tagBDSMPornstar Pet Ch. 03

Pornstar Pet Ch. 03


This is a sequel to "Perfect Picture" and will be a multi chapter story. This is a work of fiction and all characters are consenting adults over 21. I want to thank everyone for their feedback on Perfect Picture and that encouraged me to continue this story. I especially want to thank NadiaLove17 for her incredible editing, dialog, plot and story ideas they made this a much better story.

Chapter 3

Sleazy Photographer

This script revolves around an innocent model being taken advantage of by an unscrupulous photographer.

For the set, we had built a fairly real photographers studio, complete with a small reception area.

Cindy came into the reception area and took a seat in a cushy chair. Her long hair was in a ponytail and she was wearing a simple sweater and a small skirt. The outfit revealed enough of her shape that you can see there was potential: a nice bust, small waist, and a tight ass, though no skin except for her toned shapely legs was showing.

The photographer was appraising her from a one way mirror on the wall and the look on his face revealed that he thinks he may have an innocent that he can manipulate. He rubbed his chin and his eyes popped open at the idea and he started to rub his hands together in glee. He got up to go greet his new victim.

"Hello, you must be Cindy! I have been setting up the studio for our shoot. Come on back."

As they went into the studio, there was an open area with a backdrop and a section next to that with what looked to Cindy like props. Then, further over there was a bed with backdrops behind that as well.

"Well Cindy, tell me what kind of photos you need today," he calmly inquired.

"I'm trying to start my portfolio and I need some different categories of photos to fill in my blank areas," she responded.

"Okay, so you're new at this. What areas do you need to fill in?"

"Well, Swimsuit, Glamour, and something that's different that might catch an agent's eyes."

"I see, did you bring any costumes, because if not then I have several," he said.

"I brought some, but I can look at yours as well."

"Okay let's try the swimsuits first. The changing room is over here and there are racks of costumes in there. If you see something you like try it on."

Cindy went into the changing room and looked through the costumes, all of them were skimpy and risqué, so she opted to try on her tight one-piece that she had brought with her. When she came out, the photographer gasped and said, "Honey, you will only get jobs in "Old Maids Quarterly" in that outfit. Agents want to know what you look like and how you will look in their clothes. If you want, I will take your photo in that, but a string bikini would probably be much better," said the photographer.

Cindy looked slightly embarrassed and agreed, "Yeah, I guess you're right."

She turned around and went back into the dressing room. Since she didn't own anything like that, she rummaged through the rack of swimsuits to see what she could find. Everything was tiny and some hardly even covered her nipples. Finally, she settled on something small but still modest, and as she looked into the mirror, she thought, "I do have a nice figure."

She threw her shoulders back with confidence and went out to face the photographer again.

As she came out from the dressing room, he got his first look at her figure. Wow, she was a walking wet dream. She had beautiful firm breasts with nipples trying to poke holes in the swimsuit, an incredibly small waist with a flat belly, nice shapely hips, tight butt cheeks, and killer legs..

"That's more like it!" Then, he pulled down a beach scene backdrop and said, "Come over here and strike some poses."

Cindy started twisting and turning like she saw models do on TV.

"No Cindy, what we need are poses that accentuate various parts of your body. What are your best features and what do you think shows you the best?

"Well my breasts always seem to get a lot of attention, but so does my butt and legs. I have done a fitness shoot and they like my tight Abs and small waist." she admitted.

"So if we want to show off your tits, we can try you lying down and bowing your back or bending over while facing me for a cleavage shot. One of the best ones is the hand bra or the arm across your tits. Of course, for those you'd have to take off your top."

She considered it, "We can try that later."

The photographer took her back to the set and started trying to take some photographs, but once again Cindy seemed stiff and unnatural and the photographs of this stunning woman were crap. So he pulled the camera down stopped taking photographs and said.

"Cindy, you also don't seem comfortable or relaxed in front of the camera. I have another idea and you could actually earn some money as well. I have a photo shoot coming up for a "Real Life Detective" and another for "BDSM Quarterly" and both have pretty girls in a bikini tied up for several different poses. We could try some of that and see if that helps you relax in front of the camera."

"How much money?" she questioned.

"I don't know. If they like the shots, it could be around $500, but if they don't then you get nothing. But, with your figure, I think you're in." he said.

"You really think?" she asked shyly.

"Absolutely! Want to give it a try?" he asked hopefully.

He saw an opening and thought he would try to sell it more. "Honey, you have the body of a centerfold and you can make a ton of money if you can loosen up in front of the camera and show a little skin. I can tell you with that beautiful innocent face yours on top of that sinfully delicious body you can go a long way if you just loosen up in front of the camera."

"Hmm, well, what do I have to do?" she asked.

"Come over here and follow my instructions, and let me show you something."

He took her over to the area where there were lots of props and after rummaging through a box he came up with something that looked like a long leather glove except it was wider than the normal glove. He came up behind her, pulled her arms behind her and began sliding both her arms into the glove and then began to buckle and tighten it. When he was finished Cindy had both arms tied tightly behind her and she felt the strain in her arms and shoulders with her arms buckled tightly together behind her back.

As he led her over to the different kind of set Cindy started to feel a little helpless and exposed, but she also noticed that she was tingling with excitement and she was feeling wet between her legs. He stood her in front of a set that looked like a jail cell, then backed off and took several pictures. He came back to her, turned the camera around and started showing her pictures he had just taken and then he began to elaborate what she was seeing.

"Now in these pictures you are just wearing the bikini and what you see is a beautiful girl in a bikini. Now look at these, with your arms strapped tightly behind you, your chest is pulled up an out making you're already gorgeous breasts look bigger, fuller and even more spectacular. Likewise, with your chest pulled up your already tiny belly is flattened and tight compared to your chest. You look really hot in these pictures and I know people would buy them."

Cindy looked at the pictures and even she had to agree the change is dramatic between the two pictures. She had to agree that with her body displayed like that she looked hot and she felt exhilaration in being displayed so brazenly. Exhilaration was not her only feeling and she felt her pussy getting very wet. She didn't know if it was being displayed in such a shameless way or being forced through the bondage, but Cindy liked the feeling. She tried to clear mind and get back to business at hand, and said.

"Yes, I see what you're talking about and I think we could do some more pictures like this."

The photographer said his camera down and then came over, put his hands on her hips and moved her to a different location in the set. His hands then he trailed her belly and Cindy felt like it was fire trailing up her belly, except the fire was in her pussy. He reached up and started making the bikini cups smaller revealing more of her breasts and as he did, his fingers grazed her already hard nipples and it was like she felt electricity in her nipples and pussy.

Cindy took gasping breath and let her head roll back and panted as she felt his touch setting her body on fire. He moved over and started adjusting the cup over her other breast and by the time he finished Cindy was trembling and both nipples were so hard they were threatening to rip the fabric asunder. He then slid his hands over her trembling belly and adjusted one of the side ties on the bikini, so the bikini bottom hung loosely and drooped on one side.

As the photographer stepped back and pick his camera he smiled to himself, he knew by the end of the shoot she would be his and he would also I have some fantastic photographs. He looked over at Cindy with her beautiful face flushed, her eyes had lusty distant stare, and her almost naked body was trembling with excitement.

He walked around Cindy taking various pictures and after he'd shot several dozen pictures he picked up a straight back chair with a wide base and brought it onto the set. He set Cindy in the chair then picked her up and draped her bound arms over the back of the chair. This forced her head over the back of the chair and bowed her back trusting those incredible breasts into prominence. To keep her in position he strapped the arm sleeves to the crossbar on the legs of the chair and then got some handcuffs and cuffed her ankles to the front legs of the chair.

In this position Cindy's body was tightly bowed over the back chair, with her breasts being prominently displayed. Her flat belly was stretched taut as her hips strained to reach the chair and her legs were tight with the strain of holding her body in such a position.

The photographer started running his hands over her tightly stretched body and slid his hand underneath the loose bikini bottoms. Then slid a finger through her pussy lips and curled up inside her drenched pussy. He heard Cindy gasping followed by a long sensuous moan and he could feel her hips and pussy trembling with need and excitement. Cindy tried to put up a good front and said.

"No please stop were taking pictures please stop ."

He didn't respond but instead pulled his finger out of her pussy, stuck it in his mouth and as he savored the taste he made a mental reminder to get more of that. He trailed his finger up to the cups of her bikini and completely moved them to the side completely exposing her breasts and hard thrusting nipples. He then took each nipple into his mouth and sensuously worked nipple with his tongue and teeth. Cindy's whole body quivered and her hips began to thrusting motion, but her words belayed her body's actions as she said.

"Oh Gawd ... please stop, oh please stop, just take pictures."

Cindy's body was on fire and she knew what he was doing but the feelings rampaging through her body were not to be denied. When he bound her arms in the sleeves she felt compliant and she let things happen, but when he strapped her to the chair all of her resolve crumbled. But it was easy, she could blame it on the bondage because she had no control over what was happening to her. The minute she relinquished control and let it happen the fire in her pussy flared into an inferno.

But it wasn't just the bondage, he was displaying her body in such a way to excite others with his pictures of her. Knowing others would be looking at her naked body and lusting after her, energized her lusty fervor and she wanted more. To be shown off, to be displayed to others within the safety of the studio. The exhibitionism was a heady aphrodisiac and she wanted more, much more.

He walked around to her face knelt down and looked into her eyes, then began to sensuously kiss her mouth and despite her words she responded with a hungry demanding kiss. He backed off and took several photos of her face flushed with passion and her wet lips plump and begging for more. Then zoomed back so he could have the same face with those awesome breasts thrusting in the background. He walked around her taking multiple photographs, close-ups as well as complete body shots. Damn, she was a dream come true and is cock was aching to be inside her.

When he was finished with photographs he set the camera down, covered Cindy's nipples with her bikini top and unbuckled her from the chair. He took the cuffs off of her ankles and then sleeves off of her arms. He led her over to a human sized X. Cindy had thought this was just a prop, and then she noticed the manacles at the top and the bottom. She started to shake at the thought of being tied to that X, but at the same time she felt a quiver and the fire between her legs flamed higher. He put her back against the X and began to buckle her ankles in the manacles.

As he was buckling her in, he explained, "This is called a St. Andrews Cross or X-Frame."

He got up and began to buckle her wrists into the top manacles. Then, he turned some wheels and Cindy felt herself being stretched until she was tight against the frame and her arms were pulled to their limits. Cindy felt her pussy getting wet and once again the choice had been taken away from her and she was free to indulge in all the erotic feelings stampeding through her body .

The photographer moved around, adjusting the lights, and then taking several photos from different angles. He came back over to Cindy and showed her a photo of herself on the camera.

"See how that stretch causes your belly to sink in and your chest to be more prominent? The stretch gives your body more angles that the lighting brings out and it makes an overall better photo. Let's try some other things."

He reached around her and untied the back of her top. The back ties swung down and now the sides of her breasts were exposed. Her nipples were still covered, but just barely.

"Stop, what are you doing?" she fretted.

"You're still covered, don't worry. I'm just making a more interesting shot."

He moved back and started taking more shots with the camera, then he stopped walked over to a cart and rolled it in front of Cindy. On the cart was a Laptop next to it was a pole with a round ball on top and a lens in the middle. She saw him log onto a web site and suddenly she saw herself on the screen and as he made some adjustments and as he zoomed in she filled the screen.

The photographer came back over to her and moved the drooping bikini tops triangles together, so that almost all of her tits were exposed except for her nipples. While he was taking photos, Cindy's hips started to twitch in small thrusting movements. Her lips parted in an O shape with her head slowly moving side to side and her breath was coming in deeper heaves.

The photographer knew what he was seeing. She was being turned on and not by choice, the bondage had taken all responsibility away from her and she was free to respond any way that her body wanted to. The photographer stepped in front of her and moved one of the bikinis cups to the side revealing her rock hard and distended nipple. He slipped the nipple between his lips and started lashing her nipple with his tongue. Her reaction was immediate and predicable, "What are you doing? Stop immediately! Oohh my, please stop... Oh Gawd ... Please."

As he switched to the other nipple, her protests faded and her moans of pleasure increased. The photographer slid his free hand down the front of her bikini bottom and slipped his finger between her pussy lips and entered her very wet cunt. Cindy's hips, completely on their own, tilted forward to open her pussy for deeper penetration. Her gasps and moans started escalating in volume, "Oh, what are you doing to me? It never felt like this before."

The photographer then pulled his finger from her pussy and reached up to slip the skimpy bikini top over her head and cast it aside. She was now completely nude from the waist up. Due to the lust clouding her eyes and the twitching of her hips, it was a foregone conclusion that she would be completely nude and very soon. The photographer took off the band that was wrapped around her pony tail and spread her golden mane around her shoulders.

He then stepped back, picked up his camera, and started shooting some more pictures. He moved around to shoot from different angles, and changed the lighting to achieve different effects. Cindy's body was still quivering with excitement, but she started to realize that she was strapped almost completely nude to an X-frame and the photographer was taking pictures of her like this. This exposure was the most powerful aphrodisiac that Cindy had ever felt and it was not to be denied, and the bondage gave her the freedom to give in to the feelings.

"Oh please you have to stop, I can't do this." She protested, but despite her protests she knew she wanted this and she didn't want him to stop. Her hard panting breathes were punctuated with lusty sensuous moans.

The Photographer saw this and after he had gotten his shots, he walked back over to Cindy and resumed the nipple play with his mouth. He also resumed sliding his finger back through her cunt lips and fingering her. With his free hand, he undid the side ties on the string bikini and the bottoms fluttered to the floor.

"Cindy I'm broadcasting you to a web site and right now there are 726 people watching you. See that number on the lower right of the laptop screen; that's how many people are watching you. Think of all those eyes watching me lick your nipples and finger your cunt." The photographer said.

Now completely naked and strapped to an X-frame, Cindy realized that someone was molesting her breasts and pussy, but she didn't care. People were watching him do it and that made her whole body tingle in a way she had never known. She realized that being bound had taken away her choice, and she was free to feel whatever passion presented itself and oh man was she feeling it. Sex with her boyfriends had never been like this, and the feelings running amok through her bound body were intoxicating.

The photographer stepped back and took some nude pictures of her on display. As Cindy watched the photographer take pictures of her bound and nude body while over a thousand people now watched him do it, she discovered that she liked being displayed. The fact that she was displayed so that others could see everything he did to her was making her hotter than she'd ever been. Her reluctance vanished and she began moaning, "Oh I'm burning up, come back and play with me some more."

The photographer took the camera from his eye and knew that he had hit the jackpot. This girl has the body of a centerfold and she was a closet bondage exhibitionist. He put his camera aside and went over, knelt between her legs and ran his tongue lightly through her pussy lips. He started running his tongue in and out of her pussy and then reached up to start licking her clit. The blonde arched her whole body towards the photographer, trying to get more of his quick tongue in her pussy as her cries escalated towards her eventual orgasm. It came on suddenly and Cindy was completely unprepared for the bliss that consumed her.

Her entire body trembled, trying to control the feelings emanating from her pussy. Her arms and legs started spasming trying to break the bonds that held her, but they held and her stomach muscles pulled taut.

"Ohhh, mmm... Gawd ... Oh Gawd ...Cumming ... Oh Gawd."

The photographer quickly got up and set three more cameras on tripods with remote controls. One centered on her face, while one was focused on her waist up, and the other was a full body shot. He then went between her legs and started licking her pussy again. She came again in an explosive orgasm.

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