get on the bed on your stomach, and I'll see what I can do."

I heard water running as I crawled over to the bed and crawled up. It hurt less now, but it was the dull kind of hurt, like a deep physical sobbing.

Master came back with a shallow bowl filled with steaming water. The lights were off and I saw his handsome face in bars of light and shadow from the pulled blinds. I saw a white rag twisting in the water like a drowned animal.

He tugged off my shorts and I winced at the first touch of the hot wet cloth. He dabbed the blood from my red bruised cheeks with the hot rag in silence. I rested my face on the rough coverlet in a kind of half-swoon.

"Thank you Master."

I caught a glimpse of the rag, bright pink now. Master sighed. "I have some pills, pain pills. They will make you very tired but I think you need them right now."

He got up, and when he came back he had a small orange bottle with no label. The pills were blue gel capsules. I swallowed three with water, nibbling the pills from his hands. I expected him to make me sleep in the kennel, but he did no such thing. I felt the pills pull me into unconsciousness as I lay recumbent on the rough coverlet, with his warm dark eyes watching me.


I woke up from my drugged stupor, led by the smell of food. Master had a tray of delicious-smelling Indian food on the bed near him, mostly eaten, the scraps for me. He was reading a slim book with the intensity of a college senior studying for a final.

He looked up and saw me looking at him blearily. He smiled and my heart throbbed for a moment with pure love.

"Go back to sleep Simon, you can eat when you wake up, it's only eleven o clock now."

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