tagMind ControlPoppy's Sextacular Adventure

Poppy's Sextacular Adventure


The Aviatrix Poppy Delacrule had just turned 21 and was thoroughly enjoying the party her father had put on for her. She scorned the glamorous gowns of her fellow unwedded socialites who were giggling and hanging on to the arms of rich men. She scoffed. She preferred her flying duds.

Plus she knew she looked good in them. Tight calf skin pants, tighter than was fashionable. Boots, heeled but still on the practical side, though they came up a tad further than what most pilots wore. She had on a leather jacket, but kept it open so her not insignificant breasts could be displayed prominently in her crimson shirt. She didn't have her flying cap or goggles, so instead her hair, a raven black cascaded in waves down onto her right shoulder.

She looked around the room, there were the usual high society members. Her father had found the arm of Mrs. Molyneux, a fabulous widow who ran her husband's newspaper empire. Perhaps the lady's enormous breasts had caught her father's eye. There were newspaper men here too, probably smuggled in under the widow's prominent skirts if she had to guess.

Poppy laughed at her own joke, only to have it choke in her throat as across the room she saw Herr Heinrich. She glared. He hasn't supposed to be here. The war, for one. And she'd had father pay for the best lawyers around to keep him away after he'd left her at the altar. But there he was talking to Dr. Kosolov. Furious Poppy stalked towards him. He was smiling and cheerful. He was handsome as ever of course, chiseled chin, dark with stubble, his blonde hair combed back and he was in a well fitted tuxedo, he was tall and had broad shoulders and it was cut to show this off in precise German style.

She was stymied by a waiter who pirouetted a tray of champagne glasses in front of her. She cursed under her breath. Over the bubbly she saw that Dr. Kosolov passed Heinrich a vial. That spy! She'd have to have words with him later! She ducked under the still spinning tray and broke out into a hurried jog. Heinrich was pushing open the balcony door. With a rush she hastily, yet politely pushed past a group of guests and burst into the cold night air.

Her hair was instantly sent flapping about her. The air was filled with a droning sound. She gaped for an instant as Heinrich seemed to recede. He was clutching a dangling ladder from an airship! Without a moments thought Poppy threw herself as the bottom rung of the ladder began to rise into the air.

She caught it. Looking up she saw Heinrich's suede shoes and perfectly pressed pants climbing up to the ship. She climbed up furiously. He disappeared into a hatch but Poppy was close behind. She opened the hatch slowly, hoping Heinrich might not have noticed her.

She peered into the brightly lit room as she lifted the hatch above her. Suddenly a hand appeared in front of her with a smoking vial! She yelped and breathed in hard sucking the purple smoke into her mouth. She coughed for a moment and lost her grip on the ladder, but strong masculine hands grabbed her armpits and hauled her up. The hatch closed with a bang behind her.

Poppy tried to stand, but her legs were weak underneath her and she ended up with her legs curled in front of her. As she cleared her head she looked around. She was in the white washed cargo hold of the airship. Shiny scaffolding curved away from the floor, holding the envelope of the zeppelin in shape. Standing in front of her was Heinrich.

"Well, well, well. Ms. Delacrule! So kind of you to join me." Heinrich smiled, wide and white. Poppy hated herself for ever, and perhaps still, finding him attractive.

"What was that vial Heinrich?" Poppy snarled. She still felt weak, but did her best to not show it.

"Oh, that little thing. You just breathed in a very powerful and unique substance. You see, Dr. Kosolov has been working with the US government to make a new weapon to help you in the war. Little does your government know, Dr. Kosolov has been working for me!" Heinrich laughed dramatically.

Poppy snarled and wished her legs were strong enough to stand. There was a door behind Heinrich, and the hatch must be behind her. If she could just get Heinrich over here and push him out she'd be able to take over the airship and fly it back to the States.

"Ok, now let's get to it. Stand up." Heinrich's voice cut into her thoughts. Without a moments hesitation Poppy found herself stand up. She shook a little as she rose.

"What are you doing to me!?" Poppy yelled.

"I always wanted to do this to you" Heinrich smiled at her. Poppy felt weak at the knees but thought it was probably still the potion at work. "I was shattered that the war was declared just the day before our wedding. I wanted to return."

"You could have come anyway! Defect to America?" Poppy snarled.

"Oh Poppet, darling. You know that would never work. I'd never be trusted."

"Bollocks, you know my father would-" Poppy was cut off.

"Silence." Heinrich started pacing back and forth. "Take off your jacket." Poppy did as he commanded. "Good. As you probably can tell by now this new concoction makes you do whatever I command you to."

Poppy couldn't help feeling warmth flood her body. Could Heinrich really order her to do anything? How far would he take this? She was intrigued. Could she use this to her advantage?

"You bastard." She didn't stop swearing until Heinrich shushed her again. Her lips seemed to be glued shut.

Heinrich pointed at a crate at one side of the cabin. "Open that crate and take out the blanket there. Spread it on the floor and lie on it. Remove your shirt and pants." Poppy did as he commanded. She lay, curled in the fetal position feeling awfully exposed. She had on a silk bra and knickers.

"Relax" Heinrich's voice was calm and soothing. Poppy couldn't help but breath easier and let her legs stretch out. She was adjusting to the strange pleasure of having to exactly what Heinrich said.

"Get on all fours. " Poppy did. "You are a kitten, a kitten wanting to please me," Heinrich purred. Poppy ground her teeth, but couldn't help begin to pad towards Heinrich mewing pathetically. As she got close he put his hand out and Poppy found herself licking it.

"Good. I know you never stopped loving me, Poppy. I'm sorry we have to be on other sides of the war. There was nothing I wanted more than to come to you. But that time in France, you spurned me again and again. You have no idea how I felt. This is better."

Poppy was seething inside. Not because Heinrich was a self centered fool, but because he was right. She did want him, and she was enjoying this. Heinrich always had a way with words, she had always enjoyed their banter, easy and teasing, but he always had the upper hand and Poppy enjoyed giving it to him. So many men in her life treated her as something precious and special, too afraid she'd break or that they'd offend her father. But Heinrich had brought adventure to her life, and something else, a confidence that seemed to lack in so many other men. It turned her on. Violently.

"Please" Poppy pleaded. Her mind was half occupied with her plans of escape. But the other half was really begging. "More please?"

"I thought you'd enjoy this Poppet. Perhaps the kitten will want to lick this." Heinrich undid his pants button and revealed his erect cock. A few drops of pre-cum had rolled from the tip. "Suck me."

Poppy crawled over to him and lifted her head to his erect member. She licked it, tasting the slightly saltiness. It was soft and firm under her tongue. She licked again, and again, quicker until she heard Heinrich moan. Then she put her lips around the head still rolling her tongue around the head as she began to bob.

"Deeper" groaned Heinrich.

Poppy began thrusting his cock deeper and deeper into her throat. She was on her knees and she felt a heat rising in between her legs. She looked up into his brown eyes. She was nearly chocking and she broke her gaze as tears started at the corners.

"Stop. Take off my shirt carefully." Poppy did as she was told. She carefully undid his buttons, she hoped he might have a gun, but as she opened his coat she saw his holster was empty. He had clearly prepared. She brushed his undershirt with her fingers feeling a hard muscled chest underneath. She shivered a little, wondering how it would feel with him in her.

"Lie on the blanket. I want to watch you touch yourself as I undress."

Poppy lay, and spread her legs. She tugged her knickers down and used her fingers to spread her lips. She began to finger herself. Heinrich pulled his undershirt over his head first and she could see his well defined muscles. He was not hairy at all and his nipples looked hard. He stared down at her, his dark eyes piercing her, making her hot and wetter as she rubbed herself.

Her other hand found her nipple and twisted it back and forth gently. Poppy squirmed under his gaze. He touched himself as he raised his legs to remove his socks and finally pull down his underpants. Naked he was glorious, muscled all over, and nearly hairless besides his head. His cock was large, larger than any the aviatrix had seen.

He stroked himself slowly with firm motions. His hands looked firm and tough and Poppy wanted them to touch her.

"Fold my clothes." Heinrich smiled as he crouched by the edge of the blanket.

Poppy moaned in pleasure and annoyance as she complied. He was ever the German, efficient and tidy.

Turning back she saw Heinrich had lain down, one leg up the other out. He still was stroking himself with one hand.

"I will have to send your father a thank you note for such a wonderful party. It brought me two presents tonight." Heinrich looked over Poppy's body making her quiver again. She was tall and curvy, an hour glass figure, larger and perky breasts, and round smooth legs.

"Come and kiss me Poppet." He crooned. Poppy crawled over and kissed him passionately. She might have done it without the order. Heinrich was always a good kisser. She nibbled him and sucked at his lips. His tongue stroked through her mouth. One of his strong hands found her breast and massaged it firmly making Poppy give a surprised moan into his mouth. He broke the kiss and laughed at her.

"You want this. I can tell. Take off those silly silk things, quickly." Poppy complied, her knickers had already fallen away and she through her bra with it. "Come, get on top of me. Ride me."

Poppy did as she was told. She straddled the German and taking his large cock in one hand carefully rubbed it against her pussy. He opened his mouth in pleasure as she stroked it. But he was impatient and as she moved it about he thrust his hips upwards and entered her. Poppy in surprise fell forward onto his chest.

With strong powerful strokes he continued to pound into her. She barely held on to his shoulders as he fucked her. She tried to think but could barely muster the energy to move her hips to allow his girth inside her.

She felt her orgasm building quickly. She gasped louder and louder until she could contain herself no longer. Pushing herself upwards she tensed, her stomach flattening as her muscles jerked. She opened her mouth and yelled as she came and came before collapsing onto his chest again.

"Bad girl' Heinrich snarled, pushing her off him roughly. "Raise your legs." Poppy lay on her back and put her legs in the air. "Wrap your arms around them and hold still" he continued.

Poppy shook, still shivering from her orgasm as Heinrich approached. She felt the head of his cock press into her ass and she gasped.

"Heinrich, please no!" She moaned.

"Silence!" He began to slide into her, his dick still wet from her pussy. He moved, centimeter by centimeter. It was excruciating, little pops of pain and pleasure exploded inside her and she felt herself widening to accommodate him. It seemed to take a lifetime before he was all the way inside her. He stopped moving and Poppy sighed with relief.

He was hot against her, his weight keeping her knees against her chest. She could feel his groin touching her sensitive clit. He began to move against it, pushing in and out slowly. Without more lubrication that just her pussy juices it stung a little. But the nerves of her rectum tingled as he rubbed against them and his constant pressure on her clit drove her mad.

He began grinding faster and faster, grunting above her. She hung on, trying not to come again, fearing what he might punish her with next. His sweat dripped onto her and soon she was slippery from his effort. Poppy moaned and moaned as he stimulated her, her German lover grunted his pleasure in return.

With a shudder he stopped his pumping. His cock twitched inside her ass and she felt truly full. His hot cum pushed her over the edge and she spasmed underneath him orgasming violently.

Heinrich pulled himself out slowly and lay on the blanket next to her.

"I always loved you Poppet, would you live with me in Germany?" Heinrich turned over on his side to look at her.

Poppy still was shivering. She fought for focus and looked over at the smiling German. She did love him. But she had to make sure he never reached Germany.

"Oh Heinrich, I'm sorry I must do this." Poppy unscrewed the top of the metal vial, hidden in her hand and blew the smoking purple vapor into Heinrich's face. "So careless of you to let me fold your clothes. You should have hidden the vial before all of this."

Heinrich choked and tried to roll away from her, but she stopped him with a word: "stop. Now you'll do what I say. Go over to that intercom over there and tell the pilot to turn us around. You have new orders for a secret mission in D.C. It'll be a long flight back Heinrich, but I'm sure we can occupy ourselves." Poppy grinned widely as she considered what she might do now.

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