tagGroup SexPosing Questions Ch. 04

Posing Questions Ch. 04


Plan B led to two more days of nude fun on the beach. The drumming circle was there again, but the second day everyone used it as a soundtrack for a massive limbo game. Trying to pass under the limbo stick made all of us attempt some very immodest postures.

We met that same woman there and, even though we never got her name, we all shared rather intimate views between each other's legs. She even suggested that we take turns, going before or after one another, so that, as he said, "Everyone gets a good look." She also pointed out how we could relive the show by finding the videos posted online somewhere.

After the beach each day, we also enjoyed two more nights of nude fun on the floor with Jon and Ruthie nearby, so when our visit ended all too soon, Christine and I had lots of sexy memories. Along with the memories, we also had several pictures to confirm those memories.

On the plane back home, Christine talked to me about it all, still excited by the events of the last week. "I can't believe how much of a thrill that was. Getting nude on the beach, making love with you by Jon and Ruthie, watching them do the same, well, I just can't believe it."

"You didn't think you would ever do such things?"

"Not just that, I can't believe I enjoyed it so much too."

"Any regrets?"

"None. Except maybe that it's all over for now."

"For now?"

"I don't have anything specific in mind at the moment." Then she looked at me intently and added, "I know we talked when you started to include me in the pictures thing, so I know you don't have problems about others seeing me nude, but I hope you aren't feeling we went a bit overboard this week."

"Not at all. Jon and Ruthie, you and me, we're all adults, and it was a blast."

Christine laughed. "We're all adults? In a way, sure we are, but it reminds me of something that one lady we met on the beach said, how everyone there was like a naughty kid, how we were all showing what we aren't supposed to show and looking at what we aren't supposed to see. Like the beach was one huge hiding place from parents where we could all play doctor."

"I don't recall that game as having more than one or two others there."

"I know. I mean, just think about it. How many people saw your penis this week, and how many saw my breasts?"

"If they had a pulse, I bet they saw more than that." Chris laughed and blushed just a little.

"Right, I did take off all my clothes, didn't I? Well, anyway, I hope you're happy with what you started when you got me to pose naked. At least the pictures were only seen by friends, but the beach was full of strangers who saw me baring all."

"Saw both of us baring all," I added, "and I don't think I could be happier. This past week has been lots more than just pictures."

"I know. Ruthie and I were talking about that. She said it's sexier to see you for real rather than in a photo because of the way your penis moves when you move. I have to agree with her."

"And I'm sure Jon and I agree too. Your body and Ruthie's have so many jiggles and bounces that photography can't catch."

"Now that I think of it, you've had quite a survey of women's bodies. That night with Chelsie and that afternoon with Sharon and Kay. I have some catching up to do. Too bad Jon was the only other guy to stay in the group."

That wish was not going to be coming true soon.

The return to home, kids, and work was quite an adjustment. At least we got to relive some of the thrills when we uploaded pictures from the beach and from the patio view of the shower to our circle of voyeurs. We didn't say anything, and neither did Jon and Ruthie, about the shared views of each other while lovemaking. Actually, even if we wanted to, we couldn't share pictures of that fun because everyone was too occupied to pick up the camera.

Chelsie and Candace wrote back, saying, "Looks like fun!" Kay wrote to say, "In public! Now that's a new challenge for the rest of us." As for Sharon, I guess we shouldn't have been surprised by her reply, asking as bluntly as only she could do, "Did you guys all have sex together?" No surprise too that her question was in a "reply all," so the whole group was wondering about the answer.

Christine and I tried to be discrete, saying only that, in such a small house, privacy isn't guaranteed. A few weeks later, though, we heard from Chelsie and Candace. Their note was to us alone, and they asked that we not share it with the others in the group. Chris saw it first. Telling me about it, she only said that we would have something to discuss after I read the note.

The note had the expected line about wishing they could have been there with us in Maui, and then some news from their lives. It led up to quite a surprise at the end where they returned to the subject of the trip. They wrote about how good it must have been to get away from work and even from the kids. They said that we probably missed them, and then hit us with the surprise, writing, "Thinking of how you missed your kids made us think of how we'd like to have a child too." They went on to tell us that they had considered finding a midwife for what they called "the turkey baster party," but they decided that they didn't want that kind of procedure. Instead, they asked, "Would you, meaning both of you, consider being donors, being biological and honorary parents along with us?"

Without assuming we would agree, they explained their plan to have Chelsie carry the baby that Candace would then adopt too. They promised that we should feel free to refuse, realizing it was an unusual question to pose to us, but they hoped we would agree because they wanted their child "to be made out of people we love."

After dinner when the kids were tucked in, Chris and I sat down to discuss it. She said, "Even though we have decided not to have more kids, we never considered getting one of us 'fixed,' so we can't refuse due to that. And anyway, if you don't mind, I don't think I would mind either."

"Are you sure? We don't ever see them."

"I know what you mean, but it's kind of funny to say we don't see them. I mean, we see them nude regularly, and they see us the same way. Also, if we go ahead with this, I think we might be visiting each other now and then. They did make it a point to say we'd be honorary parents, which sounds like they'd want us involved with their family more. In fact, that kind of parenting seems pretty attractive, what with no potty training or saving for college."

"I guess I'm just a bit surprised that you seem so willing so quickly."

"I don't know. It just seems reasonable that if I don't mind sharing pictures of your penis with them, why should I care about sharing the contents of your penis with them?"

I had to laugh, not only at her joke, but at how soon it was all settled. The only issue remaining, I thought, was how to go about it. "So do you think they will want to be there for the collection of what you call the contents?"

"Yes, I do think so, but you might be misunderstanding how generous your wife is being right now. They're not interested in having you masturbate into a cup, with or without an audience. They're wanting you to do it the old fashioned way."

My expression must have posed a question Chris had already answered. "That's right, Artie. They want you to have sex with Chelsie, and I, your generous wife, am agreeing to let you live this fantasy after waiting so many years since that special night you both shared."

When we called Chelsie and Candace, at first pretending to want more details, Christine's understanding was confirmed. They assured us that we would have no financial responsibilities for the baby, but that we would be more than welcome to stay close and see the child grow up. More to the point of my question, they made it clear that they wanted the baby conceived, as Chris put it, the old fashioned way.

Chelsie told us, "We just want the baby to come from an act that feels loving. Not that women who have artificial insemination aren't loving, but it's not what either of us wants. So, of all the men we know, Artie is the one who comes to mind when I think about loving men."

Candace added, "It seems to us better if the act not only feels loving, but feels good too. Chelsie and I may not be into sex with men, but we know that sex feels good and know that some of our toys look a lot like part of Artie. Plus, as Chelsie says, it has to feel more personal and pleasurable than any procedure."

Once again, I was surprised at how quickly things got settled. Chelsie reminded me of her back pain and ability therefore to gauge her fertility. Based on the regularity of her cycles, we could make a good guess about dates and soon found a weekend when Chris and I could come and stay a couple days.

The fact that Chris should come too was something they stressed. Chelsie said, "Chris, we really mean it when we say we want you both to be honorary parents. If that's what you're going to be, then you should be here too."

Only after we hung up did we start to wonder about logistics. We knew there would be papers to sign regarding custody, and we knew we'd be staying at their house. I, of course, had a clear sense of my unexpected duties. We just didn't know where Chris would be during those times.

A few weeks later, we found out when we drove to their home. Chris would be practically by my side the whole time, just as Candace would be with Chelsie the whole time. As they said, "We're four parents making this baby."

Before we got that far, we had some moments of awkwardness. Chris and I sat down and relaxed after our trip. They showed us the house and talked about the neighborhood. All the conversation was small talk to avoid discussing why we were all together.

We each had a glass of wine with dinner, but that was not enough to loosen things up. Instead, Candace simply had to take charge. Changing the subject from something irrelevant, she suddenly said, "You know, Chelsie has had a small back ache this afternoon."

We all understood that meant tonight was the night.

Chris didn't know what to do. I figured Chelsie and I would be headed upstairs, but I didn't know how we'd excuse ourselves from the table. Then Candace suggested, "Let's have dessert." It turns out that she wasn't changing the subject again.

The four of us got up tentatively, Chris and I thinking that we'd help clear the table and bring out the dessert. With the dishes put aside, though, neither of our hosts brought out any dessert. Or rather, they brought out another form of sweets.

Candace took Chelsie by the hand and led her over to me. "Let's change the mood and make our own dessert now," she said.

The two of them pulled my shirt up and off. My belt was loosened, and my pants were down shortly. Shoes and socks were off quickly as they worked together. Only my briefs remained, and Chelsie had them down and off soon as well. From fully dressed to nude in only seconds, I was stunned. Chris was equally surprised, not that she wasn't smiling a bit proudly as well.

Candace took Chelsie's hand again, and they both lightly touched my penis. Looking down, Candace said, "So nice to meet you in person." To me she then added, "Hope you like the dessert." As my penis grew, they could more easily share in holding it. Candace spoke up again, "I think I still prefer the one I can carry around, but I see this kind has its attractions as well, like that little pulse I could feel just then. The toys don't do that." She gently cupped my balls, saying, "And these are a different feature too."

Chelsie added, "Look at the head, the way it swells and changes to a deeper color. The toys don't do that either." Then she looked up at me and said, "Remind you of anything?"

"You mean being the only one naked in the room with some women? Yeah, but I don't recall that you touched me that time."

"Well, we have a different purpose tonight. Back then, I didn't have the nerve, but Candace brings that out in me. Even so, just like that time, it excites me in a way to see you naked when you weren't expecting to be on display. You don't mind, do you?" I shook my head. "It's exciting too because my Candace is here, and so is your sexy wife."

That's when they let go of my penis and moved toward Christine. She was the one surprised now as they repeated the same steps, pulling her shirt up and over her head. As Chelsie reached for the clasp on her lacy bra, Chris asked, "Won't I be in the way here? Shouldn't I go to our room and not be a distraction?"

Chelsie answered, "No, you won't be in the way or be a distraction. We're four parents making this baby. Candace certainly wants to be there, and we think you should be there too."

Candace nodded, but as they took her bra, she added, "And you and I are not going to be there simply as observers. If we're four parents making this baby, then we're four lovers too."

Chelsie had Chris's sandals and shorts by then. Chris had a second to look at me with raised eyebrows and say, "Oh, okay," and her matching lace panties were down and off. It was my turn to smile proudly.

"You two are as lovely as your pictures, or, no, even better," Candace said. We both stood there a bit uneasily until she added, "So, what are you waiting for? Chelsie and I are a bit overdressed for the occasion." Standing next to Christine, she raised her hands to allow her shirt to be taken more easily.

Chelsie stepped over to me again, saying, "I thought you might like to do the honors yourself."

She was right. As much as I loved Christine and as racy as we had been in Maui, that one night with Chelsie had stuck in my mind as a sexual highlight. I was aware of Chris and Candace a few feet away, and I knew Chris was undressing her almost as swiftly as they had done us. With Chelsie, though, I was in no hurry. Her body, to me, needed a more leisurely unveiling.

Her arms raised, the shirt came off gently, tousling her hair. Her pink bra cupped her breasts firmly, holding them up in invitation. I left the bra and moved to get her sandals out of the way. Her jeans hugged her figure, so with the zipper down, my hands alternately tugged on one side and the other as she shifted her hips back and forth to help me get the pants down her legs. Finally, she could step out of them, and I stood up again.

Behind her, I could see that Candace was nude, standing next to my wife and watching me strip Chelsie. I noticed that they each had an arm around the other so that their hips and breasts touched.

Turning my attention back to Chelsie, who had kept her eyes on me and had not turned to see the others, I reached for her bra's clasp. She let out a little sigh as it loosened. I let my hands trail down from her shoulders across her breasts to remove it. She and Candace had felt at liberty to touch my penis, she and I were about to make love, and I saw no reason not to touch her.

Similarly, taking her panties, I pushed them down in the back first by pushing my hands inside and across her bottom. She smiled at me as I enjoyed the feel of her flesh before I brought my hands around to her stomach and let them slide across her mound, through her pubic hair, alongside her labia and finally down her legs, removing her last piece of clothing.

As the only man among three nude women, I was reminded of that afternoon with Sharon and Kay. The difference this time was that the three women weren't nude just to tease me. It was like living a fantasy I didn't know I had.

"He likes what he sees," Candace remarked, noting my obvious arousal. Chris could only smile, waiting for them to take the lead in whatever came next.

Chelsie said, "I like what I see too, and not just Artie."

Chris seemed a bit self-conscious then, remembering that these two favored women and would be admiring her body. To ease her nervousness, she joked, "So now we all go outside so you guys can meet the public nudity challenge Kay mentioned?"

"Maybe another time," Chelsie said. "Right now, we have another challenge upstairs." Leaning closer to me, she whispered, "I need to lose my virginity and get pregnant. You up for it?"

She must not have whispered softly enough because Candace said, "He's up alright."

We started up the stairs to their bedroom, Chris still unsure what she was supposed to do. Chelsie had me by the hand, and Candace was leading Chris. They led us to the bed. Chelsie nudged me forward, onto the bed in the middle, and got in next to me. Candace came to lie down on my other side and motioned Chris to lie next to her along the edge. We shifted around, making everyone comfortably settled in.

Candace asked Chris, "What does he like in bed? We want to make sure this orgasm is a good one." As she asked, she was turned toward me, but reaching behind her to pull Chris closer. Doing so, she pulled Chris's hand around between her breasts and hugged.

Chris may have been startled by having her hand almost on another woman's breasts, but said only, "I don't think we have to worry about Artie's orgasm."

Chelsie added, "I can tell you that he can shoot quite a load when stimulated enough."

"You can never have too much stimulation," Candace said.

At that, she let go of Chris's hand and reached for my penis. She stroked it gently, curiously. After a moment, she held it at the bottom and pointed it at Chelsie. Chelsie knew what her lover was offering, so she scooted down on her knees, put her hand on my erection just above Candace's hand, looked at it just as closely, and finally and tentatively put her mouth over it.

Candace let her hands roam under my scrotum, along my penis, and across Chelsie's face and head. She also took Chris's hand and guided it between my legs, encouraging her to let her hand make the same sensual journey. Candace wanted to ensure we were all participating in this act.

That participation soon involved changing positions. Chelsie moved up, inviting me to make a closer inspection of her labia and to return the oral favor. Those same folds that she shyly hid from me before were right in front of my face. As I licked, I felt another mouth take my penis. It was Candace. I heard her tell Chris, "We both want to be involved in the whole experience."

Chris was kept just as involved. Chelsie leaned slightly over and pulled Chris closer, stroking her face. Chris later told me that the way their eyes locked made everything seem so natural. The two of them leaned even closer in a kiss. Chelsie's hand dropped onto Chris's breast, fondling one and then the other. She paused only a moment to take Chris's hand and put it on her breast. Soon, this petting advanced to kissing each other's nipples. On her own, my bride dropped her other hand onto Candace's back, stroking it briefly before reaching around to squeeze one of her breasts too. For a moment, she even broke from Chelsie's embrace to lean down and give a quick lick to one of Candace's nipples.

Meanwhile, Chelsie also included Candace in her exploration, putting her other hand on Candace's face, feeling her lips around my erection. Candace lifted her mouth off of me. "Feel how slick it is, how hard," and Chelsie did just that, stroking me more firmly now.

Then they moved again, Chelsie leaning forward more until she fell across me and pushed Chris back. She kissed and fondled Chris's breasts and then reached between her legs.

Candace sat up, and I slid out from beneath Chelsie. I saw that Christine had a crimson blush across her chest. Candace said, "She's in for it now. Chelsie is quite the fingersmith."

I didn't know the term, but I didn't need to ask what it meant. Chelsie's hand was working Chris's vulva and labia in a way that teased her exquisitely. The sexy manipulations were only a prelude to a finger, then another, and then three or four invading Chris's vagina. When Chelsie added her lips to the pleasurable assault, Chris let out a sigh that told us she was the first one to come this night.

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