tagErotic CouplingsPopular Girls Ch. 1

Popular Girls Ch. 1


It has been said that everything in life begins with an idea, and dies with an opinion. With that in mind, we decided to stick to good ideas. We had met right as we both graduated high school. His name was Matt, and he was my partner. To say the least, I wouldn't have touched him with a fifty foot pole if he had asked me to. We weren't partners in the sexual sense, but business partners, in the most controversial business in the world.

Our meeting, whether fate or coincidence, seemed to be the start of a very plentiful relationship. At the time, I had been recently promoted to an assistant manager at the local installment of a large electronics retailer, the largest in the United States, in fact. Matt had been brought in as a full time salesman in the home theater department.

"I hate you Neil," was his cocky response to anything resembling criticism. He wasn't my favorite of subordinates, but he became one of my best friends on the outskirts of work. Quickly, we found out just how much we had in common.

I had been an early bloomer in high school, attending college as a post secondary option instead of attending my high school. This allowed me to gain college credits while I finished high school. Six months after graduating high school, I received my Bachelor's of Science Degree from Cleveland State University, specializing in psychology. My degree meant nothing. I had no ambition, no career goals, and I was single. All things considered, my life needed some work.

Matt was no different from me, with one slight difference. He had been blessed with the 'gift of game'. His talents gave him power over any female with whom he came in contact. Much to my envy, his bed was never empty. A former virgin as of the beginning of high school, he had been with more girls than I had ever talked to in my lifetime. This of course was not a very bad quality; it just never made me look good.

The real story begins on a fateful night during the Christmas season, the busiest time of year in retail. The store had done well throughout the day, smashing our daily sales budgets. The late night clean-up had begun and I was making my rounds to the various areas of the store and checking the progress of the staff. I arrived in the home theater department to find Matt and two of his co-workers diligently cleaning their area.

"How's it going?" I asked, approaching Matt, the leader of his department.

"Not too bad," was his reply, "we've had faster closes, but it seems that we just got hit hard today."

"You're telling me," I complied, "I haven't had a chance to sit down all night." I took that opportunity to seat myself on a sturdy shelf near where Matt was cleaning. "So, what are you doing tonight, anything?"

"Nothing to speak of," he replied. "Justin said something to me earlier about going out to a club, but I don't know if I have enough energy left."

"Well," I said. "Let's go out to ole' Brook park road and see some tits." I began to get up and move on to the next department. "I'll buy you a coke." I chuckled, poking fun at the fact that we were both well below the legal drinking age. That failed to stop us, though, from enjoying ourselves at the local strip clubs.

An hour later, with the doors to the store locked, myself, Matt, and Justin walked out to the dark parking lot. Justin was another good friend from work. We had always given him a hard time because he was short, and he always replied with his standard 'fuck you' attitude to the rest of the world. Beyond the fact that he was short, there was nothing more wrong with him physically. He covered his green eyes with glasses, and he kept his dark brown hair well cropped to his head. He was a fairly good looking guy, or so I had been told.

Matt, on the other hand, was somewhat of an opposite of Justin. He was tall, though not as tall as me at my towering 6'3" height. He was thinner than all of us. I would even go as far as calling him scrawny. I could never understand what females saw in him as sexy. It could have been his sandy brown hair, which was consistently cut short, or his brown eyes, but that was doubtful. It was most likely his afore mentioned gift of gab. That's gift was what allowed him to excel as a salesman, as well as a player in the game of sexual roulette.

We arrived that night at the Green Room on Brook park Road, in the seedier neighborhood of western Cleveland, Ohio. Brook Park road was famous for its all star lineup of strip clubs and bars. The Green Room had become our favorite late night destination. The dancers were younger, cleaner, and more expensive than those at other clubs. The money was not a problem for me; I was still a resident of my mother's home despite the fact that my income had surpassed thirty thousand dollars per year. I had always been looking for a way to alleviate my money shortages, but I had never been able to come up with any good ideas, until the idea was handed to me on a silver platter.

"I wonder how much money these girls make every night." Matt commented, admiring a cute blonde dancer with slightly sagging breasts. She had herself wrapped around a metal pole in a quite uncomfortable looking position. Nonetheless, businessmen in pinstriped suits continued to throw green bills in her direction in an attempt to provoke her into revealing more than just what was above her waist. On this night, as was consistent with every other night, they walked away disappointed. I almost felt sorry for them, but I was quickly removed from that state by the thought that all of these men probably had wives and children at home, and here they were pissing away the family nest-egg to pay for some stranger's daughter's college tuition. I found it unbecoming of a good, honest family man.

Unfortunately, I had neither a wife, nor was I blessed with children, so I viewed myself with every right to be in the club that night.

"I'm not sure," I replied to Matt's question about the dancers. "But I'm sure it pays well, otherwise it wouldn't be worth it."

"You are right," he admitted. "Just look at those guys, they would just keep dumping more money onto that stage to see her show her pussy."

"I know, it's relatively sad," was my reply. "And to think that these guys could get this kind of show and more, for less, on the internet."

"Yeah," Jason agreed from the opposite side of our table. "That's where the real money is, it is all in internet porn."

"Wouldn't it be great to open up our own porn website?" Matt suggested. "We could make a hell of a lot more money than we are now."

At that moment, I would normally just fluff off such a suggestion from Matt, but at that particular time, the idea struck me as not only being an excellent way of making money, but also a very realistic way of making money. "We should start a website." I implied.

"Yeah, you are right." Matt agreed. "But it wouldn't work; it would be too damn hard." Jason and I nodded in compliance. And that was the end of it…


The next morning I went to work as I always did, going in early in the hope that I might leave early. Leaving early was usually not an option, but I could always hope.

The morning and early afternoon had gone by smoothly. With it being a Monday, business was slow and it allowed me to catch up on some of my paperwork. I had seen no sign of either Matt or Justin all day as the evening began to roll in. I had been granted permission to leave early and I was anxious to take advantage of the chance, which only came around once every blue moon.

As I was exiting the building, I was spotted by Matt, who had just arrived for his shift. I greeted him with a firm handshake.

"What's up man?" was the standard greeting that he received from me.

"Nothing much, Neil." He replied. "I just got here from school. My web authoring class ran a little long today."

"Don't worry about it," I assured him. "Your education has to come first. Just make sure you sell a good amount of shit tonight to make up for it."

"Alright man, I think I can handle that," he assured me. "So, are you gone for the day?"

"Yeah, I get to leave a little early today."

"Good for you." He said. "Hey, give me a call later. I have something that I want to talk to you about."

"Alright Matt, I'll do that." I complied. "I'll see you later."

"Have a good one." He disappeared into the building as I turned to the parking lot area to retrieve my car.


Instead of returning home to my condo that night, I decided to visit the Green Room. As with every night, I entered, passing Joe, the bouncer, at the door. I paid him no mind as he refused entry to a couple of hot shot sixteen year olds. I tried to remember back to see if there was any time in my life which I had become so desperate as to try to get into one of these clubs while being under aged. I failed to remember anything of the sort. I guess it was due to the fact that I always had the internet.

I entered to find the club relatively empty on a weeknight. I would have no trouble getting some attention from any of the young dancers. That was the only reason I would ever go to the club alone, for a lap dance.

I took my seat toward the middle of the club, halfway between the stage and the door. At that moment, whether it was fate or coincidence, my favorite dancer appeared on stage.

She called herself Abby, the schoolgirl. She was tall, about 5'6", I'd say. She probably weighed no more than 100 lbs, soaking wet. A petite, young brunette with a beautiful body, she had a pair of the firmest young breasts that the earth had ever known, as well as a firm, round ass which never failed to bring my cock to attention. Her ass lead to her long, slender legs, firm and toned. She had the aura of being someone who took very good care of her body.

I watched her intently as she made her way through her usual routine. She would come out in a little schoolgirl's uniform, dressed sexily in a short, plaid skirt, and accented by white, knee high stockings. Above the sexy, short skirt was her beautiful white blouse, hardly covering her black, lacy bra. Along with her long black hair carefully drawn back into a pony-tail, this created the long enduring image of an innocent, yet sexy school girl. Every man had this fantasy during his life, and cute, young Abby was taking advantage of it to capitalize. I had, myself, donated hundreds of dollars to her personal funds through the months that I had been attending the club.

When she was finished dancing, and the men finished drooling, she left the stage and went to the back room to redress and go out to work the floor. I sat there, thinking about her as another dancer, who was less attractive and a little clumsier, took the stage.

No more than ten minutes later, Abby appeared at the door adjacent to the stage. She exited the door and had begun to work the crowd. She stopped quickly at every table towards the front to tease the men with her talents before working her way to the middle of the club, to me. When I came into view, she noticed me and gave me a sweet smile. This was customary, but my situation with her was much different, I was her number one customer, therefore I knew that she was truly happy to see me when I was there.

"Hey there, Neil," Her voice was angelic as she greeted me. "Here for the usual?"

"Of course," I replied. We kept our business professional in the open forum of the club, but as she led me to the back rooms, I knew things weren't as others would think.

I followed her into the back area, past Bill, the second bouncer. I gave him a quick nod as we walked by; he nodded back, acknowledging that we knew each other. We walked passed the open booths, which were reserved for all lap dances and new customers, quickly glancing at all of the business men in suits, with young dancers rubbing themselves against them in many different positions. I paid little attention to the other men's girls, while they noticed the girl whose hand was pulling me further into the back.

We arrived at the very back of the small room, and entered another room. This was the private booth area which I knew so well. In reality, it was a long hallway with about ten more rooms connected to it, when dancers would take their favorite clients and give them a top notch show, and sometimes more. I followed Abby into the last room on the left, the usual setting for our encounters. As we entered, I noticed that she already had a bottle of champagne and two glasses on a small table in the corner of the room. Besides the table and a large couch, there was no more to the room than recently painted walls and a thick carpeted floor. I took my place on the couch, watching as Abby walked toward me seductively. She mounted me, like someone would if they were sitting on a chair turned the wrong way, and planted a deep passionate kiss on me. I bathed my lips in her sweet taste and explored her open mouth with my tongue as collectively, our breathing increased. She broke our kiss before I spoke.

"Hey Jess, how is it going?" I asked her, still breathing heavily. I had called her by her true name, Jessica, rather than her stage name.

"Hey honey," she replied, her eyes burning with lust as she stared into mine. "Happy anniversary."

"And a happy anniversary to you as well, my love," I replied. I kissed her deeply again, first playing a game of the tongues, then moving away with sweet, small kisses down her neck and upper chest. I kissed my way down to her white blouse, which was being held on by a single button. Quickly removing the lone button with my teeth, I turned to give attention to her wonderful breasts. I had always loved how her nipples stuck out of her breasts at least a quarter of an inch when hard. At that moment, they were as erect as they had ever been. I began to take them into my mouth, one by one, hearing her moan as I would pull away, gently sucking and licking.

When I felt that I had given her enough pleasure, I sat back and looked into her glazed over blue eyes. Jessica was the love of my life. I had never known anyone more beautiful, more intelligent, and more sensual then her. I also had never known anyone to love me more than she had. We fit together well, and I was comfortable with the fact that she was a dancer; it helped pay the large bills we had accumulated to buy our very large condo. She glared at me and smiled sweetly.

"I love you," She affirmed.

"I love you more," I said, bringing another, even sweeter, smile to her beautiful face. "So, are you going to be able to make it out early tonight?"

Her cheerful demeanor dropped a little, indicated her upcoming answer. "Mickie wants me to work late tonight. He said we are coming up a little short this week and he needs his 'best girls' to work a little overtime. He told me he would pay me double time if I did it." Mickie was her short, fat, rather Italian, pig of a boss who would wear more gold on his person than your average rapper. I disliked his entire existence.

I shook my head in disappointment, not replying with anything.

"Come on now, baby," she defended her boss. "You know I love you, and you know I would do anything that I could for you, but this is something that I have to do. And you know that."

"I know," I replied with a trailing sound of disappointment and a sigh. "It's just that it is our two year anniversary, and I want you to be at home, with me tonight. Not here."

She then gave me a look which was half frown, half smile. "Now, don't be like that. You know that I won't let you get out of here without giving you your present."

My interest, as well as my cock, perked up a little bit. "Oh really," I questioned. "What is my present?"

"This," was all she said as she slipped off of me and onto her knees on the floor. She took her time in slowly undoing my belt and unzipping my khaki pants. She proceeded to pull my pants down, below my knees, after which she removed my cock from the inside of my navy blue boxer shorts. It was already about grown to its full seven inches as she wrapped her sweet lips around it. Her tongue felt flaming hot against the underside of my cock as she took me in slowly, an inch at a time. Her mouth was heaven as I let my head fall back, enjoying this rare occasion. She took all of my throbbing cock into her mouth, gently sucking me as her left hand kneaded my balls. I could feel my seed as it rose from my balls up into my cock. I let out a gasp as my cock exploded into her mouth. I saw her close her beautiful eyes as she swallowed every drop of my cum.

All I could do was lay back and rest as my cock went limp. Every sexual act that I participated in with her was a beautiful thing. Everything about her was beautiful. As she pulled away from my cock, she opened her beautiful blue eyes and glanced up at me. I smiled. She pulled herself back up and walked over to the small table in the other corner of the room as I retained my pants. She returned with two glasses of champagne and we toasted to our relationship. I held her there for almost an hour, holding her close to my body, enjoying her heat.

"Happy anniversary," she said, giving me one more, soft kiss.


Later that night, as I awaited Jessica's return home from the club, I decided to give Matt a friendly phone call, at his request.


"Matt, it's me." I replied cordially.

"What's up dude?"

"You tell me." I answered, "What is it that you wanted to talk to me about?"

"You remember the other night, when we were at the Green Room."

"Yeah man, I remember." I replied. "What about it?"

"Well, I was in my web authoring class and it got me to thinking," he explained. "I think we could run a porn site."

"What?" I asked in complete disbelief of what he had just said.

"Yeah, yeah, we really could. Listen, you have the excellent business skills, and the hot ass stripper girlfriend and I have the design skills and the ability to get chicks to do my bidding."

"You've got to be kidding."

"I kid you not. I really think that we could do it. We would just need to register a domain name and find a couple of models, and work out a couple of details, and we would be able to pull in some serious money."

"No fucking way," I retorted again.

"Dude, listen. If we make enough money, we would never have to work again. That means Jessica would never have to strip again, and you wouldn't have to share her like you always fucking complain about."

It was beginning to sink in to me as a decent idea. "Well…"

"Well nothing," he stopped me. "We are going to do it, and we are going to make a fucking shit load of money. Justin is in, are you?"

I thought about it for a quick moment. Matt had a very valid point; there was a lot of money to be made, and it wouldn't be that difficult. With some reluctance, I gave in; "Okay, count me in."


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