tagBDSMPossessing Bella Ch. 22

Possessing Bella Ch. 22


Authors Note: Thank you once again to everyone who leaves comments and feedback on my writing, it is much appreciated. Thank you very much to Aisielynn who continues to my second set of eyes, she is a great friend to help me out so much. I hope you enjoy it. ~ellie


She had the most delicious dream, and tingles ran through her body each time an insistent unknown tongue swiped over her clit and cunt. She murmured sleepily and woke with a start as that tongue became teeth grazing over her clit. She squeaked in fright finding her legs were being held wide, and the insistent tongue and teeth were real. Her hands were loosely bound to the bedhead, and she couldn't lower them below her shoulders and a shadow loomed above her belly in the darkness.

"Relax little one," Rob's voice soothed, "You were so deeply asleep I decided to wake you up in the best way possible."

His head dipped down again, and she felt the drag of his tongue across her clit again making her moan with a croaky voice still filled with sleep. She was fully awake now and aware that she had been bound with soft scarves. His hand pressed down on her inner thighs opening her up completely to him as he expertly ate her. She hadn't felt this in such a long time, and she arched off the bed as he pushed two fingers into her hot slick cunt.

With his fingers fucking her, his teeth clamped around the base of her clit, and his tongue whipped it until she cried out begging for release. Unwilling to lift his head to answer, his free hand trailed up her body to her breast and he grabbed the nipple roughly, twisting it hard, pushing her over the edge until she was coming hard, her body quivering in spasms until he released her.

She lay panting as he moved up the bed, kissing her deeply. "Good morning, my sweet girl," he fed her his fingers, watching with lust filled eyes as she sucked them clean. "You even taste sweet," he murmured, his voice full of heat. He untied the scarves at her wrists and kissing her deeply again, pushed her down the bed to ease his raging cock that he had barely kept in check by putting her to bed the night before.

Bella squirmed down the bed as he rolled to his back. Leaning over him, she took his cock in one hand and lapped in long slow strokes over his balls and up the shaft of his cock, taking her time and getting to know the hot hard flesh of her master. She was suitably rewarded with his groans of pleasure and his hand twisting into her hair to encourage her exploration of him. She lapped and rolled her tongue around the head of his cock while one hand came up to gently massage his ball sack.

Taking just the head into her mouth, she fluttered her tongue underneath his cock along the large throbbing vein before sucking him deeper. His hand tightened in her hair, but he allowed her to move at her pace this time. She bobbed her head slowly, opening her throat and swallowing him a little more with each movement until she pressed her nose into his belly and she felt him thrust his hips up to ensure she had every last bit.

"Fuck! Fucking hot little cocksucker!" Rob growled loudly and, unable to stay passive any longer, he rolled to his side, taking her with him and trapping her between his legs. His hips began to thrust as he fucked her mouth, making her gag and gurgle in surprise until she relaxed to the rapid rhythm of his movements. It was only minutes, though it felt much longer to Bella, before he filled her mouth with cum.

Rob rolled to his back when he could no longer take any more of her sucking mouth on his softening cock. He pulled her up into his arms, kissing her deeply, tasting his cum and smiling. "The very best way to start the morning," Rob grinned at her and held her close.

"Thank you, Master," Bella said softly against his neck, making him smile. Perhaps she had learned more in her training than he had given those other masters credit for.

"Come, now that you have had the first course, the rest of your breakfast awaits," Rob said, rolling from the bed and walking out of the bedroom, expecting her to follow. She watched him curiously. She couldn't think of another time she had seen him fully naked, and the dim light didn't give her much detail about his physique. She wasted no time in following him.

He was walking to the kitchen as she moved around the corner from the small corridor leading to her bedroom. While not as toned and muscled as Stephen, he obviously looked after himself and it was difficult to gauge his age. She guessed the mid to late forties as Mel was, but she couldn't be sure.

"Is it just that you never tried coffee or that you don't like the taste?" Rob asked, returning to the table with some juice for her.

"I've never been keen on hot drinks of any description," Bella answered, "Not even soup unless it's more like a stew," she grinned. "My mother makes a type of minestrone you can stick a fork in and it will stay upright," she laughed.

"It's a healthier option, but loaded with sugar," Rob said. "We might have to look at a different brand in the future." Breakfast consisted of a dry muesli blend with Greek yoghurt and a platter of fresh fruit. "You already had your serving of protein this morning," he winked at her as they began to eat.

Under his supervision, she showered and dressed for work and though he grumbled about her choice of corporate wear, he settled on the navy skirt with the long zip in the back and the white blouse she had bought to go with it on her last shopping trip.

"Kurt's asked me to come in and meet with you and Dianne about your corporate wardrobe," he rolled his eyes heavenward with a pained expression. "I need a few hours' sleep first after you leave for work so let him know I will be in to have lunch with you, and we can meet with Dianne after that."

Bella picked up her tablet and checked her schedule, but his name was already against the 12.30 slot, and she smiled. "You knew you would need to come in again today?"

"I knew that I wanted to come in again today," he corrected her. "Chelsea is a lovely girl, by the way, very helpful." He grinned. "Now you had better go before I decide to make you late and get your first official masterly spanking from Kurt."

"Sleep well," Bella kissed him goodbye, and the elevator doors closed, leaving her to concentrate on work. Lincoln was waiting for her as the elevator opened onto the carpark and the ride into the company that early in the morning was swift with the lack of traffic. Bella arrived at her office thinking she had time to spare, only to find Kurt waiting for her.

"Good you're here," he looked up from the blueprints he had rolled out onto her desk. "Here's what I am thinking," he began pointing at the blueprints, and she hurried over, dropping her bag and tablet beside the desk. "You are a partner in this company, and you will begin acting like it. At present I occupy this corner, there is Rhys and Rob is there, I will relocate you to here in an office that mirrors the floorplan of ours but with your specialised interior. You can choose your fixtures for the kitchenette, and bathroom on this side, and the bedroom and small boardroom on this side. We'll put Andrew here." He jabbed his finger at the plans. "Agreed?"

"Yes Master," Bella said quickly. "It will be a lot of work just to relocate me," she said, her insecurity creeping into her voice.

"I am in the process of restructuring after the meeting yesterday, and I need to make sure those that aren't toeing the line know it. It won't take long to move you. I will hire an army to get it and the other changes needed in the structuring done in record time. Get Chelsea to pull some samples that will match what you have in here already, so you don't get overwhelmed with choice and get your decisions back to me as soon as you are able, if not today then yesterday," he grinned at her then. "Things need to happen fast in this place, so you better get used to it and get your business moving."

"You're the captain of this ship, I am here to serve," she grinned back at him. "May I call you Captain?"

"You want to call me Captain Kurt?" he laughed loudly. "That's a bit too cheeky, even for you, little one."

"Oh, I hadn't thought of that," Bella laughed, "I'm so sorry, Master. In no way was I comparing you to Captain Kirk of all people. It was just that you used the captain of the ship allegory a few times yesterday, and I liked it."

"No," he said sternly, "and you are forbidden to mention this conversation to Rob." He grimaced and rolled up the blueprints. Bella's laptop buzzed to life, and bringing up a blank page, she wrote bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, boardroom, and accessories as a reminder, then looked up at Kurt as he opened a file and spread out a few of the sheets inside.

"In the last two weeks we have gone through everything you and Andrew have done thus far with a fine tooth comb, which is how we picked up his errors in judgement," Kurt explained. "The ground work has been fairly impressive so far, but you need more people on the ground, particularly artisans. I am going to give you an associate. He's a good man who has expertise in antique jewellery that is what I think you lack at present. Andrew is sourcing modern pieces, while you tend toward the more classic pieces in the designs you choose. I think he will be able to fill the obvious gap between you quite easily and will give Andrew a hands-on mentor."

"I see," Bella chewed her lip.

"You are going to be far too busy to see to it all yourself and Rhys has far too many plans of his own to be here every minute of the day on this project," Kurt explained, frustration creeping into his voice. "Playtime is over Bella. Now the real work starts, and I expect you to be able to keep up." He waited for her to look at him. "I know you can do this, and we are here to help. You won't be doing it on your own, but you will be driving this business. You need a bigger staff. You can't do it all yourself, or rely so heavily on Andrew, find the gaps and fill them."

"I also want you to think about having a soft opening in a secure location in a month's time," Kurt said, making her gasp. "I have a specific location in mind, and we will be meeting with the owners to negotiate terms this afternoon. You will have final approval of the location of course."

"A soft opening?" Bella asked.

"Yes, only a small amount of advertising to select customers and see how many bumps and kinks need to be worked out of initial start-up. It is a very specialised market you are trying to tap into here and your best form of advertising is going to be the word of mouth."

"A month?" Bella breathed unbelievingly. Then took a deep breath and looked around her office. "Okay, well I would like a new design for my new office, and if negotiations go well with the owners of the floor space you are looking at agree to terms, this can be relocated there. I built it as an example of what the showroom would look like. If I have a legitimate showroom, I can afford to change direction with my office and make it more comfortable for longer meetings."

"Fine," Kurt said, impressed at how rapidly she on took everything he said this morning. The constant anxiety and confusion that usually beset her seemed to be being held at bay.

"Good, these will be your focus areas for this week and possibly the next, also, to this, I would like you to start familiarizing yourself the different divisions of the company and which senior executive oversees them. Your small division comes under Rhys's leadership. He has the largest portfolio, and I expect in time you will begin to lighten his load as you take on more responsibility here and learn to delegate matters in your own business."

Bella continued taking notes as Kurt talked her through his expectations of her over the next few weeks. By the time, Chelsea appeared at the door to offer them coffee she was exhausted just thinking about all she had to do and she had several pages of notes to decipher.

"Not for me thank you, I have some work to do before the executive meeting," Kurt packed up the current file he had been showing her and left it with the pile of files he had brought in on her desk. "These are all your copies. I will see you at nine." He kissed her forehead, "I have had an extra desk moved into the office next door, Andrew and Owen can share it until the renovation is done. This is your office. You shouldn't be sharing it." With that, he left hoping he made his feelings about Andrew's position in her business and the company clear.

Bella smiled at Chelsea and shook her head, "How good are you at reading abstract notes?" she asked with a small laugh.

"Define abstract," Chelsea grimaced.

"Come on in and I will explain just how busy your day is going to be," Bella grabbed the blueprints and spread them out on the desk again. Andrew arrived a few minutes later, and Bella was glad these were both people who believed in getting to the office early. She waved him over and studied the blueprints for a moment to get her bearings.

"As of yesterday everything we had planned is changed," she began. "We will need to get hold of Natalie Fuller again. Andrew will have the number," she said with authority then she began to explain about the relocation and the intended soft opening in a month's time. Owen arrived shortly after eight and Bella welcomed him briefly and immediately drew him into the conversation around her desk. She had just finished explaining that the two associates would be required to share an office until the renovations were done when Owen stopped her.

"This is all well and good, but I am sure I don't need to be part of the discussion about soft furnishings and the like. A standard company office is fine for me. Can you tell me when Miss Biancotti usually arrives for work?" he asked, looking around for a chair finding this standing around a marble table very strange for an office. In fact, the whole office was strange to him.

"Miss Biancotti arrived at six this morning," Andrew smirked. Owen turned to Chelsea seeing the tall, beautiful woman as the most likely to be Bella and began to apologise to her.

"Oh dear, you're not off to a good start here, are you," Chelsea said commiserating with him. "Would you like to resign before or after you apologise to Miss Biancotti?"

"I'm sorry I didn't introduce myself when you first arrived. Hello, I'm Bella Biancotti," she held out her hand to him. "I tend to get caught up in projects and forget myself." She smiled warmly.

"You're yanking my chain," he gave a half laugh, looking at the three of them. "He's played some good pranks on me before, but this is a good one." Owen laughed louder as he walked from the room. "You almost had me believing you there, the tall one could have pulled it off maybe, but no way that little girl is Bella Biancotti."

"I don't think his mood is gong to stay to that jovial somehow," Andrew laughed.

"I have to get to the executive meeting now. Can you guys start on this and get Natalie or someone to do a few mock ups for me. I will send you my dreadful notes to decipher if you can," Bella said, gathering her tablet and a few files before following Owen from the office.

"Hi Dianne," Bella said, approaching Kurt's office. Owen stood at Dianne's desk waiting to see Kurt.

"Bella, you look great. That's just the sort of thing I would have chosen for you. I hope Rob's in a generous mood today when we meet," she grinned. "Go on in, he is waiting for you."

"This prank just gets better and better. Did he put you up to that?" Owen laughed again.

"You think Bella is the prank?" Dianne blinked then gave a soft laugh of her own. "I think Kurt will want to see you after all."

She opened the door for him and ushered him inside, following behind. The four men looked up expectantly.

"You got me good this time, you bastard," Owen guffawed. "Lure me over here with a promotion and dangling a pretty salary in front of it and expect me to believe this child is a partner here." His laugh wasn't as loud as it had started out as Kurt's face remained serious.

"You're fucking lucky you're good at your job, Owen," Kurt said in a deep voice. "Rhys might have you back on his team if you agree to stop being such an ass."

"Did you even make it to yesterday's breakfast?" Rhys groaned.

"Of course, I did," Owen's voice went up an octave.

"Fuck you've been at this company as long as Rhys and me, we have all been friends for years. Have you ever wondered why you're not an executive yet?" Kurt lost it, and his voice raised. "You're a fuck up. You arrive late, you do a little as possible, and you don't pay attention to company business." He stood, taking full advantage of his height. "You're gone this time. Your expertise is first class, but you've been coasting along for too many years now. Get out."

"You can't do that," Owen said with the realisation no one was laughing but him.

"Sure I can. I run this company, you have just insulted a partner and, if I know you, her whole team before wandering over here to share the joke with me." Kurt was angry, after all the butt kicking he did yesterday this was just too much. "You didn't go to the breakfast meeting yesterday or you would have seen her on stage, known who she was and heard what I said would happen to the next person who didn't recognise one of us."

"This was your chance to step up, get the promotion you are always moaning about," Rhys said. "You fucked it up before you even started."

"She can't be, she's so young, she looks as if she should still be in school," Owen said uncomprehendingly.

"I assure you she is," Kurt murmured darkly.

"Now that we all understand who I am," Bella stood and looked at Owen. "You do understand now, don't you?" She asked and waited for him to nod. "I am willing to give you a chance to prove your expertise is worth all of this drama. Ask Andrew, who you also met this morning, to show you the small box of flawed pieces Rhys returned to me yesterday. I would like a full evaluation of each one on my desk by this evening. They are imitation period pieces, this I know, it is the settings and gems I am interested in."

"Take her offer and I will give you two weeks probation," Kurt said in a hard tone. "Or just leave. HR will forward you a one month pay out of your salary. The choice is yours, now get out."

The meeting ran across the morning, where Kurt had spoken earlier of restructuring the company he had meant it on a grand scale and had brought the executive team into the conversation. The company had been growing steadily for a number of years and, in addition to Bella, it was worth considering adding another senior executive position to lesson the workload for Kurt, who had still not entirely given up the divisions he oversaw before taking over the leadership after Mel's passing.

Bella was in awe of the depth of knowledge each of these men had of such a vast array of businesses and charitable organisations. She became overwhelmed with the prospect of studying each of these men and their divisions. So she listened silently, trying as best she could to take in everything they said and make notes along the way.

She left the meeting with barely an hour to spare until Rob would arrive for lunch. Hurrying back to her office, she was relieved to see Natalie sitting with Andrew and Chelsea, and the blueprints spread out on the floor. Several style boards surrounded them, showing pictures and swatches of fabrics in various themes.

"I'm so glad you had the time to come," Bella greeted Natalie happily.

"For you, I would drop everything," she smiled in return, "It's always so much fun here."

"Patrick let us into Rhys's office to get the layout straight in our heads. Blueprints do nothing for me," Chelsea admitted.

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