tagSci-Fi & FantasyPortrait Of A Lady Ch. 04

Portrait Of A Lady Ch. 04


Her hand touched his.

There was a long moment as both waited to make sure that she was still present and when that moment passed, Rik released her hand and in a seemingly comical move, turned towards her and gave his love a deep bow filled with restrained passion and fathomless respect. Tears sprang to Angelica’s eyes at his gentlemanly bow and she replied with a feminine curtsy, raising her head to smile into his eyes. Rik offered his hand and pulled her close to him, embracing her and pressing their flesh together.

“Oh, Rik.” She couldn’t help her tears. She had waited a long time for this moment. Each day of the two years that he had visited her portrait in the shop, she had longed to be with him. She had listened to his words and had heard his loneliness and his pain. Now, she could touch him and ease his loneliness and pain and his touch in return would heal her wounds.

Rik didn’t know what he wanted to do first but he reached out to wipe her tears away, lightly pressing his lips to her wet cheeks, her button nose and finally, her mouth, claiming her for his own. She tasted like the pear that she had eaten for dessert and Rik couldn’t seem to get enough of the taste of her. Her lips parted easily for him and his tongue slid inside her warmth, loving the silken feel of her mouth against his. She was so soft, her lips like pillows beneath his rough ones and her teasing tongue made his blood pressure rise, the heat enflaming his face.

Angelica melted against Rik’s hard body, enjoying the rasp of his chest hair against her nipples and the blunt prod of his tool. Her heart leaped when he picked her up, cradling her in his arms as he carried her to the bed, never breaking the deep kiss that they shared. His tongue tickled her gums, gliding along her teeth and stroking the soft inner flesh of her cheeks.

Rik reluctantly moved from her mouth to her ear, inhaling her gentle scent and nibbling the tender shell of her ear, pausing to suck on the earlobe before descending to her perfumed neck flesh and collarbones. He nearly lost himself when he closed his mouth around one of her nipples and it hardened into a raspberry on his tongue. The response of her body made him shiver with pleasure.

No one had ever bothered to find out what Rik Kershaw was all about. To the outside world, he was a nerd. No one had looked past the C++ coding and Visual Basic to see him. No one saw the work he put into his body, transforming the body of a teenager into the body of a man. His mind grew with his body but as usual, no one noticed. Even intellectual girls found him to be sexually academic. But physically … he had found his soulmate in a painting. A painting that listened patiently as he unloaded the burdens of his life and had fertile soil for his spoken dreams.

He worshipped each nipple, twirling his tongue around the pebbled flesh, then running across to the other and awakening it into hard life. She gasped, begging for the punishment, the torture of his attention and received it, writhing under the lash of his tongue. He continued his downward journey, moving across her diaphragm, then stomach, then down to the patch of short curls.

“No! Please don’t!”

Rik raised his head at the sound of her voice, stunned at the terror that liberally laced her words. “Angelica, what’s wrong?”

“Don’t … don’t … “ She was breathless with worry. “’Tis unseemly!”

“Did someone tell you that?” Her down-turned eyes told him the truth that she could not speak. “He told you that, didn’t he? What else did he tell you?”

“That sex is meant only for the man’s pleasure.”

Rik felt angry heat in his face as he moved over her. “I want you to listen to me very carefully.” He saw unshed tears glisten in her eyes and felt more anger than he’d ever imagined. “Making love is a beautiful give-and-take between two people. Not one person pleasuring himself.”

Angelica heard his words and closed her eyes, letting them seep into her heart and soul. She had spent her younger days daydreaming of a love like that. She opened her eyes and saw the sincerity in his eyes and felt the gentleness of his touch and her heart soared, reading her daydreams in his eyes.

“Will you trust me?”

Rik gave her a long kiss at her nod and let his lips wetly trail down the valley between her breasts, paused to tickle her belly button, then slowly approached her mound. He felt her body stiffen as he raised her knees, turning her fully onto her back and pressed her long legs open. He still felt the tension in her and knew that he’d have to warm her up. He moved all the way down the bed to her toes and started kissing.

A giggle bubbled up from her throat as she felt his lips move across the soles of her feet, his teeth nipping the arches. Then when he took each of her toes into his mouth, she forgot to breathe. It was so decadent and so erotic. His slippery tongue probed the valleys between her tiny toes, moved up to the ankle and then circled around to the inside of her calf. She shivered. She’d never felt anything like that. He repeated his actions with the other foot, then looked up at her with dark eyes. His look reminded her of wolves she’d seen in the woods, hungry and determined. To see that same look from him thrilled her beyond words. Oh, yes, she thought with a delicious shiver. I trust you.

He felt the change in her body almost immediately and that made him even more ravenous to drink from her honeypot but he forced himself to keep moving slowly. He kissed, licked and nipped her calves, taking her breath away when he found a sensitive spot behind her knee and spent several seconds licking and biting there. Her creamy thighs held his attention next and he attacked with long, hard-tongued licks that brought breathy moans from his lover. He licked circles into her flesh, moving closer and closer to her sweet mound, smiling briefly as her legs opened even wider. Now.

She felt the heat of his breath before the tip of his tongue reached her sensitive flesh. She couldn’t help flinching; a man knowing a woman like this was still unseemly to her. But she trusted him. The second pass of his tongue was firmer, its tip searching her seam and it trolled deeper and deeper until …


Her cry of pure, innocent delight washed over him and he inched forward, letting his tongue find the deepest of her soft recesses. Her body trembled when he found her buried pearl, lightly slipping over its skin and she responded with a loud gasp, her torso bucking under his hands. He lashed the nubbin over and over, his hands clamped onto her hips to keep her still.

Angelica couldn’t breathe; she couldn’t catch her breath. Something was happening to her. It started as a tiny twinge, then rapidly built. Hot, buttery, slippery … she couldn’t describe it as it wound its way up her spine, sending tingling pulses across her scalp, to the tips of her already rock-hard nipples, then down, into the churning depths of her sex. She felt him shift slightly, his tongue subtly drifting from her throbbing clit to her clutching pussy. As his flexible, slippery length entered her hole, she exploded.

Rik kept his tongue undulating inside her until her cries died down and her breathing returned to normal, then moved up to see the expression on her face. A mixture of awe and happiness met his eyes and she welcomed him into his arms, pulling him down. He couldn’t resist the softness of her mouth and he captured it again, letting her taste her own essence and shivering as she sucked his tongue into his mouth.

“Please, Rik. Don’t make me wait any longer.”

He was thinking the same thing himself. The heat of her body was just too much to take and when she reached down, guiding his fat head to her weeping entrance, he thought he would burst just from her touch. She grew bolder still, rubbing the head along her hot slit and widening her legs. He leaned forward slightly and gritted his teeth as the head popped in. She was so wet and warm that he glided in the rest of the way, pausing when he met resistance.

“This is going to hurt a little.”

Angelica nodded. “I trust you.”

His mouth covered hers, his tongue curling around hers and she moaned, gasping when the sharp pain shot through her and closing her eyes against the tears. He kissed her eyelids, holding himself still until she looked up into his eyes. Then he moved. Rik had made love before but nothing had affected him like this. Her virginity was a gift beyond measure but it was more than that. It was magic. The meeting of their bodies was like silk fluttering in the breeze: seamless and smooth, lips floating across flesh, cock sliding into pussy. Capturing her mouth again, he moaned low in her throat as he felt the walls of her quim contract around him.

Angelica deepened the kiss, holding his tongue hostage and levering her hips so that her clit rubbed against him. He swallowed her cry as she came and pressed in again and again, riding the wave until she was slipping over the crest a third and fourth time. She broke the kiss this time, screaming his name as her pussy walls rippled around his stiff prick.

Rik thrust into her quivering body twice more and erupted, filling her with spurt after spurt of cum. His body tingled from head to toe and he collapsed into her arms, nearly sliding off into blissful sleep as she ran her hands over his back.

“You didn’t ask.”

He made a humming sound, cuddling into the warmth of her body. “I didn’t ask what?”

“About Frederick. About why he isn’t here.”

He raised his head, peering down at her mischievous smile. “What did you do?”

“I went to visit my friend Vertis, who had the most extraordinary painting.” She smiled. “Do you know what’s so extraordinary about that painting?”

“No, love. What?”

“It’s an exact copy of my original portrait. Except Vertis used my döppelganger as the subject.”


“My shadow, my evil twin. Vertis had scraped some of its essence from this painting and added it to the other.”

“Oh, Angelica!” Rik laughed heartily. “Here I am, thinking you’re an innocent young lady and you’re nothing but a sly minx!” He touched her face, his wide smile melting into a soft grin. “I love you, my angel. You are the most wonderful thing that’s ever happened to me.”

“Then quit talking … “ She smiled into his soft eyes. “And make love to me again.”

“Your wish is my command.”


Russell entered the room and just stared at the dead body. He’d never been this close to a dead body before but he certainly knew one when he saw one. But he couldn’t decide what was more shocking: the dead, ravaged body of the Marquess of Ravenstone or the beautiful woman lounging on the bed, lazily sucking on one of her nipples while constantly stroking a majestic meat pole that rose from the juncture of her creamy thighs.

“Hello, Russell.” The woman he knew as Angelica gave him a warm smile, releasing her pebbled breast and concentrating on her hard-on. “Come to join the party?” He glared at Frederick for a moment, gingerly stepping around the corner of the bed, his eyes still riveted to the body, then turned to her.


“Yes. Didn’t you and Frederick arrange my coming-out party?”

“Uh, no.“

“Are you sure? I can quote you exactly.”

“No, that’s not necessary.” Russell glared at the body again, hastily rubbing his mouth. “Uh, what happened to … Frederick?”

Angelica smiled, rubbing a large drop of pre-cum across her cock and glancing down as its shiny, thick helmet. “You really want to know?”

“Uh, no. That’s okay.” Russell glared at her, transfixed by the size of the penis she possessed and wondering why he felt so strongly about taking it into his mouth. What the hell was wrong with him? He had always been a pussy man. In fact, he had begged for this, for her virgin blood on the head of his cock. Now … “Well?”

Russell stared into her eyes, becoming hypnotized by the strange beauty. For some odd reason, the idea of sex with this being was unbelievably hot. His eyes watched her hand, following the movements. “Well, what?”

“You want to join the party?”

“I don’t want to die.”

The luminous eyes bored into his. “And why shouldn’t you die? You wanted to hurt her.”

“Yes, I did.” He heard the words coming from his mouth. “I was very wrong.”

“So you don’t want her ‘virgin blood on the head of your cock’ any more?”

Russell swallowed. “No.”

“Then what do you want?” Angelica left the bed, standing in front of the tall man and searching his eyes.


“As I am?”

With movements that were not his own, he stared into the depths of her beautiful eyes, his hands swiftly working the buckle on his pants. “Yes.”

“Turn around.”

She was surprised that he did so, bending over and propping his hands against the wall and his submission truly made her heart leap. She never expected this. “If I take you, you will be mine forever.”

Russell trembled at the feeling of her cum-dripping cock head pressing against his virgin pucker. “Yes.”

“You truly want this?”

“Oh, yes.”

She rewarded him with a single stroke entry. He wanted to scream in pain but he bit his lip. He deserved this, he knew. He’d found his perfect woman and thrilled at the feeling of her fat breasts scrubbing his back as her cock plowed his insides. He felt every inch of her, stroking and pumping into him and his own prick hardened to granite within his grasp, now nicely lubricated with slimy pre-cum.

She would never have believed that he would have been accepting of her penis but he was thoroughly enjoying her abuse, jerking on his tool while encouraging her to split him wide open. And he knew what she was and why she was there. Vertis had never mentioned anything about having human feelings and less about what she should do about them. His body was so wonderful and his back so broad … she shivered, slowing her strokes to enjoy the carnality of the moment.

“Do you want me, Russell?”


“And you’re enjoying my thick cock buried in your asshole?”

“Oh, fuck, yes!”

“Oh, God, you’re going to make me cum.” Her breath hovered at the nape of his neck. “Time to mark you as mine.”

Russell groaned in ecstasy, spraying his load all over the wall as she bit the crook of his neck. He was so turned on that he could barely move. Her tiny hands gripped his waist as she slammed into him, emptying her cum into his insides and shouting his name. They slid into a heap, Russell laying quietly beneath her, half-smiling at the pleasant weight of her body on top of his and the retreating pressure of her softening cock sliding out of his sore asshole.

“Were you serious?” He whispered, reaching out to touch her hand. “About forever?”


Russell smiled, in awe at the happiness that coursed through his body, wondering why he’d never felt this before. “Then I’m yours.”

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