tagGay MalePossessed by a Dream Ch. 05

Possessed by a Dream Ch. 05


Author's note:

Apologies for the delay, I had a few issues with this chapter. Good news is, the next few should come a bit more regularly; I'll aim for one per month. Enjoy!

How many strapping young lads does it take to screw an Incubus?

It took little coercion to get my dark intruder to let me sleep through transit. When I told him I wasn't buying a return ticket to Heathrow, Dama said—in his usual no-nonsense tone—that he would 'handle' it. I didn't want to know the details and he knew it. So, just like when he'd moved us out to the middle of nowhere, I slept.

I had no idea how much time passed, and I didn't hear him calling me when I woke to find myself on my knees beside the stainless-steel sink of a cramped amenities cubicle, gagging behind the cock engulfed by my mouth and throat.

Panic bit into me before I realised it was Dama who had a hand on each side of my face, fucking my mouth in a steady rhythm. I wondered dazedly if I was still dreaming, and was answered by a low chuckle.

"If you scream the stewardess will interrupt," he teased in a low murmur.

So it was an airplane toilet. I suppressed a moan as his cock slid along my tongue, nudging the back of my throat. It was slick with the salty cum he must have shot while I'd slept, and I doubted I'd be able to keep quiet if he had already sent a load to my gut.

I really hate this guy.

Releasing me suddenly from my task, Dama pulled me to my feet and pushed me over the sink while I tried to pick my brain up off the floor. He faded to the background in less than a second, leaving me to stare at our dishevelled hair, bruised lips and hazy expression. And then just as suddenly he slithered his way from the soles of my feet, up my legs, running unbearable tingling sensations just under my skin and yet so deeply through my core. He seared his way up my stomach and chest to spread out to my shoulders, sizzling through the veins in my arms to my fingertips and up my neck to my hairline.

Oh, god!

My knees grew weak at those slightest-of-touches and it was only having my chest pushed down on the cold stainless steel sink that kept me standing. He was zoning in on all the parts of me that craved attention, pressing every nerve, stretching me in ways I couldn't remember ever feeling before. Fingers ran under the skin around the base of my already hard cock and then the warmth of his lips encompassed just the head of my tool, sealing it in wet suction.

Please don't make me moan, I begged, grimacing at our reflection. I was desperate to keep silent, knowing what he was going to do to me.

Dama didn't answer but licked back and forth under the aching head of my cock, teasing me to unbearable heights. I fought the instinct to whine aloud and focussed instead on demanding he hurry the fuck up -- people would want to use the amenities, and not for what we were doing.

"As you wish."

Though I kept my eyes closed, I could sense his evil grin, and imagined his satisfied smirk and sharp fangs glinting at me as I felt the rustle of my pants hit the floor. Warm hands on either side of my bare ass were the only warnings I received. As soon as they spread me wide, his cock was at my hole, mercilessly invading resisting muscle. I automatically clenched against him, but the burning pain of the intrusion forced me to relax and accept his tool as it inched inside. His hands roved up my back to the front of my shoulders, pressing me against him as he withdrew. With that first thrust Dama almost threw me to my knees as he nailed my tender gland. The burn dulled to a strange ache as he drove into me again and again, slamming against that spot that made stars burst behind my eyes.

The prospect of getting caught scared me silent, but every gasp in was forced out of me. I held onto the sink for dear life as Dama pummelled my channel, steadily stroking me inside toward a mind-blowing orgasm. Building deep within, I feared the moment when the wave would crash. But I had no control over it, and ecstasy writhed up my body before I knew it. Tensing uselessly against my climax, I came hard, pushing back and fucking myself on his tool as he held still, letting my aching passage milk the cum out of him.

An annoying, clanging sound pulled me back to reality. I was completely lax in Dama's arms, but I tried hearing for the sound again as we waited for my breathing to return to normal.

"Sir? Do you need assistance?"

I bit back a yelp as Dama withdrew and stared at our eyes in the lavatory mirror. He was sure to see the panic in my eyes, the pleading I wouldn't dare think aloud.



It wasn't too hard locating gay bars in London, but Dama's brother had insisted he would only attempt this once. He would allow only one night to both choose and hunt his prey.

I wear pants when I have to around the woods, but the extra bulk of a shirt, belt, and shoes was a little more than I was comfortable with. Unfortunately for me, Dama had decided I would be in control while we were out. He left his hand on my back while I walked from the hotel at ten to the nearest of the clubs I'd picked; I could feel him listening in the back of my mind.

God this is fucking weird. I'm not gay. What if guys look at my junk?

Dama was silent, but I knew he was watching every part of me like a hawk. I consoled myself, flashing my ID at the bouncer, that if he were to talk to me, he'd say 'You are not gay. You are Shen.'

Not to sound like a complete dweeb, but I'm used to natural light, wood surrounds and no music. Stepping into this club was like walking through a loud neon trash can, curious eyes scanning me from head to toe and making their pre-emptive decisions. Suddenly I felt very self-conscious.

Pay attention.

A sharp pinch bit into my spine, making me lurch forward toward the bar. Grumbling to myself, I scanned the crowd. I hoped to hell I was looking casual leaning an elbow on the bar and cracked my neck before ordering a light beer. The barman was friendly and I wondered how many kegs he carried around each night.

"Hey, is that your Beemer on the street?"

I glanced beside me at the person touching my arm and speaking and almost fell over. The guy looked so young I was sure he was illegal.

"Uh, um, no, I didn't drive," I stuttered back over the noisy background music, shocked to be spoken to, let alone speaking myself.

"Oh, you're not English?"

I shook my head. Fuck, fuck, fuck, what do I say? Dama turned my head to the beer in my hand and I eagerly took the hint and faked a swig from it. "No, just visiting for a few days," I replied once I'd given myself a few seconds to think.

"Oh, right? You here alone?"

I nodded and pretended to drink more beer. "Yeah, I'm um, just..." Fuck what do I say!? "Exploring."

"Oh, that's cool," the boy said, grinning wide for a reason I had dire suspicions about. "I'm John," he continued, sticking a skinny hand out for me to shake. "I'm here with a few friends. We usually hit this place before Hammerhead. You heard of it?"

"No," I said again, shaking my head. I couldn't pretend to drink again, he'd notice the beer wasn't going down; I'd lost my excuse not to talk.

"It's great, beats this place. But the drinks are cheaper here," he continued, perplexing me. Was I being hit on? Or was I hitting on him? Fuck, I had no idea what I was doing and ran my hand through my hair. "Hey, if you're not with anyone, why don't you come hang with us? We've got a table at the back, there," he said, pointing with one hand and touching my arm with the other again.

Something roiled in the pit of my stomach. Dama wanted me to go with John, but not for him. We both agreed that this boy wouldn't make a long-lasting meal for an incubus.

"Sure, I'm gonna get myself another drink though, what're you guys drinking? My round."

Oh, god, do gay guys call themselves 'guys'? What if I've just offended him? It didn't look like it from his excited expression, and he told me a round of beers would be cool. I held back a sigh of relief when he ordered for me, glad to be handing over the cash that Dama had supplied me with. John helped me carry the bottles through the dance-floor and my eyes skirted the bodies dancing to see if I could find anyone with more muscle and a few more years' experience in their eyes.

Suddenly we were standing in front of a table of a group of guys, John handing beers around, and I bit my tongue, doing the same and checking out faces as I did.

"Hey guys, this is... Oh shit, sorry, what's your name again?"

I gave him a confused look for a second. What do I call myself? Shen? Mark? Just thinking my old name made me feel like I had a bad taste on my tongue and I frowned at myself in annoyance.

"Don't tell us you've forgotten, mate," one of them joked, and I broke out of my idiotic looking silence to give him a smile.

"Maybe he's gonna make one up," laughed another.


"Wow, that is too weird to make up," John commented, pointing at a chair for me to sit in.

"Chinese word for a divine state of consciousness, very cool," an impressed voice quipped, and I turned my head to the direction it came from. Everyone else was nodding along with the one who'd spoken. He was young and lean like John and though I immediately dismissed him, I felt Dama's attention still drawn to him.

"Oh? But you're not Chinese, right?"

"Looks more Egyptian."

"Or Turkish."

"What?" Had I heard right?

"Shen, this is Nate, Luke, James and Sean," John interrupted, pointing at each friend as he called their names. "Be nice, he bought this round."

Each of them raised his beer bottle or smiled at me as he was introduced, but it was Luke who had my attention. I hadn't a clue what the name Dama had given me meant, I didn't even know it had a meaning until he'd spoken up. My dark man was still watching Luke from the corner of our eyes and I cracked my neck again. It seemed like he'd already decided for us, but I wanted more 'intel' before I agreed. Unfortunately, Luke was sitting across the table. Making conversation was going to be hard.

"So what do you do, Shen?"

Or not.

"I, uh, well actually I don't work anymore. I guess I'm retired," I realised out loud, chuckling as I said it. I'd considered asking Dama where he'd gotten the cash for the trip, the cabin, for everything, but thought better of it and kept my mouth shut.

"Serious? Fuckin' 'ell, you can buy the rest of the drinks tonight," Nate or Sean joked.

"And tell us your secret," the other one laughed to a round of cheers.

As the night wore on, though, I did end up buying most of the drinks and we never made it to Hammerhead; much to John's obvious disappointment, Dama kept my focus on Luke the whole night. As soon as he deemed the group inebriated enough from my generosity, my incubus took over and laid the moves on poor Luke, big time.

Like a student, I watched from where Dama had been perched earlier behind our eyes as he moved closer. He moved so close I could see the guy's pupils expand and contract around his dark brown irises. Flattering and complimenting him, touching him fleetingly and flirting; I swear I could almost taste Luke's excitement. I barely noticed we were alone until we left the club, the cool night air hitting our flushed cheeks. Luke was buzzing from the beer and apparently quite happy to let us casually wrap an arm around his waist as we walked the lamp-lit streets.

Shen, I must find my brother. Take him to the room at the hotel.

"We're staying just up the street, there," I said immediately, silently telling Dama he better be damn sure about this guy before his presence left me feeling small and alone.

"You're staying at the Ritz? Fucking serious?" Luke whistled low, obviously impressed.

Hey, I may have been living under a rock for the last few months, but even I'm not oblivious to the name 'The Ritz'. I looked up the street and nodded.

"Yeah, I guess that'd be it," I murmured, pissed with Dama for picking some place so extravagant it would intimidate any poor bastard. "You wanna come up?" I asked, trying to sound nonchalant and yet completely shocked at myself.

Where the hell did that come from? How fucking obvious! What kind of idiot would say yes to that? The aroma of hair product hit my nose as Luke rested his head on my shoulder and let out a breathy beer scented sigh.


Oh right, a drunk kind of idiot.


Fumbling in my pocket for the card and key I needed to get back into the hotel, I disregarded the annoyed look the doorman gave us and guided Luke straight for the lifts. As soon as the doors closed, he was on me, all grabbing hands and slurpy kisses and it took all my self-control not to shudder or vomit.

"Wait, wait," I panted, pulling back and keeping him at arm's length.

"I'm sorry, I just, I wanted to do that all night," he replied huskily and blushing all the while.

Oh fuck me, where was my nightmare man when I needed him? There was a pain growing in my chest like someone was swinging off my ribs and I had to stop myself from telling Luke to stay the fuck away from me. I wanted Dama to come back and take over and not make me have to deal with this, but it wasn't going to happen. I had to do something or the guy was going to think I was an asshole.

"It's alright," I said, grabbing his arms and pulling him back to hug my side. "Just wait til we get inside first."

I was thankful nobody was walking the hallway because Luke had a death-grip on my package and wasn't letting up, not even while I unlocked the door. As soon as I conquered the lock he tried to maul me again, but I ducked away after a few seconds of lip-mashing to pour him the strongest drink I could from the bar.

"Are you trying to get me drunk?" He asked with a pout as I handed him a double scotch, neat with one hand and rubbed the middle of my chest with the other. I knew Luke was sharp, but I really needed him to lighten the fuck up. No, what I needed was for Dama to come back with his fucking brother so I could offload this fucking guy onto him. "You're being weird, Shen," he continued slowly, swigging half the drink back. "You lead me on but now you look like you're about to freak."

"I'm not about to freak," I retorted, turning away, kicking off my shoes angrily and indulging a grimace at the immovable pain. "You've got no idea."

He must have finished his glass because a whiff of scotch flew past my ear before his arms wrapped around me.

"Gimme one, then."

"Yeah, I'll give you one," I muttered, turning back around to lock my unwilling wrists behind his back and glare into his glazed brown eyes. "Tonight you're going to get fucked so hard and long, you'll never be the same."

Instead of looking afraid, Luke's glazing eyes took on a needy lust as though what I'd just said was the biggest turn on in the world.


I could feel an alien heat and anger rising in my body. This little shit was challenging me and suddenly all I could think of was to do exactly what any hungry incubus in my position would do. I wanted to fuck him until he screamed my name and begged me for more.

Urged on by the images my mind was providing, I seized him by the arms and took command of his mouth, forcing him to submit to the demands of my lips. He was already moaning in response, and while I assaulted his tongue, sucking and inhaling his breaths, he grew weak at the knees, unable to breathe.

Enough, Shen. Let him go.

I growled into the mouth I was possessing but I felt a grip on my shoulders pulling me back and away from Luke's trembling body. Without thinking, I'd pushed him back onto the bed and had climbed up to lean over him, but Dama had me by the shoulders and kept pulling me away. I watched through a red haze while I obediently retreated as Luke began slowly writhing on the bedding. His hands came up to wrap around something invisible near his face and I realised the other incubus had come back with mine and was taking over where I'd left off.

Dama moved us to a high backed couch and proceeded to re-enter my body with a merciless vengeance. I wanted to scream as my whole being was shredded and ripped apart but my mouth was stifled by the sudden intrusion of his cock.

"Drink, Shen."

Fuck, yes! Anything to end this torture of peeling skin and bleeding out. His cock shifted and plunged deep down my throat, making me gag instantly. Tears went streaming down my temples as I choked while being bent backwards. He thrust erratically and then suddenly hot cum burst forth and went rushing down my struggling throat. As it passed down my oesophagus to my stomach, Dama's essence soothed away the acid searing my ribs. I numbly wondered if it was being separated or kissing Luke that had hurt us. I hadn't felt this gut wrenching pain since the 'baked bean incident', even though I knew it wasn't even half as bad as that had been.


Wait, no... I could already feel myself drifting, but the warm, itchy feeling had started inside me. I couldn't think to beg for more before Dama repeated his command to sleep.

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