Dark, soulless eyes watched Ariel let herself into the house, her long black hair rippling in the wind. He waited for the light to go on in her bedroom before he made the powerful call to her roommate. Waking with a start, Bethany knew she needed to go to her boyfriend's house. Trancelike, she got out of bed, still in her nightgown, got in her car and left, leaving the front door open. Minutes later he was inside, unnatural speed aiding his entrance. Once in, he gently shut the door, not wanting to raise any suspicion with the neighbors.

Silent as the night, he glided through the house, and to the steamy bathroom where his mate was. Humming to herself, Ariel ran soapy hands running over her lush body. His body hardened, as he watched her silhouette turning under the water, innocent face turned up to the spray. Taking firm control of her mind, he stepped into the bath, and took the bar of soap from her.

Ariel gasped, her eyes flying wide, as the stranger possessively began to soap her body, almost as if he had the right. Her mouth flew open, a scream trembling on her lips, but the strange presence in her mind took the scream from her lips, and turned it into a whimper as powerful hands gently soaped her breasts. Ariel trembled in his grasp, everything in her mind telling her that she should run, should scream, but his control was absolute. She could do nothing without his permission.

His hands slid down her smooth body, past her tiny waist and then further on to the slick folds of her pussy. Embarrassed by the moisture he found there, Ariel blushed. She could barely believe she was responding this way to a stranger, but just as she knew he was keeping her from panicking she also knew that he was not forcing her reaction to his touch. There was something about him that demanded a reaction from her body. Then all thought splintered as on broad finger pushed it's way into her virgin body. Ariel's head fell back, against his broad shoulder, and she groaned throatily.

"I can hear your thoughts," he whispered in her mind. Ariel jerked in surprise at the sound of his voice in her head. "You do not have to talk, because I can hear everything you think, I know everything."

Ariel blushed again, remembering what she'd been thinking about before he joined her. How long had he been there, listening? He pulled his finger out of her, then slid two fingers in her, one of them bumping her hymen, her maidenhead. Shocked, her brain clearing a bit, Ariel tried to jerk from his hold. Pain shot through her body, and she sagged against his body.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Ariel thought, ending her mental struggle with him, allowing his hands free reign of her body.

"You are mine!" He thought savagely, his fingers moving gently in her pussy, stretching unused muscles.

Looping his strong arm around her waist, he pulled her fully to him. Ariel felt him press his lips to her neck, and dazedly she arched her neck, baring the vulnerable line of her throat. He growled approvingly, his rough tongue licking where her pulse beat frantically at her throat, then sharp teeth scraped.

"Stop!" Ariel cried in her mind. "What are you doing?" He ignored her, continuing to run his teeth over her pulse, Ariel's eyes fluttered, and her knees collapsed from under her, until only the strong arm supported her around her waist. As if through a daze she felt his teeth pierce her neck, his lips erotically pulling the blood from her. A whimper escaped her throat at the beauty and eroticism of the moment, her blood flowing into him, becoming part of him. After a few minutes - or was it more - she began to feel lightheaded and dizzy. She knew that he was draining her of blood, but for some reason didn't care. Then, just as she could feel her grasp on consciousness slip, he pulled back, licking her neck to stop the bleeding.

Effortlessly he lifted her into his arms and carried her to her bed, where he laid her down and efficiently swaddled her limp body in the sheets and blankets there. After he was sure that she was immobile and warm he lifted her again, and carried her outside, taking swiftly to the skies.

Moments, hours, or even days later Ariel woke from the warm gray fog she'd been floating in. Her eyes fluttered open slowly, taking in her surroundings to the best of her ability. She was in a bed, in a log cabin. The bed was soft, comfortable, the sheets royal blue silk. There was a single lamp turned on, and the rest of the room was in shadows, but she could smell smoke, so she knew that there was wood burning somewhere. As her eyes adjusted to the gloom she noticed he was sitting on a chair nearby, his eyes focused intently on her. Without saying a word he stood, a large silver ring in his hands.

Ariel felt her breath catch in her throat as he bent over and possessively attached it around her neck. She struggled weakly, but found that she lacked the strength or energy to do much. Besides, she knew that he could easily force her compliance. "Why?" she croaked.

"Night is falling. I cannot risk you escaping while I rest." he said. "I have searched an eternity for you, and I will not be thwarted now that I have found you," he added with repressed savagery.

Ariel shivered as he attached what she now knew was a collar to the bed with a chain, then gently tucked her back under the blankets.

One large hand cupped her face, eyes catching her face. Ariel could feel herself falling deep into his gaze, until the whole world was his eyes, nothing but his eyes.

"Sleep." he commanded, and her eyes drowsily closed, body slipping into unconsciousness.


Sometime during the next evening, Ariel woke with him sitting on the bed next to her, a glass of water in his strong hands. Parched, she sat up and reached for the glass, the sheet held to her bare breasts. After draining the glass she handed it back to him. He sat it on the bedside table, then handed her a nightgown that was lying, unnoticed, on the bed.

Striving for modesty, Ariel pulled the cotton nightgown over her head, allowing only peeks of her body to be seen as it slid down. A bit more comfortable she slid out of bed, needing to use the bathroom, then stopped dead as she saw her reflection in the dresser mirror. The thin white cotton clung to her soft body, clearly outlining the curve of her breasts. Gasping, she turned to climb back in the bed, stopping at the hard hand on her elbow.

"I want to see you," he demanded.

Cheeks scarlet with humiliation, she tugged at his hand, trying to get loose.

"Do you want me to force you?" he threatened softly.

Ariel dropped her head, a lone tear sliding down her cheek, and she shook her head. He nodded approvingly, and sat back on the bed.

"Finish what you were doing, then return here," he instructed.

Ariel scurried to the bathroom, and hurriedly relieved herself. Once the urgency of her bodily demands were over, she slowly returned to the main room, dragging her feet to the chair he'd moved in to. Nervously she shifted her feet, waiting for . . . what, she did not know. After what was in truth a few seconds, but to Ariel felt like eternity, he pulled her into his lap. Ariel shifted uncomfortably, his hard cock burning like a brand through the soft material of her nightgown.

"My name is Adrik," he said, "but you will refer to me at all times, in your mind and verbally, as Master."

Ariel nodded, her mind rebelling against the idea of anyone being her master, but afraid to say anything.

"You will verbally respond at all times," he said warningly.

"Yes, Master." Ariel choked out.

"Good girl." he said approvingly. "Now straddle me," he ordered.

Ariel's eyes flew wide, and she stared, afraid. She knew her time was up, that he was going to possess her in every way. When she didn't move immediately he took control of her mind. Almost as if in a dream Ariel could feel her body shifting so that her legs were on the outside of his, her naked pussy made available when the narrow skirt of her nightgown slid up her legs.

"Please." Ariel whimpered. "I'll do what you say, but let me have my body back."

She could instantly feel him allow her control again, but his eyes remained watchful.

"Put your hands behind your back and grasp your elbows," he ordered

Ariel complied, desperate to retain control of at least one thing, her mind. One long fingered hand reached out and lazily pinched her nipple, and she gasped in surprise at the arrow of desire that shot through her body, straight to her pussy. Suspicious warmth began deep in her body, and she arched her back even further to allow him further access to her breasts. Chuckling, Adrik's fingers slid down to her pretty pussy, his fingers sliding through the gathering dew with ease. One hand remained on her breast, as he tormented the hard nub of flesh he found here. Ariel writhed on his lap, the rough fabric of his pants rubbing erotically against the soft skin of her inner thighs. Desperately she held on to her elbows, and wriggled her hips against his fingers, trying to receive the orgasm she'd never had.

"Please, please help me!" Ariel finally cried.

Almost as if he'd been waiting for Ariel's plea, Adrik took his hand from her breast to unzip and unsnap his pants, allowing his cock free. Ariel blushed, and jerked her eyes from the sight of it. She had no idea they got that large; there was no way he was fitting that inside of her.

Ariel whimpered, but Adrik ignored her pleas, moving her small body over his manhood, positioning it at her core. Ariel braced herself, sure he was about to shove that huge thing inside of her, but he just left it here, resting threateningly at the soft entrance to her body. His hand began to move against her breast, softly teasing her nipple, demanding a response.

"Oh!" Ariel moaned, wantonly pressing her breast into his hand, as she felt herself spiraling higher and higher, to a place where there were no inhibitions, no right or wrong, just the feel of his strong hands at her breast, and his cock at her eager, wet core. Adrik pulled her hips down, and impaled her with one thrust, savoring Ariel's shocked gasp, her small whimper as he broke through her hymen, that tiny piece of skin that symbolized her innocence. Adrik waited a moment, savoring the way her pussy gripped his cock, then slid a finger to her clitoris, rubbing firmly, pushing her to her climax. Ariel shuddered in his arms, her mouth open in a soundless cry, then passed out.

When she came to, she found her head cradled on Adrik's chest, his cock still hard in her. Adrik was gently caressing her breasts, waiting for her to regain consciousness.

"I . . . I'm so full of you." Ariel sighed. Never had she felt this connection with a person. He was a part of her and she of him, two pieces of one whole. Adrik groaned at the eroticism of her innocent words, his cock twitching inside her. Hesitantly Ariel wiggled her hips, gasping at the pleasure this brought her. Pushing away from him she moved a bit more, head dropping back as her body began to tighten again. Adrik looked down at the place where his cock was met her sweet little pussy, and groaned.

"Fuck me, Ariel." he whispered roughly. Ariel moved her hips again, the sweet friction of him rubbing against the walls of her cunt making her cry out again. Intently, Adrik watched his glistening cock disappear again and again into her hungry pussy.

"Faster!" Adrik demanded. "Fuck me hard!" Blindly, lost in their world, Ariel followed his command, sending them both over the edge, flying together. Once again she collapsed on him, his cum leaking out of her heated pussy.

Catching his breath, Adrik got up from the chair and effortlessly lifted Ariel in his arms. Carrying her into the bathroom he turned on the shower, then stepped under the spray.

"Time for round two." he whispered, lowering his head to hers for a steamy kiss.


That day as they slept, exhausted, she dreamed of Adrik, of him kissing her, loving her. She felt his mouth on her breast, his tongue sliding down her flat stomach. She giggled as his tongue pushed into her belly button, then gasped as his mouth moved lower.

Shocked, she woke, and realized she hadn't been dreaming. Night had fallen, and she could feel his mouth pressed to her pussy, his tongue sliding between her labia, and gently lapping at her entrance. Ariel gasped in shock, her hand coming out to stop him, but there was no one there. Bewildered she opened her eyes, and looked around. He was seated on a chair by the bed, his heated gaze on her. Ariel realized that it wasn't really him, her Master, doing this to her, but some kind of magic. She tried to sit up, only then realizing that his mind was fully in control of hers, forcing her to stay on the bed, legs spread wantonly.

The invisible tongue continued to stroke over her weeping pussy, as she whimpered and writhed at the forbidden caress. Ariel turned her head to look at him fully, her eyes pleading, and then she was falling. Falling into his eyes, into his will. She could read his desires, and she knew that what he needed most was her submission. She struggled briefly to escape his gaze, then surrendered with a sigh.

A phantom finger slid into the wet, clinging walls of her pussy. Another joined it, and slowly spread the walls of her cunt. Back arching, she could feel suction at her nipples, a tongue flicking over it, teeth nipping sharply. Briefly Ariel wondered how she could feel a mouth at both her pussy and her breast, but Adrik stole that thought from her, forcing her to think only of him and the pleasure he was forcing on her. She could feel her body tightening, pleasure searing her nerve ending, but just as he could control her thoughts and actions, he could also control her desires. No matter how she fought for sweet relief, it wouldn't come.

"Please," Ariel finally cried out, giving into the inevitable, "please, Master! Help me, please."

Adrik got up from his chair, and knelt between her legs, his hard cock pushing itself into her heated core, his cock filling her, touching every part of her, possessing her. Ariel came with a scream, white lightening shooting through her veins and exploding on her eyelids. He held himself there as her muscles spasmed around him, her orgasm seeming to go on for eternity. Finally, exhausted, she began to come down from her high, but Adrik had other ideas. He began to shove himself into her, setting a demanding rhythm, and unbelievably she could feel her body responding.

She whimpered when the next orgasm hit, and then the next. Orgasm after orgasm until she finally sought ease in unconsciousness.


Moaning softly, Ariel opened her eyes. Adrik was cleaning their cum off of her with a soft washrag. Exhausted she lay there, like a rag doll, too tired to do anything but watch as Adrik dressed and then came over to lengthen her leash.

"Master?" Ariel asked hesitantly.

"I have to go feed, my love." Adrik replied, his hand gently cupping Ariel's cheek. "I will be back soon. In the meantime you may wander around, but you are not to leave the cabin."

With one last soft caress to Ariel's cheek, Adrik turned to leave, shutting and locking the door behind him. Forlornly Ariel lay around for a bit, before getting up to explore.

His home was a small, one room cabin. The main living space held the bed, a few easy chairs and a small table. There was a small bathroom to the side of the main room, with the kitchen on the other side. Listlessly Ariel opened the refrigerator door and stared in. There was a good supply of food, enough to last a week or more. Bored, she selected an apple and shut the door. Slowly she finished the apple, then looked around for a clock. How long could it take to feed? And whom was he feeing on? A small pang of jealousy flared through her, at the thought that maybe he was taking blood from another woman, but she quashed it. He was her [i]captor[/i], not her friend or her lover. She didn't care what he did when away from her. Really, she didn't!

After a bit she slowly got to her feet and returned to the bed, to curl up and doze. After she'd been sleeping a bit, she woke to a funny noise. Alarmed she sat up and looked around. It was getting on toward day; she could see the early glow of morning. Where was Adrik? He should have been back by now. Then she heard the noise again, it was a groan. Her eyes flew over to the fireplace. There, on the chair in front of it, was Adrik, but there was something wrong with the position he was in. Cautiously she rose to her feet and walked over to him.

"Master?" she queried. "Master, are you ok?"

Slowly, Adrik turned his face to her, eyes a hot red. She gasped and took a step back, but was stopped at his hand shot out and grabbed her wrist. She looked down and saw that his hand was covered in blood. "Oh, my gosh." she choked out. "What happened?"

"I'm sorry, lil' one." Adrik whispered, fangs flashing as he talked. "I am in dire need of blood and I don't have the energy to cloud your mind."

Ariel whimpered and began to tug at the hard hand holding her wrist. "Master . . . " she whimpered as he effortlessly reeled her in. "Master, please . . ."

Adrik pulled her onto his lap. "I have to, Ariel. I've lost too much blood, and won't survive otherwise."

Ariel struggled weekly, thoughts spinning through her head. Surprisingly enough the thought uppermost in her mind was that she couldn't loose him, not when she'd just found him. Desperately, her hand pushed against his shoulder, holding him away from her so that she could meet his gaze. Tiny lines of pain were etched around his mouth, and regret shone in his eyes. He truly didn't want this anymore than she did.

With a sigh, Ariel gave up resistance, the hand on his head turning to a caress as she bared her neck for him. Unable to stop herself, a cry ripped out of her throat as his incisors bit deep into her neck. Desperately, she bit her lip to keep the cries and whimpers from escaping. After what seemed an eternity she felt that lick of his tongue at her neck, and his teeth pulling out of her muscles. Adrik tenderly held her to his chest.

"Thank you, my love." he whispered tenderly in her ear. "I will never forget this."

Ariel just rested her head on him. His voice seemed to be coming from far off. She gasped slightly as he stood, holding her in his arms. "You've lost more blood than is safe," he explained, walking over to the bed and sliding her between the sheets. "You'll need to rest for the next few days."

Dizzy, Ariel closed her eyes, and drifted off to sleep.

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