tagSci-Fi & FantasyPoppy Flower Ch. 02

Poppy Flower Ch. 02


The plant benefited from the warm, wet spring; for twenty millennia it had bided its time. The spades of the gardeners, churned the soil and brought the pod to the surface. There were a few more years of waiting; it needed just the right amount of water.

It lurked beneath the hammock, an unnoticed sprout waiting for an animal with the right body heat. A ticking bomb, triggered by the young woman above it. Poppy slept, oblivious to the growing horror.

First, the plant extended its roots deep into the ground. One of the roots grew and bloated into a tuberous bulb. Above ground, the plant slid along the hammock, gaining in size and bulk; thickening and growing into an eight foot tall flower, its trunk like stem thick as the cherry trees.

The plant was, curiously, phallic in appearance. An oval shaped pod topped the dark green stem; pulsing veins branched and wound along its length. It was festooned with leaves and vines, some filament thin, others thick and ropy.

A thick, almost fetid stench, exuded from the plant; an overpowering smell of roses, underlayed with honey, and a subtle scent of rotting flesh. It gleamed in the afternoon sun, shiny with moisture.

The plant bent over the sleeping, nubile girl. Its pod hovered close, waving back and forth, as if examining the young beauty. It bobbed up and down, with an approving nod, before opening to reveal the giant petals.

The orchid like flower was four feet wide, with silky petals broad as bed sheets. The petals were deep red at the base, lightening to pink, then white as they radiated outward. At the center were six undulating stamens, phallic, like the plant; the anthers almost penile in appearance, complete with small dents at their tips. The filaments were three inches thick around.

The flower's scent drifted through Poppy's nostrils, faintly registering in her subconscious. She murmured and moved her legs, shifting her body. The flower moved closer to Poppy's face. One of the stamens extended forward and began to vibrate.

Pollen ejaculated from the anther, settling in the young woman's hair, and on her skin. Poppy sneezed, her eyelids fluttered. The plant increased its scent, acting as a soporific until the girl sighed into a deeper sleep.

She absorbed more pollen into her lungs. Alien chemicals, endorphins; other substances began to enter the bloodstream. "Mmmm," she murmured as a pleasurable warmth spread through her body. The flower hovered over her body, spraying pollen until Poppy was covered, head to toe, in light gold.

More chemicals were absorbed through the skin. Poppy's sweat dissolved the pollen, until she was stained a light amber. She dreamed of Rick. He arrived, already naked, giant erection wagging; and Poppy, wet and open. "Come on quarterback," she said spreading her pussy, "Put that football inside me." Dream Rick climbed into the hammock, rod already moist with precum. "Sure thing babe," he said as his cock slid between her lips.

The flower went into its next phase; tiny, soft, filament thin vines twirled to the gold muff between her legs. They wound towards the pink flower. Her pussy, swollen, moist, and dripping, twitched as the vines delicately opened her lips, allowing more vines to penetrate.

Tiny, green threads wrapped around her swollen clit, teasing and pulling. Her passage flooded, squirting excess onto the hammock, giving off a scent of its own; an open invitation, and trigger, for the flower's other vines.

Poppy's mouth parted with a sultry hiss. She was trapped in a limbo, unable to wake, yet caught in a maelstrom of conflicting responses, involuntary and active. Her arm came from beneath her head; her one hand made its way to her melons and, with its opposite, stroked and squeezed.

Poppy's nipples swelled into pink cones; tiny vines twined around the needle prick tits, joining the massage. "Oooo! Mmmm! Unnng!," she crooned softly. She arched her back, ran her hands across her torso, smearing the liquid gold into the skin. The hammock rocked from side to side as she slid across it, pumping her pelvis.

The plant entered the next phase. A thick, moist, pulsing vine extended from the stem. It easily entered her wet passage, stretching the walls to the limit. Poppy gasped, "Aaaahh!" Her hips bucked, and she convulsed up and down.

The burst of pain and pleasure brought her close to wakefulness. "R-R-Rick?" she muttered. He was big but this was too much. Her eyelids fluttered; she glimpsed something strange before a pleasant scent lured her back to sleep.

The vine slithered through the passage, breaching the cervix. "Unnng," Poppy grunted, bucking her hips. In the womb, a bulge grew at the vine's tip. The vine throbbed and pumped. Poppy's breathing quickened, her belly rolled, and her chest hitched, "Hurf!...Hurf!...Hurf!"

The bulge popped and thick sap burst forth. Her womb flooded and Poppy's belly began to distend. "Huff!...Huff!....Huff!" she breathed, as her belly plumped into a soft round ball. Poppy's hands slid over the shiny golden globe. In her dream, she grasped Rick's penis, pulsing and driving. "Come on! Fuck me! Fill me 'til I burst!" she cried. "Sure thing babe," he said, drilling forward.

The flower waited at the young woman's pussy, its stamens at the ready. The vine pumped for several more minutes before it withdrew with a loud "Slurp!" Three of the stamens thrust their way through her open pussy, with near perfect timing.

"Huuuurgh!" Poppy grunted, closed eyes creasing, teeth grinding. It was the strangest dream, as if Rick had three giant dicks instead of one. "Not that much," she was tempted to say, but the pleasure blended with the pain; she stayed quiet.

Her belly plumped further as the stamens popped through the cervix, into her womb. The anthers burst, spraying pollen into the genetic brew. Poppy's post-coital, "sigh!" settled into a deep breath. She settled next to dream Rick, luxuriating in the aftermath of the greatest sex ever. "God, I'm going to miss him," she thought.

Rick's continued erection and presence inside her was a curiosity. "I'm going to have to do something about that," she thought, "But I have to rest up first." The plant raised its flower; a powdery wisp of pollen puffed, briefly, from one of the remaining stamens.

The plant kept the three stamens inside Poppy, to prevent the sap from escaping. The pollen's multifaceted properties did their work well, making Poppy fertile and open to implantation. The pollen swirled around the brew; cells coalesced to form a large seed. The seed grew, nurtured within the womb.

Poppy's belly grew watermelon round; two hours passed before the plant sensed she was ready. It withdrew the stamens. The slurping withdrawal was followed by a gush of fluid. The hammock filled, bathing Poppy in sap, combined with her own juices. The fluid leaked to the ground. Poppy's stomach convulsed.

Her womb pushed the seed into the passage. Poppy huffed and grunted, she was confused, Rick never had difficulty pulling out before, "It's like I'm in labor." "Huff!...Huff!...Huff!...Unng!"

Her pussy expanded; were Poppy awake she would have felt split in two. The strange birthing registered in her semi comatose state. "Uuuurrrnng!" she groaned. Her pussy opened wide; with a "pop!" the coconut sized seed jumped out to land between her legs.

Poppy's belly deflated as the remaining fluid drained out. It snapped back to its former athletic flatness. She sighed, oblivious to her unnatural pregnancy and birth. The plant dipped its flower. She was ready for the final phase.

To Be Continued...

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