tagCelebrities & Fan FictionPosh Spice: Retribution Ch. 03

Posh Spice: Retribution Ch. 03


This is a complete work of fiction.

Remember the difference between fantasy and reality is as fundamental as the difference between right and wrong.

This story happens some time after Posh’s Dilemma I and II and therefore all references related to but not explained in this story, or Retribution chapters 1 and 2, can be found in the “Dilemma” series.



"Huh, what?"

"You called me ‘Slut’."

"I … if you don’t like it...”

"I love it," Victoria said breathlessly.

Shane smiled and his vision slipped slowly down her body and zoomed in on her panties. Much like her bra, Posh’s knickers were made of delicate, black lace. His cock could be contained no longer so, with a desperate urgency, he reached down and unzipped his fly.

Victoria staggered at the sight of his knob as it emerged. It was slender, but long and curved, and the head of it looked like a huge purple helmet. She wondered how it would feel plunging inside her. Posh stepped backwards to lean on the large oak table. She lifted herself up, and then, propped on her arms, thrust her groin forward.

"Take me, Shane. Please, take me."

Shane let his jeans fall and walked awkwardly towards her. Again he let his hands roam over her skin, her belly and her breasts, then her thighs. He couldn't get enough of the feel of her.

Fuck, he thought, is there anything that could feel more incredibly sensuous than a woman's flesh? Especially this woman’s perfect flesh.

His fingers hooked into the waistband of the brief, black panties and he drew them slowly down her legs.

"Shane, don't torture me any longer. Please ... please...”

He lifted his cock and let the head part her swollen lips, then he pushed himself against the soft pink folds of her pussy and shoved forward. Victoria made a strange lusty sound as he slipped the head of his long shaft into her. Then another slow, forceful push brought a sustained erotic groan from the magical creature that Victoria had become for him. He pushed his way deeper; lifting her legs until he could fill her no further.

He soon found a rhythm and his mind was riveted on one thing, the sensation of being inside her. Victoria arched her back and met his thrusts.

"Talk … talk to me," she said, groaning and sighing all at once.

"What? Talk?"

"Say things to me, Shane, I’ve been a naughty girl."

"But, but you're not … like that."

"Oh, Shane, make me a bad girl."

He looked down at her stomach, rippling both with each thrust and each subsequent withdrawal. An erotic pink flush spread across her chest as a manifestation of the state of her arousal. The sight of it made him crazy with lust. He heard himself saying the things she wanted to hear.

"So, you're a bad girl, Victoria?"

"Ohhhhhhh … yes!"

"A bad girl who takes her clothes off for men?"

She whimpered in reply.

He thrust more aggressively. "You dirty, nasty girl. Bad, wicked whore."

Victoria was losing control; her hands grasped the table then coursed through her dark hair. She was writhing as if she was in agony.

"Victoria, you're my bad girl, my naked girl. I'm inside you, Victoria. You know what I'm doing to you."


"Say it, Victoria, say it you whore."

"You're … fucking me!"

Shane felt his balls preparing to explode; he knew that he couldn’t last. But Victoria was thrashing, twisting beneath him. She wrapped her legs around the small of his back, and, as she reached up, Posh dug her nails into his shoulders. She made small moaning noises and her eyes were glazed.

He tried to withdraw in order to maximise his thrust, but she held on fast to him.

"Don't stop … don't stop … don't!" she begged.

Her back arched and she thrashed her head from side to side. "Oh, Fuccckkkk!"

Shane saw her eyes flutter as another spasm racked her body and he howled his all consuming climax; and then she went limp.

Victoria laid, eyes closed, breathing raggedly. Shane lovingly pushed a strand of hair away from her eyes.

"Oh, darling," she sighed. "That was wonderful."

“It was for me too Tori …”

In a flash Victoria’s mood changed and she shoved Shane away, flinching as his semi erect length eased free of her dripping pussy, leaving a thick strand of white sperm behind connecting their bodies still despite his withdrawal.

“Did you get that?” she said curtly to the cameraman, glancing at the bulge in his trousers as she pushed briskly past him.

“Y … y… yes, Victoria, it was a good shoot,” he stammered still not believing that he had been headhunted by Posh Spice to film her starring in her own pornographic movies.

She turned back to her co-star. “Don’t you ever call me Tori, it’s Victoria to you, not Tori, okay?”

He just stared at her. Her dressing down of him caused the object of Victoria’s recent impalement to shrink considerably.

“Okay?” she repeated.

“Yes, Victoria,” he finally replied.

“Shit Lou, I need to get better actors, this lot are crap. Oh I get a good fucking most times but the frigging acting? What was it he just said to me – ‘But, but you're not … like that’, what a load of bollocks – make me like that, you tosser.” She vented her frustration on the red-faced actor as her statement drew to a close.

Louise Redknapp draped a gown around the shoulders of her friend as they walked over to the coffee bar.

In the 6 months since Posh had enrolled Louise into her enterprising activities she had begun to build up ‘Posh’s Porn Enterprises’ at a phenomenal rate. Her website, which was now being professionally handled, enjoyed hundred’s of thousands of hits a day and over a million regular subscribers. She had built up a studio for shooting the movies and still images together with a network of both male and female actors to co-star with her.

“Listen Lou, I can’t thank you enough for the support you’ve given to me. How is Jamie feeling about what I do these days?”

“Well Tori, so long as I remain in the background, he can live with it I guess. I really enjoy seeing you on the ‘up’ again so to speak.”

Both girls rolled their eyes at the pun and giggled.

“And let’s face it we’re both raking it in!”

“Listen Louise,” said Victoria quietly, “If you want to play around a little, like we did that first time you came up to my house, just go for it.” She stroked her friend’s arm frustrated that, despite being shagged stupid on a daily basis by soulless actors, and actresses, there had been no repeat of the love she had shared with Louise Redknapp since that first time.

Louise smiled saying neither yes or no.

“I’ve had enough for one day,” sighed an exhausted Posh as she signed the acceptance form for this month’s print of her newly published magazine ‘Spiced!’

“Yep,” agreed Louise. “Remember I’m not in again until Friday.” Today was Wednesday.

“Right,” recalled Victoria. “Listen Lou, just one thing before you go. Which of the bondage scenarios did you like for next week’s web site picture story?”

Lou pondered the question briefly.

“Go for ‘Roped Revenge’ you know the one where you play the part of a female gardener at a large estate and you get caught and tied up in the woods by the Lord of the House as revenge for spurning his advances. Yep, I think that’s the one, in fact …” continued Louise, leaning towards her friend and speaking quietly in a confidential tone, “I might just think about that while I’m having a shower tonight!”

Victoria stared Louise straight in the eyes. If she carried on talking like that Posh would fuck her again whether she wanted it or not.

“Right Lou, that is a good one, we’ll go with it.” Posh stood up and kissed her friend on both cheeks.

“See you on Friday sweetheart,” she said, waving Louise goodnight.


It had been a long hard day for Victoria Beckham. After being escorted all the way home from the Studio, it was a relief to wave goodbye to her entourage and settle down for the night. Opening the door of her apartment Posh reached in switched off the security alarm and switched on the lights. She slipped off her denim jacket and kicked off her shoes with a long sigh. She was so looking forward to her shower.

Victoria felt the air conditioning blowing gently onto her long bare legs, making a ridge of goose pimples appear on her tanned skin until her thighs disappeared into the short loose skirt she had worn today. Posh moved into the shower room and turned the dial to warm.

The sound of the water splashing down began to ease the tension that was knotted in her shoulders. Posh breathed a long, tired sigh as she began to unwind. Moving back into her bedroom she unbuttoned her white blouse revealing ample cleavage edged by the lacy, white bra she wore. Instinctively she reached down and fingered her groin grimacing a little at how red and sore she constantly seemed to be these days.

Several relaxing minutes later Posh stepped out of the shower.

Looking directly into the large full-length bathroom mirror she stared down at the reflection of her breasts. They were round and firm, and they projected proudly, her nipples brown and prominent. Beneath them her body tapered to the slimmest of waists, before widening over her hips, giving her an almost perfect figure.

Victoria's eyes drifted lower, taking in the rest of her gorgeous frame. Her stomach was flat and her neatly trimmed pubic hair dark, sufficiently shaved these days to clearly reveal the pink lips of her pussy, even when she stood with her knees and ankles touching. Her legs were a sun-drenched light brown and slender, giving way to the prettiest of dainty ankles.

All in all, Victoria made a lovely picture as she stood in the steamy shower room, eyeing her reflection. But there was something else about her that grabbed the attention, something indefinable about her demeanour, a certain element to the way she held her body these days that betrayed her real feelings and exactly what her intentions were for Posh’s Porn Enterprises.

She stood still, fascinated by her own mirror image. It was almost as if she were seeing herself for the first time.

And, in a sense, she was.

Towelling her body dry Victoria slipped on a pair of loose fitting jogging bottoms and a comfortable red T-shirt. She poured a glass of white wine and slumped into a large white leather armchair in the study. Being in these surroundings helped her to think and she needed to think tonight for the time to act was almost upon her.


The long hard week was behind them. Louise and Victoria were sipping coffee in a small discreet café. Posh was still a very recognisable figure on the street but now for very different reasons. Louise had stayed overnight at Victoria’s house at the request of her friend and business partner. However, there had been no fraternisation between the two of them at all much to Posh’s great disappointment. She had something do discuss, Tori had said. So here they were.

“I need something more Lou,” Victoria announced.

“Such as,” queried her friend sipping her hot coffee carefully.

“Something real hardcore and for certain members only. A separate section of the web site perhaps,”

“Mmmm,” said Louise curiously, “go on.”

“Some sort of interactive thing where members of the new site can email their desires and what they would like to see happen to me. What do you think Lou?”

“Yeah, I like it, ‘Posh’s Perils’ we could call it, bondage, S&M, kinky stuff and plenty of sex. Could be a real earner – maybe a membership fee and pay per view options?”

The pound signs almost lit up Louise’s eyes.

“So what do we do and how do we do it?” Lou said enthused now about the whole thing, well, as far as she understood it, that was.

“I want this to be big. Massive advertising in all the top shelf magazines, TV adverts with snippets of me in certain positions, if you know what I mean?”

Lou smiled.

“In fact I really want a whole new set up. We can leave the current website as it is, reduce the number of updates over time and move everyone up to the new level. We should have a new Studio together with a cast of actors who get paid a fortune just to work for me. That way we can do just what we want without fear of losing their loyalties.”

Posh adjusted her position and crossed her legs causing the short skirt that she wore to ride up revealing the shiny naked skin of her thighs. She smiled as she noticed Louise’s eye’s flicker momentarily to her bare flesh.

“What I had in mind to launch it is a game. Posh’s Perils you suggested?” she said reflectively, “Yeah, Posh’s Perils, I like that. So what I’ll do is buy a large wooded area, you know the sort that they hold paintball competitions in, and in it will be placed dozens of people, in teams, men and women, each group armed with different ways of catching a human. Then I will be placed, skimpily dressed and lost, into the woods. The event will run for a whole day for 24 hours once every week and we will hold interactive voting for members who can vote on what I have to do and on the tasks I have to complete in order to keep my clothes.”

Louise was becoming excited by the thought of where this was heading.

“And I won’t know anything about who is in the woods, where they are located or what tasks I am being set, until I am set them of course. I will just have one cameraman with me at all times to record me as I ‘struggle’ to make it through the day without being caught, and we can beam it all back, live, to the web site.”

“But why do this Victoria, why?”

“Because Louise my darling, it makes me so hot just thinking about the excitement it will create – and the cash it will generate of course.”

“So it’ll be like reality web cams?”

“That’s it Lou, you’ve got it.”

“Just one small point Tori, you’re rich, I know that, but you will need a load of cash to launch this, absolutely loads. Where…?”

“Got all that in hand babe,” replied Posh in a very self-satisfied tone.

Louise could tell that she had.


Victoria was strikingly beautiful and today she exemplified her looks. Long dark hair cascading over her shoulders that glittered and shone under the many spotlights illuminating the stage. The presentation had to be faultless, to match the perfectly tailored suit and the elegant heels that she wore to perfection.

Had any of the men present been able to see behind her, they would have remarked on Victoria’s stunning shape, as she stood erect on the stage. Had they been able to see beneath the suit, they would have found classy underwear holding her well-formed, full breasts and covering her gorgeously curved bottom. Her smart pin striped jacket was buttoned strategically, enough to reveal Victoria’s ample cleavage but not her bra which, along with her matching knickers, was all that she wore under the expensive garment.

The refined accent was a perfect complement to her stunning appearance, an accent Posh had perfected for the occasion.

The conference hall was perfect too, in every way. Behind her a huge screen flashed yellow fireballs across a night sky as the audience waited for the presentation to begin.

The heating level was just right and the perfume that she had arranged to be carefully filtered into the air conditioning was so subtle as to be hardly noticed, but it was having its heady effect. The audience, some 25 expensively dressed businessmen, all in suits with crisp white shirts and perfectly knotted ties, sat in total silence, waiting for the presentation from their glamorous host, with bated breath.

Victoria made as equally a daunting businesswoman as she did a Porn Star; of that there was no doubt. She was the only woman in a room full of men; she held their attention through her presence and her looks.

Posh smiled at them, a smile as dazzling as the spotlights trained on her and a smile that made each one feel as if she was smiling just for them. Inside she was fired up with sexual energy, none of which she allowed to reach her calm professional face. Then the lights dimmed and she spoke.

“Welcome to the presentation of my enterprise’s latest venture. Your patience, and your investment, is about to be rewarded.”

With that she flicked the remote and the screen flashed into life. Posh’s Perils was the heading and image after erotic image of Posh in all sorts of compromising positions hit the screen. After a full 10 minutes of this all of the men present sat open mouthed and bathed in sweat. Each one wanting their host so desperately that it hurt. She had them.

“So, you all seem to like what you see, how do you think the rest of the male population will react?” she questioned.

“And some female,” came a shout from the floor responded to with raucous, lusty laughter.

“Well let’s see shall we,” and Posh flicked another screen up showing that the pre launch web site had already had 4 million hits in just a few days and that 250,000 subscribers had already paid their first subscription installment of £35.

This excited the audience almost as much as the images of a naked Victoria Beckham.

“Four million hits, and eight and three quarter million pounds already in the bank. Each of you will now take 1 percent of all revenues for the next 3 years in return for your investment. Gentlemen, Posh’s Perils will change adult entertainment for ever.”

As the last words tripped off Victoria’s tongue she pulled the business suit in two strategic places and ripped it off to reveal a skimpy white matching lacey bra and panties. She stood almost naked before her audience.

Instantaneous applause echoed throughout the hall, each man getting to his feet to provide the very beautiful young woman with a deserved ovation, as she struggled to make herself heard.

“You will get your money’s worth, gentlemen, be sure of that!”

Posh held her arms up in acknowledgement of the acclaim, all the while thinking how near her revenge was. She could touch it; smell it, and that thought made her even hornier.

The array of businessmen in the room looked on in confusion as a line of security guards lined up in front of the stage, which was being automatically raised before their very eyes.

One man dressed in a dinner suit came onto the stage and spoke to the audience.

“Here’s your chance to sample the delights of Posh’s Perils. What shall I do with Victoria?”

Posh was by now feigning terror.

“Shall I ask her to lay on this table,” which had somehow appeared on the stage, “or shall I take her by the hair and drag her to this frame?” which had also now appeared on the stage.

“The frame, by the hair, drag her …” came the cries from the floor as the men realized they held Posh’s fate in their hands.

“Oh no please,” begged an overly demure Victoria as her hair was grasped and she was apparently dragged to the frame. There, yelling for mercy Posh’s ankles were secured.

The dinner suited man continued. “Now, you see, you have her fate at the mercy of your whims. Shall we have her strip or shall we leave her dressed like this. The choice … is yours.”

The audience could not believe it. Each one would have doubled their investment at this moment should they be asked, and, rest assured, Posh had already planned that they would be.

“Strip … naked … Strip her …”

Victoria shook her head frantically in mock horror.

“Take your bra off,” came the short, curt command.

Posh smiled to herself. The men stood patiently waiting; the atmosphere was thick with anticipation. Victoria reached around to her back; one of her long fingernails flicked the frail hook of metal free from its clasp and the straps loosened across her shoulders. She couldn't resist looking sideways at the announcer as she allowed the lacy material to slacken from its cover around her breasts.

She tossed the bra onto the stage, furtively glancing as she did so to the man's crotch. To her delight there was the telltale bulge pushing against the stretched fabric of his black dress trousers.

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