tagGay MalePossessed by a Dream Ch. 06

Possessed by a Dream Ch. 06


Author's Note:

I'm a chapter hoarder. This and following writing submitted by me will remain self-edited for the time being.


Fingers tracing up the side of my body woke me with a tickling sensation and I was relieved to feel Dama's warm presence surrounding me again. I felt loose and sore and figured he'd fucked me every way I would've wanted while I'd slept. We lay there together for a while, as usual me wrapped in his arms, him gazing our half closed eyes at the sunlight pouring in through the window. When I got my head back on straight, though, I began to worry about Luke. I needed to see him to make sure he was alive at the very least.

"You will not like what you see."

Doesn't matter, I need to know he's okay, I thought, looking over the side of the couch for my pants.

"He is not okay."

When I pulled my pants on and approached the bed, I realised Dama was right on both accounts. I didn't like what I saw, and Luke was definitely not okay. Naked and tangled in the sheets, his skin was pale but slick with sweat. His eyes rolled around in their sockets, he gripped and released the sheets sporadically, and he seemed victim to invisible sensation. His mouth was open wide but no sounds came out, and I realised why: the incubus was still working itself into him, flooding him with its essence and drinking everything of him in. Luke grunted and moaned and I turned away, knowing the demon was drawing yet another orgasm out of him.

Oh god, I can't, I can't watch. I wanted to fall to my knees and cry for him, it was all I could do, I knew I was helpless. I knew the feeling of being pushed over that precipice of shattering pleasure/ pain only to fall into an ocean of it and drown. Tell him to stop and let him rest, I pushed at Dama as hot tears welled in our eyes. He's not going anywhere, but he'll die if he doesn't stop. If my nightmare man really felt what I felt, then he'd feel the wretchedness and guilt that was washing through me at that moment. Please, please, please do something! This was my fault, all my fault! How could I offer to help fuck up some poor bastard's life? Why couldn't I have insisted we stay away from all this shit?

"If I tell him to stop now, the human will experience this for much longer."

I didn't care; Luke was going to lose the battle anyway, the least I could do was give him some time to what, get used to being permanently inhabited by a demon? I was forcing us to watch Luke as he struggled futilely against another orgasm. I could feel myself getting worked up and losing control and knew watching was only going to make my own state worse. Dama was silent - which made the build-up of my freak-out jump up to a whole new level of bad. A pain in my chest stole my breath away and I almost fell on the straining body but managed to steady myself on the edge of the bed.

A low rumble ran through the room and I honestly couldn't say if it was me, Dama or his brother. I was panting, clutching at my chest when I felt Dama's warmth come straight at me and melt into me, easing the cramps away. I had worked myself up so much I hadn't even realised he'd left my body again.

You have been given until sunset, but this will be the only disruption. He will not relinquish his claim again.

Nodding, I watched, feeling incredibly grateful and wondering what Dama had said to convince his brother to back off, as Luke's contorted form relaxed back down and sank into the mattress. His body free of every invisible thing that had been invading it, he sucked in ragged breaths, already passed out. Breathing a sigh of relief, I pulled the twisted up sheets from under his shivering form and laid them over him.

I'm gonna let him sleep for a bit.

I could feel Dama's confusion, but he didn't question me. I felt his trust that I knew what I was doing so I tried not to reveal how unsure I was. His hand was warm at the small of my back again, and the touch soothed me a bit more. His relief was echoed from mine; feeling my panic and guilt rolling through us so hard and fast couldn't have been comfortable.

The sheets were soaked through with sweat, but I climbed over the covers and sat up against the bed-head and watched Luke sleep. I hoped, as Dama ran invisible fingertips across my collarbones, that he was going to wake refreshed but figured he wouldn't. I could remember little bits of those first few days when my world was turned upside down; when my nightmare man stole everything I knew and gave me a new reality to live in. I remembered waking late and feeling exhausted all day and getting no real energy back from sleeping. My thoughts fell on my old apartment and the fat fuck who'd lived next door and kept me up with his death metal alarm clock.


I hummed in response only to realise I'd fallen asleep and had slunk down in the bed until I was lying on my side right next to Luke. And fuck, he was staring at me. I couldn't place the look in his dazed brown eyes - somewhere between defeated, lost, confused or betrayed - but I was sure I looked like I'd just been sprung.

"Hey," I muttered feebly, rubbing my eyes in an attempt to hide from his stare. "You okay?"

Luke's eyes slowly drifted down to his chest. He seemed to be considering my question for a little too long, and then he finally shook his head.

"I feel... drained. I think I had a bad dream," he muttered, swallowing hard and bringing a shaky hand up to massage his throat. "What happened?"

I sympathised.

"Wasn't a dream," I replied softly, to which he looked at me with confusion again. "It really happened, Luke," I offered, wincing in anticipation of the inevitable bad reaction.


A flicker of fear entered his eyes but was quickly lost in firm denial.

I pushed the point. "I'm not fucking with you. Everything you think you dreamed really happened."

Again fear widened his eyes. "No... W-what did you do to me? What did you give me?"

Fuck, this was going to be harder than I thought. Dama wasn't going to be any help, he didn't understand why I was even having this conversation. But something told me his dick of a brother wasn't going to be as forthcoming with Luke as he'd been with me.

"Did he speak to you?" I asked, ignoring Luke's questions. "Did he tell you he wanted your essence?"

"What's going on?" Luke tried to pull back but had no strength to back away more than an inch from me.

"Did he tell you to drink?" I pressed, crossing my fingers.

Luke opened his mouth to say something but his expression fell and only a soft 'yes' came out.

"And you had to, didn't you," I continued, already seeing the truth in his frightened eyes. "You had to do what he told you, didn't you, Luke?"

"Shen... I feel sick. Am I going to die?"

I couldn't feel worse for the guy, but Dama had picked him for a reason, and I figured his sharp mind was a big part of it.

"No, you're not going to die. That's why we're here." I tried to sound gentle and soothing, but hearing you'd die if some fucker who'd picked you up and put you in this potentially fatal situation weren't here wasn't something you'd find soothing.

"We?" Luke looked around us from where he lay.

"Um, you won't see him. Well, not yet." Will he see you? I asked, turning to my silent shadow.

Dama shrugged our shoulders. "I do not know. I have not witnessed this before."

"What?" Luke's attention was drawn back to me and I smirked at how crazy that had just looked.

Hiding in the forest was a good idea. "Sorry, he usually does the talking. Dama," I went on, anticipating the question. "I'm..." Possessed? Mental? Playing house with a demon? Incubus food? "Wow, this is complicated."

Luke said nothing, but his features were becoming livelier. I needed him calm and sedentary but his eyes were starting to dart here and there, probably thinking about clothes and running, I figured.

"Shen is sharing his body with an incubus. You are being transformed by an incubus so that you will be able to share your body with one as well."

Fuck, Dama! Do you even know what subtlety means!?

"No, no way. I'm outta here, fucking psycho!" Luke managed to fling the sheet off himself but wasn't fast enough to get out of bed before Dama had him pinned down.

"Think about it, Luke," I begged, scrabbling my brain to work as fast as his could while Dama held his wrists down. "Remember last night, after I pushed you on the bed. You saw me walking backwards, right? You remember what happened then?"

"No, I was drunk, it was you. You fucking put something in my drink!" He burst out. "Let me go or I'll scream!"

"It wasn't me. It was an incubus, you just couldn't see him. The sex was unbelievable, wasn't it? And when you wanted it to stop it just kept going; you felt like you were being sucked dry, right?"

Luke kept furiously shaking his head, but it wasn't denial anymore. "No!"

"You asked me if you were going to die. Come on, Luke. You know this is real. You know what happened to you wasn't a dream. C'mon man, think about it. You honestly gonna tell me you don't believe it?"

"No, I won't. It's insane, you're mad..."

He will not deny it if I show him.

I knew what Dama meant and the change in my expression must have stumped Luke.

"He says he wants to show you," I said softly, cringing. I'd already agreed without uttering a word, Dama would be able to feel my acceptance. "Fuck, shit. Fuck, this is going to be embarrassing. Don't watch."


Letting go of the hold we had on Luke's wrists, I sat on my calves between his legs and was pulled back into Dama's arms. He held me in a backwards embrace impossible to hold on my own and I heard Luke gasp. I closed my eyes; I couldn't stand being seen like this.

"Drink, Shen."

My head swam and I obediently opened my mouth and felt the spongey head of his cock slip into my mouth. Sealing my lips around the swollen mushroom cap, I sucked and slid my tongue around his cock, moaning as it grew in my mouth, rewarding my efforts by nudging past my gag reflex. His member twitched and flexed and I swallowed his warm seed and felt him pull the pants I'd hastily put on down my legs to my ankles. Moaning appreciatively as he grasped and stroked my hardening length and pinched the tip of my cock, I focussed on the sensations and mental image of Dama's dark hands on my weeping flesh. I kept swallowing, knowing I'd very soon be feeling the familiar tingling itch spread out from my stomach to my ass, zoning in on my hot spot. Lying back, I rested my back on Dama's chest. To Luke's eyes, I imagined I'd be lying on thin air, rising and falling with my invisible demon's breathing. The guy was silent, and I wondered blindly if he was even still here or whether he'd run for his life.

Open your eyes and see.

I grunted an imperceptible 'no' as Dama's cock pressed at my sphincter, but curiosity got the better of me. Opening my eyes as narrowly as I could, I looked directly into Luke's amazed expression at the same moment Dama simultaneously pinched my sensitive nipples and thrust completely into my tight channel, shattering my world. More grunts of dissent and need streamed out of my muffled mouth as Dama thrust into my passage, rubbing against my prostate, sending sparks of electricity out to my jutting member. Pulling the sated cock out of my mouth, he kept moving quick and deep inside me, racing us both toward climax.

When I came it was like fire burst out of my cock and burned up my body and a strangled cry fell out of my mouth before I could stop it. Dama followed, sucking my cum from my throbbing member as he flooded me with more of his hot seed, making me whimper in response to the heat of his essence. My whole body was buzzing and he lay me down so I could rest on the mattress next to Luke.

"I didn't think you'd be a bottom," Luke said quietly when I finally stirred.

Blushing and frowning, I looked at the window to see there was still some light left in the sky. Definitely not to avoid the idiot's smirk.

"Neither did I. I'm not gay."

"Sure looked that way," he retorted, snorting as he struggled to sit up and wrap his arms around his knees. "So your demon... Incubus... He'd stop me from trying to get help, not that I could right now," he added, frowning to himself.

I nodded. "I'd consider it a favour if you stayed put for a while."

"Whatever. I'm hungry. Can I order dinner?"

The fingers massaging the base of my neck stopped at once. No, Dama pushed firmly.

"No," I repeated, not feeling sorry for the little shit at all, looking calm as day. "We don't eat food anymore."


"Interferes with their essence," I said, yawning. "If you're hungry, tell your incubus. He'll fix you up."

"Seriously? Oh. Oh. Right. Think I'll pass. Can I have water?"

"No. And you're not going to be passing for long. Dama said he'd be back at sunset."

"For more...?" Luke's voice dropped to a mutter and I rolled off my back and onto my side to face him. "I can't do this Shen. I've got family, friends. I want to live my life. I didn't ask for this, I don't want it."

"Yeah, I know. I didn't want it either, Luke. I didn't ask for it, I didn't get a choice and I didn't have someone to talk to about it."

Luke seemed to think on what I'd said. I must have looked like a really eager participant not so long ago. Well, you would too if you lived on a steady diet of incubus cum.

"I'm really thirsty," he said finally. "What'll happen if I drink something?"

I was tempted to smack him. "It'll hurt more than anything has ever hurt in your whole life. Oh, and you might die but if you don't, he'll be royally pissed and he'll make you pay."

"Right." Luke leaned back against the headboard. "And you know this... how?"

"One mouthful of baked beans almost killed us," I replied, shuddering despite myself. "Take my advice, Luke. Don't do it."

His head cocked to the side as he regarded me in all my naked, sprawled glory. "Why are you here? What're you, like a demon ambassador?"

"Yeah, first one ever, why, you want the job?" I scoffed. "Nah. I volunteered because I didn't want to hear the fucker copy-catting us killed the poor bastard he picked up."

"Fucker... You're talking about the thing that attacked me? Doesn't being called a 'fucker' piss him - it - off?"

I nodded. "Honestly, I don't give a shit. He's a cold fucking asshole, and I don't envy you in the least."

"Then why did you pick me?"

"I didn't pick you. I didn't do much talking last night, I just paid for the drinks."

"That's why you weren't drinking! And I thought you were bipolar or something! But you, you really have a... a..."

"Bingo." I yawned again as I sat up. I wanted a shower and I wanted some decent sleep. I wanted Dama to take over and give the guy a good talking to, to keep him in bed until his new room-mate showed up. And I wanted him to shut up and accept his fate already, no matter how crappy it was turning out to be.

You didn't.

Okay, that stung, even if it was true. I can't help it, I'm tired, I've done more in the last day than I have in the last month and I really want a fucking shower.

Dama took over without any further discussion, pushing me aside and getting out of bed. I would've been indignant and told him where to shove it if I'd had the energy, but I was just too goddamn tired.

"What shall I say?"


Dama ignored Luke as he stood with our back to him, staring our eyes at the old style wallpaper.

I dunno, just scare him a bit into behaving. Tell him the more he fights, the longer it'll take and the worse the pain... I dunno, Dama, you're the demon, pain is your deal, I grumbled, ready for us to disappear into the bathroom.

Slowly, we turned around and Dama stalked to Luke's side of the bed in a few strides. I was impressed, Luke backed up, already looking pensive.

"His essence is within you, I see it," he said, leaning down and glaring at him with our eyes. "You can no longer be free of him. There is no reason to resist him anymore. You will only increase the agony you are in and die before your joining can be complete."

Luke's mouth dropped open. "Dharma?"


"Why me?"


Dama stood straight again. "I do not understand."

Don't tell him it's just because he's young and strong enough to survive the process. Give him a bit of hope to hold onto.

"Why did he choose me? Why me? Why not someone else?"

"You are... special."


"Oh..." Luke looked down and bit his lip and then raised his head again. He was behaving far too energetic as far as I was concerned. I could only hope the incubus would fix that when he returned, whenever that was going to be. "Hey, does he, the other incubus I mean, does he have a name?"

"Humans have a strange obsession with naming each other," Dama said, giving us both a queer look. "He does not have one, he does not need one."

"But you have one," Luke argued, frowning.

"Shen gave me this name."

"He did? Why isn't he talking now?"

Because I'm fucking tired and I'm well and truly done with playing nice to anyone, I snarled back.

"Shen is resting. He does not often speak and act of his own accord and has been in control more today than he is accustomed to."


"Oh, okay. Am I going to um, not speak and act of my own accord, either?"

Dama was starting to grow tired and impatient, too. Something needs to be said for living in each other's heads. It's quieter, for starters.

"My brother will share your body, he will not own it. How you share your body will be up to you. You should rest. He will return very soon."

"Oh, okay. Can I, um, is it okay if I take a shower?"

"Where will you take it?"

Fuck no! That hot water has my fucking name on it! Mother-fucking-little-cocksucker-piece-of-

"Rest, Shen."


"Wake, Shen."

I really didn't want to. I didn't want to wake up and I didn't want to deal. I wanted my old, hard mattress, I wanted my cabin in the woods, and I wanted out of London. Now.

A pinch in the middle of my spine made my body jerk awake, and as soon as the rest of my senses followed suit, I knew something was wrong. Really 'calm before the storm' wrong, only it seemed like I'd slept through the calm part.

The air in the hotel room had thickened and become hot. I could literally hear and feel the build-up of static electricity snapping at the carpets and curtains. There was a terrible vibration soaking into every piece of furniture and I was filled with an intense fear that something very bad was about to happen. Fumbling for the pants Dama had left hanging on the arm of the couch, I pulled on one leg and half-hopped, half-ran as I got the other leg through to the bed where Luke had curled himself into a ball, locking his arms around his legs while he bawled his eyes out.

What the hell's going on!?

"Fear. He has not felt this before and does not like it."

No shit he doesn't like it. So he's what, flooding the room with it!?

"Shen, do not fear. I will protect you."

That was reassuring, not. Mr Happy-Pants-Find-Me-A-Meal was learning about fear from the poor bastard he was consuming. He must have had an idea that filling the room with his angry vibes was only going to make things worse. A hair-raising ripple of static electricity moved over us, making me shudder.

What can I do? He's the one who's scared Luke, it's his fault. He has to fix it.


Are you kidding me...? I frowned at Luke's sobbing form, shivering and shaking. Give the guy a fucking hug. Tell him it's gonna be alright. He needs reassurance, this is too much to understand in one day, let alone accept.

I could tell from his silence that Dama was confused. Fucking simpleton. I tried another tactic.

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