tagTransgender & CrossdressersPorshe's Escapade Ch. 04

Porshe's Escapade Ch. 04


I received an email from Lisa a few days later. She again told me how gorgeous I was and how hard she came when Christie and her fucked me. She then wrote that Christie would be over the following Friday at 5pm to get me ready and then take me to the hotel for the bachelor party.

I rushed home from work Friday afternoon to get home at 4 and then had to become Porsche.

I got naked and got in the shower and then shaved my entire body bare of every hair except a little triangle patch of pubes above that little metal device. It's so weird how it shrinks my penis so it just looks like a little pierced clit. My balls are shrunken back inside me but there's just no pussy lips. I don't know if it will ever come off.

It was getting close to 5 when I got out of the shower and dried off. I affixed my voice modifier and attached my big tits on with the adhesive so they wont come off. They warmed up nice and felt so natural and real. Just then the doorbell rang and I heard the door open.

"Hello? This is Christie."

"I'm upstairs Christie." The sexy feminine voice of Porsche replied.

Christie came upstairs with her suitcase, set up and had me sit down so she could start my hair and makeup.

I took a seat, it was really nice to have someone else do my makeup and make me sexy for a change.

She affixed my wig better than I ever could then gave me a manicure and pedicure, painted my toe nails pink and affixed long fake nails and painted those pink too with a french tip.

She then did all the makeup for my face, giving me super dark and sexy smoked eyes, sparkly pink lips and making my face so beautiful. She put on long dark fake lashes making my eyes just so much more incredibly sexy.

After all my makeup was done Christie rubbed me down with lotion making me smell so amazingly sexy.

I didn't expect what she did next but she pierced my belly button. It fucking hurt. She put on a chain that went all the way around my waist and connected to the belly button and had a chain come straight down with a couple diamond studs. It was definitely very sexy.

Christie went back to her suit case and brought my outfit which to my surprise was a school girl outfit.

She gave me this tiny pink satin g-string which had a small triangle in front covering my little clitty and an even smaller triangle in back with a string connecting the two in my ass crack. I put that on then she handed me a matching pink satin bra that I put on covering my big tits. It had a cute little bow in between the tits.

Then I put on the matching pink garter belt which also had a cute little bow in the middle. I pulled up each leg white thigh high stockings that had a white lacy band at top with a big pink bow on them. I connected the garters to them to keep them up mid thigh.

I put on the very short, pleated, pink, white, and black plaid school girl skirt. It just covered my butt but left the stockings in clear view.

I then put the top on. It was very tight, white and cropped, just showing off my toned tummy and my new piercing, and pushing out my big tits giving me great cleavage. It had little sleeves and pink ribbon around the sleeves and up the middle. So sexy. I added the 6" clear stiletto heels to finish the outfit.

Christie then put my hair into two long pony tails with white and pink ribbons to finish off the school girl look.

As Christie packed up I took one last look into the mirror and there i was an incredibly gorgeous young school girl.

We walked out to the limo together, Christie opened the door for me and I started to get in surprised to see a man sitting there waiting. Christie told me his name was Jeff and I should go sit next to him so I did and Christie sat across from us.

"So you must be Porsche?" Jeff said. "You are gorgeous baby."

"Thank you," I replied as I blushed.

We made small talk as the limo pulled away and started driving to the hotel.

I found out that Jeff planned the entire bachelor party and was here to check me out because I was the only part he didn't plan.

I felt his eyes checking me out, up and down and his hand slowly made it onto my thigh. He asked about my tits and cock and had heard about Christie and Lisa fucking me last week.

Since I was barely covered with that tiny schoolgirl skirt even with my legs crossed like a good little girl, I spread my legs wide to give Jeff access to my crotch.

He rubbed his hand up and down my crotch and started turning me on as he rubbed my little clitty with the metal piece over my panties.

Next he turned his attention to my huge tits popping out of my top and rubbed them too.

I was really turning him on so he pulled his hand away and unzipped his pants.

"Not saying you have to give a bunch of blow jobs but I'd sure like to test the merchandise." Jeff said to me, and strangely this was arousing to me so I got down on my knees in front of him and swallowed his semi-hard cock.

I started swirling my tongue around his shaft as it grew fatter in my mouth, and started sliding down my throat. I pulled away and seeing his nice cock fully erect and dripping with my spit, I looked back at Christie who had her skirt pulled up and her fingers buried in her pussy.

I went back to work on his cock, stroking with my hand and sliding my lips up and down his cock. He was moaning as I took more and more of his cock down my throat as I bobbed my head up and down faster. He grabbed the back of my head kinda hard as he came suddenly down my throat. I sucked all his cum out of his cock and swallowed it.

I looked back at Christie again and she said, "I didn't cum yet."

So I turned around as she vigorously fucked her pussy and started flicking my tongue on her clit. She was panting heavy as I replaced her fingers with my three fingers and I finger fucked her tight pussy and sucked on her clit till suddenly she was bucking up against my face yelling out with an orgasm too.

I straightened up and sat back next to Jeff, crossing my legs.

Almost simultaneously they both said, "Oh God, thank you." It was so cute.

We chatted and had a few cocktails during the rest of the ride to the hotel.

When we got there Christie checked me out, touching up my make-up a little, putting on some more lip stick.

"You look stunning darling," Christie said. "Good luck."

With that Jeff and I got out and the limo and Christie left. I could feel everyone's eyes on me as we entered the front door of the hotel.

part 3 to cum....

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