tagSci-Fi & FantasyPortal Ch. 05

Portal Ch. 05


"It is so wonderful to see you again, my lovely Kendall." 'King' Anithis kissed my hand as he spoke the words, rubbing the place where his lips had touched after. He was still as handsome as I remembered but nothing like Vytex was. At the thought of the black-skinned Drow, I felt my heart sadden. And reminded myself that the man standing before me was the one who had taken his life.

"I can't say the same, Anithis." In my attempt at making my voice thick with disgust, I think I might have accomplished it too well as I was backhanded for my effort.

"Address me as King, foolish wench." His voice was imperiously close to being obnoxious and I struggled not to snicker at the insult he had tossed my way. The term "wench" made me think of a pulley and tow-cable for some reason, which made me want to laugh. But something told me I should not do that. Not now. Not until I figured out if I would be in danger or not from his temper. "Now, shall we discuss your future, my lady?"

"I suppose we should." I nodded as I rubbed my stinging cheek, wondering exactly what he had planned. I had been brought to his chambers upon my discovery and forced by a couple of servants into a long, flowing black gown with golden embroidery on the edges. It was quite lovely and I felt regal despite it being black in color.

"I will have you as my wife. I will have your full loyalty." He went to a marble throne and slouched into it, one leg dangling over loosely. The pose was that of one so assured of himself that he knew nothing could oppose him, that his demands of me would not be denied.

"I don't think so." I crossed my arms, hoping I wasn't inviting myself to a death sentence. "I won't let you touch me, you douchebag." His expression twisted into something borderline explosion as well as confusion over my insult. He sat up at least.

"What did you say?" His tone was dangerous.

"Are you deaf? I will say it slowly for your addled brain. I-will-not-let-you-touch-me, douchebag."

"Fasnas virana vuu soruniti!" The words he spoke were foreign yet familiar and the minute he finished saying them, I felt something wrap around my legs, moving upward and I glanced down to see sickly green vines crawling up my body, grasping me tightly within a vise-grip.

"Ahhhh!" I cried out in shock as the vines moved swiftly to my hands, and by sheer force lifted me into the air, until my entire body except for head was surrounded by greenery. I was a good four feet from the ground and unable to move. How the hell had he done that? "Put me down!" I struggled in vain against the vines, fighting with all I could.

"I do not believe you are aware of who you are dealing with now, my dearest." Anithis stood slowly, taking his time to walk over to where I was hovering over the marbled floor. "I met a companion of yours a fortnight ago. Her name was Marcella and she was a charming, albeit ugly woman. She is dead now, but I am grateful for her sacrifice. You see, she gladly accepted my marriage proposal and during the fullness of the moon in our marriage bed I took her life. I am now endowed with the power of the Moon goddess. I am now the most powerful druid of all of time." As his grin split his face, I felt myself saddened by the loss of Marcella's life. She might not have been my friend, but she was human and alive once. He was a double murderer in my mind. Not to mention all of the Drow warriors he had a hand in destroying.

"Now, knowing my power, how could you possibly reject me?" He stepped closer, bringing me down to eye level with a wave of his hand. "I will ask only once more. Shall you marry me and give me your loyalty willingly?" I met his questions with a reply of spittle flying into his face. As if I'd let him bully me into anything like that! The only thing he'd get from me would be my undying loyalty at making his life a living hell. It was the only vow I could possibly see myself making.

"I see." He dabbed the edge of his tunic sleeve, which hung just past his elbow, against his face where my spit had landed and turned. Facing two of his guards, he told them orders, something I could not hear, which made them leave the room swiftly, closing the door behind them. I winced in my mind as I knew sending guards away could NOT be good. Either he was going to do something to me he knew the guards couldn't stomach or he felt confident enough to be without them. I felt myself moving and struggled once more against my bonds, especially when I felt them tighten and move across me in such a way that my clothes were literally being shredded from my body.

"Stop! Stop it!" I protested, unwilling to be undressed in such a fashion. But the vines continued until I had not one shred of clothing left on me. I was then unceremoniously dropped onto the bed nearby. Relieved that I was free, I scrambled under the covers, to hide my newly naked body from Anithis' gaze. Wrapping the sheet around me did absolutely nothing as a tendril of one of his vines yanked it from my grasp, leaving me naked as the day I was born.

"Ahhh!" I would have attempted to cover myself with my hands except that four vines whipped from the slight crack in the ground and wrapped themselves around my hands and ankles, pulling me apart on the bed. I was spread-eagle on my back, helpless and without any way of summoning the swirly portal thing. I was trapped! I growled under my breath as Anithis approached me and I began to struggle against my new bonds when he dropped his robe revealing his naked body underneath. There was no disguising the hard-on that was now on display.

"Oh, do shut up." He snapped as I verbally abused him with as many bad words as I could come up with in a short time. "Else suffer me to put a vine through your tongue." I snapped my mouth shut tightly when a tiny tendril of green began to sneak up my chest, sliding between my breasts. It retreated after a few tense moments and I felt his hand cup my pubic area, which brought a gasp from my throat.

"I will not rape you, Lady." Anithis' voice was soft now. "I would be a weak man to do such a thing against a woman. Rape is not about sexual pleasure - it is about power. I have plenty of power now. I crave your body willingly. I want you to give yourself to me on your own volition." I wanted to laugh at him, but I was too afraid, so I just stared up at him, flinching when he moved closer, straddling my body without touching me. "Please do not fight me anymore, Princess." The tone was that of a man pleading, which really surprised me, that he would do such a thing. "I do not want you to hate me."

"Too late." I muttered at him, which caused a frown to form on his handsome, creamy face.

"I regret that you feel that way." He cupped both of my breasts within his hand and began to stroke the nipple tips gently as he spoke. "You know you have it all wrong. I did not kill Vytex. When he saw you leap into the portal, he pierced his heart with his own sword. I suppose the fact that you had abandoned him brought him much distress. He could not live without you." His hands moved together in a circular motion as he slowly made his way down my body. I hated to admit it, but the touch felt nice. "After seeing your beautiful body, I can understand why he did it. I too might have done the same, had I been in his position."

He began to stroke me between my legs again, which sent shivers down my spine. I struggled to try to stop him, but could not. I was his to fondle. "And my bride Marcella was madly in love with me so much that she sacrificed herself willingly. She was so devoted to me that she let me take her life so that I might live with the power I had always craved. I will probably never find a woman as wonderfully brave and devoted as she." He sniffled and I wanted to look him in the eye to see if he was being sincere with me or not. But then again, when had I ever been able to tell that with Anithis?

"So, you see, nothing I have done has truly been evil as you have me painted inside of your mind." His eyes locked on mine as he spoke. "I love you, Lady Kendall. I have since the moment you fell from the sky in the meadow. I want to be devoted to you now. I want to show you just how much I love you." As soon as he finished, not giving me a chance to retort back, he thrust his mouth between my legs and began to eat me out. He focused with apparently well-trained skill on my clit and sucked there gently, building me up and up until I was literally gasping. The waves of pleasure were nearly overwhelming and I thrashed and moaned as he brought me to the peak of orgasm time and again. Over and over again he licked, slurped and rubbed, often sticking a finger inside of both holes as he did. My orgasms erupted over and over until I had tears streaming down the sides of my face and my throat was hoarse from the moaning and screaming.

"Now, my love, do you see just how much I care? I have not given any thought of taking you, only bringing you pleasure. You cannot deny that I am trying to please you. I will be releasing you and you will be given a position of honor. I will never touch you again unless you ask. I will never lay with you until you are ready. If ever." As he began to move away from me, I felt loss. I couldn't let him stop. Not now, not when I was so turned on and needed a good fucking.

"Please..." I begged and he stopped moving from the bed. "Please don't stop." I felt dirty, but I had to have it. Vytex was dead, I couldn't return back home and live my boring life as an ugly nobody. A part of me became selfish at that point, even knowing what kind of man he was. "Please take me. Now?" I begged him with intensity, desperate for him to enter me and get it over with so I could berate myself for being so weak.

"What would you want from me, my lady?" His tone was curious and I cursed him mentally as he knew what I was asking.

"Take me now?" I tried again and failing to control myself, I shouted, "Fuck me! Fuck me now, dammit!" I was being aggressive, but from the look of his half-limp dick swelling almost instantly, he got the meaning and wasted no more time. Within seconds his nice-sized cock was filling me, pounding in and out slowly and then quickly. I sighed with relief as he ground himself a few times, looking forward to a long session of lovemaking as I was extremely wet and ready. But Anithis let out a strangled gasp and then slumped down upon me so quickly I thought he had been killed or assassinated. He lifted his head slowly to stare at me with a triumphant look in his eye.

"Thank you, my lady. That was as pleasing as I thought it would be." His words were full of arrogance and approval as he slid out of me, letting the vines release me almost immediately as he did. When his robe was pulled up and put around his body, that was when I realized what he had done. They had been lies. All of them! They had to have been. I wanted to kill him at that point. How could he have done such a thing to me? He might not have raped me physically, but I felt as if he had mentally. But he surprised me. Instead of swishing out of the chamber like I assumed he would do, Anithis stepped close to me and wrapped me within his arms.

"Thank you, Kendall." He repeated, rubbing my back gently. "I appreciate what you gave up for me today. I know you did not want that, but I need you to know that I enjoyed you and do love you." When he leaned down to put a kiss on my lips, I turned my head, so he kissed my cheek instead. "I would like to dine with you later, if that pleases you? Whatever you would like to sup upon, I shall have it brought for us. Anything that you fancy for dresses, I will have my seam-mistresses make. I want you happy." I watched his robed back as he exited, feeling as if I had been used. His words confused me though. If he had simply wanted to fuck me and go, then why promise to spend time with me and get me nice clothes? Why say he wanted me happy?

As I approached the door that led to the courtyard, I scratched my head in confusion still, trying to work out why I felt both loathing and loving towards him. I knew I should hate him, but my body craved his touch again. It made no sense to me. Once I opened the back door, I closed it again as the way was barred by thousands of vines so thick I could not even see the light of the afternoon sun. I dashed to the bed when the main door began to open, wrapping the sheet around me that had been pushed to the marble floor. It was two serving girls, carrying water for the marble tub that rested in the corner of the large room. They ignored me and poured the water quickly, followed by a couple more servants, pouring more water into the tub. The armed guards standing outside told me I would not be able to exit the room that way without notice. I was trapped.

As soon as the door was sealed, all servants but two females gone, I stared at them almost in an unfriendly manner. They waited patiently. "You can go now." I told them, forcing myself not to be rude about it. They were only servants and I knew I shouldn't take my anger out on them.

"We were told to help tend you. We will bathe and dress you, my lady." One of them spoke in a very soft voice, full of fear and I realized it had to be the fear of retribution if they did not do what they had been ordered to do. Sighing, I nodded and dropped the sheet, moving to step gingerly into the piping hot water of the tub. I sat in the center while one of them washed my hair and the other used a sponge to wash my body. I did not let them touch between my legs or my chest as that'd be too weird. So after I did those areas myself, I let them rinse me and stepped out, waiting with a bit of humility for them to dry me with two warm, soft towels.

They dressed me in an elegant white silky dress that flared around my hips downward. It was gorgeous and I suffered through letting one of them prepare my hair, after rigorously drying it with more towels. When they finished, I stared for a time at myself in the mirror. I was struck by the beauty in the reflection. It seemed like some other red-headed girl staring back at me with a fierceness that would rival a tigress stalking the jungle. I tried to soften my expression, knowing it would do me no good to dwell on what had happened in the past or what could have been a good future with a certain Drow Prince.

"My lady?" I spun to see King Anithis standing before me. He wore an identical matching tunic and leggings, cloak as well and looked extremely handsome and regal. "I would like to ask you something important." He stepped closer to me, first taking my hand in his and kissing each finger. The king's eyes never left mine as he did. "Would you do me the incredible honor of being my bride?" His expression was serious, as if he had given it much thought before stepping in and asking. It took me only seconds to shut him down.

"I don't think so." I shook my head along with my words to emphasis I had no interest in being his Queen. Not now and probably not ever.

"I understand. I have pushed you too much in one day. The vines were a cruel act and I apologize. I will never use them on you as long as you are my guest." His words were laced with forced sincerity as usual and I had no doubt he would turn on me in less than a heartbeat if necessary.

"Apology accepted." I made sure there was plenty of insincerity dripping my reply; I wanted him to know how it felt. His right eyebrow twitched upward slightly as he rose to his full height and for a moment we just stared at each other, as if at an impasse. He laughed then, a rich, deep laugh that was attractive as it was infectious. I was unable to stop the corners of my lips from twitching, but managed to refrain in smiling fully. He did not deserve it.

"You are truly an amazing woman, Kendall." Anithis' voice was filled with admiration and for once I saw truth in his azure blue eyes. "That is just one of the things I love about you -- you challenge me." He bent me over forcefully, balancing on his arm backward and placed several soft kisses along my plunging neckline. It was sexy and it did not take long before I felt myself grow warm between my legs. I had to stop that! I couldn't let him get his way. From that point forward, I had to look out for me. He would just continue to use me. Marriage, babies, who knew what else after.

"I shall enjoy this evening's pleasures with you, my dear." The king helped me back up and wrapped his arms around me, pushing his torso gently into my back as he did. It reminded me of when Vytex had done it and I stepped out, forcing him to release me. I turned to the back door, pointing as I did.

"I would like to take a walk with you." I curved my arm as if linked with an invisible arm, hoping he would release the vines. I had no place to run away to, but I wanted the option open just in case. Anithis took a moment to study me, as if judging my motives. He then nodded and I thought perhaps he felt that he had me -- there was no place I could run where he could not catch me. He also knew that I could have slipped away through a portal had I truly wanted to leave. I cursed myself for not making a gate and getting away from him. But the lure of being beautiful and having a man really want me made it difficult to do that. Actually, it made it impossible for me.

Taking my hand within his, Anithis led me to the back doors and pushed them open, stepping us out into the warmth of the sun's rays. I sighed in relief, feeling a little bit of freedom as we walked slowly out into the courtyard beyond the doorway. The flowers were fragrant, the roses full in bloom and I wondered if he had done some sort of hocus pocus like with the vines to make them so pretty and opened. I paused when he released my hand, putting it on my belly to stop me. The elf-man took a few steps to the side and brought a beautiful white-streaked blood-red rose to me. It had been snapped fairly short at the stem and I waited patiently for him to tuck it between my breasts, the blossom end sticking out. I glanced down as he did it and gasped when I realize he had left the thorns on.

I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction to see me cry out so I bit the inside of my mouth and waited for him to finish. He took my hand back in his and I forced my feet to move, knowing he probably would drag me along if I didn't. He had to have known the thorns were there. Why? Why did he do it? To ensure I knew he was in charge? As we turned the corner, I pulled the rose out and tossed in front of us, making sure he saw every movement I made. I stepped purposely on top of it as we walked, grinding my heel down as I moved. I dared to not look at him, but kept my eyes focused straight ahead so I did not see whether he was pleased or angry at the action.

When we approached a shallow pond that had a few brightly colored lily pads floating serenely on top, Anithis stopped us. He turned to me and smiled, reaching out to begin unfastening the bodice of my dress. I stared at his nimble fingers as they worked, shocked he was thinking of having me naked once more. I had to make it clear I did not want his lousy affections, especially when it felt as if they were selfishly given. Putting my hands on his to stop him made him halt his actions.

"My lady? Do you not want me to bring you satisfaction? I regret my haste in my release, after all." Anithis made it seem as if he was doing it unselfishly, but I knew better. I shook my head.

"No, I'm satisfied enough." I declined, watching the slight wind blow ripples on the top of the pond water. "But thank you, my lord." I tacked on for good measure. His hands moved once more to my dress and I scowled at him as the lacings were untied quickly. "Anithis! Your own words were that you would never touch me again unless I asked. Remember? Well, I ask you to follow through and be a man of your word now." I pushed his hands away and watched the emotions flit across his handsome face as he took in my words. He had made that statement to me and now he was regretting it, I could tell.

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