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Port and Starboard Cruises


"Will you have anything else, my dear?" asked the waitress.

"Oh, no. Thank you, though." said Eloise. She had to refrain from looking at the waitress's ass as she moved on to the next table. There were a lot of women her age on this cruise. But she was a married woman (with a husband), so she didn't want to fool around as such.

They were wealthy, but he often had to go overseas for work. This time, she had taken her own vacation with Port and Starboard Cruises around the Iberian Peninsula. It was only her second day, but she was enjoying the seas and sights thus far.

Later, Eloise was coming back from a nighttime show when she noticed a blonde and brunette pair of ladies slightly younger than her. She stopped to look at them a bit more closely, admittedly for no reason than her belief that they were attractive at first glance.

"Hi..." Eloise said, almost embarrassed.

"Hello! I'm Sarah, and this is Ashley, my wife." the blonde said.

"Oh, you two are lesbians?"

"Well, yeah, are you?" Ashley asked, probably sarcastically.

"Oh, no. I have a husband, girls. He's just not on this boat. I'm Eloise, by the way." And with that she went back to her room and went to bed.

The following night, she was at one of the ship's clubs partying. Some were dancing, some were talking, but Eloise was just relaxing. She might or might not have been expecting to find the two lesbians, but she did anyway.

"Hey, Eloise, you again!" Sarah said.

"Uh, yeah..."

"Why don't you come out on the floor with us?" she asked.

"Sure..." Eloise was hesitant at first, but she let go, went out with them and had a good time. Ashley and Sarah enjoyed this and kept bringing her drinks. They knew what happened when a "straight" woman got drunk. It was just a matter of time...

"Would you like to come over to our cabin?" Ashley asked. She nodded yes. They took her over and got her down to her underwear and in bed.

"You two are so fucking hot..." (By this time, they were naked)

"You too. Have you ever slept with a girl before?" Sarah asked.



"No, older neighbor girl."


The three slept together naked. The next morning, still feeling the effects of the strong liquor they drink were tired a bit.

"You know what always wakes us up? Touching each other!" Ashley exclaimed.

"Oh, really?" Eloise was having trouble keeping her eyes open, but she wouldn't for long. This was because Ashley was indeed grinding Sarah's pussy all over and deeply. She often heard her moaning as Sarah came often and long. Eloise tried to get a few drops of cum juice from Sarah. This motivated her to rise, with a focus on Ashley.

Still making Sarah orgasm, Ashley was delighted to feel Eloise get on her back and ass. She continued pleasuring Ashley when Sarah was getting tired of cumming. She noticed Ashley's pussy wasn't being used! Well, that wouldn't do, so she launched face first into her pussy. Ashley wasn't harmed, but was more aroused.

Eloise was untrained in using her tongue for sex, but figured she might as well go all over. Ashley understood Sarah had one more orgasm in her. Sarah then used her hand to pleasure Eloise! All three were very happy to be in this. They knew, however, there was a crucial moment to orgasm. They tried to keep it perfectly so all three would cum simultaneously... and they did! What a lovely morning, Eloise thought. It would be hard to top.

The next day, as the ship docked in the Azores, Eloise, Ashley, and Sarah went off the boat together. They spent a bit of time on the beach in bikinis, the ladies thought each other looked hot but not as hot when they were nude! After a meal, the ladies went to a little haven high up in the trees.

"Are we alone?" asked Eloise.

"Yes, I don't think we'll be seen up here." Sarah replied. "It was our exploring that led us up here, so I'll let you explore me, Eloise."

She sure did, first trying on Sarah's bikini but then throwing it off (along with hers) and then began kissing her. Eloise laid on top of Sarah, rubbing her pussy against hers. She could make Sarah cum as easy as Ashley could...

Ashley wasn't jealous, she just wanted to have some fun with Eloise. She got more closely acquainted with Eloise's vagina, from her trimmed pussy hair, to all of her folds, and the coveted all high pleasure spot. Ashley's tongue, fingers, and vagina became friendly with all of those, and more. Eloise was enjoying having a trained lesbian all up and over her. She asked Sarah to join her wife at that point.

That was how the trio of women spent the remainder of their time up on the island canopy. And what a time it was; the number of sex acts easily made it into the hundreds and likely into the thousands. Each woman made each other cum countless times. Every conceivable sex act was tried by the women. Eloise had plunged right in and graduated with high honors in the subject of lesbian sex.

But, sadly, it had to come to an end when it was time to get back on the boat. Of course much of the time left in their vacation was spent fucking each other. On the last day, Eloise asked what they did for work.

"I'm an anesthesiologist." replied Sarah.

"And I own a greenhouse." Ashley said.

A little while after the cruise, Ashley and Sarah received an invitation to a dinner held by Eloise's husband, a benefit for many including anesthesiologists and botanists. They put it on their home calendars.

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