tagGay MalePossessed by a Dream Ch. 07

Possessed by a Dream Ch. 07


The room was hot, I could feel beads of sweat rolling down my back. Beside me, Luke still sniffled and shook but I didn't have the guts to touch him.

"Please let me go."

I gave Luke's pleading eyes a furtive glance but pussied out quick and fidgeted with the corner of the sheet. Fuck, his eyes had changed colour. Already.

"I can't, Luke. It's too late for that." I muttered bitterly, not daring to wonder how brutal the night had been for him.

"I don't want this. I'm scared. He's evil, he said he's going to destroy me and that my body'll serve him forever-"

Forever? Dama had said nothing about 'forever' and I'd never had the brain to give it much thought.

"-He hurts me. Every time he just takes what he wants. It feels like he's ripping me apart. Please, Shen, help me."

Luke's pleas pulled my attention back and I sat there hating myself; hating what I'd become; hating that, though I'd been tricked into this life, I was a willing participant. I was an accessory to kidnapping, a sidekick to the destruction of a life.

"If you don't accept him, you'll die," I said blankly.

"I'd rather die," Luke replied just as blankly. "All he wants is control. I'll disappear. I'll never be able to talk or move or be me again."

His tone was heart-breaking, but the last thing I could do was comfort him. What could I say? That I'd physically changed and was unrecognisable? How could I sell looking like a sexy bronzed God when he'd become a hermit without a desire to speak or be spoken to. How was that going to help him?

"He doesn't have the power to control you completely," I offered, but Luke's desperation was reaching fever pitch, he wouldn't listen to reason - not that I'd call this reason.

"Yes he does. He's stronger than me, he's going to kill me!"

"He can't kill you, Luke, get it through your head!" I snapped, getting up. I was already sick of coddling him. His self-pitying was making me indignant and insulted that he hadn't listened to a word Dama and I had said to him. "He needs you to survive, he needs to learn that hurting you hurts him."

Speaking of hurting, my heart was beating a little harder than necessary and my ribs were beginning to ache like someone had thrown a football too fast to catch. My only current blessing seemed to be that the room didn't feel as hot as it'd been. Where-ever Dama had gone, he'd taken cranky-pants with him.

"He doesn't care about pain, Shen, it doesn't matter to him as long as he gets what he wants out of me."

I sighed heavily, rubbing at the sore spot in my chest. "He will when he realises the reason he's in pain is because you are. He's not stupid, Luke. He just doesn't understand feelings the way you and I do. Took Dama a while, too. Hey," I said, poking his shoulder. "Want a shower? You'll feel better."

At this, Luke only looked at me like he was about to burst into tears again. "I can't... I can't, f-feel my legs!" He sobbed, and suddenly everything made sense in an evil, twisted way.

No wonder he was freaking out, thinking he was being taken over. Fucking incubus. I was willing to bet the idiot hadn't broken Luke's back, he'd just done something to stop the poor bastard from being able to run away. I remembered Dama's words about giving me some of his power before leaving me, but I figured I could probably pick him up even if he hadn't.

"Come on," I pressed, determined not to give into guilt for a while. "I'll carry you."

Not taking his pathetic and insecure 'no, don't touch me' for an answer, I pushed my arms under his body and hefted him up off the bed in one easy movement. I ignored that his clammy hands were locked behind my neck and his shivering, naked body was pressed against my chest and carried him to the bathroom. The shower stood over a bath-tub, and as gently as I could, I sat him in it.

"I think a bath's gonna be easier," I said more to myself. "And don't worry about your legs," I added, ignoring his incredulous look and turning taps. "He's just been a sneaky bastard and fooled your nerve endings."

Luke sniffled pitifully and stared at me with his big blue eyes. "I'm not going to be stuck like this?"

I chuckled, checking the temperature was okay before sitting back on the lid of the toilet. "Nah, it's like when Dama uses his power to command me to do something. Rest, Shen. Wake, Shen. Drink, Shen. Twirl around like a fucking ballerina, Shen."

Finally a small smile broke out on Luke's face, making me relax a little.

"Does he ever hurt you?" He asked, and I knew he wanted me to tell him my incubus was just like his incubus.

"Not really, to be honest. Sometimes, but usually only when I do something really stupid, like try to eat food. I accidentally swallowed water in the shower a few weeks ago. Just did it without thinking. Fucking dick made me throw it up then bent me over before I was ready for it. He'll learn, Luke," I said, seeing his expression darken again as I turned off the taps. "He'll learn about fear and pain the hard way when he fucks up with you. And he'll try to fix it, just like Dama did."

"How did Dama fix it?"

"Well..." I rubbed my sore ribs again, feeling acid reflux travel its speedy corrosion up my oesophagus. "I didn't have the... friends... you have. I guess before all this, you could say I was a homophobe. Didn't know any gays, didn't want to. Worked on the docks, and sure as shit no one there was a homo. So, yeah. When Dama came and started fucking me every way impossible I freaked out, so," I said shrugging and glad Luke was focussing on using his wash cloth, "he did too. Every bit of fear and shame I felt, he felt. So he fixed it. Put me to sleep for, I dunno, a week? Then travelled across country a couple hundred miles and settled us down in a cabin, the middle of nowhere."

This pain in my chest was starting to get to me. I couldn't remember how long Dama had left me alone last time, but I was sure it was longer than now. But maybe it wasn't. Panic began gnawing at the edge of my mind but I settled for rubbing the middle of my ribs again.

"What's wrong with your chest?"

"Uh..." Play it cool. "Dama's off with his brother, trying to settle him down, so..."

"So he's not here? Neither of them are? Shen, we can run for it, we can get out of here!"

The desperate hope in Luke's expression stumped me. I thought we'd made a little progress but apparently I was kidding myself. Unfortunately for him, so was Luke. I felt like beating my head against a brick wall. How was I going to explain to him that he was stuck with that prick of a demon; that they were together, never to be parted?

"I told you, it's too late, Luke," I muttered, rubbing my eyes.

A sharp pain stabbed right through my chest, making me double over and gasp. I saw see stars and not the good kind, which gave Luke the opportunity to fumble around with the plug and get himself hoisted up onto the lip of the bath-tub. I focussed on the belief that Dama had left me with his power and banished the worst of the pain. I felt it persist though, I could feel a seizure on the horizon and nothing to stop it hitting me full force.

"Stay there," I growled, pointing him still on the edge of the bath and struggling to my feet.

A hand mirror sat on the bathroom vanity and I picked it up in shaking hands. Without looking at him, I thrust it into his hands and sat back on the lid of the toilet, holding onto the sides for dear life.


"Look at yourself," I managed to say, before a debilitating cramp sparked up the right side of my back.

Dama, come back, I need you!

"What... what the fuck! What happened to my eyes! What the fuck is this!?"

"Told you," I grunted through gritted teeth.

Another cramp bit into me, making me contort uncontrollably where I sat.

"Why are my eyes different!?"

"Only my eyes stayed the same," I replied hastily before another stabbing pain shot through my chest.

"Shen... are you okay?"

I was so very not okay. I couldn't hold back the cramps anymore and fell onto the ground, spasming hard and hitting every sharp object in the bathroom. Luke must have dropped the mirror because the sound of breaking glass shattered my ear drums. I bit back a scream at the piercing shards echoing in my ears and crunching under my head, but I knew I had very little time left. Dama wasn't here and the excruciating pain was smashing my body to smithereens.


Have you ever been so dehydrated that when you finally drank water, it hurt every part of you, as though all the water you gulped down was pushing through your dried up veins, all at once? I was free-falling, and Dama was sweeping my broken body around and around. We fell, spiralling downwards until we hit the bathroom floor and the agony of him flooding my veins made me scream until my throat dried and all that came out was a thin rasp.

He was failing; trying to join us back together again was killing me, I could feel my body rejecting him at every joint of bone, every sinew of muscle. I couldn't take it anymore, it was too much pain. I wanted us to be together but not at this cost, not in this pit of never-ending agony he was drowning us in.

Stay with me, Shen.

I heard his beckon and for the first time I couldn't. I couldn't bear this, not for him and not for me. Giving up and giving in was best for both of us, we'd fought to stay together too hard and too long. Falling back into oblivion, I let my dark man go, and let nothingness swallow me whole.


Shen not only hit the floor, the guy was so stiff, he made the floor tiles crack on impact. He was seizing up like all his bones were breaking at once, and there was nothing I could do about it. I forgot instantly about the shock of seeing my normally brown eyes turned blue as he screamed like I'd never heard anyone scream before. Shivers were running up my arms at the horrific sound but I was helpless and legless; I couldn't do anything for him.

For the first time since I'd been tricked into letting an incubus have their way with me, I wanted him back. I needed him to give me back my legs, I needed to help Shen; he and Dharma were the only ones who had the kindness to shed any light on what was happening to me, and I couldn't be found paralyzed with a dead man on the bathroom floor.

"Come back, come back, please come back," I repeated the words like a mantra, amazed at the sound of myself and at the same time trying to ignore the fact that I was beckoning back the demon that had delighted in my pain.

Shen's screams stopped and a resounding silence rang out in the small bathroom. He was still, his body relaxed and his skin paling at a frightening pace. Tears were spilling down my cheeks to my chin at the sight of him when I finally felt a whoosh of warm air fly into the room, instantly making it hot and humid. Before I could beg him not to touch me, the incubus put his hand on my head, and then suddenly Shen was gone. Not 'picked up and carried out of the bathroom' gone, I mean 'disappeared into thin air' gone. I stared at the cracked white tiles he'd been rolling around on in amazement.

"Where did he go?"

My brother has taken him to the underworld plane.

I sat stumped for the second time in less than two seconds. First, because I'd been speaking to myself and not expected the demon who'd insisted he was going to eat me whole and spit out the bones to say something calm and forthcoming back, and second because he'd just said 'underworld plane'.

"Is he, is Shen going to die?"

He is already dead.


This knowledge upsets you. Why?

"'Cause he's dead! Can't you do anything?"

Why should I?

Damn that cold tone! For the first time, though, his callousness didn't shake me. I wasn't afraid of him, even if he was eating me whole, even if he'd paralysed my legs, even if he'd tormented me endlessly. I was right pissed.

"Because he helped you! He helped me!" I yelled, determined to ignore my own dire situation. "We have to do something! We can't just let him die!"

I do not care if they die.

"Well I do," I seethed, "and if I do, then you have no choice but to as well."

If you drink my essence you will not care anymore, either.

"If you force me to drink your essence, I will hate you forever," I challenged, shaking with anger.

The demon growled low, obviously unhappy with my sudden acquisition of a spine.

Fear, pain, or sorrow. Make your choice.


You waste time. Choose one.

My mind raced, what did I have to choose one for? Was he going to torture me more? Which was least bad of those three?

Before I got the chance to say another word, a wave of nausea rolled around in my head.


The room began to spin and darken and feeling was returned to my legs. I would have cried with relief except I was suddenly lying on my back on the bed. Only it wasn't the bed I'd been prisoner of, it was much larger and made of stone. In fact when I realised this, I realised also that the whole room had changed. What had been a cosy hotel room had transformed into a cavern, dimly lit by sconces nailed into stone. My back ached at the sudden unyielding texture of the slab of stone while my mind tried to register the strangeness of this place.

I moved to sit up, only to discover I was being held down by an invisible force. When I called out, not a sound was made. Only the crackle of the wall-torches echoed and I shivered at the cold, dank atmosphere. Out of the corner of my eyes, I spotted something coming toward me and tried unsuccessfully to move. The black shape approached closer and I realised with horror it was a demon. Was it my demon? It was a tower of pure muscle walking on shaggy, ragged hooves. Its skin was ink-black marbled white and shiny like an oil-slick. Its eyes were orbs of fire, and it let a forked tongue slither out from behind sharp, pointed teeth. It leered at me with its head cocked to the side, and I wondered why until I saw what was in its hand.

A club the size of a baseball bat, with circular indents covering the whole length of it was brought close to my face. The demon continued to smirk, ignoring my silent pleas, and slowly twisted the base of the club. I watched, my slight shiver turning to a horrible shaking as all the indents began to protrude fat spikes. He kept turning the base until the spikes were out all the way, almost the length of my fingers, metallic, sharp and then he pointed at my groin.

I shook my head as hard and fast as I could while he mimicked violent thrusting movements with the mace over top of me and then just as quickly he moved out of my view. Oh god, was he going to use that thing on me? He was going to kill me! I couldn't die like this!

I was screaming, infuriatingly silent as I felt my legs being spread apart and my ass-hole being exposed. Every part of me was desperately fighting a useless battle to get away from the demon and his torture device that would soon be shredding my insides into a bloody mess. The end of the club was pressed hard against my sphincter and I almost fainted from the sheer terror of what was going to happen to me.

Everything went black and deafening thunder crashed in my ears. Cold air blew up all around me, and suddenly I was weightless and falling. Forcing my eyes open, I found myself in the bath in the hotel room, only it was still not quite the hotel room I remembered. A heavy fog filled the room and I could see sparks of lightning arc around me but not much else. The marble-skinned demon was sitting on the lip of the bath in front of me, his hand still on my head and I sat there panting, wondering what the hell had happened, looking for the horrible torture device that had disappeared along with the cave.

"Breathe slowly. Your eyes will become accustomed."

For the first time that cold, melodic voice spoke to me from something I could see. The same demon tormenting me in the dank cave just seconds ago was now staring at me intently. His large hand still sat heavily on my head, and I stared at the soft focus fire in his eyes before shaking him off.

Clutching the sides of the tub, I realised I had feeling in my legs and immediately stood up. That was when I noticed through the thick haze the shape of a body on the bathroom floor. Shen lay pale and unmoving on the tiles. With one hand on the demon's arm to stay steady, I climbed out of the bath and was down on the floor beside him in a second. He wasn't breathing, he wasn't moving. A dark shadow moved forward from the corner while I wracked my brain to remember first aid. An arc of lightning snapped my shoulder, and I burst into action.


"Three one thousand, four one thousand, five one thousand. C'mon, Shen!"

Nuh-uh. No way. Fuck that. Let the pain have me, let it have all of me. I'm done fighting, I'm done living. Let me die, not existing is better than this.

My body had other plans and sucked in lungfuls of air I didn't want. No, no, no! I was already being stretched into my limbs though, and every part of my limp body was being pulled into Dama's arms. Through the bleary haze, I saw Luke kneeling over us, his new blue eyes staring at me with fear and hope. But I didn't want it. I didn't want to be seeing or living. I'd borne too much pain for one human to live with.

"Oh god, I can see him."

Luke's words registered with my mind. He was so close, I couldn't block him out. And I wanted to. I wanted to block everything out. It was too bright, hot and close altogether and I just couldn't deal with it.


Dama was using his commanding voice to send away the other two and I was so grateful they did I would've cried if I wasn't already. But my body remained still; even with the tears streaming down my face, I didn't move. I just lay lax, like a dead man, still waiting for death to actually come. Every breath was dry and searing as it came into my lungs, every tear was hot and acidic, burning my cheeks.

"Shen, come back to me."

Dama's command had no effect. I stared where my face was pointed, seeing everything my open eyes saw. But I was done. Overcooked. Burnt out. Defeated.

"Shen you are quiet. I do not like quiet. Please. I do not wish to feel this. Speak."

I didn't answer, not with words, not with thoughts. I had nothing to draw on to respond and instead let my silence be Dama's answer. As he picked me up off the floor, I turned my back on reality and retreated to the farthest, tiniest recess of myself.

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Umm... what?!?

I'm enjoying this story. Why didn't you finish it? You can't just leave it hanging like that.

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So, he's in a coma in the demon realm, and that's the ending?

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