tagLesbian SexPosing Ch. 03

Posing Ch. 03


We stayed like that for a long while. I was so turned on at that point, I think that I would have exploded in an orgasm just by touching my clit but I refrained. I wanted to save my energy for tonight. After a while, I disengaged myself from Ashlyn's embrace. I rose up off the couch and helped her stand. We both had to get ready for tonight. Grabbing the parcels as I walked by, I led her to the bedroom. She ran to the bathroom first to relieve herself and by the time she was finished, I had already unbuttoned my blouse, standing there in my skirt and bra. Ashlyn stopped short and just stood there, watching me as I undressed. I decided to give her a little show, making it a point to act as coy as I could. Turning away as I took off my bra, unzipping my skirt slowly, lowering it all the way down my legs and stepping out of it before reaching for my panties. I touched the fabric covering my crotch and was amazed at how wet I was. Removing my panties in the same manner as I had taken off my skirt, I turned around to face her. Ashlyn had a look of pure lust etched on her features. Her eyes were glazed over and I knew that all I had to do was lie down on the bed and she would bring me to orgasmic pleasures. But again, I decided to wait.

Picking a towel out of the hamper, I patted my pussy dry, my breath catching as the terry cloth rubbed my little nubbin. When I was finished, I handed her the same towel so that she too could wipe herself down. Then we started to dress. When we were finished, I touched up her makeup before putting on my face. I had selected a black gown for myself with green stilettos, purposefully contrasting, yet matching, her outfit. We both looked fantastic, almost like mother and daughter, when we stepped out of the house.

I handed the key to my car to the valet when he opened the door. He helped me out before running around and helping Ashlyn stand as well. I laughed silently to myself at her reactions. One could tell that she had never been treated this way, unaccustomed to high society. Showing the door greeter my invitation, his eyes got big as he read my name off the book he had. I gave him a wink and a smile, strolling confidently through the foyer, Ashlyn following behind. Stopping my pace, I offered her my arm and she meekly took it as we walked inside. A multitude of well dressed men and women greeted our sight, but my eyes scanned the room for the one person that mattered to me besides the young woman clinging to my arm. I found Brigit at last, surrounded by a throng of reporters and admirers, her platinum blonde hair nodding as she talked. I knew that I couldn't get close to her yet so I led Ashlyn around the room, admiring the paintings. She was in awe of the art before her, completely absorbed by the beauty hanging on the wall. I was watching her more than looking at the art, enjoying her being enraptured by it. Out of everyone here, I honestly believe she was the most sincere in her appreciation about what she saw around her. Her nipples were hard, a combination of the cool air and excitement as she studied each piece in detail. That's when I felt a touch on my shoulder.

Turning around, I faced the smiling visage of the creator of all of the wonderful paintings. Brigit shushed me before I could speak, pointing to Ashlyn, who was completely absorbed in the latest painting she was studying. I returned the smile, winked at Brigit and lightly tapped Ashlyn on the shoulder. I had to hold back my laughter as her expression went from rapture at the paintings to what can only be described as a deer in the headlights. Her eyes practically fell out of her head as I introduced her to her idol. Brigit beamed at the stunned girl and reached out, taking Ashlyn's hand in hers. She leaned down and kissed her hellos as Ashlyn blushed furiously.

"So Ashlyn," Brigit began, "Tammy here says that you are also an artist." Ashlyn mutely nodded, still shocked. I gently took her arm and disengaged her from Brigit's hand.

"Yes, and she is truly inspired by the female form. Just like you, my dear." Brigit turned to me with an expression of mild surprise, silently asking me if I meant what she thought I meant. I gave her a slight nod of affirmation and a smile.

"Well then, I would love to see some of your work. Would that be okay?" Ashlyn nodded again, a slight smile on her face which quickly turned to panic as she realized just as I did at that moment that we had forgotten the satchel at my home. Ashlyn looked like she was about to burst into tears as I explained to Brigit that her work was still at my place. "Oh, that's okay. I can just come over after we are finished if that is fine with you."

I smiled at Brigit, telling her that would be fine. She returned the smile, took Ashlyn's hand and pressed her lips against the girl's fingers and then turned to me. As we hugged each other close, Brigit whispered "I can't wait."

The night passed quickly yet, at the same time, agonizingly slow. Ashlyn stayed at my side as we mingled among the crowd. I don't know if she was aware of the appreciative looks that she received from both men and women. But I noticed them and smiled inwardly. This beautiful young woman was with me and I couldn't help but feel a little smug about it. At last, I turned to her as asked if she was ready to leave. She nodded her head and I flagged down a waiter to let him know that I needed my car brought up. We headed over to where Brigit was standing, again surrounded by a gaggle of people. We patiently waited our turn to say our goodbyes and as I leaned in to touch cheeks with her, I whispered that we would be waiting for her into her ear to which she quietly replied "My panties are soaked just thinking about it." She touched cheeks with Ashlyn and then I led the girl out the door to the waiting car.

Arriving back at my place, we changed out of our evening gowns into something a little more comfortable. I leant her some of my sleepwear which was just a little to big for her. That's okay. I thought to myself. We aren't going to be wearing it for long anyway. After fixing us a snack, Ashlyn and I sat in the living room and talked about all that had transpired tonight and what pleasures were to come. She was understandably nervous and I began to rub her shoulders to calm her down. She sighed and relaxed as I massaged the tension from her body. I continued my banter with her, keeping it light, purposefully avoiding anything too sexual as I wanted her to be calm, not all excited when Brigit finally arrived.

It was a little after midnight when that finally occurred. I went to answer her knock on the door dressed only in my lingerie. When I opened the door, Brigit grabbed me and kissed me hard on the lips. "God! I've been waiting all night to do that." she said when we finally came up for air. I laughed and took her coat. Underneath, she was wearing only her bra and panties. She wasn't kidding when she said she was soaked. I took her by the hand and led her to the living room to where Ashlyn was waiting for us. We both had a chuckle at her expression as she grabbed her satchel that was on the floor and held it in front of her, covering her body.

"First things first." I said as I gently pried away the leather case from Ashlyn's hands. I pulled out the paintings and showed them to Brigit who was, I know, suitably impressed. She didn't fake her reactions at the sight of the painting, being genuinely amazed at Ashlyn's skill.

"I have to tell you, my dear." She said, addressing the young woman still sitting on the floor. "These are very good and I think you have real talent at capturing the female form. We need to discuss some things tomorrow if you are willing to. Is that okay?" Ashlyn let out a small squeak of affirmation and blushed furiously at the compliments from her idol as Brigit put the paintings back in the valise. "But now," Brigit began, taking the girl by the hands and pulling her up to a kneeling position. She leaned down and their lips touched in the beginning of a slow, sensual kiss. I sat there, smiling at the sight of the platinum blonde and raven haired brunette sharing a kiss, just enjoying what was before me. Brigit began to rub her hands over Ashlyn's body and, after a few tentative touches, Ashlyn did the same to her. She raised her hands in the air, allowing Brigit to remove her nightie, leaving the girl naked except for her panties.

They both stood up at this point and I reached out and lowered Ashlyn's panties to the ground, running my hands down her legs as I did. Her skin was covered in goose bumps and she was shivering with desire as I moved to Brigit and removed her cunt cream soaked panties and took them off her as well. Standing up, I unhooked her bra, easing the garment off her shoulders. The two naked women broke their kiss and turned to me. I saw the lust in their eyes as Brigit walked around me to undo my bra and Ashlyn knelt before me to remove my panties. Now all three of us were totally naked. We all walked to the bedroom, not even turning on the lights, and climbed in my bed.

There was enough moonlight streaming through the windows to illuminate the room, bathing everything in a grayish, ethereal glow. Easing Ashlyn down on the bed, Brigit and I began kissing and licking the girl all over her body. We had her squirming and moaning as I nibbled on her left breast and nipple and Brigit was between her legs licking and massaging her inner thighs, purposefully avoiding her pussy. Ashlyn's eyes were closed and she was licking her lips as her nostrils flared, trying to suck more oxygen in her body as her desires grew. I paused in my ministrations on her tits and kissed her deep on her lips. Ashlyn wrapped her arms around my neck, holding me close to her as our tongues wrestled back and forth. She let out a squeal into my mouth and I smiled inwardly because I knew what had happened. Brigit had stopped teasing the poor girl and finally decided to taste her juices directly from the source.

I disentangled myself from Ashlyn's embrace and watched the delightful scene of a beautiful platinum blonde thoroughly enjoying herself as she knelt between the other woman's legs, eating her out with her ass stuck in the air. I had taught Brigit the fine art of pleasuring another woman with her mouth and fingers and I knew that she had had a lot of practice since she had been away from me. Ashly was really going crazy, her body trembling, her eyes rolling back into her head as her body grew ever closer to climax. I decided to have a taste of another woman myself, so I got off the bed, moved to be behind Brigit and, after taking a second to just admire the breathtaking beauty before me, I gripped her ass cheeks, leaned down and began to eat her out. Starting at her pussy hole, I took one long swipe up to her asshole. I heard her squeal in delight as I did it again and again. Just as I changed tactics and started to rim Brigit's asshole, I heard Ashlyn scream out as she finally came in an explosion of orgasmic bliss. Brigit continued to tongue Ashlyn, gathering up all of the yummy cunt cream that the girl had sprayed out as I shoved two fingers deep into Brigit's pussy and tickled her inner wall. I felt her pussy clench down on my fingers as I brought her to an orgasm of her own. Brigit trembled, let out one long moan and collapsed on top of Ashlyn as she coated my hand with her juices.

After a moments rest, Brigit scooted her body up to lay next to Ashlyn, who was lying on the bed, her eyes closed and a satisfied smile on her face. I was so horny right then, I was surprised that I hadn't spontaneously orgasmed by now. I climbed onto the bed and laid down on the other side of Ashlyn. I began to gently rub my hand over her as I propped my head up with my other hand. Brigit joined me and, together, we coaxed Ashlyn down from her orgasmic high. She finally opened her eyes and looked first at me and then at Brigit, giving us each a dazzling smile in gratitude.

"How are you feeling?" I asked her as I continued to rub all over her tits and stomach.

"Mmmmmmm...I think I like it." she said as she closed her eyes again, arched her back and stretched sensuously. Brigit and I both chuckled at that. "That was the first time that someone else brought me off." Brigit's eyes widened in realization of what that statement meant and she looked at me incredulously, mouthing the word "Virgin?" I nodded to her in affirmation as Ashlyn reached up with her hands and pulled Brigit down to her lips. They shared a long, slow kiss before Brigit pulled back, looked at me and smiled, a twinkle in her eye.

"God, I could spend all night just kissing you." she told to young woman laying next to her. Ashlyn giggled in response of the statement. "But, you and I have to see to someone first. We've both cum tonight but poor Tammy here has been neglected. I'm actually surprised that she didn't cum just from walking around the exhibit with you on her arm." Brigit said teasingly. I responded as dignified as I could and stuck my tongue out at her. Both women laughed at that and I joined them as Ashlyn and Brigit rose to their knees. They maneuvered me onto my back and I closed my eyes as they began to rub and lick me all over just as Brigit and I had done to Ashlyn.

I was so worked up at that point, I felt the first stirrings of an orgasm building just by them suckling and nibbling on my nipples. I felt Brigit's hand cup my pussy, gently scraping the labia with her fingernails before dipping her index finger into the cleft and gently massaging my clit. My breath caught in my throat as a mini orgasm ripped through me right then. Instead of giving me relief, it only made my desires go higher. The pressure in my loins was almost unbearable. That's when I felt Ashlyn start kissing her way down my body. The bed shifted as she maneuvered herself between my legs. I let out a groan of anticipation as she first started to touch me. Hesitatingly at first, Ashlyn rubbed her fingers through my wetness, grazing my clit with her fingertip. My body jolted at the delicate touch as more of my juices leaked from my vagina. Emboldened by my response, she explored every inch of my pussy with her fingers before leaning down and putting her face next to my cunt. Her tongue snaked out as she licked my outer lips, collecting the moister that had accumulated there. Just the knowledge that mine was the first body that she had ever pleasured was nearly enough to send me over the edge again. I could just make out Brigit giving Ashlyn words of encouragement as well as directions on how to please me through the orgasmic fog in my brain.

The young woman was a quick study as she quickly brought me off to two mind blowing orgasms. I flooded the poor girls face with my cream as her tongue and lips never stopped working on me. Finally, gasping for breath, I gently pushed her head away as she took one last swipe with her tongue, tickling my sensitive nubbin. I could barely move as both women laid their bodies down next to me. The warmth radiating off their skin contrasted quite nicely with the coolness of the room as we all lay there, just enjoying the sensation of our skin touching each other.

After a few minutes, I got up off the bed to go relieve myself. When I came back, I was greeted by the sight of Brigit giving Ashlyn little kisses all over her body. The young woman was smiling contentedly as her body squirmed on the bed from the stimulation. I made a decision right then and walked quietly over to Ashlyn. Leaning over, I whispered in her ear if she wanted Brigit to make her a woman. She opened her eyes, looking directly into mine. Biting her lower lip, Ashlyn gave me a little nod. I walked to my dresser and pulled out a seven inch strap on. Musing for a moment on how many other young women that this had been used on, I had Brigit stand up from where she was lying on the bed, kissing Ashlyn's tummy. She smiled when she noticed what I held but the expression quickly changed to pleasant surprise as I began to buckle the dildo to her body. Brigit began to shake her head no and I gripped her shoulders, stopping her. Looking directly into her eyes, I told her "She wants you to." Closing her eyes briefly, I noticed a tear run down her cheek as she took a deep breath and nodded. Letting go of her, I knelt down between Ashlyn's legs and began to lick her, sucking on her clit and shoving my tongue up her hole. I was preparing her for the pleasure to come.

When I heard her beginning to moan, I moved out from between her legs and laid down next to her, cradling her head next to my breasts. Brigit hesitated for a moment before climbing onto the bed. Positioning the tip of the plastic phallus against Ashlyn's hole, Brigit began to thrust her hip. She started out with little thrusts at first but she began to push deeper every time. Soon, she reached to other woman's barrier. Ashlyn opened her eyes to see Brigit looking down at her. She reached up, circling her arms around Brigit's neck. As she pulled her close, Brigit thrust deep, breaking Ashlyn's hymen which caused the young woman to gasp in pain. Her face grimaced for a moment as a tear fell down her cheek. Their breasts mashed together, Brigit began to thrust her hips deeper and harder. They kissed each other deeply as Ashlyn's orgasm began to build again. She wrapped her legs around Brigit's body, holding the other woman close, trying to pull her deeper. At last, both of their bodies stopped trembling and locked in a rigor mortis as they came at the same time. After a few moments, Brigit pushed herself up to her knees and slowly withdrew the dildo from Ashlyn's pussy and began to unbuckle the straps. I got up to get a towel from the hamper to clean the young woman off. Patting her dry, I noticed that she was silently crying. Worried for a moment, she stopped when Brigit laid down next to her again and held her close. I threw the towel back into the hamper and also laid down next to her, sandwiching Ashlyn between our bodies.

We must have fallen asleep like that because the next thing I knew, sunlight was streaming through the bedroom window. Brigit and Ashlyn both began to stir as well. Glancing at the clock next to the bed, I was surprised to see it read 9:30. I got up and after relieving myself, got in the shower. The hot cascading waters rushed over me, soothing my muscles. I was very happy with myself that I had gotten such a big bathtub as I was soon joined by both other women. I left the shower first and, after finishing the rest of my morning routine, went to the kitchen and made myself and the other two a bit of a brunch. I had been apprehensive, worrying that Ashlyn would have been embarrassed as the reality of what had occurred last night would have finally hit her but I was relieved when she came into the kitchen, laughing and talking to Brigit. The older woman had her arm around her, holding Ashlyn close to her body, as they walked in together, still totally nude. We lounged around the living room, nibbling on the food and laughing at the stories we all shared together. The only time it turned serious is when Brigit turned to Ashlyn and asked her if she would consider becoming her apprentice. I smiled broadly at the shocked expression on her face as she buried her head in her hands, tears streaming down her face and nodding vigorously. I leaned back on the couch, pleased with how things had transpired. We all sat there, just enjoying each others company before it was time for them to go.

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