tagGay MalePossessed by a Dream Ch. 03

Possessed by a Dream Ch. 03


Author's Note:

Hopefully if you're reading this series for the first time you will have noticed on my profile page a note begging you not to read chapter 2B if you were looking for a continuation. If you didn't happen to, I'm sorry. I hope you enjoy the new chapters anyway, as they pick up from the end of chapter 2.

Thanks again to Tap04950 for your editing prowess, your input has been most welcome.


Some part of me was saying 'ouch'. It was his fault; it always is.

Since stealing my life and giving me a new one forever involving him, this incubus has been terrorising my - no, our - body. Living in my head before I got possessed was hard, but sharing it with a separate soul - with its own thoughts and feelings - is all but impossible. It took a few months. Despite his adamant refusal that I'm not weak, it was pretty clear straight up that he was far stronger than me. After the honeymoon period though, things started happening. Weird things. I'd wake up out in the woods and Dama would have no explanation for me. His answer: 'Drink, Shen', while at the time would seem like a good idea, always left me wondering.

It's been three months since Dark Man stole us away from the world and we started living here. I don't remember much from the beginning, other than that first-time-with-a-guy-out-of-this-world sex. When he feels talkative(which is barely ever) he tells me a little about the world he's from -- sex demons, pheromones and samba -- but most of the time we wander in the forest, discovering different parts of the woods or fucking around in them.

Sighing to myself, I rolled over and fell off a log. So that was the reason for the pain. Why were we sleeping outside again? I could see the cabin not too far from where he'd left our body. Why was it impossible for him to make that last few yards back to the warmth and safety of home?


If knocking on my temples would help wake him up, I'd do it. But I know I'll just look like a mental patient, which doesn't really matter while we're still living in isolation; better not to start bad habits now, though, just in case we ever do go back to the city.


I concentrated as hard as I could on getting his attention while closing my eyes to the early morning light. But fuck, it was cold out, and my hip was still sore from lying on that fucking log.


Bout time, I grumbled irritably. What the fuck are we doing out here, again?

"Hm. I am hungry-"

No! You're not getting anything until I get a fucking answer!

I got my answer: silence. Seething through my teeth, I picked us up and dragged us back to the cabin, heading straight for the shower. It still spooks me to see my different reflection. I'd been skinny, pale and blonde, once. Now I look like a dark skinned, dark haired god of ages. Freaks me out and does my head in, but I still see something of my old self in my eyes, and that's enough. Hey, try losing your physical perception of yourself for a day. Let me know how you go with that.

Sighing again to myself I let go of a little of the anger at waking up naked, outdoors. I turned the shower taps and let the hot water seep into our sore muscles. Feeling the familiar warm hand in the small of our back told me he was still paying attention to me and listening to my thoughts, and since I usually get one or the other and not both at the same time, I focussed my thoughts back on him.

You could at least get us back inside if you're gonna go traipsing around the forest at night. It's not good to fall asleep naked outside. It had to be impossible not to know I was pissed; he knew he'd have to give me an answer, a real answer, soon.

"We are safe."

What does that even mean? I wondered, frowning to myself. The hot water made my feet and fingers tingle, and two hands drew up my sides to wrap around my torso as I washed my hair.

"There is... another."

My heart sped up a notch and I stilled the fingers raking over my nipples with my soapy hands. What do you mean 'another'? Another like you? Like us?

"We are safe," he repeated. "There is no reason for your fear. He is like I was, before I joined with you."

What does he want?

So another incubus was out there and they knew we were here? I quickly rinsed myself off and got dry. Dama felt like he was standing at a distance. It's funny, sometimes it feels like we're stuck together, side by side like glue; sometimes it feels like he's literally under my skin, feeling things as I feel them. But these other times, when I feel as though he's standing away from me, that's when I get scared I'll lose him.

"He wants to join with another male, like I did with you. Shen-"

God, another guy? I felt bad for whichever sucker out there was going to get it. Those first few weeks were a royal fuck-up I've happily decided to forget. My life went downhill fast and hard before we finally got our shit together. Dama once told me he'd had no choice but to fill me with his essence. Basically flooding me with him was the only way he could survive the initial feeding. After he told me that, I told him I didn't need to know any more.

"That is why he seeks us."


"Our story is known. An incubus should not be able to join with a human male; it is not possible to find sustenance with one without dying afterwards. Shen, I-"

But you're not dead, and he thinks he can do it, too.

"Yes. Shen..." Slipping a hand around my waist, I was pulled in and his arms wrapped around me again. Pressing his lips against mine, Dama was surprisingly gentle, running his hands through my hair as we lazily kissed. "I want you," he whispered low against my ear.

I wonder if he's programmed my body to react to that simple phrase. Every time I hear it, I feel weak and ready to melt into him and at the same time I still get nervous and excited. What a pansy-ass I am.

Before I could even get another thought out though, he'd abruptly pulled me up and sat me on the edge of the bathroom sink. I could hear my hitched breaths as his strong hips touched my inner thighs and his cock nudged at my entrance.

"Relax, Shen."

That now-familiar light headedness dulled my mind and body so he could take his time thrusting into my unresisting hole. Closing my eyes and moaning into his neck, I felt my whole being melt and shudder as he slowly filled me up with his thick shaft. His cock grazed my prostate, sending sparks of sensation up my spine. I pushed the thought at him that I wanted his cock in my mouth and was immediately gifted with it.

Running my tongue along the underside of him, he began a slow and steady rhythm fucking of my needy channel. I knew I wouldn't take long, but Dama had other ideas. He wanted me to feel every inch of him as he pulled out of me. The buzzing in my ears only grew louder as I hummed on the cock filling my mouth. I wanted to squirm and wriggle to get him to move with a little more urgency, but the fucker was holding my hips still.

As he pushed back into my ass again, the cock in my mouth grew bigger. I'd begun to revel in the way it made my lips stretch and kept me on the edge of gagging from the sheer size of it. It moved as I sucked, matching his full, languid thrusts and I groaned at being fucked simultaneously at each end.

The cock deep in my throat came first. I'd come to expect it as it was his essence that filled and warmed me and gave me this incredible itch deep in my core that only his cock could scratch. I swallowed desperately fast while my throat was massaged and as the itch grew more insistent, his fucking of my tightening passage grew harder, matching my need with his force.

When his cock left my mouth, it was only to be replaced by his lips and I sucked hungrily on his tongue while another warm mouth engulfed my cock. I was squirming now, rocking my hips to slam myself hard against his fucking tool so I could get relief from that pleasurable ache. His two tongues fucked my mouth and my cock-hole simultaneously, taking over every sense I had left with his power. Grasping him by the shoulders, I came sudden and hard, shaking and rocking and moaning all at once as pleasure burst from my cock out to every nerve.

I could feel his smile as he pulled me in even closer and followed my climax with his own. His burning hot essence pulsing out of him and into me flooded my sensitised prostate and made me scream in ecstasy before I crashed to oblivion.

When I woke again, it was night. This happens sometimes. I've gotten used to it; it's especially easy not to be bothered by a few missed hours as I don't often feel hungry, tired, or cold these days.

I opened my eyes to find myself lying on the sofa bed, half on the mattress and half on my fuzzy dark lover's chest. I wondered sleepily about what he'd said before, and why he hadn't said anything before now.

Tell me more about this other one.

Dama sighed but relented. "He comes every few nights. I sense him at the border of our territory."

Our territory?

"Yes. It is clearly marked. No others will come this way."

Except him.

"He wants to meet you."

Why? If he's seen you then hasn't he - kind of - already?

Dama was quiet for a while, making me wonder if I'd said something he didn't understand. We have what I call 'culture differences'. He doesn't understand a lot of normal human behaviour, if my behaviour could ever be called normal. I'd call him simple, but that doesn't really explain it, his brain is just wired differently. Well, he's a fucking demon, what do you expect?

"I continue to refuse him. I will keep you safe."

I rubbed my eyes and scratched my head. What does an incubus want with another incubus's...? Wait, what am I? Okay, that's definitely a question to avoid asking myself again, ever. What does an incubus want with a human male? Why can't he find himself a nice girl to settle down with? For that matter, why couldn't you?

"We do not 'settle down'. We feed on your sexual energy."

Yeah, yeah, settling down and 'never to be parted' means the same thing.

"Food is scarce."

That was impossible. There are more people these days than there ever was. The human race just keeps multiplying and multiplying. Food shouldn't be scarce; it should be abundant. I shook my head; there had to be more to it than that.

"Humans are abundant. Their energy is not. Sexual satisfaction amongst humans is available more now than it was. Humans no longer rely on fantasies when they can fulfil their desires when awake."

Images flashed across my vision; shadowy scenes of my dark intruder creeping into the bedrooms of women while they slept. I watched while Dama slipped into dreams and fucked them until they screamed. Once his hunger was satisfied he left them drained and shaking.

Brought back to the present, I found his explanation did make more sense, actually. A twinge of jealousy bit at the edge of my mind though; I didn't like that Dama had shown me images of his past exploits, heck, I didn't like that I didn't like it!

But his incubus friend, he was going to die if he tried feeding on a human male, Dama had said it himself. Unless he does to some poor, unsuspecting bastard what Dama did to me, I scoffed, not bothering to hide my leftover bitterness.

"There is no guarantee that it will work. You almost killed us. Twice."

I grimaced at the mere memory of the 'baked bean incident'. If there was one thing I could swap out of in this relationship it would be the food. I defy anyone to insist they'd rather a couple of mouthfuls of cum to a burger. But then, there is that annoyingly satisfying feeling it gives me.

Damn him.

Another thought occurred to me, then. So why does he want a guy? Why not a girl?

"It is... complicated."

Try me, I thought, frowning. This was a person's life he was talking about, and I suddenly felt strangely possessive of my fellow humans. When I thought a little harder about it though, I realised it had more to do with wanting to know why I was chosen than anything else.

"Human males of your age are strong and desire sex frequently. Human females do not often wield strength and sex at the same time. For the transformation to work, one would need a human of enough strength to withstand the strain of transformation on their body, as well as the appetite to absorb the essence required during the transformation for the coupling to work."

Aha, so here was the truth of the matter. Dama chose me because I was fit and able enough to survive the coupling, not because he wanted me. I was suddenly angry. Not because of what I'd just figured out, but because I wanted to cry and I fucking hate crying. So I'm just another meal, after all.

"You are not," came his rumbling reply. I tried to pull away but he held me close in his arms. Damn his strength! "You are Shen. You are the one I desire. Yes, I hunted you because of my desperation. I believed taking your essence would end me. But once I tasted you, I could not give you up, not even for death."

I squirmed slightly where I lay, feeling well chastised. Only Dama could say something with such a serious tone and make me blush. Feeling a little embarrassed and not sure what to say in return, I put an arm back over his chest and rested my head on his shoulder.

Were you afraid?

"No. I did not learn fear until I met you," he replied, nuzzling the top of my head.

If this other one tries to bond with a human male... Will it be the same for them as it was for me, us?

Dama shrugged and shuffled lower on the day-bed so he could gently nibble the top of my ear. "I do not think so. My brother has endured longer without sustenance. He will not be patient and he will not be gentle."


"We are all brothers... and sisters..."

One big happy family... He's going to kill himself then. I slumped a little. And he'll kill the one he chooses. You can't help him?

"No. I must keep you safe. To help him we would need to return to the human city, and you wanted to leave there. I do not want to feel shame again, Shen. It was unpleasant."

Pushing me onto my back, he leaned over and began lightly kissing and suckling the tender spot behind my ear. The thought of going back would have frozen me if it weren't for his warm lips pressing against my skin, sweeping my nervousness away.

We could go to a different city, somewhere no one knows who I am... I won't feel ashamed if we go some place I won't be recognised. Capturing my lips in a heated kiss, we duelled tongues passionately and I couldn't help but arch up toward him. I don't want any humans to die because I didn't help, and I don't want one of your kind to die because you didn't help. If he wants me to meet with him, then that's what I'll do.

As if giving me a reward, Dama settled between my legs and hooked his arm under my left knee, forcing the breath out of me as he pulled my leg up to my chest, opening me to him. I bit my lip, not at all surprised that he was pressing his hard cock at my entrance, but completely shocked at what I'd just said. Could I really just waltz back into civilisation?

"Shen..." He drew my attention back by thrusting into my waiting body, making me grunt through my teeth at the sudden intrusion. "Drink, Shen." I obediently opened my mouth, figuring he was going to fuck me unconscious again. Probably so he can meet his 'brother' again, I thought as I swallowed the torrent of warm, salty seed already bursting from his cock.

Instead of letting up, the cock in my mouth continued to let loose a steady stream of his essence, forcing me to swallow more often than usual, making me concentrate more on what I was doing than I normally would. I couldn't give over to the hungry itching sensation when I had to swallow his cum every few seconds and I began to frown, feeling uneasy, like I was about to get tossed in the deep end. He hadn't moved from when he'd first thrust into me, and I became restless. If he was going to fill my stomach completely with him I was soon going to be very nearly insatiable. Panicking a little, I pushed the thought at him to do something: to move the cock buried in my ass, to stop feeding me his cum, but it was like Dama wasn't listening, which wasn't entirely unusual, just not in this situation.

A dissenting gurgle came from my stomach, and as I continued to swallow and moan around his cock I broke out in a sweat. The ache to have that invisible inner itch scratched was reaching out from my prostate. I struggled but he had me easily held down and I felt the maddening sensation travel up my spine and reach around from my back to my chest.

Beckoning him to respond, I struggled again, more earnestly this time, trying futilely to wriggle and squirm my wrists free of his grip. Dama, Dama, Dama! Come on, wake up, Dama, move it! Please! Do something!

Panic turned to desperation and desperation turned to sheer terror as I realised I was unable to keep swallowing the cum forcing its way down my throat. I could feel it start to escape between my lips and began to shake with overwhelming fear. The usual pleasant buzzing in my ears was so loud it was like waves crashing endlessly and Dama was still silent and unmoving above me.

Every single part of my body was fighting now, fighting to breathe, fighting to escape, and fighting to live. I was sure I was going to die but I refused to stop kicking uselessly against him. For the first time in almost three months, I thought I must be having a nightmare.

Everything stopped. The deafening roar, the drowning river, the death vision, and the itch that had driven me to breaking point. The whole world was silent, and I closed my eyes in relief.

Big mistake.

Freezing cold air rushed up all around me as though I was falling head first down a pitch black hole - and then everything came back. With a vengeance.

I was blind, I couldn't see a thing - but it didn't matter. Dama was holding me tightly against himself and I could feel my body demanding satisfaction from his hot body in return. I could hear the deafening buzzing but just over the din of it, my own voice, begging Dama over and over again to fuck me.

He hushed and soothed me and ran his hands through my hair but it wasn't doing any good. I knew I sounded like some kind of desperate butt-boy crying to be fucked, but if Dama didn't give it to me soon I'd lose myself completely.

"Come this way."

What? I didn't get what he meant but I was pulled along anyway. I still couldn't see and felt like I must be walking like someone who needs to pee, but I needed that fat cock of his up my ass now and there weren't no two ways about it.

"Sit, Shen."

I was turned around to face away from Dama and he put his hand over my mouth. Quick to do as I was told, I sat squarely on his lap and howled behind his hand as I was swiftly and fully impaled. The relief was so immediate, though, I didn't bother waiting for him to move before I raised myself up and slammed back down on his cock, shuddering with the pure pleasure it gave me. So frenzied by the need to be fucked, I was lost to everything else and it was only after my orgasm tore through me that I gained back a little sense and vision.

Again! I demanded, ignoring my ragged breaths and aching thighs. Now that I had some sight, as blurry as it was, I squinted to try and see more than fog moving about in front of us.

Dama obliged, effortlessly lifting me up and turning me around to straddle him. As soon as I was sitting impaled on his lap again, I aimed for where the fuzzy outline of his lips were and bit his bottom lip.

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