tagGay MalePossessed by a Dream Ch. 01

Possessed by a Dream Ch. 01


Author's Note:

Do not read further if it is illegal for you to do so. This story contains sexual situations and offensive language. If reading non-consensual, gay or non-human fiction offends you, find something else to read.



A loud, deep voice called out, and I rolled over, losing half the blanket to the floor in the process. Glaring at the darkness, I closed my eyes again, hoping I hadn't woken enough to keep from going back to sleep.

Apartment living is good. It's cheap, for one thing, but the walls are paper thin, and you can hear everything, and I mean everything, going on next door. For example, I know the giant, hairy beast snoring next door had pizza delivered at seven, jerked off at nine-forty, then started his unconscious concert fifteen minutes later.


Groaning, I gave up on the concept of going back to sleep and ran my fist up the wall before banging it against the plaster. Screw the new guy next door, even if he did tower over me.

Opening my eyes was useless, it was pitch black, and I liked it that way. Working shifts means block-out curtains, but this kind of darkness could only mean it was still night, and I'd only been asleep a few hours. If I didn't get back to sleep soon, the sun would be up, and then I'd have more trouble trying to get the Zs going again.


I jumped. That time it sounded like the voice was closer, right in my room.

"Who's there?"


The pitch changed. Instead of sounding like a curious call, it was a pronounced statement, as though the guy found what he was looking for.

"I said, who's there? Fuck's sake! I'll kick your ass!"

I reached for the lamp, but only found the alarm clock, and then a large, strong hand was covering mine, grasping my wrist and pulling it back and above my head on the pillow.


I felt the mattress shift, and then the hand holding my left wrist grabbed my right fist, punching into the dark weight, and held them both above my head.

Before I could let loose the torrent of curses shooting down from my brain, lips were on mine. Hungry and demanding, and I realised with horror, when a long tongue slipped into my mouth, that it belonged to another man.

Instincts drove me, then, as adrenaline went coursing through my veins, and god, how I fought. I kicked and kneed every inch above me, but hit only air. My attacker was beside me then, but by the angle he was kissing me, felt like he should have been on top of me. His other hand was moving down from my chest, right down the middle, to my pyjama pants, and I closed my legs in a lame effort to fend him off.

"Don't fight, Shen," he whispered, so close to my ear.

I immediately felt light-headed, as though his soft spoken words were a command that I couldn't help but obey. I lay there, paralyzed from fighting, but still able to react with shivers as he licked and nipped his way from my earlobe to my chin, following the line of my jaw.

"I'm not Shen," I panted, fear gripping me, as I felt the drawstring of my pyjama pants come undone. "Please, please, god, I'm not Shen. I don't do guys!"

The hand slipped my pants down to my knees, and I was reduced to gasps and whimpers as my cock was gently caressed, just enough to get it to slowly rise, but more than I'd gotten in too long. The presence in front of me sensed my hesitation, and lessened it's hold on my wrists. I felt warm lips cover the sensitive mushroom head of my cock, and a tongue licked across my slit.

"I am not god. I am not guys. You are Shen."

His mouth was incredible, his tongue swirling around me as I grew, but wait, his tongue was wrapping itself around my cock, and he'd managed to speak, as though he was right next to me? Sudden realisation dawned on me. This was a dream, it had to be, a nightmare. He had one hand holding both my wrists down, while another was gently massaging my balls. He was speaking to me, even with his lips sucking earnestly the head of my cock. That nothing made sense made perfect sense, and I laughed out loud, then, relief flooding me, even as I felt his tongue dart into the tip of my cock.

"I want your essence."


I bucked and writhed into the mouth, even as I struggled to understand how his long, slithering tongue could move further into the head of my cock, snaking down my urethra while his lips slid up and down my shaft.

"God, oh fuck, please!"

I gurgled like a child as I felt the flicking tongue wriggle inside my ballsac, lost to his lips, his mouth sucking hungrily down my length, and as I felt my balls tighten, the tongue inside my body coiled back, and I felt my whole body lift off the bed as I came, bursting forth everything he'd coaxed from me. The strength of my orgasm shook me, and even as I heard him murmur something soothing, I was already fading out.


When I woke up, I pulled my sheets back, expecting to see cum stains on my pyjamas, but I stared at my naked body, instead. Leaning over the bed, I saw my pyjama pants lying crumpled on the floor. My head was pounding, I was confused and tired, and it wasn't until I saw the time was noon did I panic and jump up.

I was going to be late, and though I hated it, I dismissed the shower for the kitchen, grabbed a power bar and ran out the door, barely remembering to lock it as I sprinted for work.

By the time I got to the docks, half the crew were already there, loading the first trucks. Swearing to myself, and ignoring a few dirty looks directed at me, I pushed my weirded out guts aside, and got to work.

"Hey Mark, you look like shit."

"Fuck you very much, Angus, just taking a page outta your book, fucker," I retorted angrily.

Putting his hands up in surrender, Angus backed off. He was a fairly nice guy, and maybe I shouldn't have yelled, but fuck him, I thought. He didn't have a random gay wet dream that woke him up in the middle of the night for a soul-sucking blow job.

Irritable and distracted, I trudged through the day's loadings, and by the time I was home again, throwing each heavy boot off in the doorway, I could think of nothing more than to collapse and die on my bed.

It was even softer than I'd imagined, and I moaned aloud at the ache in my muscles as they relaxed. Ignoring the smell of old sweat and dirt on myself, I crawled under the sheet and was out in a few seconds.


God no, not again.

I recognised the voice immediately, and chicken shit guy that I am, closed my eyes and pressed myself further into the mattress. I pinched my arm, but I couldn't wake. I tried to imagine a gun in my hands, but it was no use. It was as though the dark intruder was controlling my dream, and I was just the helpless victim.

"Damnit, already! Why can't you be a girl? A beautiful dream girl," I murmured, imagining her, and my dream girl turned into a dark, nightmare man.

I laughed, and realised I was just as tired in my dreams as I was awake.

Before I could make any more movement, I was crushed onto the mattress by the weight of my nightmare man, and he rolled us over until I was lying on his lap. Our faces must have been inches apart; I could feel his breath on my nose. He hooked both legs over mine, and held my hands on his chest. I couldn't help but be impressed with his smooth, muscular body, but consoled myself that the only reason I was admiring it was because I was unconscious, and he had my hands pressed flat against him.

"Shen, will you drink my essence?"

"It's Mark," I replied, shaking my head.

I didn't give a rat's ass how childish I looked, but it was the best I could do when he had a hold over me like this.

He was obviously unhappy with my reaction, as I was rolled over again, and pinned underneath his weight. Just as I opened my eyes, he covered them, and all I could stare at was hand.

"It is not mark. Close your eyes, Shen."

Again that light-headedness swept over me, and I couldn't help but do as I was told, closing my eyes and relaxing into the dark. His lips were on mine, then, gently prodding them apart so that he could dart his tongue into my mouth, and I moaned despite myself, as he languidly tongue fucked my mouth, taking his time to graze his teeth over my bottom lip.

"Drink, Shen."

What was happening to me? Why was it so easy for him to play me like a well tuned fiddle? Why did I let him push his hard cock past my lips? Why did I only nod silently when he told me to drink? Why did his cum taste so good, and feel so satisfying to my gut? Why was I licking his cock, like a wanton slut, desperately searching for more?

I didn't have the mind or time to wonder these things, as just as my mouth was relieved of his cock, he moved around, and his mouth began to work on mine. I felt that long tongue flick out and dart around the head of my cock, and I realised dimly that I was hard, painfully hard.

"Will you let me in?"


"Will you allow me to enter your body? Shen?"

I couldn't think further than the strength of the pull of his mouth on my cock, but I was fairly sure he was talking about fucking me, and I shook my head adamantly.

"No, no way!"

"I will be gentle."

His coaxing was soft, like the caresses he was bestowing on my painful erection, but he was a 'he'! There was no way I was going to let some guy fuck me, not even in my dreams!

"No! Fuck no!"

For the first time, I heard him sigh, and felt like I could actually feel the disappointment in him. Something told me he had the power to make me let him fuck me, just like he'd made me stop fighting him and close my eyes, but something else told me I had to give that up freely, and there was no way that was going to happen.

"Very well. My essence will make you want me. You will not sleep."

He pulled away from me, then, and I felt confused, cold, and alone, as though he wasn't there at all. Which was fine, because I was asleep, despite what he'd said. Irrational panic shook me when he remained silent though, and without thinking, I reached for him, and immediately found his hand stretched out to mine, as though he knew I was going to reach out, and was waiting patiently for me to realise it, too.

"I will drink your essence, Shen, if you ask. You may then sleep."

I gulped. I was asleep, wasn't I? I was, surely, there was no way anyone was capable of what he was doing to me, but then if I wasn't, then all my lack of energy would make sense. Not ready to face the possibility that I wasn't asleep, I knew at the very least I wanted out of this dream, right now.

"Then ask."

I could do this; it might not have happened recently, but I have told girls to go down on me before. And he had done it already, so it wasn't like it was going to be something new. Biting my bottom lip til it hurt, I took a deep breath.

"Will you suck my cock?"

"Yes, Shen."


When I saw the time on my clock radio, and realised I'd slept through the alarm, I swear I'd never screamed so loud, the other tenants must've thought a dog was dying somewhere. If I thought yesterday was bad, then today was going to be hell on earth. I was already an hour late, and I needed a shower. I couldn't take my own smell anymore, so I rushed the shower, only to realise I hadn't done a load of washing. Throwing on the least stinky clothes meant I was also wearing the wrinkliest clothes I had, then I ran for all I was worth to the docks. I was dead-tired, but I strained to keep moving as fast as I could while the dock supervisor spent most of the afternoon ripping me a new asshole.

These nightmares were, other than giving me the creeps and only getting creepier, stopping me from getting a decent night's sleep. If I'd said something to one of the guys about the first nightmare, I might've gotten stick for it, but I couldn't say anything now, not after last night. Not even if it was just a dream.

As soon as I got home, I inhaled two power bars and an apple. Momentarily satisfied, I picked up all my dirty clothes and jogged down the hall to the laundry and hogged the communal washing machine and dryer for two hours. I was slipping already, though, feeling myself start to crash from the sugar high, and I hit that proverbial brick wall. In an effort to keep going, I paced, like a crazy person, failing at willing my clothes to hurry the fuck up.

I took a cold shower to help keep me buzzed, and then after it, I stared at my bed for god knows how long, just standing there, wet, cold and towel-less, wanting nothing more than to go to sleep, and yet utterly filled with fear at the mere thought of it.

An idea popped into my head then, a crazy, useless and brilliant idea, and I dried off quickly. I threw on old faded jeans and a black t-shirt, and practically ran down to the liquor store, and brought home a carton of cold beers. Taking out two six-packs, I used the rest of the carton as a foot rest, and propped myself up on the couch in front of the TV. I could always rely on alcohol for a heavy, dreamless sleep. I'd get back the rest I needed so desperately, and sweat out the hangover at work.

I watched bad TV, laughing and gibbering to no-one in particular to keep myself awake. I downed the first six-pack as quickly as I could, and started on the second, but only got halfway through before I closed my eyes and heard a familiar voice.


"Shen's not home right now, leave a message after the beep," I slurred, unwilling to open my eyes.

You have ingested."

"Yeah, motherfucker. I ingested. Beer, and lots of it."

I was tempted to raise my middle finger in his direction, but a minute of silence made me hold back, and instead I wondered if I'd just imagined that short conversation.

"It interferes with my essence," he said, so close to me, I jumped. "I will remove it."

Two fingers pushed into my mouth to the back of my throat just as I was about to crack another snide comment, and instead I threw up. Somehow my dark intruder had pulled me to lean over the side of the couch, but all I cared about was the taste of warm, flat beer coming back up, and those fingers that wouldn't budge from my gag reflex. He pulled his beer and vomit covered fingers out of my mouth, and just as quickly, he sat me back where I was and wiped my chin with his hand.

"Fuck me, I never threw up in a dream before," I muttered, letting my dizzy head roll to one side.

"You are not in a dream, Shen."

I looked up for the first time at my nightmare man, my dark intruder. He was taller than me by almost a foot. He was muscled up, and coffee coloured, with short black hair, but that was all I could see. It was like looking at someone covered from head to toe in frosted glass.

"Then why're you fuzzy?"

"You see me as you want to see me," was all he replied with, and leaned down.

I thought I was looking into his eyes, but I couldn't be sure, my eyelids were drooping, and I had a hand on my head. Was I dreaming? Or was I awake? Did it really matter anymore? I was fairly fucked, either way, and it was all his fault.

"I hate you. You're fucking up my life, you fucking queer."

I knew he didn't care about what I was saying, and just as I expected, he told me he wasn't queer, and I was Shen. I could feel him standing over me, but I didn't have the energy to look up at him. Without turning off the TV, and without knocking over any of the empty beer bottles, he picked me up and carried me like a baby to the bed. I could barely move, I was so drunk, and so tired, I just couldn't fight him any more.

"Shen. Allow me to enter your body."


Warm lips pressed gently against my shoulder, following the line of my collarbone from side to side. If I hadn't just been forced to throw up on my living room floor, I might've appreciated it more.

"Drink my essence."


I wanted to frown at him, but his cock was already at my lips, and I automatically opened my mouth, and wondered what the fuck was wrong with me. I felt like he was smiling at me knowingly, and kept my eyes shut in defiance as he thrust into my mouth slowly, giving me time to lick and nibble at him.

"Shen, if you drink my essence, it will not hurt when I enter you."

I could feel a cold sweat coming on. I might've been drunk as a skunk, but what he said registered clearly. He did have the power to make me.

"Yes, Shen. But I will not, if you do not let me."

Warm hands on either side of my face held me still as he pushed his cock as far into my mouth as possible, stretching my lips with his girth. I groaned in resistance, and felt butterfly kisses being pressed onto my forehead. Before I could wonder how he'd managed to kiss my face with his cock buried in my mouth, his cum came in hot gushes, forcing it's way down my throat. There was so much of it, I'd never thought a guy could cum so much in one go, but it kept coming, and I kept swallowing, not sure why, but intent on having it all in my stomach as quickly as possible.

When he finished and withdrew, I was allowed to lie back and catch my breath. A strange heat was filling me from my gut up my chest, and down to my groin, stirring an itch in me that I couldn't describe. I wanted more, more of his tight mouth on my cock, more of his tongue digging into my most tender places, more of his cock in my mouth. I was practically squirming with the need of it, and a giddy anticipation took me when he rolled me over onto my side.

Pressing in behind me, I felt his bulge touch my ass and fought the urge to push him away, instead digging my hands into the bed under the pillow. With one hand on my cock, and the other on his, he guided himself to my virgin hole.

"Shen, will you let me in?"

His voice was soft and warm, just like the rest of him, and though I felt like I was on the edge of a very sharp precipice, I nodded, a strange and uninvited part of me excited about this new, unspoken, promise of pleasure.

Weight and pressure like I'd never felt before pushed against my hole, and then just as suddenly, I felt the discomfort of having something very large squeeze through a very small hole, and groaned at the dizzying sensation of being filled so completely.

"Do you feel pain?"

"It's not so bad," I grunted between gritted teeth, barely able to keep my eyes open.

"I want your essence."

I thought immediately that this was his way of saying he wanted to stop, to change what we were doing, but very surprisingly, without him moving from where he'd sheathed himself inside me, there was a mouth covering my re-awakening hard-on. I wondered briefly how he'd done it, and then my world reduced to the cock pushing even further into me. I was sure I could feel it swell and lengthen inside me, and then with one push he hit a spot inside me that made stars burst behind my eyelids.

"Drink, Shen."

Past the point of questioning what was being done to me, I opened my mouth, and hummed around the cock offered to my lips, even as his cock rubbed against my prostate again.

I was reduced to a moaning, rocking mess of cock and mouth and ass. As he thrust continually inside me, so did the cock in my mouth move, matching his rhythm.

Lost in the haze of desire he was leading me through, I revelled in that tickling, itching sensation in my ass as he pummelled me, rocking my hips back as he pushed forward, getting as much depth from his hard cock as I could.

Strong arms gripped around my chest, and I was pulled on top of him, lying on his chest, and he pulled my hips down hard onto his impaling member. I couldn't stop the stream of moans and groans vibrating around the cock in my mouth, and soon I felt the now familiar stream of warm cum fill my mouth and began swallowing, determined not to spill a drop.

He was silent still, even as he continued to fuck me from underneath, and then, just as I got used to it, he increased his speed. I'd danced this tango enough times to know he was close to cumming, and let myself be pushed up and down, faster, and faster on his cock, only to feel the mouth over my cock tighten it's grip. That sneaking slithering tongue of his flicked and darted all over my cock, the light, tickling touches increasing to prodding, and soon it was fucking my cock hole at the same pace as his cock in my ass.

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