tagSci-Fi & FantasyPoppy Flower: Conclusion

Poppy Flower: Conclusion


A large, broad leaf looped up and over the sleeping cheerleader; scooping behind her head, down her back, to her buttocks; vines wrapped around Poppy's feet and ankles, binding them together.

The stamens parted to reveal the flower's pistil; a fat, bloated bulb with a moisture dripping hole at its tip. The hole expanded into a gaping maw, wet and red; undulating cilia, curved inward, lining the moist sides. The oblivious blonde was scooped up and shovelled into the flower.

"Mmmm, hee hee! Stop it Rick, you're tickling me," she giggled. The flower slurped and gulped as Poppy was immersed. The fine, sticky, sap covered cilia flowed over her feet, ankles and legs, swallowing her into the plant. Poppy smiled: Dream Rick had rolled on top of her. He was warm and sweaty, and frictioned against Poppy in an arousing rub.

The flower slurped to her hips, buttocks and cunt. The cilia moved across her swollen clit. "Mmmm. Aaahh!" Poppy purred. She came, squirting her juices down the tunnel. "Shluuurrrp!! Gulp!! Shluuurrp!!" went the plant. Poppy moved her hips back and forth, inadvertently helping the plant swallow her. "Aaaahh!" she cried ecstatically.

The flower gulped to her navel, belly, and breasts. She moved and waved and undulated; torso rolling, breasts heaving, "Huff!...Huff!...Huff!...Huff!" The cilia brushed against her sensitive melons, tickled her pointy nipples. "Uhnn! Aaahh!" she gasped.

The flower covered the teen, slurping until only her arms and ponytailed head remained. There was a moment's pause. Then Poppy exhaled an orgasmic, "Aaaahh!" as, with one final "Shluurrrp!", the plant swallowed the beautiful young cheerleader, leaving the giant seed on the hammock.

That was the end of Poppy Marks...or so it would seem, if one worked on certain assumptions, the chief being that giant alien carnivorous plants perform the same way as terrestrial carnivorous plants; not quite, in this case.

The species to which the plant belonged had evolved a unique way to survive. Animals swallowed by new grown plants were the "lucky" ones. They were deposited in deep underground chambers and kept suspended in thick liquid amber.

A symbiotic relationship was established; roots were inserted in the mouth and erogenous areas; animals were fed protein to keep them alive; simultaneously, they were kept in a state of constant sexual stimulation. The cum from their frequent orgasms supplied the plants with nutrients. This process helped the plants in lean years when prey was scarce.

An animal could be preserved for decades, even centuries in this fashion. Ancient alien botanists, who visited the planet, were fascinated to find perfectly preserved animals, hardened in amber and still alive; extinct elsewhere.

The amber became, and remains, a highly valuable, near priceless commodity in the galactic community. Meanwhile, extra protein was acquired through the classic method of capture, swallow, and digest; but the plants needed lures.

The pod in the hammock lay quiet. Then a crack appeared; the crack widened, the pod split. The creature revealed was pale like a grub, but that rapidly changed. It grew; its shape assumed a female form; hair and nails formed; skin changed from larva pale to human flesh tone.

In minutes, the creature assumed the exact shape and form of a certain ex-cheerleader, now enjoying a new existence. It slept, its new duties instinctively imprinted in its brain.

Rick walked into the garden; actually he staggered - Cindy had shagged him bowlegged. Rick didn't know if he was up for Poppy but he had to try, "If Poppy finds out about Cindy...." At least Rick had the sense to shower first.

He'd read the note; the writing was erotically charged, his grin, guilt tinged. Rick's dick didn't as much as stir, courtesy of Cindy. She had a wide Cheshire grin when he left her (the implied satisfaction was not entirely sexual).

Rick had some gymnastics to perform; fucking two hot, horny babes in one day was no mean feat. The pie was waiting between the cherry trees. He blinked; there was a new tree near the hammock. "That doesn't look right." Rick dismissed it. "Mr. Marks has some weird tastes."

The girl on the hammock was his prize. She was sleeping on her back, short golden hair fanned out; not in ponytails but no matter. Rick's pump plumped, "I've got some in me after all." He stripped and walked to the hammock.

She looked almost angelic. She had on perfume, a flowery, honeyed scent. Rick stroked her face, then her breast. The nipple hardened and she gasped awake. She looked at Rick, uncomprehending.

"Hey Pops. You called, I came. You want some of this?" he asked, stroking his shaft. She looked at it, smiled, and held out her arms. Rick grinned, "Sure thing, babe "


Poppy woke; she blinked her eyes, trying to focus. "Where am I?" she thought foggily. She was curled up; it was dark and warm. She felt as if she were floating in a womb. Poppy tried to struggle but her limbs wouldn't obey. There was something soft and sweet in her mouth. There were things buried in her cunt and ass, pumping, thrusting. "Rick? What? Where...?" she murmured. She started to panic. Her mouth filled with a thick, syrupy fluid. It tasted sweet, like honey. Her panic disappeared, replaced by a soft euphoria. She moved her mouth over the object, and began to suck and gulp. The roots in her ass and cunt pumped. Poppy came....and came....and came....

The End

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