tagGay MalePossessed by a Dream Ch. 02-B

Possessed by a Dream Ch. 02-B


Author's Note: This is the alternate ending to the 'Possessed' series. It can be read instead of the original submission as it's replacement.

Do not read further if it is illegal for you to do so. This story contains sexual situations and offensive language. If reading non-consensual, gay or non-human fiction offends you, find something else to read.


A soft body, lying stretched over mine, and gentle caresses on my chest. Curious, I reached out, and my hand found a head of long curls. They tickled my fingers as I ran them over slender shoulders.

Warm fingertips were running circles and figure eights on my pectorals, and I smiled drowsily as the owner of the mischievous digits reached further down, teasing my inner thighs with featherlight touches until I couldn't take anymore, and I pressed my own hand over theirs.

"Tickles," I murmured softly, rubbing the smaller hand against my leg.

Almost reluctantly, I opened my eyes to look directly into the delicate features of a young girl. She was staring at me expectantly, a small smile on her plump, rosy lips, her small hand still under mine.

"Do I know you?"

Her smile grew.

"You want to," she assured me softly.

She crawled up the bed, swaying her hips at me intentionally, and as she claimed my lips for her sweet kiss, I was flooded with relief that came with the realisation that my nightmare was over; finally replaced with this beautiful, normal, dream girl.

I groaned deeply, as she deftly stroked my cock, and while she kept pulling my rapidly growing member to attention, some part of me was waiting for something more, as though there was something missing that I couldn't quite put my finger on.

Ignoring the feeling, but unable to completely shake it, instead I focussed on the gorgeous girl above me, taking firm hold of her sumptuous, rounded breasts, rolling her hardening nipples under my thumbs.

She gasped and arched at my touch, pulled away from her kiss, and I stared into warm, hazel eyes. Again, that uncomfortable feeling niggled at me, but I pushed it aside, and pulled the girl up on top of me. She giggled, a high pitched tinkling, and raked her fingernails down my chest, to my stomach, circling around the base of my cock.

"I want you," she whispered, and licked up the outside of my ear.

Straddling my hips, with one hand she guided my engorged member to the lips of her pussy, rubbing it lightly along her cleft, and gasping in that sweet way that only beautiful girls do. Pressing her other hand into my shoulder, she bit her lip, and moaned as she pushed herself down, until I was completely sheathed in the warm, moist glove of her pussy.

"God, you're tight!" I groaned out, my head thrown back.

Gripping her hips as tightly as her hands dug into my shoulders, I held her still, happy to lie there, marvelling in her wet heat.

Excrutiatingly slowly, she lifted herself up, squeezing my cock as she moved upwards, and then down again, just as slow. I moaned, light-headed and feverish as she rode me languidly like this for what felt like hours. Moving my hands behind her neck, I pulled her down to claim her lips again, and she gave in, letting my tongue dominate her mouth.

It was incredible, she was incredible, and as she finally began picking up her pace, impaling herself over and over again above me, I groaned into her mouth, captured in her embrace. I realised slowly, while she rode me harder and faster, bouncing atop me, her breasts swinging inches from my face, that this amazing girl, and the mind-blowing fuck where never going to end. Every one of my heated nerves sat precariously on the edge of orgasm, but no matter what she did, no matter how we moved, I couldn't make the wave crash. It wasn't enough; by a single iota, a missing link stood resolutely between me and release.

As I lay there, my mind wrecked while my body slowly followed, I stared up at her, panting above me, wishing I could be where she was.

"Come on, baby, cum with me!" she cried, her sweet voice dripping with desperation.

God I wanted to, I wanted to feel what bliss she was in, as her pussy started clenching around my swollen cock, crying out and milking me like her life depended on it. I couldn't take it anymore, I was done for, and biting back my own sobs, I closed my eyes in defeat.


Weight shifted above me, and where only a second ago a fevered girl, screaming with the force of her orgasm straddled my hips, now my dark intruder lay outstretched over me.

I gingerly reached out, outlining his jaw, ear, neck, and let my hand run across his broad shoulder. It was clear to me, even as I shuddered against it, that what I wanted, no, what I needed, I couldn't get from her, or anyone else.

Hooking a leg over his, I rolled us over until I had him pinned under me. I was past trying or wanting to differentiate my feelings anymore. I was instinctively happy, almost giddy that my hands were pressed against a hard muscled abdomen, and yet at the same time, I hated it with every ounce of me.

"Am I still dreaming?" I asked quietly.

"Yes, Shen," came his soft reply. "I thought you would not want to be conscious while I moved us away."

Something in the tone of his voice made me open my eyes, and when I looked down at him, my heart skipped a beat. It was suddenly hard to breathe, but I couldn't break his gaze, even as I began blushing furiously.

"You're still fuzzy," I murmured, leaning down until we were lying bare chest on bare chest.

"You see-" he started, but I silenced him with a kiss, soft and tender at first, but deep and passionate before I could stop myself.

I knew I didn't need to ask like he did. And I knew he wouldn't hesitate like I did. I wanted him badly, and I wondered briefly as I pushed my elbows under his knees if he felt this same maddening desire that was taking me over.

"Yes, Shen," he whispered, panting as he wrapped arms around my shoulders.

Feeling the tip of my cock pressed against his entrance, I smiled, relaxing slightly as the bite of urgency lessened. Even in his out-of-focus, hazy appearance, I could tell his eyes were wide with anticipation, and I engaged him in another heated kiss. As I gently sucked his tongue, I pushed forward, smiling again as his moan reverberated around my mouth.

If I'd thought that dream temptress was warm, then my nightmare man was the sun's core. He arched slowly, pushing down onto me while I continued to push up into his channel, refusing to release his mouth from my passionate assault. As soon as I was completely inside him, I released his lips, letting his head fall back to catch his breath. Kneeling up and sitting on my calves, I looked down at where our bodies joined, and felt my smile widen.

I withdrew from his anal passage slowly, feeling him squirm beneath me, and then thrust in again, and he pulled me back up. I let go of one of his legs, and grasped his already throbbing cock, pulling it in time with my steady thrusts.

"Shen," he gasped, surprising me with his breathlessness, "I want-"

I kissed him again, pleased that I had a way to effectively silence him, except for the muffled moans escaping between our lips.

"I know," I panted back, increasing my pace as I felt my body tighten, my climax drawing closer, "soon."

It felt good. No, that was a fucking understatement, it felt right. Completely natural, fucking my dark intruder so hard, I could barely see straight. Feeling his body tense and relax every time I grazed his sweet spot, and hearing his gasps as I stroked his cock drove me over the edge. I cried out in my release, pumping my cock hard into his channel, feeling it slicken with my cum, and then squeeze around my slackening member as his own climax took him, milking my subsiding orgasm, searching for more.

I collapsed on top of him, still nestled inside him, exhausted and content, barely feeling his arms wrap around me.


I was drowsy, and couldn't see much further than the wooden beams above my head. It was hazy and warm where I lay, somewhere in the afternoon sun. He'd moved me, then, just like he'd promised. I sighed, relieved that I hadn't been awake to endure it, and grateful for the dreams I'd had while I'd slept. Curiousity roused me more awake, and I tongued the familiar pulse in the cock filling my mouth.

What's your name?

"I have none."

Why do you call me Shen?

"It is my word for you. Drink."

I need a word for you, too, I thought lazily, closing my eyes against the afternoon rays.

I waited, and quickly, the hot torrent of his essence shot down my throat, filling my stomach, keeping me fed and warm. Already I felt it begin to affect me, my cock starting it's own throb in turn. The cock in my ass began it's rhythmic thrusting, rubbing over my prostate, gently. Then the mouth over my cock sucked harder, the tiny flicking tongue darting into and down the length of my urethra until it coiled around the inside of my ballsac where it teased my overworked orbs. The cock in my ass began to pound against my sweet spot harder as well, and I moaned helplessly against my phallic gag, as all I could do was lie and feel this bliss being bestowed onto me.


For the first time in what must've been a week, I woke alert and clear-headed, and, I realised, hearing my stomach growl, hungry. Before I could enunciate the thought to my companion, he spoke.

"Drink, Shen."

No, wait!

I panicked, sitting up, not sure why, but wanting more than to be force-fed through a detached, throbbing cock. I wanted to stretch, to stand on my own two feet again, and I was curious about where he'd brought me.

Slowly, my warm cocoon unravelled from around me, and though I was unhappy about being empty and cold, I said nothing. Getting to my feet, I didn't feel as gross as I expected to, and stretched and rubbed my jaw. Glancing around, I realised my companion had moved us to a small cabin, all wooden, one big, open space. A dead fireplace sat against one wall, and the largest piece of furniture was the couch, which I could only assume turned into a bed.

Breathing deeply, I walked slowly and looked for my out-of-focus, nightmarish, dark intruder, but saw and felt no other presence in the room.

You are not alone, Shen. We are together.

"You still need a name," I retorted, turning around, only to find no one standing behind me.

I felt a bit ashamed. I was starting to think the words I'd been using to describe him so far were harsh. Even if he was consuming me from the inside, out, my dark intruder hadn't hurt me, not really. And the soul wrenching sex was so intense it was, simply put, impossible.

I wasn't really surprised at his words. I think I knew and had come to accept, even if I wasn't yet feeling completely comfortable with the notion, that we were together, that we were never to be parted.

I moved gingerly, wandering the few yards of wooden cabin surrounding me. I wasn't even sore, which surprised me, but a warm buzz tickled the hairs at the back of my neck. I wanted and yet was afraid to look in a mirror, but I had no idea where the bathroom was.

Dark, strong, scary, intense. Fuck, I thought irritably, finding the tiny blue tiled room, fuck, I can't think. Warm, gentle, soothing, nurturing. Nurturing?

"Shen? What are you doing?"

I didn't answer, instead turned my attention to my mirror image, shocked to my core. The person staring slack-jawed back at me laughed at the same time I did.


My laughter died as I saw the lips move. The person staring back at me, well, he wasn't me. At least, not the me I remembered. My skin was darker, and my hair was short and black, instead of shaggy and blonde. There was more muscle wrapped around my body, and I was about a foot taller. My eyes were their usualy steely blue, and my face was still my face. My hands still belonged to me, along with other distinguishing features, but so much was different. I looked good, fucking fantastic, even. I certainly didn't resemble the fucked up mess I was becoming since he'd first appeared.

"Shen, I want your essence."

My refletion was talking to me, unblinking, and I stretched out a hand to the mirror, wanting to touch him, oddly comforted to see the reflection of my companion so clearly in front of me.

We're together.

"Yes, Shen," the man in the mirror replied, and I was charmed by the warm smile he offered me.

Chuckling to myself and shaking my head, I walked back through the cabin until I was standing, barefoot in the tiny kitchen, scratching my head. Opening the pantry door, I spied standard dry goods, and picked out a couple of potatoes.

"That will interfere with my essence."

Putting the spuds back, I told myself it was because I didn't want potatoes, not because it would inconvenience him. Considering the rest of the items in the pantry, I pulled a tin of beans out and checked the expiry.

"That will interfere with-"

Yeah, I know, I know, your 'essence'.

"If you ingest, I will suffer, and then you will suffer."

Something inside me snapped, a sudden rush of anger took me, and I slammed my tin can filled fist against the pantry door. I couldn't live on his cum alone for the rest of my life.

"It is all you need, Shen."

All I need, but not all I want, not what I want at all. Jesus FUCKING Christ! I just want a normal meal, normal, human food!

The tingling in the back of my neck spread down past my shoulder blades, and then a warm hand rested on the small of my back.

"Put the food away. I want to drink your essence, Shen."

The voice was patient, kind, even, and I bit my lip. I wanted to cry again, I wasn't ready to be dragged back into the lustful haze I'd woken out of less than an hour ago.

No. After breakfast.

Frowning, I swallowed the lump forming in my throat, waved away the hand on my back, and decided firmly not to listen to the soft words urging me to leave the food alone. Banging around the kitchen to drown out his voice, I searched for a can opener. Warily turning the handle of the can opener around the lid of the tin, I turned the contents out into a pot and set it on the small stove. I stopped for a second, but nightmare man was silent, so I threw a wooden spoon into the pot. Waiting for the beans to bubble, I rummaged through the cupboard and found wheat crackers, and salt and pepper.

Five minutes later, and I was sitting on the couch, contemplating a plate of crackers and beans. My mouth was watering, but not in a good way. I couldn't deny it smelled good, but the mere thought of moving fork to mouth was making my throat close and my stomach turn.


A burger might have gone down better, but I had no clue where we were, and no idea how we got there.

"Shen, please don't do this."

I felt guilty, especially since he was pleading so earnestly, but before I could feel too bad about it, I swallowed back guilt and brought a big bean-filled fork to my mouth.

As soon as the food touched my tongue, I knew I'd done the wrong thing. However good the aroma, it was a lie. A bold faced, fucking lie. Warm fingers gently caressing the back of my neck tightened to a pinch, and I knew he was waiting for me to spit the horrid mouthful out, but the very prideful side of me wanted to win, and holding my breath, I swallowed.

No words can describe the anger that washed through from him to me then, and as I was lifted swiftly off the couch, the plate of beans and crackers toppled onto the floor. I didn't care; I was too busy keeping my lips clamped shut, refusing to throw up. I'd never felt this anger emanate from him before, not once, and it scared the shit out of me.

"You should be scared, Shen. You could kill us."

His voice was quiet, but gone was the gentle tone. I was lowered onto my knees, and over the toilet bowl, but I was shaking my head, one hand closed firmly over my mouth, the other trying to push back away from the toilet seat.

"You have ingested. Remove it. Now."

There was no light-headed dizziness that I'd come to expect from his commands, and I wondered why, as I held on desperately. He was strong, much stronger than me, and an image of the bone in my arm breaking through skin as he pushed me down, flashed through my head. He was trying to show me what he'd do to keep me from fighting back, and I freaked, letting go, and the moment I opened my mouth, the mouthful I'd struggled to keep down came straight back up, and out.

"You will regret this action, Shen."

I lacked the will to refuse as I was pulled roughly backwards, and his cock was forced past my lips. He was so angry, the hairs on the back of my neck bristled, while he dug his fingertips into my scalp.

My stomach was starting to cramp, badly, and I knew that my body was still rejecting the small offering it'd been given. I whimpered around his cock as it grew in my mouth, bigger than it had ever been before, gagging me almost instantly. I wished desperately that he would do something to stop the cramping pain, anything to stop me from doubling over every other second when my body wrenched from the agonizing spasms.

"No, Shen. You must suffer this."

The thrusts he made were fast, deep and jaw-breakingly powerful. My pitiful cries were muffled, and my tears slid back into my hair, and I couldn't tell if I was sobbing because of the stabbing pain in my gut, the merciless fucking of my raw throat, or the fingers digging into my head. Maybe it was all of these things, maybe it wasn't any of them. Maybe it was my reaction to his overwhelming aura of panic and anger mixed together.

"Drink, Shen," he grunted, and wrapped his hands around my head, pushing me forward until I couldn't breathe.

I didn't care that I was suffocating to death. It would've been a relief to the agony my body was in, agony I wouldn't be in if it weren't for him. A fresh wave of anger swept through me at the realisation, but I wasn't given a chance to act on the emotion as his hot cum burst into my mouth and went rushing down my throat.

As soon as his cum hit the burning, biting cramps in my gut, the pain began to lessen. I was released and fell back, gaining enough sense to realise I was on my back on the floor of the living room. But I wasn't given any time to recover as he was on me again, and pulled me up onto the couch.

"Open your legs."

I whimpered, but knew if I opened my mouth I wouldn't get a chance to protest, and instead buried my face in my shaking hands. He pulled my hands up off my face and above my head, and before I could object, his cock was stuffed back into my mouth.

"Open your legs now, Shen. Do not defy me again."

Too scared to move, he released my wrists from his grip, and pried my legs apart. One second, I felt the tip of his cock touching my ass, the next, he sheathed himself completely inside me. I screamed uselessly against his cock, and he didn't wait for me to get used to the invasion, but began pounding into my burning channel.

"Breathe, Shen," he ordered, not breaking his pace, and dizziness swept over me before I had the sense to do what I was told. "Stay awake. Stay with me."

I could hear the concern in his voice, but I couldn't do much more than writhe underneath him, letting him flood my body over and over again, never pausing, never stopping to let me relax.

I was exhausted, beyond sore, and he was still fucking me. My insides felt scrubbed raw, but every time he came, that soothing feeling would wash through me, giving me enough relief to go on. It was hours ago that I'd lost the energy to move on my own, and he'd long since given up instructing and scolding me; I was nothimg more than a rag doll now, and he'd manoeuvre me around as he saw fit.

Finally, he pulled me back to lay curled up in his lap. It took me more than a few minutes to realise we'd stopped completely, and I would've cried with relief if I thought I had any tears left.

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