I have no name. I have no family. I have no roots in this complicated and uncertain world. All I have is a desire, a dream, a hope. Pornocopia. I think of it in my dreams, in every second that passes, in every waking thought. I live for Pornocopia.

But what is this thing that I speak of?

Pull up a chair and listen to my story.

Soon, you will be able to experience this world as well...

My adventure began many months ago when I was working as a barman at Malloy's on the Strand in London, England. It was a dull, hot August day with nothing but the Cricket on TV. There were only a couple of customers in the bar; a middle aged Jewish couple who were arguing about what wine to order and a quiet Japanese businessman called Hiroto who came in like he did every Monday afternoon and ordered the same Sake as usual.

I needed some relief from this boredom. And it came in the shape of an unusual stranger.

At first, my manager and I thought he was a tramp. I mean the guy not only smelt bad but his face looked the part, too. He had a ruddy complexion which was set against several burst red veins. But there was something about the way that he dressed that made me wonder. He was wearing a thick camel coloured coat on top of what looked like an immaculate pinstripe suit.

Pretty strange thing to wear for a hot summer's day, huh?

"You can serve him" my manager whispered as the old man approached the bar.

Must be an eccentric. England's full of them, just look at Prince Philip...

He hobbled up and sat himself on one of the bar stools opposite me.

"What can I get you, Sir?" I asked him.

"I'll have a pint of Scrumpy Jack, please"

His voice wasn't Cockney like I was expecting but a strange mix of Upper class English with a hint of a Continental accent.

Maybe he's well traveled. Ex armed forces, perhaps.

"Anything else, Sir?" I said, handing him the pint of Cider.

"Could I have a Cuban cigar please? One of those hand rolled Montecristo's?" he asked, pointing to the cigars in the mahogany display cabinet.

He pulled out his wallet and handed me a couple of fifty pound notes.

"One for the drink and cigar and the other for you, my boy"

"Thank you, Sir"

He hung his coat on the edge of the bar stool and slowly began to sip his pint.

"Tell me about yourself, boy" he asked, looking up at me with his beady grey eyes.

"What's your name?"

"I don't exactly have one"

"What do you mean by that?" he asked.

"Both my parents died after I was born. Since I had no living relatives, I was placed into care and given a 'temporary name'. I've never accepted it, so I always call myself 'Nameless'"

"I see..."

"And what are you called, Sir?"

"My name is Henry Walshingham"

"Well, pleased to meet you, Henry"

"Likewise, my boy"

Our conversation continued for the next hour where we discussed amongst other things: the cricket, sex, business and oddly, conspiracy theories. Henry was an intelligent man and was far more intuitive about people than he let on. He was, as someone once said, 'a canny old goat'.

"So what do you do for a living, Henry?"

"I'm what you might call an 'explorer'"

He gave a little laugh and winked at me.


"Let's just say I find things that people pay me a lot of money to find"

"Like what?"

The old man leant a little closer, making sure that no-one was within earshot.


"What do you mean by that?" I whispered.

"Have you ever heard of Adam and Eve?"

I nodded.

"Well I've found some evidence that there might be an island near Africa which has women that are her identical clones. Imagine it. The most perfect women on Earth!"

We both grinned at the prospect.

"One of my clients is paying me a hell of a lot of money to see if it's true. And I've got a little piece of evidence that might suggest that it does..."

He unfolded one of his wrinkled palms and put an old piece of parchment on the bar.

"What is it?"

"A map from the late middle ages. Its written in Latin but it shows the world as it was known then, just the Mediterranean, parts of Africa and this"

He pointed to a small island in the centre of the continent.

"But that's impossible"

No-one had ever traveled that far in those days. I should know, I'm a History student.

I had to go. A small voice was urging me to discover the unknown. That of Pornocopia.


After my shift was done, I headed back to the Camden squat where I lived with Ravi, a mystic and a couple of South Africans, Ollie and his girlfriend, Neale. The two South Africans were sitting on a couple of beanbags in the corner of the lounge, tripped out on drugs. Ravi was sitting cross legged on his small rug in the center of the room, meditating as usual.

He slowly opened his eyes and took a deep breath.

"Ravi! Are you here?" I said

No answer.

I tapped his shoulder.


Again, no answer.


He leapt up, somewhat startled.

"Oh its you, Nameless. You frightened me"

"Sorry about that. Can I ask you something?"

"Go ahead"

I sat down next to him and told him about Henry.

"What do you know about a place called Pornocopia?"

He stroked his bushy black beard and looked into space for a couple of minutes.

"I've heard of it but only briefly. My teacher once told me how it was created when I was a young man"

I looked at him intently.

"You see, there is another story of creation. Shortly after Adam and Eve were created, they had three children; two girls and a boy. God did not approve of this act and banished the children to an island far away from the Garden of Eden. But what he did not know was that these children had some genes from the Devil, for it was he that had made Eve pregnant..."

"Interesting story, Ravi"

"I pray that no-one ever finds this island, for the women there will be literally, daughters of Hell"


A couple of weeks later, I decided to join Henry on his quest to find Pornocopia. We would all meet at Cairo, where we would head down the Nile on the Egyptian Queen. Joining us was Dr Karen Simmons, an anthropologist at London University and Henry's team of scientists and ex-soldiers.

I decided to start a journal to record the journey's events.

Day three

We have been traveling down the Nile for three days now, stopping only for supplies and the occasional historical trip. The heat is sweltering and it makes me wish that I was back home in Edinburgh.

...It's late at night and I'm on the main deck. It's a clear night and the moon is out. I can see so much of the night sky out here, all the constellations and galaxies. It's truly a wondrous sight to behold. Karen is watching me from her cabin near where I'm standing. She's playfully flicking her blonde curls and unbuttoning her blouse...

...We passionately kiss under the moonlight. I close the cabin door gently and in frenzy, we both rip off our clothes. Karen is magnificent naked. Tall with a tanned, lithe body; she is the ultimate blend of beauty and brains. Her breasts, whilst not the biggest, are large enough to provide ample amounts of satisfaction.

Sitting next to her on the bed, I cup each breast in my hands and start to slowly lick the edges of her erect nipples.

"Don't...stop" she groans.

I quickly move on to sucking them in my mouth, my tongue going back and forth with every stroke.


She leans forward a little as I crouch in front of her, my erect cock only a few inches from her face.

"And now it's my turn" she says with a smile.

Karen sucks it whole and her head slowly starts to go back and forth. I can feel her soft hands rubbing my heavy balls.

If only every day could be like this

"Mmm" she sighs.

I can feel the end of my cock swelling with every suck. After a few minutes, it can't take any more and I let out a yelp.

"I'm...ccumming" I stammer and it quivers, shooting out a rich lather of cum in her mouth.

After another long kiss, she leans back on the bed and I spread her long legs open. Her pussy is shaved and there is a small trickle of sweat slowly running down her pink lips. I spread them open and start to rub her clit, and then I place another inside her pussy and start to move it back and forth. Karen's groaning in ecstasy as I do these two things together, my fingers working like a team. Her juices start to run down, coating my fingers in what looks like dew.

Karen's groaning loudly at this point. Her face is flushed with pleasure and I can feel her pussy quivering with every stroke.

"Uhhhh" she moans loudly.

Her pussy trembles and she comes loudly, covering my finger inside of her with her cum.

...She plays with my cock for a while, making sure it's nice and hard. It sticks up like a large banana. I climb onto top of her and we kiss once more. I thrust it into her and away we go.

"Do you think we'll find Pornocopia?" she says.

I thrust.

"I don't know. You're the scientist here"

I thrust harder.

"Well it could exist. Then again..."

I thrust harder and harder.

"Then again?"

As I thrust my cock deep inside of her, I can feel it slowly starting to quiver.

"It might only be a legend"

"That's nice but I'm about to..."

I let out a loud groan and pulled out my cock. The end of my cock quivered before shooting out a stream of cum at her chest.

"...cum" I panted.

Day Fifteen

...We have traveled through the Sahara desert for ten days now. Two of our party has died from the heat and exhaustion but we press on. I'm having trouble sleeping. For the last two weeks, I've had the same dream. I'm in a hospital looking at my mother in her bed. But she looks different. She's an old woman and I don't recognize her. I don't know what it means but its scary having it every night...

Day Twenty Three

...I don't know where we are exactly. We entered a jungle a couple of days ago. Bad move. One of our party, an ex-soldier called Richard, was kidnapped on our first night here. We found one of his hands and part of his skull this morning. There are only twelve of us left now. God knows how long we'll all last out here. Henry seems confident though.

"Only a few more miles, chaps" he says every day.

Yeah fucking right.

Day Forty Two

...To my complete and utter surprise we made it out of the jungle. Unfortunately, there are only six of us left. Three more were kidnapped and the other three died from snake bite wounds.

We carried on trekking and eventually reached a freshwater lagoon. In the distance we could see a small island. It had a billowing volcano in its center which was surrounded by what looked like dense jungle. I thought I saw something like metal glimmering in the sunlight.

Henry got excited at seeing this and jumped up and down crying 'we've found it! We've found Pornocopia!'...

Day Forty Four

...We decided to set up camp on the edge of the lake. But, as always, things aren't going to plan. Supplies are running low and to make matters worse, Henry has contracted yellow fever. None of our electrical equipment is working and time is running out.

Steven, Henry and William are going to stay behind and look after him whilst Dominic, Karen and me decided to swim to the island and get help...

Several hours passed. We finally landed on the white sandy beaches of the island. We were greeted not by any locals but by a curious mix of unusual buildings. There was a large building in front of me which had both ancient columns and a corrugated metal roof. Walking past several shacks, we came to an old graveyard which had the graves of previous explorers. Some had come from the Middle Ages, others from as recently as the 1980's.

...As Dominic was looking at them, he didn't seem to notice the group of women looking at him.

"Looking for something?" the first one said.

The three of us walked back only to find that we were surrounded.

"Who is your leader?" she asked.

"I ammm", I stammered.

She knelt down and kissed my hand.

"I am honored to meet you, my Lord. My name is Anasi and I am the Chief of the tribe of the Evagu"

...The Evagu are a pretty bunch, I tell you. Tall, athletic and with large chests, they certainly are close relatives to Eve. Praise the Lord, heh heh. Facially, they look like the lithe women of Ethiopia but with large, pearl colored eyes ...

Tonight, they are having a feast in our honor. The Chief has agreed to give us some supplies to help Henry but I'm not sure how much time he has left. I only hope we can save him...

After a delicious feast, the Chief, Karen and I headed to her room...

...Karen and I are lying on her bed. We are busy sucking the Chiefs large, round breasts. Her nipples are incredibly sensitive and have become hard with only a couple of strokes. She groans gently with pleasure as the two of us suckle on them...

...I've never had my cock sucked by two women before. The Chief and Karen lick the head of my cock gently before taking it in turns to suck it. I can feel the Chiefs lips gobble it up hungrily. It feels like she hasn't had cock in a while. Karen is as gentle as always. My cock starts to swell inside of their mouths and just before I'm about to come, Karen and the Chief stick out their tongues. I groan gently before showering their mouths with my salty cum...

...The two women kiss each other feverishly before eating each others pussies. The Chief's long fingers gently spreads open her pussy lips before lapping away. Karen starts to rub her dark clit before spreading open her chocolate coloured pussy lips and starts to eat. After a few minutes, the women groan amidst a shower of sweat and cum. They lap up each others cum before kissing once more...

...I'm fucking the Chief. She's on all fours, ready for my hard cock to fuck her from behind. I spread her meaty ass and stick it inside. Groaning, she smiles and I start to pump away. Karen is in front of her and the Chief is licking her pussy gently.

I start to fuck, her large breasts swaying gently with every thrust. Faster still I go, her tongue licking Karen's pussy with my every movement. I can hear them both groaning. I fuck faster and faster. My cock is swelling up with cum deep inside her pussy and it won't be too long before it explodes.

"Uhhhh" I yell and quickly pull it out.

It quivers for a brief second before showering both the Chief's and Karen's tits in cum....


Day: Unknown

...It's been several days since we left the island. Just in time, too, as Henry didn't have much time. We built a small raft and are drifting in the Ocean...

Will we reach civilisation? I don't know and I don't care. For I have tasted true pleasure...

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