tagNonHumanPossibilities Ch. 02

Possibilities Ch. 02


The last two days had been a blur of sexual bliss. Carolyn and Kryln had spent the last forty eight hours putting any and everything they could find inside each other, stopping only to sleep when they were exhausted, or eat when they were hungry. The food also found its way into their sexual experiments. When Carolyn woke up on the morning of the third day since Kryln's arrival everything was wet. The sheets were cold and damp, and Kryln's wet body was draped over her. She realized that something was dripping from the ceiling onto her forehead. Some kind of liquid had made it up to the light fixture over the bed. The room had really suffered since Krlyn had learned about squirting. She'd given up on changing the sheets after the third or fourth time Krlyn had nearly covered the room with her orgasm. The first few times Krlyn had squirted everything had seemed normal, but as with most of their experimenting, it'd resulted in some changes to Krlyn's form. Krlyn found that over stimulating the glands that produced her vaginal fluids increased the pleasure from the nerve endings that triggered her orgasms. It also increased the amount of fluid by something like a factor of ten. She hadn't really considered the mess last night when she was trying to put her fist into Krlyn's cunt.

Looking around her soaked room, she sighed in contentment. For all the oddity and strangeness of having a sex with an alien duplicate of herself she didn't think she'd had more fun in her whole life. She stroked Krlyn's blue hair covered head causing the alien to stir as she was draped over Carolyn. The movement caused the large nipples on Krlyn's huge DD breasts to slide across Carolyn's C sized originals. Both sets of nipples hardened at the slippery rubbing. Carolyn smiled and leaned up to kiss her sleeping friend. Krlyn's eyes didn't open but a shimmer of blue ran through her body as a small silver orb emerged from between her breasts. That was Krlyn's true self. When it was exposed like that Krlyn could see things beyond the human senses of her current physical form. Carolyn hadn't made any attempt to understand the wizardry of Krlyn's marvel of a body or the technology involved, she only basked in the results.

Kryln crawled up Carolyn's body, letting her breasts slide across Carolyn's face. Carolyn made some playful bites, trying to latch on to a distended nipple. Instead her tongue slid across and between Kryln's breasts eventually grazing the silver sphere. The ripple of blue returned and ran out of the sphere and through Kryln. The sphere left a taste of metal and lightning on Carolyn's tongue. The sphere retreated into Kryln as her eyes fluttered open. Kryln settled her knees under Carolyn's armpits and used her thighs to press Carolyn's breasts together.

Kryln reached down and pulled Carolyn's nipples together, tweaking them against each other. As she rubbed Carolyn's nipples together, pulling a wanton moan from her pinned playmate, she said, "Good morning. Thanks for being my pillow again."

"Are you back to normal, or are you still all...stretched out?"

"Oh the hormone modifications are still present, but most of me is returned to original specifications."

Carolyn reached up, between Kryln's legs, and stroked at the hood of her clit. "I can't believe I got so deep in here last night. Almost to my elbow. I wonder what I'll get into today."

Kryln purred at the stimulation of her body. She lifted her knees and pushed Carolyn's arms against her sides while she scouched up the rest of Carolyn's body and pressed her cunt down on Carolyn's hungry mouth. Carolyn swirled her tongue about at the outer lips and then delved as deeply as she could in this position. She wanted to get her fingers involved but Kryln's straddling legs meant only her tongue and face could be brought to bear on this wet cunt. She could taste the residue of the last few days. The sweet flavor of Kryln's customized slit. Already, with just a few seconds of stimulation, Kryln was leaking copious amounts of juice. Carolyn was happy to lap up as much as was offered. Kryln was pressing herself down onto Carolyn's voracious mouth. Carolyn had managed to get her forearms free and was rubbing at Kryln's ass and back side. Carolyn wrapped her lips around Kryln's clit and hummed in appreciated of her sweet flavor. Kryln cried out to the damp room and reached down to pull Carolyn's head inter her cunt even as she humped against Carolyn's mouth.

"Carolyn. Having your whole arm inside me last night was incredible. Every nerve in this body was on fire. Pain and sweet pleasure all rolling around inside me while you flexed your fist. Oh god it was intense. I love your body so much. It's so delicious. Just your hot breath is enough to get me going. I'm getting close. More...oh god more. I want to cum so bad. Keep licking me. Keep pressing yourself into me deeper and deeper. Oh FUCK!" The burst of profanity was accompanied by a burst of fluid that sprayed from Kryln's cunt and coated nearly all of Carolyn's face. It released itself in spasms and sprays of pleasure as Kryln took gasping breaths and continued to fuck herself into Carolyn's face.

"Oh shit I'm soaked again. God damn you can make a hot mess girl." Kryln didn't respond but fell to the side still gasping and shaking from her orgasm. Carolyn pushed herself up into a sitting position and turned to look at the still quivering alien. She pulled her friend's stiff legs apart and slid her own legs between them. The quivering of Kryln's body began to subside as Carolyn pressed her cunt into her lovers. She licked the one leg she had hold of. Kryln didn't look up at her. Her body was still in the throes of her previous orgasm. Carolyn rubbed and shook her hips against Kryln.

"Don't be selfish Kryln. I need one to. I'll be no good today if you don't share your cum with me." Kryln seemed to come out of it a little and started to return the gyrations of her hips in opposite cycles to Carolyn's. She pressed back against Carolyn's humping cunt and it finally made their clits rub against each other. It was like lightning going through Carolyn's whole body. Her humping became shaking. The shaking worked its way into her voice and she screamed out into the room. Carolyn collapsed onto Kryln, who held her closed and stroked her hair while she came down from the natural high. Eventually Carolyn opened her eyes. Kryln liked how Carolyn's eyes fluttered after she'd made her friend and lover cum. She kissed her, closed mouth. Just pressing herself against Carolyn made her body respond, not only with lust, though of course that, but also with a strange contentment.

Kryln should be terrified. Lost on a strange planet for several days with no way to leave or contact her people. Kryln felt more at home in the arms of this human then she had ever felt in the pools of her home. Swirling her liquid body with the masses of her family. Carolyn stirred on top of her and broke their kiss so she could snuggle into her.

"Kryln this has been so great, but I've been dodging my real life for two days and I probably need to check in. Are you going to be okay for a few minutes?"

"Carolyn I'm not as young as you look. I'll go shower, when you're done you should come join me." The soft smile Kryln turned on Carolyn warmed Carolyn down into her bones. Carolyn rolled through the sloppy soiled sheets to her bed stand where her cell phone was blinking with messages. The first few were from her brother. Apparently he'd been trying to call her at work and found out she'd been calling in sick the last two days. The rest were from clients and bosses all wondering when she'd be back in the office. Carolyn was tempted to text them all to take a short walk off something shorter, but she kept her fingers to herself. Checking her text message revealed a surprise. Her brother was on his way over. Oh lord. He was going to be here in an hour. What the hell was she going to do with Kryln? That little knot of muscles behind her spine tightened up. She was about to drop out of heaven into hell.

When the sound of the shower turned off it jarred Carolyn back to reality. She'd been sitting there letting precious moments slip by while her brother made his way to her front door. She walked into the bathroom to find Kryln towel drying her blue hair.

"My brother is coming over. I'm not sure what to do." Carolyn bit her lower lip and ran her hand back through her own sticky red hair. "Egh maybe a shower is the first thing."

"Yes. I think explanations for Charles will be easier if we are both clean and clothed.

"How do you know his name?" Carolyn said, startled since the first time Kryln had invaded her life.

"I've been inside you Carolyn. I know every stretch of your body from the souls of your feet to the memory engrams of your synaptic pathways. Oh...I'm sure that must be a little scary. Sorry love. It's why I can speak your language and know how to use the shower without instruction. It just made things easier. I'm sorry if that makes you afraid." Kryln walked forward and put an arm around Carolyn, while her other hand caressed Carolyn's face. Carolyn leaned into the embrace and wrapped her own arms around Kryln.

"I didn't think you were into my brain. I guess I'm just surprised. I probably should have guessed. Why don't you find something to wear and I'll get cleaned up. Anything in the closet should fit since you're me."

Carolyn stepped into the tub and turned on the water, testing its temperature with her feet until it was nice and hot. She pulled the curtain across and then lifted the pin up on the faucet spout. The hot spray from the shower coated her body in sweet relief. She hadn't realized what the last few days had done to her body. She felt the aches and pains run down her chest and legs and run out into the drain. She mopped at her hair and let the water soak in and strip away the sticky cum and sweat. She lathered in shampoo and then conditioner. She ran a soapy body wash all over her body. Then she just let the hot spray wash her clean and relax her muscles. After some unknown amount of time she finally felt refreshed enough to get back into the world.

When she walked out into the bedroom her breath caught. Kryln was dressed in blue jeans that were maybe half a size to small so that a littler of her waist spilled over the sides. Not enough to sag but it made her look fully and sexy. Up top she had found a black long sleeved shirt that would have fit Carolyn perfectly but on Kryln, with her larger tits and fuller frame, the shirt was tight and road up on her belly. Kryln hadn't seemed to notice her. She bent over and started pulling the sheets off the bed, giving Carolyn an excellent view of her body stretching the denim to its maximum.

"God damn, girl. I don't think I ever looked half that good in those jeans. You clean up pretty good. I almost wish we had time for me to peel you out of that outfit."

"I'm glad you like it. I laid some things out for you."

Carolyn walked over and found an outfit on a chair next to the closet. A red t-shirt and a set of designer sweats were draped over the top and a pair of white ankle socks were folded up on the seat. Her running shoes were under the chair. She noticed there was no underwear. Kryln being cheeky. She went with it and dressed herself as quickly as she could manage.

"I've got like ten minutes before Charles gets here. What are we going to say to him?"

"Well, is the truth a mistake? He's your brother. Can he not be as cool as you are?"

"Well that's true. He's pretty ok. I just don't know that anyone else can take it as well as I did. It helped that you looked like me and were already in my bed when I woke up."

"That probably had more to do with the natural chemical interaction we have."


"I smell like you. I taste like you. When you perceive me its more than just the visual. Deep parts of your brain register me like a member of your family because our bodies are so similar. Though we do look a bit different now."

She jumped up and down looking down to watch her huge tits jiggle under the black shirt.

"Whatever. Wait if that's true then why did...uhh we get so involved? I've never had a thing for anyone in my own family."

"I don't know. It wasn't my intention. You were primed for this somehow. I was just the trigger. Are you sure you've never had stirrings for your sibling?"

"NO! I mean he's not ugly or anything, but he's my bro and that's all he's ever been. Ok. Well we aren't going to tell my brother anything like that." Looking down at her cell phone clock she gave an exasperated sigh and set to putting on her shoes.

"Kryln we don't have time to get fancy. Sooooo how about...You are my old friend from school and I've been showing you the sites for the last few days. That seems easy enough for us to bullshit through. What do you think?"

"So no alien talk? No lesbian talk?"

Carolyn blanked at that comment. She hadn't really thought about what she was doing with Kryln outside of the immediate benefits. "Oh god am I a lesbian? I didn't even think about it like that. I mean you are me, so I didn't think it would mean that same thing to like other girls."

"Maybe you are over complicating things. I just described our relationship so far in the terms you would use, if someone described it to you. I am a special case. What you and I have is something that's never happened before on your planet."

"Right. Ok deep breaths. Can't believe that explanation actually made me feel better. I'm going to go to the store and grab some food for later. My brother is probably going to want to stick around long enough to eat. While I'm out you try and clean up what you can ok?"

"No problem Carolyn. Relax. What could go wrong?"

"Right. Just remember, I'm not a lesbian and you're not an alien. Everything else we can take a step at a time. I'll see you in a few."

Carolyn ran out of the house and made her way to the corner store. She grabbed one item of instant everything and then stepping into line. That was when it all went wrong. Just as she was stepping up to the counter the cash register made some kind of popping sound and the whole thing shut down. It was more than twenty minutes before it was all sorted and she had her groceries. She hoofed it home as fast as she could. Charles' car was already in the driveway next to hers. She burst into the front door huffing as she went. She walked into the kitchen still breathing hard and tossed the groceries onto the counter. She heard muffled voices coming from the living room. She walked out of the kitchen and felt the world tip on its side.

Kryln was naked from the waist down. Her tight jeans discarded on the ground and her black shirt pushed up to expose her massive tits. Those tits were bouncing around as she drove herself down on the cock of the man between her legs. Her brother was totally naked, with only the flesh of the blue haired beauty to cover him. He seemed to be doing his best to keep pace with Kryln, but his upward thrusts were at times in sequence and at times out. His hands were on her hips where his fingers were pressing into the pressure points at the joint. He was breathing hard but not saying anything. Kryln had her hands in her blue hair, pulling at it as her hips began to swerve in circles while still maintaining the continual piston action on Charles' cock. Carolyn couldn't really make out it the full length, since Kryln never pulled up high enough to get it all free, but it was obvious he was big. Bigger then maybe she'd ever seen. Why was she looking for the size of her brother's cock? What was happening here? Why wasn't she freaking out? She inhaled deeply and tasted the scent of the fucking going on in front of her. Oh god, it smelled so good. The smacking sound of Charles' cock running in and out of Kryln's cunt was setting fire to her brain. She should probably be pissed that her brother and her latest lover were fucking in front of her, but the fuzz of lust wasn't letting anything through.

She looked down and found that her hand had buried itself in the waist band of her sweats while her fingers were working on her clit. She was trying to keep her eyes on the couple fucking in front of her but the pleasure was flooding her brain and her eyes were rolling. Suddenly Charles lurched up and wrapped his arms around Kryln, pushing her back against the couch. Her legs came up from the couch and wrapped around his back. Charles was slamming into her over and over. His balls flopped into Kryln's ass making wet smacking sounds.

"Oh fuck Kryln I'm so close. Where can I cum?"

"I don't fucking know, just do it. I want to feel you cum. Oh shit keep going faster! Deeper! Charley keep fucking me!"

"Kryln here I cum!"

"Oh shit Charles me to! Oh it's so good."

Carolyn joined in with, "You guys I'm almost there."

Charles' eyes popped open and he twisted his head around to stare at his sister who had collapsed into the door jamb with her hand down her pants. His surprise at hearing his sister seemed to set him off and he moaned out as he slammed himself into Kryln and pumped his seed deep into Carolyn's alien blue haired lover. Kryln pulled Charles back to face her and buried her tongue into his mouth. She screamed his name into his mouth while her cunt erupted with fluid out onto Charles and the couch. Carolyn came a few seconds later. The eruption of pleasure made her fall the rest of the way to the floor while her whole body shook. Her free hand clutched at the most accessible breast and rubbed at her sensitive nipples.

"Oh god sis. I'm so sorry. I'm not sure what the hell just happened."

"Uhh you fucked me." Kryln offered from underneath Charles. "Actually, you're still fucking me."

Charles looked down and found his pelvis still pushing in and out of Kryln. "Oh shit sorry." Charles pulled his wilting cock from Kryln and moved to the opposite side of the couch.

"Mmmm I didn't really want you to stop. Hi Carolyn. I'm afraid this is probably my fault."

Carolyn found the strength somewhere in the haze of orgasm to make her way to a chair. "Well I can't really say I acted normally in light of recent events. This got out of control fast. So explain, please."

Kryln pulled her black shirt down and covered her tits with the tight shirt. She crossed her legs and spoke to Carolyn, who couldn't keep her eyes off Kryln's sloppy cunt, which was leaking Charles' milky cum.

"Well your brother showed up almost immediately after you left. At first he thought I was some sort of thief. I was trying to convince him I belonged in the house and wasn't here to rob you blind. I told him we were old friends from college but he said he knew all your friends from the old days. Around that time he found the sheets."

"Oh shit.", Carolyn exclaimed.

"Yes, I'm afraid I hadn't finished cleaning them so they still held the remains of the last few days activities."

Charles blanched, "Activities? That's what you call fucking my sister for forty-eight hours?"

"Maybe you shouldn't interrupt Kryln's story while you are naked in my house Charles."

"Sorry." Charles reached for a blanket on the back of the couch and covered his lower half with it.

Kryln continued, "That is when he noticed our similarities for the first time and he accused me of being you with some surgical alterations to my breasts and a new hair style. I thought very hard how I might convince him of the story we had worked out so I made him grab my tits. They were certainly real enough, but that only convinced him that I wasn't you. For some reason he became very upset about the idea that you might be having sex with other females. That is when I decided on a course of action to convince him that we were not lesbians."

"So you had sex with him?"

"Yes. I see now that this was perhaps not the best plan."

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