tagGroup SexPost-Game Party

Post-Game Party

byAlex Finch©

I had heard the stories of what went on after the girls’ basketball games. Hell, every guy in school had. But I had to know for sure.

They had just won a fantastic victory over Leyson Tech. The crowd was all riled up, and the girls were jumping around in those little shorts and tank tops they had. Most of them had no qualms about showing off some of their sports bras. The more discreet girls had t-shirts on underneath. Girls from the whole school; eighteen year olds so cute and innocent, twenty-two year olds who could be models. But I knew something else was up. I could hear it in the whispers of girls in the halls, in their giggles at lunch. That was why I hid underneath a huge pile of mats, like an idiot, in the corner of the gym, by the door to the locker room. I had been there since four that afternoon. Now I was ready for some gratification.

“Thank you all for coming,” said Mrs. Smith, president of the basketball moms’ society. You can tell that Meyers Community was a small college through the mere existence of such a club. “Our girls really love what you fans do for them!” Eruption of cheers. “And since we had a great victory tonight, all players and their moms can stay for our victory party!” Her eyes lit up as she said this, and from the crack in my hiding spot I could see that several girls were very excited as well. Soon, all of the fans had left. The moms of the basketball team were amazing. Every single one was gorgeous, elegant in their early fifties. Some of the freshman moms were in their late thirties, and they looked great as well. Mrs. Smith paced for a bit, in her smooth black slacks and loafers.

A T-shirt with the team’s logo on it only served to accentuate her curves. “Ok, girls. Whose turn is it for team initiation?” A smallish girl got up. I recognized her as Katie Alba, a member of the school choir. Her freckled cheeks were adorable, and there was a noticeable bulge in the front of her top. “Me,” she said. I saw that she was visibly shaking. “Alright then,” said Mrs. Smith, “Thea, Patience, Jen, and Laura, take her down.” The four girls bounced to their feet, grabbed the young girl by the arms, and dashed into the stairwell down to the locker room. “All right, everyone, let’s get started!” As everyone cheered at Mrs. Smith, I snuck out of my hiding spot and slowly snuck down the stairs.

As I crept through the locker room, I could hear voices from the corner. I was already sweating; the locker room was very stuffy. “I… I don’t know if I could do it…” I heard Katie’s voice tremble. “Shhh… shut up! You’ll love it!” shouted Patience, a blonde fourth-year with lucious pink flesh (her legs seemed always freshly shaven) and the juiciest ass I ever saw on a woman. And as I crept over, hiding behind a locker, there was Patience rubbing young Katie’s ass. It was done gently, and Patience’s eyes shimmered with anticipation. Then, all four older girls pulled out bottles of water from a basket they had set up, and poured them all over Katie. It must have been ice cold because Katie began to yelp and moan with discomfort. And with each bottle, the girl pouring would knead the water into Katie’s clothes, and then pour another freezing bottle.

Thea worked on her tiny chest, Jen on her back, Laura on her ass, and Patience below the stomach. Patience carefully balanced a bottle by Katie’s shorts, not spilling a drop. “Need any more?” she said with a very naughty smile.

“No!!! Please, it’s too much!” moaned Katie, but she was soon frozen in a screech as Patience poured the whole bottle into her shorts, rather than on them. I could barely believe my eyes! My dick had never been so hard before! But the fun was just beginning. There were no more bottles left, and Katie stood shivering, her uniform clinging to her every curve.

“Alright,” said Patience, “Let’s keep it moving.”

Katie nodded, and slowly bent down to take off her sneakers. She slid them off without untying them; her gray sweat-socks were soaking too. She then arched her back and walked up to Patience. And to my utter delight, I watched little Katie lick Patience’s lips slowly and gracefully, as if savoring the taste. Then she pushed her tongue softly into Patience’s waiting mouth. I could see Patience softly sucking on the young tongue within her mouth, and I heard her purr contentedly as she began to stroke Katie’s thighs. Then Katie repeated her act for the other three, moistening the girls’ lips before enveloping them in a wet kiss. Jen, a second-year with pony-tailed brown hair and a skinny frame grabbed Katie and kissed her again after her turn was up. And then again as Katie tried to stop. And again after that. All the other girls grinned. Finally, Jen had her fill and let Katie go.

“Now for the good parts!” said Patience. I could scarcely imagine how this could get much better. Katie walked away from the girls for a bit, then spun towards them on her wet socks. She then nervously puckered her sweet little lips and blew a kiss at the girls. Then she slowly removed her tank top (number 3) and began to finger her sopping T-shirt. Her face was as red as a beet. And slowly, tears streamed down her face. Tears turned to choked sobs, and then full bawling. The girls were obviously aroused by this turn of events, and I will admit that I was too. And then disaster struck as I tripped over my own feet trying to get a better view of the sobbing girl. I fell right into view.

“A boy!” whispered Patience. “A boy…” I was shaking with a mixture of lust and total, raw fear. What would happen? Knowing how fucked up this team was, they might castrate me! But Patience smiled wider than I ever saw her smile before. She turned to Katie, who was also stunned.

“So, are you nervous about being naked?” Katie nodded, cheeks flaming red. “Well we might as well throw you in totally. “ She turned to me and said, “You! Pull out your dick. Yeah, I see your bulge.” I hesitated, unsure of if I hung on the prepice of Heaven or Hell.

“Do it or I’ll tell everyone you’re here!” she sneered. That solves that. I unzipped my pants, and eased out my cock. It was at least eight inches erect (funny, it had never seemed that big before…). Katie’s eyes widened; she had obviously never seen one before. Then, without warning, the other girls pulled up her shirt over her head, and pulled off her shorts. She had a white bra and panties, just as all good girls wore. Her bra was too small, almost bursting from the pressure of her bouncy tits. Her panties clung tightly to her cunt, and I could see small hairs sticking out from the leg holes. “Well, do it!” shouted Patience. Katie softly undid her bra, and it bounced off her. Her breasts were like tennis balls, perfectly round. Her nipples were hard, and my cock seemed to grow even harder looking at them. She slipped her panties down to her feet. She spun around on her socks, which was all she wore now, giving us all a good view of her soft baby ass, and slightly fuzzy cunt.

“I got an idea,” said Thea, almost licking her lips in anticipation. She whispered to the other girls who whispered back excitedly. They all walked to Katie, who was still modeling her body, and lifted her up. Katie shrieked as they held her in the air spread-eagle, her back to the ceiling, one girl holding each arm or leg. Then they carried her forward, still yelping, till her face was touching my penis. Her breath was hot, and pre-cum began to dribble out of my starving dick. The clear syrup touched her cheeks, making them sticky. She tried to lick it off, but only hit my dick instead. I was in heaven! Apparently finding enjoyment suddenly, Katie began licking my cock, first with quick laps, then longer licks. “Mmmmm… it tastes so good…” she murmured.

Unable to control myself any longer, I grasped the sides of her head as softly as possible, and pushed my cock into her mouth. She began to suck it so hard, I thought I’d cum right there. But then she softened up, and I could feel her tongue explore my penis within her mouth. Then she would suck rhythmically, each suck tempered with a tongue massage. I couldn’t stand the pleasure, and I could feel my pre-cum flowing into her mouth. But Katie cooed and groaned and moaned fiercely; she was definitely enjoying her first blowjob. And just to make things even better Thea said, “Don’t worry about holding her. We’ll do the rest.”

So I put my arms behind my head and basked in the glory. The four girls began to sway Katie back and forth in the air; my cock slid farther and farther into her mouth, and then slipped out a bit, and slid back in when they swayed her close. The swaying grew faster and harder, my dick was almost totally in her mouth, almost down my pubes! Then only the head was inside, being licked like a Tootsie-Pop, then I could feel the goosebumps on her nose as her face was pressed against my waist, my dick totally swallowed. I couldn’t help it; I began to move in union with the swaying. I had to shut my eyes to handle the pleasure; I saw this girl every Friday in mass, singing her lungs out.

And now I was fucking her mouth. I grabbed her little boobs, handing in the air, and softly stroked them as I enjoyed my blowjob. I stroked her back with the tips of my fingers as I heard her muffled cries of joy grow louder and louder. I leaned my whole body forward as I felt her soft, tiny ass in my hands. My dick grew hotter and the pleasure more intense than anything I had ever felt! And finally, I came as the girls’ swaying and my own pumping reached a level so fierce I thought I’d knock out poor Katie’s teeth. I screamed aloud as my orgasm lasted for what seemed like an hour.

Then I finished and the girls set Katie down, cum all over her chin; some had even splashed up to her nose. She sat for a second, swallowing all my cum, and covering her hands with the residue on her face. And she licked her hands clean, like a little girl finishing a messy ice cream cone. Before I could do anything, she hopped to her feet and hugged me till I thought my ribs would shatter. Then she planted soft baby kisses all over my face while murmuring “Thank you… thank you” I smiled at her, and she would not stop giggling and licking her fingers. But I didn’t have much time to think about anything, like how I didn’t choke her to death, or why she even liked the taste of cum…

“Nice job,” smiled Patience. “We thought she’d be a little nervous at her initiation, but you seemed to fix that.” Her smile grew wider and wider. “But you see, now we didn’t get our reward for taking care of her.” I was amazed as the four older girls surrounded me, and was all the more amazed that my dick was fully erect again. Laura, who had said nothing and done little the entire time, crept up to me and whispered, “Take all of your clothes off.” I couldn’t help but nod in agreement. I stood back for a second to look at the four girls, and quickly pulled off everything I had on. The four cheered playfully as I tossed off my last shred of clothing. Patience leaned back against a locker and said to Katie, who was lying naked and content on a bench, “Watch what you’ll get if you stay with the team.” She turned to me and said, “Now strip the three of them.”

I nodded goofily, and walked up to Thea first. I had always been trying to peek up her skirt in Drama practice, and now she was all mine. I gingerly plucked off her tank top and pulled down her shorts, revealing a lacy green bra, and matching thong. I stood and admired her beauty for a second. Thea was perfectly tanned, and very well built. Her boobs felt like tender muscles as she hugged me and planted a soft, wet kiss on my chest. My dick was pressed into her soft tummy, and it felt so good, even as her kisses ascended my neck. I eased her back and kissed her deeply on the mouth, exploring every inch of her inside with my tongue.

As I kissed her, I felt the soft touch of Laura’s uniform on my nude back, as she stroked me with her warm hands. Not wanting to leave her out, I hastily finished my kiss with Thea and unhooked her bra. Her tits sagged just a bit, but they were very big, and perfectly tanned. I turned to Laura and we shared our own kiss, which was so long that I had to pull her tank top down over her stomach so as not to interrupt it. By the time our kiss was done, Laura wore nothing but tiny plaid cotton panties. Eager to please her, I bent down and pulled the undies off, revealing a nice bush of brown hair, neatly trimmed. I kissed her pussy, and Laura moaned with agreement.

I teased her lips with my tongue, slowly dipping into her delicious cunt for just a second every few licks. As I pleasured Laura, I felt Thea’s soft embrace behind me, and felt her hot saliva on my back as she kissed forcibly with her tongue up and down. As Thea worked on my back, I saw Laura jerk away; Jen had pushed her. Jen’s uniform flew off her skinny body, and her gray sports underwear would have gone even quicker had Thea not been so adept at pleasuring me. Jen smelled so good I could barely contain myself; she had on her special basketball perfume. When she passed me by in the hall on the way to an early game, I cracked a boner immediately. And now she was naked for me, save for her sneakers. I hugged her tightly, absorbing her aroma, feeling her skinny body and running my fingers up and down her ribcage. She smiled and squealed; she knew I was about to fuck her brains out!

But then I shouted, and moaned, and gasped, as I felt Thea stuff her fat, soft tongue into my asshole. I had never felt so good, and pre-cum streamed forth from my dick. I let her tease me like that for a while and spun around. Thea was grinning wildly, still in her thong. Having gained my attention, she turned around as well and began to smack her ass. I got the idea, and pulled her thong off. It was difficult; Thea had a big ass. Not fat, just wonderfully big, like her boobs. The thong was very tight, and it had difficulty getting over her sneakers. But now her ass was free, and I licked her hole to the sound of her groaning and cooing. Then I began to play with it with my fingers, and stuffed my whole index finger in. Thea yelped, and I pulled it out quickly.

But she shouted, “More! More!!!”, so I slowly inserted each of my fingers into her ass, one by one, making sure to offer copious licks after each penetration. And all the while, Jen was still hugging me from behind, rubbing her face all over me. And just when I thought things could get no better, I felt the soft grasp of Laura hand on my cock, and she began to stroke it very slowly, her legs wrapped around mine and Jen’s. These three girls, all were wearing nothing but their Sketchers. All enjoying me. And right in the middle of it all…

“STOP!!!”, shouted Patience. The three girls got up and walked over to Patience. Patience smacked each on the bottom and they sat with Katie, who was gently masturbating on the bench, having watched the whole thing. “Now, sexy,” said Patience, “You’re going to give me a big, fat kiss. And you’re not going to stop till I tell you.” This I couldn’t wait for! I had spent so many nights jerking off, dreaming of Patience. I thought she was the hottest girl in school. And I took just one look at Patience’s soft pink legs, her bright blonde hair, her body just begging me to unveil, and I jumped right in. Patience was a very good kisser; the best I had ever had. Her mouth tasted like mints, and she knew just when to suck. We teased each other’s tongues, wrapped them around each other, took turns sucking, and even occasionally popped out to lick each other’s lips. They tasted like strawberries. And we kept up this awesome kiss for minutes, growing rougher at times, then softer and more playful.

Finally, Patience eased away, still in my arms. We turned and saw the girls on the bench playing with each other, stroking each other’s pussies and licking their fingers. Katie was practically on Thea’s lap as the two fingered one another, and her socked foot was gently stroking Laura’s thigh, as she and Jen enjoyed themselves. Patience looked at me and said, “Now let’s give them a real show. I want you to rip all of my clothes off, and lick every inch of me.” I drew in my breath more quickly with each word she said. Patience smiled, bit her lip, and added, “Just like you’re gonna do to me every day from now on.”

That was it. I shoved Patience away from me so I could savor one last look at her uniform. Every guy in that crowd must have been wishing they could do what I was about to. Patience tucked her arms behind her, making her breasts seem even fuller than they already did. “C’mon, hottie,” she whispered. I reached out and stroked her cheek; she smiled so serenely, so coyly. Then with all of my might I tore her tank top off, and caressed the fabric of her blue and gray bra. It had a small Playboy bunny on it. The elastic on her shorts was even tougher to break, but I got them off with one pull. Her panties matched the bra, and there was a tiny wet spot on her cunt.

She glanced down at herself. “Couldn’t help myself. I thought it was really hot, the way you played with my friends,” she explained. As I slowly began to work my fingers down into her briefs, she whispered, “No, get my shoes and socks off first. I wanna be totally naked. So I bent down and untied her shoes. Slowly, I pulled them off. Her socks were gray and floppy, which I thought was very sexy. I softly kissed her feet for a minute, then lifted one foot up and pulled the sock off very slowly with my teeth. I popped her big toe into my mouth, and sucked it gently. I heard her groaning in satisfaction from above. I sucked on each of her toes, then did the same to the other foot, kissing and rubbing all over. I looked up and saw Patience fingering herself right through her panties. I stood up a bit and pushed on her hand, moving it deeper into her cunt. I stood and got behind her, and began to lick her near the top of her back and around the base of her neck. All the time, I helped her masturbate. My cock was right up against her ass, and I began to grind it against her just a bit. Patience began to sweat all over, and her moans grew very intense as I continued to pleasure her.

Then, I backed up to view the small puddle my pre-cum had left on her ass. I turned her around and saw that the dampness on her front was much bigger now; almost her whole cunt was soaked! I kissed her flushed face a few times, then tore her bra off, freeing those lucious tits. They were bright and pink and moist from sweat. I breathed softly on one of them, and popped the rock-hard nipple into my mouth. I sucked and sucked and teased with my tongue, and soon I was licking them both ferociously. I squished them together and pinched them, then licked them more. I was losing control. I pushed Patience to her knees and rammed my cock between those wonderful boobs, and massaged myself. I began to fuck her tits, just like I fucked Katie’s mouth, and soon they were sticky with my pre-cum. But I controlled myself this time.

I pulled out and shoved Patience down onto all fours. I got right behind her and ripped her panties away. I was totally correct. Patience had the most awesome ass I had ever seen. So smooth and tender; not huge, but fleshy and juicy. I gave Patience exactly the same treatment I gave Thea, but no one interrupted me this time. After inserting each finger in twice, all the way down to the knuckle, I flipped her over and began to do as she had first asked. I licked every inch of her, from her toes to her hair. Each time I passed her face, she rewarded me with a lengthy kiss, which quickly turned to licks. Before we knew it, we were licking each other like we were covered in honey, giving special attention to each other’s more sensitive parts. Her pussy was totally shaved, and her lips were thick and red. She gave great head.

And finally, after what had to be half an hour of licking and sucking, I jumped up, picked her up, and began to fuck her standing. The smell of her moist, freshly licked skin was intoxicating. She came in seconds, screaming out her orgasm as loud as she could. I kept fucking her after she came, savoring every pump, indulging myself in her body. And ten minutes later I shot the biggest load I ever had; I swear I must have cum for a minute straight. I set Patience down on her feet. She wobbled a bit and hugged me, burying her face in my chest. “Oh yeah,” she muttered, “Every fucking day for the rest of school…”

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