tagGay MalePossessed by a Dream Ch. 04

Possessed by a Dream Ch. 04


Author's note:

Wow, so it's been a while! Before you read on, I'd like to shout out to a lovely lady of a certain lucky number for dropping a line and reminding me there are people out there who enjoy the tales I have here. I've been a bad girl, hoarding away my chapters, tweaking here, correcting there, and publishing nothing to Lit in the meantime. As this chapter has had only my superficial editing, my apologies for any errors. Give me a few more chapters and my self-edits may improve.


If someone had turned around to me three months ago and asked me 'Hey Mark, fancy getting butt-fucked by a demon and possessed for the rest of your life cos your sex tastes so good?' I probably would've decked 'em.

Well, it happened. And it didn't just happen, it knocked me on my ass. So now I'm being led through an 'underworld plane' by the incubus possessing me, on a mission to find his brother a willing sacrifice (poor bastard) to go through what I've been through. Anyone wanna give me a 'hell no'?

Dama, where is he?

"This way."

That fucking itch was still there. It wasn't overwhelming every god given sense I had like it was when I first got here – Dama had obliged me twice already – but it was demanding more satisfaction with every step I took. I wondered if it was normal for a demon to walk around the underworld realm woods nude with a human in tow. A thought struck me as I glanced sideways at his working glutes: he didn't disappear here like he did in the human plane. Dama walked beside me in his bold, naked glory, clear-as-day demon view; black skin, fiery eyes and all. I was reassured he actually was my Dama by his hand on the small of my back, and I wondered if a demon were to visit us in the human plane if they'd be able to see him.

"Yes, Shen," he offered, giving me a small smile.

Fucked up idiot that I am, as soon as he looked at me I wanted to jump him. Yes, black skin, fiery eyes, demonic aura and all. I warned my eyes that if they locked on his ass one more time I'd pluck them out, but I couldn't stop my mind asking for a good dicking, anyway.

"Not yet. We must return to your plane before you're found."

I had thought the woods were our territory and frowned back at him.

"They are, but you are on the underworld plane. There are few who obey the rules."

Great. Such nice places you take me.


I stopped and leaned in a little closer to feel his body heat. No, that came out wrong. I leaned in closer because I was still dizzy from the crash landing. Yep, much more manly.

"You brought it. I didn't think you would."

Because of the grey, misty veil, I couldn't see much farther than about thirty feet from where we stood. A dark shadow was moving toward us, though, that I could tell, and I held my breath, remembering quite suddenly and far too late that I was naked with my own cum drying on my stomach and thighs. But hey, what's normal, anymore? A guy's gotta keep his options open, and it's not like anyone's going to see me out in the middle of nowhere. Besides, Dama hates clothes, not that I walk around nude just for him. Well, not always just for him.

"Shen chose to come. I will protect him. You're warned."

I looked up at Dama's expression but he subtly shook his head while still looking at the advancing shadow. It stopped a little ahead of us, and then was suddenly in front of me. Before I could reel back from shock, I was staring at the broad, black back of my incubus, watching his muscles bunch in agitation. Dama held me behind him and hissed and growled at the shadow and I imagined he was probably baring those sharp teeth at it, too.

"Step back."

The shadow moved away again and quickly reduced, thickening and changing shape until it formed itself into a humanoid shape. Enthralled, I watched it take the same form of Dama, much taller but not as dark in colour. This incubus was marbled with grey, a marbling which shifted with his movements. He still had the same fiery eyes as Dama, and they roamed over me curiously while I stood there looking like a little bitch quivering naked behind my bad-ass demon protector.

"This is your human, then. I see your essence in it, brother."

Putting aside the x-ray vision comment, the voice was more melodic than I'd expected. Dama spoke in stilted sentences as though he only had limited knowledge of English, but this one, he knew how to speak fluidly, as though coercing a lover. Of course, ya idiot, I thought, rolling my eyes at myself.

"Speak your piece, brother," Dama replied icily, stepping aside but still standing mostly in front of me. He must have still been pissed about his family member coming up on us too fast.

"Will you let it speak for itself, brother?"

"If he wishes to, he will."

I looked at Dama blankly. I hadn't physically said a word in months. The best I'd done since he took me away from civilisation were the moans and screams he tore out of me during sex. The idea of actually speaking seemed utterly perplexing for a moment.

"I can speak," I offered weakly, cringing at the sound of my soft voice.

"How old are you, human?"


"What was your purpose in the human world?"


"What was your duty?" Dama elaborated.

Oh, right... "Dock worker. Unloading and loading heavy crates."

I wanted to tug on Dama's arm to get me out of here. Besides the weirdness of speaking out loud again, the itch was starting to get the better of me. Too much longer and I'd be hopping from one foot to the other in anticipation.

"How many lovers have you had, human?"

"Um, I dunno... Six? Seven?"

"Which is it, six or seven?" The incubus pressed, his head cocked to the side.

I hated the way he looked at me, scrutinising me with those squinted fire eyes. He reminded me of my fifth grade math teacher expecting non-existent homework. I was tempted to tell him to shove it.

Dama coughed. "Seven," he answered for me.

"My brother has been trying to explain why your situation is... special," the incubus continued. "Why you have both survived and why I would fail."

"If you pick the wrong human, they'll die," I said, Dama nodding along with me.

"I don't care if the human lives, I care only if I live," he replied, and I imagined kicking him in the balls to see if he lived through that.

Dama coughed again. "Shen, tell him what you told me."

Which part? Oh, that's right.

"I don't want a human to die because I didn't help, and I don't want one of Dama's brothers to die because he didn't help. That's what we came to offer. If you don't like it, go ahead and get yourself killed, see if I care," I finally said.

I knew Dama was already thinking of ways to make me pay for that last remark, but I didn't care; his 'brother' was an asshole and I wanted to go home.

"Such spirit this one has, brother. I am impressed. Very well, I will take your offer, human. The hunting territories have grown smaller, however I have sway with several Succubi holding large cities. You may choose from Tokyo, London, Mexico City or New York."

What? God! I thought, biting my lip. I know none of those places, but they'd be huge. Tokyo would have the highest population but mostly Japanese speakers. If he doesn't know Japanese, or the guy doesn't know English... Better not. Mexico? Tough guys, yeah, maybe not as refined as he'd like, though, and there could be culture or language barriers, there, too...


"He considers your options deeply, brother," Dama replied quickly before I could open my mouth; I threw silent thanks to him.

London, yeah, maybe – at least they'd all speak English. I still don't know the area so I'd have to take a few guesses at where to go. New York might have more buff guys but this guy's too much of a dick to put up with a loud-mouth. It'll have to be London and we hope for the best.

"London," I said, sighing at the decision.

"You better be sure, human. I have no time to waste."

Dama growled low again, but the incubus just raised an eyebrow at him in turn.

"Dama, can we go now?"

"Yes, yes, do. You're scent of desire is probably heralding all sorts of nasty demons this way," the asshole demon sneered at me. "Be better prepared to travel tomorrow afternoon. If I must kill a few humans because you're wasting time fucking yourself stupid, I won't be to blame."

If I'd had half my wits, I would've gone for a punch to his fucking face, but as it was I just stood there with my jaw hanging open, watching him disperse into dark fog again.

"Come, Shen. We must leave."

I nodded eagerly. Get me the fuck outta here.

Pulling me in close to his chest again, all it took was one inhalation of him to know I was shortly going to be doing precisely what that bastard just teased me about.

"Close your eyes, Shen. This will feel strange."

Doing as I was told, I wrapped my arms around his waist and held on for dear life. The whoosh of cold air all around us scared the living daylights out of me, but we were suddenly standing in the woods at home. Peeking around, I was relieved to see it was home, not that weird, misty place I'd been dragged unwittingly into.

Before I had a chance to fully appreciate the human realm, Dama pushed us into the cabin.

"Did you need to have those thoughts, Shen?" He asked while I made us a beeline for the sofa bed. "It would have been rude to laugh in front of my brother," he added in an exasperated tone.

Okay, the tone might not have been at my earlier behaviour, it might have had something to do with my mind already telling him to hurry up and fuck me. Oh, wait, was that why you were coughing? To stop from laughing?

I smirked and was halfway through a witty retort, but Dama cut me off with a command to close my eyes. Then his lips were on mine, which effectively blew away any more chances for coherent thought. I could taste the hunger in his kiss, the demand of it, and the power that wouldn't allow for any fight against it. He kept me still and dominated my mouth with his, leaving me little choice but to let him.

When he finally broke away, I didn't even get a chance to ask for it before he pushed me onto my back and pulled my legs up over his right shoulder. Commanding me to hold myself open for him, I quickly obeyed, my cock already excited and springing to life as I held a hand on each ass cheek.

He drove his cock the whole way into me in one thrust, locking an arm over my thighs to hold me flat against him while I screamed and bucked uselessly, torn between wanting to get him off and loving every inch of him stretching my aching hole.

I proudly managed to settle my voice down to a stream of cries, and thrashed my head side to side as he ploughed into me. My legs shook tremendously as with every thrust he grazed my hot spot and fucked deeper. I wanted his cock in my mouth again, as stupid as that thought was, but he refused me straight away.

"You have had too much, Shen," he replied, and I groaned at the lighter pace.

Instead, I felt the wet warmth of his mouth cover my cock in one gulp, sucking hard as he resumed the unrelenting fucking of my channel. Arching and rocking up to get more of that warm, wet tightness around my throbbing arousal, he held me still again. I writhed, dazed as every thrust smacked my prostate and every suckle on the head of my cock coaxed more pre-cum.

Staring at my eyelids, every other sense felt lifted. I hated the sound of my own voice catching with every breath, but I couldn't stop the cries spilling out of me. I could feel his tongue snaking all over the head of my cock, flicking and licking in circles around my slit before making its slippery ribbon way down my urethra, thrusting into my cock-hole in time with his fucking.

His teeth nibbled under my knee, and by sheer force of will my eyes snapped open as I remembered those sharp fangs he'd smiled at me with on the underworld plane. Very suddenly I lost the fever and lay there wide-eyed and panting, freaked out at the memory and wishing he'd take his fucking mouth off my cock.


Dama withdrew completely and gently lay my legs down. I was still breathing fast when his fuzzy outline sat beside me, watching me curiously.

"It's your teeth," I mumbled as I struggled to sit up and rubbed my face with my hands. I need a minute.

"If you go much longer without release, it will be painful."

Well, I don't have an answer.

"I do. Shen, my teeth won't hurt you on this plane."

I knew that, I did. It was just the mental image that I couldn't erase.

"Very well."

With that, he pushed me back down onto the bed. Straddling me with a knee on either side of my body, Dama slowly lowered himself down until I could feel the head of my cock pushing at his entrance.


"No, Shen. I must have your essence."

Grasping his hips to stop him from moving was useless, he was too strong for me to stop in this position and slid himself slowly onto me, his head back and eyes closed. We'd only done this once, ever, and that was just a dream, which when it all comes down to it, isn't all that different when you're fucking an incubus.

I was surprised at my annoyance that he wouldn't pay attention to what I wanted. Shouldn't I be happy to be on top? Isn't that normal? Why did the idea of fucking Dama scare me? Those thoughts flew out the window the moment I was sheathed inside that excruciatingly hot, tight glove.

He was shuddering above me, his hands on my shoulders. His eyes were still closed and I tried to silently will him to open them. He wasn't moving but still seemed like he was in pain; this wasn't what I wanted. I didn't want my sudden and irrational fear make him resort to this.


Biting my lip, I was trying to squint to see every little change in Dama's expression. He leaned forward, lifting himself ever so slightly, my cock sliding out of his clenched channel. I groaned at the exquisite friction, running my hands down his flexing thighs.


Shen... Please move.

Shit. Okay, I can do this.

Drawing a hand behind his neck, I pulled Dama in to gently kiss and wrapped my other arm around his waist to keep him as close against me as I could. Slowly lifting my hips, I pushed into him. His body was so tight; I could barely get any depth.

Pulling away from my kiss, I made sure I was looking into his eyes. "Relax," I ordered and he melted against me at once. I hadn't expected him to, and my cock slid further into his channel, making me arch up at the exquisite sensation and pushing my cock even deeper into him.

I was shocked that Dama had obeyed my command. But I was too caught up in his embrace to give a damn right now. Instead I made shallow, gentle thrusts, aiming for his sweet spot. I knew it wouldn't be long before the need in me would take over again but I wanted him to feel good before it did.

He hummed low against my neck, his cock growing and caught in the friction of our bodies while my hands rocked his hips back and forth. His perfectly round globes undulated under my fingertips, urging me on. I could feel every nerve ending being grasped by his passage as I stroked him inside.

My encroaching orgasm was gaining speed, but I came quietly, pressing our lips together and moaning into his mouth. Every part of him clutched at me as I thrust erratically, filling him with my cum.

The need abated, and I felt his desire to crawl under my skin. Focusing on moving aside, I opened to him and his weight on me grew less and less until he was inside me again, filling every space in my body I was already occupying.

I knew he'd take me over when I fell asleep again, would more than likely drive my body to orgasm at least a dozen times while I slumbered, but I didn't care. We drifted together in total bliss.

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