tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersPorshe's Escapade Ch. 06

Porshe's Escapade Ch. 06


...The last thing I remembered was being in the hotel suite and Tom's big dick shooting a huge load in my mouth and then swallowing all his cum, then pain and nothing.

As I come to and start becoming aware of my surroundings, I notice I'm in a small confined space and very dimly lit. My eyes start getting used to it and now I notice the walls all around me, made of wood I think, and now I see a ceiling just above me too. I feel around and cant stretch out my arms, and its behind me too.

I'm kneeling or rather sitting on a bench but in a kneeling position, I don't have any panties on, and as I try to adjust I feel how full I am, how connected to the bench I am, I can twist in a circle but that's it.

I feel with my hands and there is a shaft coming up from the bench up into my hole and it feels so huge inside me, filling me all up, trapping me down to the bench.

It's not like I could go anywhere anyway, I now realize I'm trapped in a box of some sort as I push with my arms but it's securely sealed.

My eyes are adjusted now, I see it is a wooden box I'm in, and I see holes in front of me, and on each side of me, I count 5. I can stick my fingers through them and there is a black fabric of some sort covering them.

What the fuck!

I feel panic, and fear inside me!

Where am I?

How did I get here?

What the hell happened?

I want to scream but I'm too scared.

I see a note down on the floor, or bottom of the box I'm in. I pick it up and read it.

"The payback isn't over bitch! Welcome to your new job, serving me so you can pay me back. Your task today is cock sucking and cum swallowing. Men are paying me to stick there dick in this box and your job is to suck, stroke, and swallow every one. If you deep throat you get a bonus. But there's just one catch, you can't let a single drop of cum hit the floor or let a single dick get soft after its hard or you will have to do it all over again another day, and the next day and next day until you succeed, good luck there are 5 holes. P.S. your shift today is 4 hours long and the only food and drink served is cum, enjoy."

Oh my God!

As the note settles in and I wrestle with accepting my fate, I realize my wig is still on, it doesn't feel like I have makeup on though, like I said no panties, purple sparkly, lacy bra is covering my big tits, and a matching garter belt is holding up fishnet thigh high stockings, and I have clear stripper platform stiletto heels on my feet.

I'm trying to take this all in, amazed how I got into this situation, apparently a slave of some sort, a servant paying back a debt.

I can't believe too how I'm secured to this bench, filled up by this huge shaft which expands inside me filling me completely, no chance of getting off it.

A little light on the ceiling turned on, snapping me out of my thoughts, followed by a small white penis coming through the hole in front of me.

Oh God, I immediately remember the note from Tom and take the first dick into my mouth and start swirling my tongue around the soft shaft that's in my mouth.

It starts getting harder, and harder and harder, and now a little longer, I keep swirling my tongue around the shaft. It's kind of exciting feeling it grow bigger inside my mouth.

I slide it out of my mouth, it's fully hard, not very long or fat, I engulf it back into my mouth and swallow it all, easily down my throat.

I slide up and down on his cock faster thinking I should get this guy to blow in case another cock or five come through the holes. Up and down I work his shaft in and out of my mouth and down my throat each time too, it doesn't take too long and he explodes in my mouth, I greedily suck all his cum off and swallow it.

He pulled out of the box, then the light went off.

Hmmm, I get it now, the light goes on when I have a customer, neat.

I only had a minute to relish in my discovery when the light went on, and a light brown dick came through a hole to my right.

This one was harder then the first, so I took it in my mouth and right down my throat, I choked a little but breathed through my nose so I could bob up and down and kept it in my throat.

It then was growing not only fatter in my mouth stretching my lips but growing longer, going further down my throat as I slowly went up and down on his dick only a little at a time keeping it in my throat. I heard him moan outside the box

and as I didn't think I could take any more down my throat, I felt his cock pulse and the cum start oozing down my throat.

Again light went off, and he pulled out.

Hmmmm, this is kinda easy.

Now a few minutes go by and my mind starts to wander to think what else do I have to do, how am I going to get out of this, when will it end....

And I'm snapped back to reality as the light goes on and a decent size white semi hard cock comes in through a hole in front of me.

So I wrap my hand around it, spit on it and start stroking it till its rock hard, and I see to the left of me a little, totally soft cock push through a hole so I lean over to it and engulf it in my mouth while my right hand keeps stroking the bigger, hard dick.

It grows quickly inside my mouth until its rock hard, so I pull my mouth away and go back to the first and slide my mouth over it and stroke the other cock in my left hand.

Now that they are both so hard, I grab them in my hands and go from the left to the right, bobbing my mouth up and down on each hard dick, while I suck one I stroke the other.

Then I see a big hard black cock come through a hole to my very right.

"Shit!" Three cocks to juggle now.

I immediately shift my mouth to the new big black dick and slide it inside my mouth, slowly, inch by inch.

"Shit it's big."

It hits the back of my mouth and I struggle to take it down my throat, meanwhile stroking each of the other two cocks in turn.

I swallow as much as I can and choking a little I pull away and go back to the middle cock, take that one into my mouth and stroke the dicks on each side of me.

Then I switch to the far left smallest cock and suck that down my throat while I stroke the other two dicks.

Then back to the far right big black dick and suck that one into my mouth and bob my head up and down while I stroke the other two. I really want this cock down my throat so I work it harder and harder with my tongue and mouth, slowly inching the fat black cock down my throat, a little bit at a time.

It kept sliding deeper down my throat, I just didn't think I could take any more of it, I was having a little bit of a hard time breathing but kept jacking off the other two dicks, and started going up and down the fat black cock that was all down my throat, up and down, up and down, then I felt it pulse and explode down my throat with shot after shot of cum, right down my throat.

I pulled away from it and as he pulled out of the box I quickly went to the middle dick and took it in my mouth and greedily sucked it up and down wanting its cum in my mouth and wanting it now.

I stroked the smaller dick to my left too quicker now as I sucked and sucked and oh shit he started cumming into my mouth, quickly filling it up, I swallowed and another spurt came next.

As I was licking up the remaining cum off, I felt the smaller dick in my hand start to tense and I quickly shifted my mouth over just in time for him to explode in my mouth, and I greedily swallowed all his cum too.

Just as the last of his cum oozed down my throat, two more big hard dicks poked into my box as those three disappeared.

That is how my time flew past for the next couple hours, as I sucked, stroked, swallowed cock after cock after cock, swallowing every ounce of cum offered to me.

I had a great rhythm down, even though my jaw was starting to get very sore, never less then two or three dicks at a time. Just as I thought about it though a fourth dick entered followed by a fifth dick.

"Shit!" All the holes filled with cock, I panicked a little, then tried my hardest to keep every one hard and make them cum as fast as I could.

I was stroking and sucking back and forth on these five dicks as fast as I could, I was doing a good job, they were all rock hard.

I was a little distracted though and as I pulled away to get to the next cock, he came, spewing it into my face.

"OH Shit!"

I cant let a drop fall. As I tried to clean it off my face, I saw a dick go limp and I reached for it but too late, he pulled out.

"OH Shit again!"

"I'm screwed."

I tried to redeem myself and suck and stroke the remaining three hoping that no more entered.

I sucked down all there cum successfully, thank heavens no more dick.

As I waited for more, none came. I sat there waiting for what seemed another hour.

Just as I was starting to really get worried, the top of my box started lifting up, and Tom is standing there.

"Sorry babe you failed and will have to do this service again," Tom proclaimed.

As I dropped my head in shame, humiliation, defeat, he made a quick move and grabbing the back of my head, he affixed a mask over my mouth and nose and told me to just breath in.

Everything went black....

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