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Porsche on Parade


Authors note: This story was crafted specifically for the 2017 National Nude Day story competition. Please vote, every vote counts. Please, comment below with any constructive thoughts you have on this story.

Thank you for reading, hope you enjoy.


Porsche Scott casually climbed out of a bright pink fully loaded 911 Turbo S Cabriolet and re-latched the door behind her. She had been driving with the top down and the windows open, enjoying a cool morning when she noticed that the car is getting low on fuel.

Casually, she began refueling the car, going through the routine as if nothing is out of the ordinary. The smell of exhaust from a nearby idling car and gas vapors tickled her nose. A warm gusty breeze washing them away, tickling her exposed skin. Standing next to the nozzle, she rested one hand on a cocked-out hip while holding a cash card, the other holding onto the pump handle as she watched the machine fill her car with premium fuel. But of course, there is something out of the ordinary. Porsche is not wearing any clothes.

That is not to say that she isn't wearing anything at all. Does a pair of wedge sandals count as clothes? Sun baked concrete and asphalt can be rather hot on the soft sensitive soles of her feet. She'd rather have cool earth under her toes, but she's spending the day in the city.

She did however decide to accessorize her naked a bit. Pink diamonds in heart shaped settings on short gold chains hung from her nipples, belly button and clit hood. There are also matching pink diamond studs in all three holes in her ears, and then one in the side of her nose. Three tennis bracelets on one arm, a matching hair tie to keep her tresses back and out of her face. She's wearing millions of dollars in jewels. Porsche is also proudly displaying her ink, a three-dimensional full color pin up model in a revealing leather dress and a shirtless leather boy waving a LGBTQ pride flag on her back. Partially covered by long curly dirty blonde hair with natural highlights that she can almost sit on. A pin up model in lingerie adorns the side of one calf, while a naughty nurse is on display on the other against sun kissed skin with no tan lines.

A soccer mom shot Porsche a disapproving glance as she tried not to look in her direction. Instead, choosing to half turn her back while filling her aging imported minivan at the next pump. A uniformed man driving a company van traded comments with an assistant, openly ogling. None of them were of any concern to Porsche as she went about the business of filling up her gas tank.

However, a tattooed man with a tuner car on the other side of the island put on a leering grin and his best strut. Her warning bells sounded. She's out in the open, it's a public place. There are other people around. Porsche decided to play it cool.

A warm afternoon breeze washed over a body perfected by hours at the gym. At just over six-foot-tall, Porsche had sculpted a firm hour glass figure out of a just over twenty-year-old body. Having been naturally blessed with hips and an abundance of cleavage only helped her look. The tattooed man had certainly noticed. He's practically drooling puddles.

"Hey girl." He purred, taking off a pair of expensive sun glass as he settled into a practiced stance. Almost a head shorter wearing a collared buttoned-down shirt left half unbuttoned to display a chiseled chest. The sleeves removed to display full sleeve tattoos on thickly muscled arms. Tight jeans with a noticeable bulge in the front and boots. A close cropped carefully shaped beard and highly stylized hair on a Latin man.

She knew his type, and it isn't her's. He might be fun eye candy to look at but she can smell high maintenance and womanizer all over him. He's looking for a trophy or a one night stand and that is the last thing Porsche wanted to be, especially after all the things she's accomplished on her own. Strong, confident, and independent; she'd feel like a pretty bird in a gilded cage. She'd rather prowl through the jungle wild and free.

Porsche rolled her big soulful ocean blue eyes. She could have been wearing sweat pants and a hoodie, guys like him always notice her. She doesn't have any trouble finding dates, she gets plenty of offers all the time. The trouble is, most of them are from guys like the one approaching her right now. Confident to the point of arrogance and about as authentic as tofu.

"This is a sweet car you're driving." He grinned, trying to turn on his charm. "I bet it's a perfect match for you."

Beautiful, elegant lines. Fast and feminine. Yes, that is the perfect description for both Porsches. The car does sort of stick out like a sore thumb, but pink is her favorite color. Especially when it's between a hot girl's legs.

If Porsche was honest with herself, she usually sticks out like a sore thumb as well. Being tall makes her easy to spot. A pair of fuck me pumps pushes her to nearly seven foot tall. Having a sculpted hard body and plenty of curves in all the right places, it draws attention and not always in a positive way. She inherited her mother's looks, at fifty the woman did not look more than thirty. The same symmetrical features, lips that scream kiss me, big soulful eyes that lovers like to get lost in. She turns heads whether she wants to or not, and Porsche has sort of gotten used to always being on display.

Part of the point of putting all of herself on display is to protest how prudish modern society has become, the erosion of liberties. A girl should be able to walk around wearing as little or as much as she wants, and in any shape she happens to be, without having to worry about being judged. Porsche did recognize the irony of someone like her making a statement like that. Being naked in public does not help her avoid attention at all, however it may not add much to what she normally gets anyway.

Porsche decided to give him points for not opening with some sort of comment about her body. About ninety percent of men like to tell her how hot she is, as if she couldn't figure that out on her own. Porsche does not go to the gym every day for everyone else's viewing pleasure, that is a side benefit.

"I like it." Porsche glanced at the pump trying not to give him too much attention. Sometimes just acknowledging a man can be too much. However, he had put her in a spot where she can't simply ignore him without making a scene.

"I bet it's real fast." He continued.

"Very fast." She corrected. Porsche had picked out the fastest drop top in the lineup because she liked to turn it loose in the rolling hills and winding country roads near her home. Open track days usually result in a trip to the dealership for new tires and fresh oil.

His eyes dipped down and then made their way back up slowly, taking in every inch of her exposed body. "I like very fast." He grinned.

Fast in this case meant that she's already naked. All he had to do is get his dick out to get it wet. But Porsche had already decided his fate in that matter and it's not looking good for him.

It didn't take long to fill up the tank. The pump shut off and Porsche turned around to put the nozzle away. He leaned against the pump to block her exit around the front of the car. "I happen to have very fast right next door." He pointed to a tuner car at the next pump over. "I could show you just how fast some time."

Porsche turned up her palms. "I already have a very fast car." She shrugged and then turned around and walked away from him, casually making her way around the car.

The tattooed boy followed. "I'm very fast in other ways, too." He grinned suggestively.

Porsche stopped and turned beside the car door on her toes. She started at his polished boots and worked her way up to his male model grin. Drinking in every inch of him as if she meant to weigh and measure every part of his manscape. "Too bad, I like some things to go really slow." She dismissed him out of hand.

The soccer mom let out a snort and a laugh. One of the company men made an attempt at some crash and burn sound effects.

Porsche then opened the car door and dropped into the driver's seat, pulling the door closed. Sun warmed black leather greeting her body as she leaned back into a seat that held her firmly but comfortably in place. She wished she had gone with a different color interior, on days like today the black leather can really be a downside. Pressing the start button, the engine purred to life, but she didn't shift the car into gear right away. Instead she collected her purse from where it had been laying on the rear floor board and put her cash card away.

Cool air washed around her from the vents in the seat. Then a warm gust of air blew it away.

Leaning into his palms on the door, the tattooed man started to say something but Porsche began revving the engine. The whirling sound of a turbo and the sexy purr of a sports tuned exhaust system covered up his practiced bedroom voice. As soon as he stopped talking, she let the engine idle. He began repeating himself, she revved the engine up again. Tossing her purse on the passenger seat, Porsche put the car into gear and turned the wheels, easing around the minivan. The defeated tattooed man tossed his hands and then walked back to his own car.

A smile pulled across Porsche's lips. She likes attention, but it always comes with a price. Rather than simply appreciating all she had to offer, some like to ruin it for everyone.

Glancing at the clock, Porsche noted that she had plenty of time to grab a cup of coffee. On the way to her favorite chain store she stopped at a red light next to a police sport utility.

The officer in the passenger seat casually glanced over, and then did a double take. The taller profile vehicle gave him the perfect angle to see all of her sexy curves. He turned to his partner gesturing towards the window. Then he looked back, making no attempt to hide his admiration of what he had discovered. Porsche on the other hand didn't think twice about it. He wouldn't be the first to act that way, and will not be the last. The fact that he's a police officer notwithstanding.

The light changed, Porsche rolled to a start. The police car hesitated, forcing its way into the lane behind the pink 911. Relaxed behind the wheel, driving casually with one hand, Porsche noted what had happened but dismissed it. The officer will call in her plates and ask for advice, but in the end they will be told not to do anything.

The local laws are rather specific about public nudity. While very few people are bold enough to exercise their liberty, it's not illegal. There are a few grey areas that police like to exploit, but even those are easy to avoid. She can do all the things she would normally do with clothes on, and none of the things people typically do without their clothes. As long as she's not doing it to shock people or anything overtly sexual, the police can't do anything. Shocking the public is subjective and judges have been known to shy away from punishing people simply for being naked.

Generally speaking, as long as the person is just going about their business, there isn't anything the police can do. So, they paced along waiting for an opportunity. Porsche changed lanes, the police car hung back trying not to look like their following. Unfortunately for them, as much as a pink 911 sticks out like a sore thumb, so does a marked police car.

A couple on a motor cycle pulled up alongside. Porsche smiled and waved. The girl on the back is wearing a thong bikini and flipflops. If anyone needed a talking to, it would be her.

"Wow, I thought I was being risqué today." The petite dark-haired woman commented. "Can I ask you why?" She laughed gesturing towards her own body.

"National Naked Day." Porsche answered casually. Though, to be honest, she really didn't need a reason. But, she's on her way to a parade and decided to forego having to get ready at the starting point.

"What, really?" The dark-haired woman laughed.

"Hey, you're almost there." Her boyfriend teased giving the girl a pat and a rub on her thigh. He of course is dressed in full riding leathers.

"Maybe I should." She joked. "Everyone can see me back here." She laughed.

"I wouldn't recommend doing it on a motor cycle. If anything unfortunate should happen you might regret it." Porsche tried to be helpful and offer some responsible advice.

The girl on the back of the motorcycle tossed up a palm, "Yeah, I don't usually wear a bikini." She agreed. "Nice talking to you." The comment didn't seem very genuine.

The light changed and traffic started flowing again. Porsche made her turn into the coffee shop parking lot. The police car continued by as if they had somewhere else to be, but no doubt both officers had watched her enter driveway with some level of disappointment. Porsche is certain they would have loved to check her for weapons and contraband with a pat down.

Porsche had two choices. The shop has a small lounging area with a counter inside. There is a shop across town where she dared to bare it all while enjoying a hot cup of coffee only a couple of months ago. It was a spectacular hit, everyone seemed to enjoy the view. She even got a free cup of coffee out of the deal, even if the young man that bought it didn't get much out of it.

There is also a drive thru as well. She wouldn't have to leave the comfort of her car if she went through the drive thru, plus a lot of places have a no shirt and shoes policy, though it seems rarely enforced. She eased into a line on the double row of drive thru windows and waited.

Her phone started ringing. Porsche fished it out of her purse and answered. "Hey Izzie."

"Hey yourself. Are you still planning to come walk with me in the parade today?" A soft playful voice asked.

Walking in the parade was Izabel's idea. She thought she was being cheeky, teasing Porsche about walking the route in the nude. They haven't known each other long enough to know all of each other's proclivities. For example, there are whole weeks were Porsche doesn't have to do any laundry. Her personal record is two whole months straight. It was fun, and during the summer between semesters. Unfortunately, those are exceptional situations, her naked time is usually limited to extended weekends and any time she's at home after all of her running around has been completed.

There are nudist and exhibitionist, people that just like to take their clothes off. Then there are naturalist that do it to be closer to nature. Porsche likes the later end of the spectrum, but she's not totally committed to living completely off the land. There are some modern luxuries that she just can't easily part with, a 911 Turbo S Cabriolet, for example.

This isn't her first trek out into the world sans clothes. But every trip proves to be a different sort of adventure, she can never tell exactly how anyone will react to her nudity. Porsche is hoping that it will be well received by Izabel. A beautiful and spicy Brazilian woman with a taste for naughty heiresses. They met through a mutual friend and went out several times, but it seems like the relationship stalled before getting to the Sapphic debauchery parts. Porsche isn't quite clear about what went wrong. Normally, it doesn't take two months to get into a girl's panties.

"Sort of on my way, running a few errands first." Porsche answered casually.

"Oh, I was just making sure you were still interested in going?" She asked.

The line moved forward, Porsche lifted her foot off the brake to let the car roll forward. "Sure, I think it will be fun."

"Wearing something sexy?" Izabel tested the water.

A smile pulled across Porsche's lips. "Of course I am. I don't own anything that is not sexy." Even her sweat pants and hoodie outfits are sexy, because of the woman wearing them. She supposed that she could put together a truly awful looking outfit if she did it on purpose and really put some effort into it.

"Okay, I'll be out in front of the building when you get here." Izabel laughed lightly.

"I'll be there in a few minutes." Porsche lined up to the order speaker.

"Love, bye." Izabel said and then hung up.

Porsche set her phone aside, placed her order and waited to pull up. A couple walked by but they were too self-absorbed to notice anything out of place.

That's a truth that Porsche had discovered not long after she first started her naked journey. Most people simply will not notice unless its right in front of them. Why should they, they don't need to notice. Being naked shouldn't be weird.

Rolling up to the first window, Porsche held out her card to pay. The woman at the window did a double take. She laughed. "Hello." She grinned accepting the card.

"Hello." Porsche echoed casually.

The woman repeated the total, swiped the card and handed it back with a receipt. As soon as the window closed she immediately turned to say something to one of her coworkers. It could be anything, but Porsche suspected that she had to tell everyone what had just happened.

Another short wait later and Porsche found herself in front of the second window. Next to a door to the inside lounge and counter. Three customers entered, two exited. None of them even looked in her direction.

A young man opened the window in a hurry with two cups in his hands. Startled, he dropped the cups and made a mess everywhere. "Oh, crap." He didn't know where to look, at the mess or at the naked woman sitting in a car on the far side of the mess he had made.

The coffee had splashed across the narrow counter under the window, out and onto the car door inside and out, some of it even managed to splatter across Porsche's boobs.

Why does everything always make a mess on a woman's boobs? Dropped food always goes right down the cleavage. Or it lands on a breast. Spill something, it always ends up on a boob or two.

Porsche held up her hands, the ice cold coffee on her sun warmed skin made the mess on her obvious.

"Can I have some napkins, you got coffee on me, and in my car." Porsche tried to keep her calm. Another down side to public nudity, distracted people instantly loose about a hundred IQ points and most of their coordination around naked people.

Though, women tend to handle the situation better than men, Porsche found. Women may be shocked or embarrassed, but they generally empathize and try not to make the situation worse. Or pity the naked person and try to help them, even if they don't need it. A few men will react the same way, but the guy at the gas station and the kid in the drive thru window nicely sum up how men usually react. Their self-restraint only seems to kick in when their wives or girlfriends are within ear or eye shot.

These things shouldn't be an issue. Porsche ranted to herself. How is this any different than a woman in a skimpy bikini?

He quickly produced a hand full of napkins and leaned out the opening trying not to get the spilled coffee all over his own shirt. Porsche took the napkins and started wiping the mess off herself.

Dabbing at the coffee shook her boobs. That in turn jiggled the jeweler attached to her nipples. The bouncing weight sent tingles through her nipples. Walking around naked in public is enough to wake up her sexual side by playing with her head. The jewelry on the other hand added a bit of physical stimulation to the mix. Every bounce, her nipple and clit rings tugged. The sway of her hips sent the one between her legs swinging back and forth. It's usually enough to keep her wet all day.

Glancing up, Porsche noticed that the young man was staring instead of cleaning up his own mess. She folded the napkins and started wiping the top of the door off, following the traces over the edge to the pink paint on the outside. She didn't have nearly enough napkins to clean it all up, or reach. She settled for what she could get and handed the napkins back to the young man to dispose of for her.

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