tagBDSMPossession Pt. 02

Possession Pt. 02


I waited in my captive darkness, my breathing perceptively quickening in anticipation of His entrance. Despite the cold, I felt my palms break out in a light sweat. Would He have forgiven me, would He release me and hold me as I longed to be held, would He still want me? The thoughts and questions raced through my mind at a million miles an hour, so quick I was hard put to grasp them and contemplate the possible answers. The clock continued it’s by now infuriating ticking, tick…tock…tick…tock, the slow monotonous regularity intensifying the tension. I had heard nothing since His key grated in its familiar way in the door lock. My ears ached, almost seeming to vibrate with the intensity, the concentration I was using to listen for further signs He was approaching the room, coming to me. Nothing.

Minutes passed into more minutes, my heart leapt and plummeted a thousand times. Where was He? Why did He wait? Just as the first tears began to slide down my cheeks I felt Him enter more than heard, the rush of fresh air caressing my bare skin teasingly. Standing straight I waited, waited to feel His touch. His shoes whispered softly on the floor as He walked around the cage slowly, but more than that there was something else alerting my senses, but what? All sound ceased as I sensed His presence in front of me at the door to the cage. Breathing deeply I detected the faint scent of an unfamiliar smell, spicy, masculine, cloying. Had Master bought a new aftershave? No….couldn’t be as it was coming from the side of the cage, not the front where I knew my senses could not be deceiving me with the perceived presence of Master. Unexplainably a shiver went up my spine, the fine hairs on my arms standing out….then was gone and forgotten in an instant as something else diverted my attention.

The key sliding into the cage lock made a melodic type ringing before turning slowly, the catch clicking to open the door to freedom. Shackled and blindfolded I could not move, knew better than to try, but felt the urge to speak my love, my sorrow, my devotion to Master. Before the words passed my lips I felt a cold metal blade against them, the broad flat surface cold and smooth silencing me both with its width and its pressure…firm, but not enough to cut if I kept still.

“Silence!!” Master’s voice sent shockwaves through my body, unexpected as it was and accompanied by the knife blade across my now trembling lips. “I will tell you if and when to speak…until then don’t displease me with the sound of your words.”

Tears soaked the blindfold, my nose beginning to block with the pressure of suppressed crying. Sniffling softly, clearing my breathing as best I could I tried to be silent, tried to understand, tried to still the quaking fear. As I suspected He knew I was going to be quiet, the pressure of the blade was lessened. Master trailed the tip, sharp and cold along my jaw pressing menacingly near the artery before scratching a thin line up the side of my face to slip under the edge of the blindfold and rest against my temple. I shivered in fear despite my detecting the care with which He used the blade. Nothing had ever prepared me for this.

Purring like, and in a voice I could tell was laden with excitement, Master spoke softly in my ear. “Don’t move, hold your breath.” I could feel the warmth rising from his body so close to mine as I felt Him twist the blade in a way which cut the cloth with its sharpness, the blindfold falling away and tickling my skin as it slipped off my shoulder to rest on the floor of the cage. Blinking in the light after so many hours of darkness, my eyes began to focus on the one who ruled my world. Eyes locked, breath mixing to become one, I waited expectantly for His kiss; His lips so tantalisingly close, almost mesmerising. For a moment He leant near, lips slightly parted as if about to kiss me, only to pull back quickly with a sarcastic smile upon His lips, His hand grabbing my hair and winding it around His fist to pull my head back sharply.

“I hope you have enjoyed your day, given some thought to your transgressions,” he growled as I felt the knife teasingly trace its way down my side, scratching this time a line over my hip, pricking lightly so a droplet of blood escaped the confines of skin to trickle slowly down my thigh. Remembering by some miracle His instruction for silence, I didn’t speak. I was not noted for always remembering these temporary type orders, and though this time I did I was also tempted to answer. Biting down on my lip I maintained my silence.

Laughing, He slipped the knife into a sheath on His belt. “I see you have finally found a way to remember what I instruct you….could this new found talent be a product of your reflections today, or are they my new persuasive methods?” Waiting for a moment, I once again fought the urge to answer. It seemed so wrong to not answer His questions, but to do so would contradict what He had ordered. “You have learned something! I can’t even tempt you out of your silence it seems.”

I felt a small triumph as His words washed over me, pride suffusing my being thoroughly. With the slight relaxation I was feeling, the demands of my body were beginning to make themselves felt again. I ached from head to toe, felt frozen to the bone. Releasing His grip on me and bending down He released my ankle cuffs, laying them to rest on the floor of the cage. Standing once again He roughly grabbed one of my elbows and pulled me unceremoniously from the cage while at the same time spinning me around and pinning me to His body with an arm across my still bound wrists at my throat. At the same moment I registered the roughness of His clothes against naked flesh, the warmth of His body greeting my chilled one, I looked into the face of a stranger. It took a moment for the shock to register, the memory of the strange scent explained.

Master slowly unlocked my wrists from the collar and each other before holding my arms firmly to my sides as a signal where He wanted them to remain. Sliding one hand over my stomach and upward he caressed a breast, lifting it lightly and squeezing to accentuate its fullness. I could feel His breath on my neck as He held my breast in His grasp and spoke to the other man. “What do you think? Do you like what you see?”

Feeling my body stiffen in fear, Master tightened His other arm across my body to hold me firm while His hand dropped the breast and began to caress my body crudely. The stranger smiled as He watched, not commenting but obviously enjoying the scene before him. My mind raced. What was Master planning? What was he doing, why show me this way, this moment?

“Let me give you a better view,” He said as he made to remove the chastity device from my body. “No sense having a slave if you can’t see all she has to offer.” I cringed at His words, the meaning clearly identifiable, the disrespect for me as a woman, the acknowledgement I was not in possession of the body He so casually displayed and caressed in front of a stranger. As the locks were undone, the pieces of torture/pleasure removed, my shame increased. Pulling gently he removed the device, the metal dildos emerging glistening in the light with the obvious wetness that clung to their shiny phallic shaped surface. For moments, my body felt a mixture of relief and loss emphasizing the removal of the insertions from my most intimate recesses of my body, His body, leaving me empty and feeling like the bottom was about to drop out of my belly, my sex lips sore, swollen, stretched and chaffed. Master raised the metal protrusions to my lips, one at a time, for my expected cleaning. Opening my lips hesitantly I took each into my mouth in turn, swirling the perfectly smooth surface with my tongue, licking until all traces of my inner secrets were removed leaving the metal once again pristine and glistening in its perfection.

Laying the heavy device aside and turning me round, Master swiftly bent me over almost double before inserting two fingers into my dripping pussy, opening and revealing my inner depths. “See what I meant? My slut is always wet…an advantage, huh?” I tried to close my ears to the laughter between the two men as He continued to probe and open me for the stranger’s appraisal, at one point using my labial rings to pull me open further. A horrifying thought entered my head. “What if He were planning to sell me? What if I had gone too far and He no longer saw me worth the effort? What if the stranger were a prospective new owner?” I froze at the thought He could send me away; sell me to another like any other property He owned, His car, His house, and His furniture. In reality I was no more than these inanimate objects, I had no recourse for objection, I had no rights to protect and prevent sale or disposal but those He chose to give me Himself.

I began to tremble which only caused more pressure to pee. I tried to still my body, tried to ignore the added pressure of His fingers making it harder to not let go, tried not to close my legs against His hands, tried to quell the mixture of fear and rage my inner thoughts were creating. “My slave seems to be tightening her cunt a lot….could it be you have a problem slave?” He said as His fingers dug deeper, pushing in all the right places to increase the discomfort. I then knew He was well aware of my physical problem but had no idea what He intended to do about it.

“You may speak to answer me.”

“Please Master?” I dared not say more, couldn’t reveal more in front of another.

“Please Master?!! Is that all you have to say? Am I a mind reader now?”

Stubbornly I remained silent, words lost for the moment though aware I could not hold much longer. A whimper escaped my lips indicating my dilemma.

“Beg slut, and maybe I will grant you what you need.”

“Master, I can’t….You know what I need…please, let me go.”

“Beg!! And make it good, on your knees, on the floor at my feet...grovel bitch and show me why you deserve to be heard.”

In desperation I knew I would not escape this further humiliation, felt the shame flush my face as I sank to the floor in front of the one who owned me. I flattened my body to the surface, my lips to His boot tips as I murmured my request.

“Louder…we can’t hear what it is you seek. You know it is rude to whisper in front of guests so if you do not want to raise my ire further and attract a punishment, you will speak up, now!” Master lifted one booted foot and rested it on my back, pushing firmly to force me closer to the floor, degrading me with his gesture aimed to accentuate my state, my slavery.

Gasping for breath, and fighting the urgency of my body I responded in desperation. “Please Master, I need to use the bathroom.” Silence followed as His boot pressed even harder. “Please Master, I can’t hold on much longer….I have been holding for hours for Your return. Please!! I promise to do whatever You need of me, just let me go now.”

With gratitude I noticed the immediate easing of pressure on my back, the lifting of His foot as He grabbed my hair and pulled me up from the floor to stand trembling before Him. “That was better, though there is room for improvement. Your request will be granted, not for you but to spare our guest the disgust of witnessing your lack of control. Be grateful bitch I do not make you pee in front of us.”

With lowered eyes and a shameful blush deepening the shade of my face I thanked Him hastily. “Thank You, Master. I appreciate Your kindness.”

“Wait just a moment!!” His voice boomed over me. I stopped my retreat in dread. I couldn’t hold on any longer and could feel the liquid threatening to spill from my body to the floor below. “Yes Master?” I whispered desperately, pressing my thighs tight together.

“We have plans this evening which require your presence. I am giving you 15 minutes to do whatever it is you have to do, shower, grab a drink but no food, and tidy yourself up to look…presentable.” I shivered at the way He emphasized the last word wondering the precise significance of its utterance in such a deliberate way. “You will find a dress hanging in the bathroom. Put it on and be quick…your time has begun to tick away.” As was His custom whenever I was to shower, He removed my collar and wrist cuffs until I returned to His presence.

Walking as quickly, though gracefully as I could from the room, I made my way to the bathroom and blessed relief. Not only did I revel in the relief of releasing my bodily fluid, but felt the pressure ease at not having to be under the direct scrutiny of both Master and stranger. Of course, as was the rule, I knew better than to close the bathroom door, but something told me I would not be bothered as I carried out His instructions. My stomach growled in hunger, felt as if there was a giant rat gnawing at its walls. I didn’t know how I was going to go much longer without food but dared not disobey.

Showering quickly, I dried myself with the huge fluffy towel Master had given me as a reward, then turned to look at the dress He had left for me to wear. My breath caught at both the beauty, and the image which flooded my mind of my wearing it. Black and long, its light fabric was sheer and of the type which would cling to the body in an intimate caress. There was no use deluding myself it would offer any modesty or protection from prying eyes as its beauty alone would attract attention, and its sheerness reveal all it was pretentiously meant to cover.

Not daring to think how much time had passed, I quickly slipped the dress over my head and let it fall into place before brushing my damp hair out, whisking on a whisper of make up just the way Master liked…not too heavy, just a hint of colour…then dashing into the kitchen, grabbed a tall glass of water and en route slipped into His favourite stilettos, pausing momentarily to tie the bindings which wound around my ankle, slightly up the calf, holding the shoes in place precariously. Gathering myself together I walked to the living room where I could hear their voices talking, discussing books and authors they both liked, making small talk as they waited for me to appear. Standing in the doorway I felt a rush of pride and embarrassment as both men took in my form, and from their directed gazes, noticed the uselessness of the fabric to cover any secrets my body may wish to keep.

I noticed with pleasure the moment’s obvious pride and pleasure, which flickered in Master’s eyes before He cleverly masked it with a sweep of his eyes to then look up and gruffly berate my tardiness. “It’s about time. I thought I was going to have to punish you but you seem to have saved yourself this disgrace by a whisker. Come, we must go,” He spoke as He crossed to fasten the collar around my neck, cuff around wrists, and lead our way from the house, the clicking of the door lock once again filling me with a sense of ominous dread I had managed to push down while I was occupied getting ready.

As the cool evening breeze blew through the sheerness of the dress, embarrassingly my stomach let out a loud growl as we entered the car. “Don’t worry about your hunger…you will soon be grateful your stomach is empty.” I sought comfort and security from the fear His words engendered by pressing myself into the corner of the back seat, buckling the seat belt for the beginning of our evening. Once again my mind flooded with the possible plans Master may have planned for me. Whatever they were, I sensed they were not of the kind full of laughter and fun, nor was He finished with impressing His displeasure with my disobedience on me. I shivered in anticipation and sunk deeper into the depths of the darkness the corner of momentary refuge offered me.

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