Posh English Wife Strays Once More!


It was only a lab coat, with buttons down the front, but it was so short, and again just covered her stocking tops. When she sat down, the coat slid up her thighs and Dave was sure that Doctor Hillard would be able to see glimpses of her stocking tops, her soft white thighs, and maybe even her little panties covering her most intimate spot.

Kay sat in front of Hillard's desk and they seemed to talk seriously for 10 minutes or more, Kay crossing and uncrossing her legs a number of times. Was this deliberate on Kay's part, knowing the swish of the nylons and a glimpse of her wonderful legs would have an effect on Hillard? Of course it was. She never did anything without reason, thought Dave. Maybe, it would be just an interview....or maybe not!!

Suddenly, Hillard smiled, sat back, and his hands went together behind his head. He was in a more relaxed mood now. Dave could see him smiling as he talked and he could also see his eyes wandering all over Kay's body. He slowly rose from behind the desk and moved towards her, while Kay remained sitting in the chair in front of the desk. Hillard went behind her, still talking and still smiling. Kay watched him as best she could and then she just turned to the front again. Dave's heart was thumping still and his cock started to twitch in his jeans.

If only he could hear what the couple in the office were saying...he would love to be a fly on the wall. Holding the binoculars was making his arm ache but he wanted to see every moment, while still hiding himself in the bushes. Hillard was still standing behind Kay, close to her back and Dave knew that Hillard was looking down over her shoulders to see the wonderful breasts encased in the uplift bra under the lab coat. Did she have all the buttons done up on the coat, or were there one or two open to let Hillard glimpse down to see the wonderful mounds of flesh? Dave's cock was getting harder with each minute that passed, his thoughts working overtime.

What the hell were they saying? Was Hillard making suggestions to his wife? Was he just teasing her, prolonging the agony of telling her that she'd won the promotion that she desperately wanted? Would the interview be over within a couple more minutes, Kay leaving the room without anything further happening?

As Dave started to relax a little, he suddenly saw the Doctor slide his hands on to Kay's shoulders from behind, and begin to massage her. Christ, thought Dave. He's touched her. He's made contact. I knew it, I knew it, thought Dave again. He knew that his wife had scruples, but he also knew that she usually got what she wanted. Dave concentrated even harder with the binoculars, not wanting to miss a second.

He saw Kay look round and up at Hillard behind her, a gentle smile on her face. In reply to something that Hillard muttered to her, she began to undo the buttons on the coat. Dave watched as his wife undid every button while Hillard just continued to massage her shoulders. As the coat slid open and apart, Dave could see the black uplift bra, a tiny pair of black panties, black suspender belt and the soft, milky white thighs above the stockings. Immediately, Dave's cock became solid rock and pushed against his jeans. His hand went down and began to stroke himself, and he clung on to a branch for support.

Kay still remained in her seat while the Doctor admired her from above. He could see the stunning mounds of white flesh trying to escape from the bra, and he could see the firm, shapely thighs above the stocking tops. The panties were black but very thin, almost see-through and, really, they were just a tiny piece of material covering Kay's most intimate area. Hillard suddenly eased the lab coat from Kay's shoulders and pushed it down over her arms. Then he also gently slid the bra straps down the arms.

By now, Dave's cock was rock hard in his jeans. He had been right all along. He knew that Hillard fancied his wife, the dirty, lecherous beast, and, what was even worse, his wife wanted this promotion so badly that she was prepared to use her feminine charms to achieve her aims, even with a man with whom there was no sexual chemistry......not on Kay's part, anyway. So what's new, thought Dave.

Hillard's hands immediately slid down Kay's chest to run his podgy little hands over the mounds of Kay's tits. He seemed to be speaking to her all the time as his hands played on the bra, on the flesh, tweaking the nipples through the black material and generally helping himself to the delicious tits in his grasp. Then he eased her forward a little and undid the bra strap, and then discarded the garment to the floor.

Dave watched his wife's mounds of flesh come into view and Hillard was onto them straight away. He cupped them, savouring every moment, he lifted them and held them in his grasp and he bent to kiss Kay's neck and ears like a demented old pervert. Kay appeared to enjoy every moment, and her fingers slid down between her legs to caress her hidden cunt. Her legs eased apart a little and then her hand went under the black panties so that she could feel her own juices rising.

After only a few more minutes, the Doctor moved around in front of Kay and shuffled between her open legs as she sat on the chair. He spoke only a few words and Kay's hand went on to the front of his trousers, a warm grin on her face. She didn't need any further instruction as her fingers undid the zipper and her hand went straight in.

Within seconds, she had pulled out her prey and was holding Hillard's cock between her fingers and thumb, easing her hand up and down the shaft, while he played his hand through her hair. As she looked up into Hillard's eyes, he moved her head gently forward and Kay obeyed the guidance. She opened her mouth and took the hard cock inside between her lips. He wasn't huge, but playing with the woman of his dreams, and having her almost naked in his office, had made the Doctor as hard as he'd been for years, and having Kay suck him off was number two on his list of fantasies. Would he get to realise number one fantasy?

Soon, Kay was sliding this new cock back and forth into her throat while Hillard held her head with one hand as his other hand still played with her magnificent tits. Dave could see that Hillard was really trying to fuck his wife's mouth in earnest, pushing in hard, and then easing back before ramming his cock back down her throat. She seemed to be coping with ease, her eyes darting up to look at Hillard while opening her throat to take each stroke, tickling his balls at the same time.

Hillard spoke briefly once more and Kay let go of her toy and he slid out of her mouth. As Kay rose from the chair, she slipped the coat off her body altogether and this joined the bra on the floor. Dave could see his wife standing up now, and she looked incredible.

As Dave took out his own cock from his jeans, he could see Kay standing up in just her panties, stockings, suspenders and high heels. Hillard closed in on her again, his mouth going to one of her big nipples, while his hand went straight into her panties. In return, Kay grabbed Hillard's cock once more and began to rub the shaft up and down as Hillard sucked and chewed on her nipples.

Dave knew perfectly well what was going to happen and he began to jerk his cock off with abandon. His wife was giving in to the man who held her future in his hands, and by now Hillard's hand had eased the black panties down to stretch between Kay's open thighs. Two fingers went inside her, pushing up into her cunt and, as Kay continued to rub the cock in her hand with firmness, the two fingers started to plunge in and out between her open legs.

Hillard's mouth went back and forth between each enticing breast, slurping and sucking, nibbling and hanging on to each nipple, while his hand was lost in Kay's tufts of dark, pubic hair, plunging in and out, almost lifting her onto tiptoe with each lunge. Then his hand suddenly left the cunt and slid round onto her hard, shapely bottom. Hillard pulled her into him more closely and his fingers kneaded each wonderful ass cheek. He was rampant and frantic by now (just like Dave) and his fingers slid between Kay's cheeks, pulling them and squeezing them, enjoying his first touch of this snobbish, sexy bitch. He had her now and didn't want to waste any second or any inch of her body.

Dave saw the Doctor's fingers push into the crack between her ass cheeks and he knew he must be toying with her hard, little anus. He saw Kay close her eyes and open her legs just a little wider as she held her stance. Was Hillard playing with her anus? Was he pushing his podgy little finger into her bottom? Christ, Dave was delirious with frustration, but then the scene suddenly changed.

Hillard uttered a few more words, slipped her black panties down her legs and off, and then helped the almost naked woman over to his desk. Kay gently leaned forward, guided by her boss, and soon she was over the desk, her head and shoulders on the leather top, her straight legs apart, with her feet on the floor. The doctor never let her go at any moment, determined not to let anything stand in the way of his ultimate fantasy....to have this educated, professional wife with what seemed to be a posh, snobbish smell under her nose.......and the sexiest body in the company. By God, she looked a sexy bitch.....and all Dave could do was stand in the hedge, jacking off his cock.

Then it all started to happen in what seemed like slow motion to Dave, as if he was in a dream. For the second time in his marriage, he was going to see another man have his wife....and even more exciting for him was that she was being willingly cooperative. Hillard moved between her high heels, gently sliding her feet apart so that her stunning legs in the nylons were even wider apart. Her back arched, her ass jutted outwards and Hillard held his hard prick.

His hand went between her legs, feeling her pubes and her wet cunt lips, and he fumbled his cock slowly into the warm crevice of the waiting body. He was in and he eased forward, his hands moving to Kay's hips. He began to fuck her, back and forth, inching nearer to her body, going deeper into the married woman's open cunt, and Dave's hand went faster on his own cock.

He had a job to hold the binos still while his sap started to rise, but seeing his wife getting fucked over the boss's desk was a sight that would probably stay with him forever, and he wasn't about to miss it. In the office, the Doctor was now getting into full swing with the glorious Kay. She had lifted up a little to hold her hands on the desk and support her body, but her back was still arched beautifully and her ass jutted out like twin peaks. She met each hard lunge from Hillard, pushing back with each stroke so that she could feel his cock slide deeper into the depths of her body, and then he speeded up some more.

He held onto the firm hips and slammed each stroke as hard as he could. One of his hands went round to grab a mound of flesh and pinch Kay's nipple and still Hillard hammered his cock like a lethal spear into the beautiful, young cunt. Probably, a good fuck at home for Hillard stopped happening quite a few years ago, so to have this willing young woman open her legs for him was like winning an Olympic gold.

Occasionally, his fingers would slide down to feel the juices on his cock as it slid into Kay's cunt, and then the Doctor would rub the juices gently over Kay's anus. Oh my God, thought Dave. Already, Dave had fired one lot of his cum into the branches of the bush he was hidden in, and still his cock was hard as he watched the action continue.

He could see his wife's head turn from side to side as Hillard continued to fuck her, her mouth hanging open, and he watched her tits sway back and forth as her body enjoyed this magnificent assault. Again, the Doctor covered his fingers with juices from Kay's open cunt, and then gently transferred them to her gaping anus which was peaking out like a rose petal. Then he uttered more words and all Kay could do was nod her head.

Hillard slid out of the warm, soft vagina and Dave could see him holding his hard length of cock, prodding it gently between Kay's inviting ass cheeks. Christ, the dirty bastard, thought Dave, whose cock seemed to become like a rod of steel again. He's going to fuck her ass and, to Dave's wonderful astonishment, Kay was making no serious protestations. This was something that was almost totally out of bounds to Dave in the marital bed. He had tried to coax his wife, by God, had he tried, but she was always 'too tired,' or 'it's not very nice, Dave,' or 'please not tonight, Dave, I think it's too personal,' and after a few years, poor old Dave had given up trying.

It was difficult to see every detail clearly through the binoculars, but there was no doubt that the doctor was holding one of Kay's cheeks apart with one hand, while the other hand was guiding his rampant cock against her anus.

There was a brief push and Dave could see his wife grit her teeth, but then the moment and the pain were over and Hillard began. He had managed to get his cock into Kay's ass-hole and now he began the slow, beautiful process of getting up into her ass as far as he could. It was magical for Dave, however taboo it might be, and it would give him fantasies every night for years. Here was his young, sexy, posh-totty wife, having her ass fucked over the boss's desk and, if he were honest, it was Christmas day for Dave as he jacked off his cock at the speed of light.

Hillard was up on tip-toe, trying to get deeper into Kay's ass, plunging in and out, in and out, while Kay's fingers scratched at the desk top in feverish, ecstatic lust. She also went up onto her toes with each beautiful lunge into her bottom, and suddenly Dave managed another jet of cum which fired haphazardly into the bushes around him. Christ, he was exhausted, so what must Hillard feel like?

The doctor obviously felt nothing but complete fulfilment as he continued to shaft his cock back and forth into the young ass in his possession. His hands once again found Kay's tits as they hung invitingly from her chest, and the podgy, middle-aged boss mauled the flesh every which way, pulling down on her nipples, squeezing the flesh and grasping anything and everything that the 25 year old had on display.

Dave could see his wife begin to breathe heavily as still the man behind her lunged defiantly into her ass-hole. On and on it seemed to go, Hillard's head now leaning over onto Kay's back as his strokes became faster. Bang, bang, bang, in, out, in, out, in, out, but then, suddenly, it stopped. Hillard was in her up to the hilt, his cock quietly pulsing inside the warm orifice, but now he was still, his own body heaving with exhaustion as it lay over Kay's back.

Dave knew the old man had ejaculated inside his wife, and they had both accomplished their targets for the day. They seemed to be still for ages......had the old man had a heart attack in his efforts to get what he wanted, and would he have to be rescued with his cock embedded in Kay's ass? Dave suddenly had terrible visions of the possibilities, but then Hillard moved, lifting up slowly to grab Kay's hips again, and then he eased his wilting cock from the stunning ass. Kay lay panting on the desk for a few seconds longer and then she, too, slowly rose and stood up. Hillard caressed her back, kissing her skin and holding her around the waist, whispering into her ear. Dave could see that the doctor's cock was now wilting and the two people had obviously finished their copulating, and Dave eased his own softening tool back into his jeans.

He could see Hillard put away his cock and zip up his trousers, and Kay was now putting her clothes back on. They spoke as they dressed and, again, Dave just wished that he could hear the conversation. He knew he had to be reasonably quick as Kay would no doubt be leaving the office and maybe heading homewards as soon as Hillard had finished with her.

Dave took no chances, and slid out of the hedge and made his way back to his car. As he drove home, the visions of what he had just witnessed kept flashing across his mind. His posh, well educated, prim and proper wife had given up her body to her boss and let him fuck her endlessly across the office desk, just in order to get promotion. Dave had witnessed it all, but what would he say when Kay eventually arrived home? His mind was racing.

He didn't have long to wait as, within half an hour of him arriving home, Kay came sauntering through the door, looking as fresh as a daisy. Her clothes and hair were immaculate and Dave wondered whether it really was his wife he had watched in Hillard's office.

'How did it go then, darling,' he asked innocently. 'Successful day?'

'I've got it, Dave, I've got it. Promotion!' and she gave him a hug and a gentle peck on the cheek.

'What was it like, then?'

'Oh my God. My data was first class, but the interview....oh my God, I'm so stressed out, Dave. I've got to have a shower, just to relax......would you like to fuck me tonight, in celebration?' and before Dave could reply, his posh, toffee nosed wife had gone through the door towards the bathroom.

Yes, thought Dave. I bet you're fuckin' stressed......and I bet your ass is stretched as well!!!

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