tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersPorshe's Escapade Ch. 07

Porshe's Escapade Ch. 07


....Again I was knocked out and don't know where I am, I'm thankful this time wasn't painful and I don't have any headache.

I'm waking up and coming to now, I open my eyes but I am blindfolded. I try to move and I feel padded cuffs around my ankles, and my wrists, and my neck which don't allow me to hardly move.

I'm laying on a bed, I can feel that I am completely naked, I can feel weight on my chest so I know my breasts are attached and I can feel the wig on my head.

I also feel something up inside my little hole, slightly filling me up, and as I move around a little bit it starts to expand and get bigger a little at a time, slowly expanding inside me as every minute passes.

Oh God I didn't know if it will ever stop, I felt so completely filled up by this thing, it felt good. A little moan escaped my lips.

Seconds later it stopped growing, but then it started slowly vibrating. Oh wow, what a feeling, this thing was so big inside of me, so deep inside me, the vibrating was so exciting, felt so amazing, another moan escaped my lips.

It just kept vibrating forever, at least 20 minutes have passed, slowly exciting me, I can feel deep inside me an enormous orgasm starting but can't get any closer to it, almost excruciating as it just keeps vibrating away.

Now slight moans keep escaping my lips. Then without warning the slow vibrations change to a pulsating and rolling vibrations in and out, making it feel like I am getting slowly fucked by an enormous being.

More moans escape as my orgasm gets closer and the sensations more intense, it pulsates into me like its penetrating deeper and deeper.

My God it feels so amazing, I feel myself involuntarily pumping my hips upwards as the pulsating gets stronger and feels deeper into my being.

Almost two hours now of excruciating fucking, I'm bucking my hips up, moaning, feeling overwhelmed as my orgasm feels so close.

Again without warning the vibrations resume as well as the pulsating and driving deep into my body, I can't take anymore, it's pounding me inside, I'm humping up and down, covered in sweat then suddenly the orgasm erupts inside me stronger than anything I could imagine, I scream in ecstasy, engulfed in wave after wave of orgasm ripping through me.

I think I pass out for a minute as the device stops.

I come to, exhausted, and my blindfold is being taken off, and there stands Tom.

"Before I tell you anything Porsche I want you to watch something."

Tom points the remote in his hand at the t.v. and a video comes on the screen in perfect HD.

I quickly recognize it as myself in the box, I'm dressed in lingerie, my wig is on, my tits look huge and as I thought before I had no make-up on, so I was clearly recognizable not only as a man but if you knew me you would know it was me.

"Oh fuck!"

It was clearly a blackmail video, my heart sank as I watched myself on the screen sucking one dick after another.

Tom started to explain things to me, how he was out so much money because of me and that bachelor party, and how I am going to pay him back, and now he has some pretty convincing leverage as to why I have to cooperate, although I've been forced into things so far. But I guess now I am going to want to. That video can't get out.

Then Tom shows me a pink sparkly clutch, inside it is credit cards, cash, a social security card with my name, Porsche Karu on it, a drivers license with my picture on it. I must have been drugged, I have no recollection of getting my picture taken, and I'm made up like a movie star, with some designer sunglasses on, looking very hot.

Tom then went and put it in a safe, closing it telling me I have to work towards that.

He explained more things to me, this is my new room I'm in but I wont be sleeping here yet, I have to meet his wife first, I'll be in the separate guest house, and I have to work my way up to this room, and how I failed at my first job sucking cock in the box and I will have to do it over again, he explains the device inside me and how he controls it by remote and so on and so on.

I am his servant, and I can't escape this, he has me trapped, my head is just swirling.

He put the blindfold back on me, wispered in my ear, I own you, your servant/mentor will be with you later.

With that he pulled away from me, I heard a zipper, then his cock-head on my lips.

"Suck me before I go to work baby."

I opened my lips to service my master, he slipped his semi-hard cock all the way in.

It didn't take long for his 8" long, extra thick cock to reach full hardness and he pumped it in and out of my mouth and throat.

I was becoming a better cocksucker with every dick that penetrated my lips and throat, losing any gag reflex I ever had.

Not long after he exploded his seed down my throat and I greedily swallowed every drop I could.

That very well could be my breakfast.

With that he left, I fell back asleep.

I was woken by my mentor taking of my blindfold, my eyes adjusted, I looked up at him. He was an older, short, balding man who wore little circular glasses and a butler uniform, he was probably 60 years old.

"Hi Porsche," he said. "My name is Gerald, I am your mentor while you are training here, I'll help you along and tell you everything you need to know."

"Unfortunately sweety this will not be you're room until you are trained and get promoted, so you will have to follow me to the guests house in the backyard and we can start there."

He undid my cuffs and helped me stand up, I was naked so he gave me a puffy pink robe to put on, and a pair of pink high heels to put on as well.

He took my hand and I followed him, out of my future room, down the hallway, downstairs, and into what appeared to be the servant quarters which led to a back door to the massive backyard, down a long path to the guesthouse, which was rather large in itself.

He took me to my room, apparently there are 5 bedrooms total. My room was a little bit odd, there was a large chest of drawers, no bed but a large pillow on the floor, two bowls on the floor next to the chest, and a bathroom connected. It was a rather small room.

He made me kneel in front of him and told me to be patient and I would learn all that I would need to know within time. As he was telling me this he was unzipping his pants and pulling out his little soft dick.

"I now have your late afternoon snack, as you should know, most of your diet will consist of male semen, and a nice dinner. The masters want your body to be in pristine shape."

Gerald proceeded to tell me how nutritious cum is and if I am to make it up to the big house my body must be in perfect female shape.

With that I took his flaccid dick in my mouth and sucked it for all its worth, taking him a while to get hard, but when he did he stretched my lips as his dick wasn't long but nice and thick.

He pumped it in and out of my puckered lips, all the way down my throat and quickly erupted all his cum down my throat.

"Mmmmm my mid afternoon snack." I thought.

He pulled out, zipped up.

"Porsche crawl over to these bowls now."

I did.

In one bowl was ice cold water, the other had about a dozen pills in it.

Gerald explained to me these were my daily vitamins, hormones, and such to help me with my perfect female body that was desired.

"Porsche take the pills in your mouth and drink the water, and don't use your hands darling," Gerald told me quite firmly.

I did what I was told, although a little difficult.

"Next Porsche crawl towards the chest, stand up and take off your heels."

I did, and stood naked in front of Gerald.

"Rule 1 Porsche, you are to never stand on your two feet unless I give you permission, or your master or mistress give you permission."

"Yes Gerald," I replied.

"Rule 2 Porsche, you don't speak unless spoken to and told you can speak."

"Yes Gerald," I replied.

That's all the rules for now as Gerald reached into the drawer and pulled out an item.

He handed it to me and told me to put it on.

It was a full body stocking. I stepped into it and slowly pulled it over my body. It felt so tight on me, it covered all of me, from my feet to my neck, to my arms down to my wrists where it had a loop to go around my middle finger. It had a little hole in back to line up with my little hole, it was almost opaque but not quite, so you could see my huge breasts pulled tight to my body, and it was black with brown and white leopard spots all over.

Gerald told me this was all I would be wearing and there was a new one for each day of the week in the drawers. He told me I was the master and mistress's pet leopard now until perhaps one day I graduated up to the big house.

Now for the rest of my daily outfit....

Next the leather waist cincher, made of black leather with a little leopard fur on top and bottom, it went from just under my bust to slightly below my waist, and Gerald helped clip it on as it was maybe two sizes two small.

I gasped as it pulled me in so tight, making it much harder to breath, but made my midsection so tiny, giving me large hips and made my tits look even larger.

Next I pulled on knee high black leather boots, with a stiletto spike heel, again some leopard fur on the top of them, 6 inch spike heel, making it a little hard to actually stand, or walk, good thing I wasn't allowed to.

Next he took me to the bathroom, which I had to gingerly walk towards in those spike heel boots.

He applied really long false nails, even though my nails were growing, these were so long, next came the bright pink nail polish.

He helped put on my make up, rather heavy, lots of blush, bright pink sparkly lip gloss, and my eyes done with jet black mascara and eye liner, with the point up at the corners, and a pink to black smokey eye, he also applied a medicine to make my lashes grow longer and then applied super long false eye lashes on top. My eyes were so super sexy.

He added a pink choker around my neck, put my long hair in a pony and affixed a headpiece which had cat ears.

With my makeup complete, Gerald led me back to the chest by my hand, he told me I needed my tail to finish my outfit.

"Get down on your hands and knees, I mean on your paws." Gerald demanded.

I did.

He slowly pulled out the anal plug, with a loud plop it popped out.

He reached into the chest and took out a new one, it was bigger, my God, much bigger. He told me this was my starter plug, in which my tail was attached, if I was good it would go smaller, if I was bad it went much bigger.

As my starter, it was 5 inches long and got to a width of about 3 inches, and of course my tail connected to it.

Gerald applied a little lube to my hole and to the plug, then began pushing it in, slowly it stretched me as it went deeper and deeper.

It felt good as he kept pushing it in slowly and then suddenly it was all inside me, and my hole closed around it, holding it tightly inside me, with my long leopard tail hanging down almost to the ground.

Now I'm dressed like a sexy little leopard girl, my tail hanging down out of my little hole, so perfect, and I feel so filled too. Gerard connected a leash to my collar and started walking away, giving me a little yank to follow.

He gave me a tour of the guest house, which was my first attempt at crawling on all fours everywhere, so it went a little slowly at first, starting with the other bedrooms, telling me about the others that stay in those rooms are out working but that I would meet them soon.

He took me around the rest of the house, the kitchen, great room, living room, patio, bathrooms, then crawled back to my room where it now said, "The Leopard" on my door on a plaque.

"Go lay on your pillow and take a little nap Porsche," Gerald told me as he took off the leash, "I'll be back in an hour to get you to go meet the first of your roommates, their names are Horse, and Stallion."

With that Gerald left me and I drifted off to sleep....thinking about what kind of name Horse and Stallion were...

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